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Eddie Kaul and Richa Pant

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Wednesday 28th May 2014


The Melbourne home of Eddie Kaul and Richa Pant. Stanley stool by Jardan. Photography – Eve Wilson.


Painting by Emily Ferretti from Sophie Gannon Gallery, little ceramic Raku planter by Bridget Bodenham from Mr Kitly. Photo – Eve Wilson.


Living room. Artwork by Belinda Fox from Scott Livesey Galleries, fiddle leaf fig tree from Glasshaus Nursery, couch by Jardan. Photo – Eve Wilson. Photography – Eve Wilson.


Living room details.  Top Shelf – David Band Limited Edition Print from Olsen Irwin Gallery, Antique prints from Brighton maps. Second Shelf from Top – Printed Book Vee Speers from Amazon,  Akiko Hirai Ceramic bottles from Mr Kitly, white basket from The Minimalist.  Photography – Eve Wilson.


Painting by Belinda Fox from Scott Livesey Galleries, stacking vessels by Pia Wustenberg, plants from Glasshaus Nursery. Photo – Eve Wilson.


Richa and Eddie at home. Photo – Eve Wilson.

Today’s beautiful contemporary Melbourne apartment highlights the great importance of cultivating a deep sense of trust between interior designer and client.   Drawing on their Indian heritage, Eddie Kaul and Richa Pant originally had different ideas for their home, but with the encouragement of Hamish Guthrie and the team at Melbourne interior design firm Hecker Guthrie, they were guided to create an elegant, understated interior which they now couldn’t imagine changing.  ‘Our original intent with this house was to add colour and make it match out Indian heritage, but Hecker Guthrie took us on a journey of designing for simplicity and elegance, and layering in the detail in subtle ways’ says Eddie.  Though they say it was a little confronting to begin with, the pair welcomed the challenge, and are thrilled with the results.

Eddie and Richa first moved into their much loved apartment in Carlton two year ago, in May 2012.  Both are originally from India – Eddie has been living in Melbourne for over 20 years, and Richa joined him in early 1997.  Though Richa originally studied interior design in India, she and Eddie both studied business after coming to Australia, and each now work in multinational firms in the CBD.  These days, they are super busy professionals who work long hours, love what they do and travel often, and so for them, this inner city home is a cherished sanctuary, and a place to recharge.

Eddie and Richa were the first occupants of their apartment, which was designed by Melbourne architectural firm Woods Bagot, with interiors by Hecker Guthrie.  After moving in, they made a few key additions to the existing floorplan.  A custom designed wall unit was added in the living room to accommodate books and treasured trinkets, and a number of carefully selected pendant and wall lights were added to inject individuality into the space.

Though both Eddie and Richa have both taken great pride in transforming their apartment into a layered, personalised space, it is Richa who has really blossomed under the guidance of the team at Hecker Guthrie.  ‘I should highlight that this project became a near obsession for Richa as she re-learnt her interior design thinking’ says Eddie affectionately, ‘her style evolved radically during the process – she is a dyed in the wool Scandie now!’  With a little encouragement, Richa also gained confidence in choosing artworks by a number of local artists including one of our personal favourites – Emily Ferretti.  Picking up from where Hecker Guthrie left off, Richa has continued to layer and enhance the home over the past two years since moving in, filling the space with other artworks by local painters, handblown glassware and handcrafted ceramics.

Aside from it’s meticulously presented interior, a key part of the appeal of this home is its leafy outdoor courtyard, and the plants all around the house. A wonderful addition to this inner city space, this lush plant life is the result of great dedication and a steep learning curve for Richa and Eddie, who previously didn’t have a green thumb between them!  For their newfound love of all things green, the pair credit Paul Hyland from Richmond plant nursery Glasshaus, who changed their outlook on living with plants. ‘Paul has taken us on a journey of change, from being people who could barely keep a plant alive, to ones who have a thriving garden’ says Eddie.  ‘Our plants love us, and we love them… and they add to the personality of our home’.

What’s clear with Eddie and Richa talk about their apartment is just how much they truly love their home.  They talk enthusiastically about the decisions they have made here – from the art they have carefully selected (‘We enjoy the artwork every single day, every piece was chosen with great love and care’) to their dining table, made by local designer Daniel Barbera (‘it’s an elegant, hand crafted piece made with care by a local designer, and it perfectly suits our home’).

One unexpected side effect of this design journey has been Richa’s reignited interest in interior design, and she is now a self confessed ‘Pinterest junkie’, finding and sharing exciting new pieces all the time!  ‘While the journey itself has been deeply rewarding and has helped us grow and refine our tastes as well as our interests, the outcome for the home is nothing short of amazing!’ says Eddie.  ‘We love our home. The harmony of colours, textures and materials here. All these have the effect of creating a peaceful home which is great for winding down as well as entertaining’.

I’ll finish up with a sweet anecdote, as told by Eddie, that seems to perfectly summarise Eddie and Richa’s deep affection for their home! –

‘When Richa was leaving for work one morning just recently, I said goodbye and got back to reading my emails, but I didn’t hear the door shut as I was expecting. I didn’t realise this for about a minute, but then looked up.  I saw Richa standing near the door with a glazed-eyed look… which she was shaken out of when she saw me looking at her in puzzlement. She looked at me sheepishly and said… ‘I was just standing here enjoying our beautiful house!’

Awww such a sweet little story!  What better way to describe that toasty, comforting ‘I love my home’ feeling! Huge thanks to Eddie and Richa for sharing their home and story with us today.


Kareena Zerefos limited edition prints from Signed & Numbered in Prahran. Ceramics by Yoko Ozawa from Mr. Kitly. Photo – Eve Wilson.


Kitchen / dining details. Dining table by Daniel Barbera, chairs by Hay, glass domes by Amanda Dziedzic. Photo – Eve Wilson.


Glass domes by Amanda Dziedzic. Photo – Eve Wilson.


Artwork by Belinda Fox from Scott Livesey Gallery, terrarium from Totokaelo, plants inside from Glasshaus Nursery. couch by Jardan. Photo – Eve Wilson.


Kitchen details. Painting to right by Matthew Johnson from NKN Gallery. Photo – Eve Wilson.


Bedroom details. Watercolour by Nicolas Harding from Sophie Gannon Gallery. Akiko Hirai Ceramic bottle from Mr Kitly. Photo – Eve Wilson.


Bedroom details. Photo – Eve Wilson.


Outdoor terrace.  Photo – Eve Wilson.

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Wednesday 28th May 2014


  • Molly 2 years ago

    gorgeous home!

    do you know the source of the headboard?

    thank you!

  • Ellie 2 years ago

    Gorgeous! I could look at these photos all day! I especially love the courtyard.

  • Rachel Castle 2 years ago

    I want to live in this house. Very badly. x

  • Anastasia @ WFH 2 years ago

    Beautiful Simple lines and lots of white…. very nice.

  • Therese 2 years ago

    I love the beautiful calm design- so lovely!!!!!

  • jasmine McClelland 2 years ago

    Well done, soft..relaxing with out being cold. Always love the use of plants..

  • Jane 2 years ago

    What a beautiful home. I would love to live there.

  • Christy 2 years ago

    Gorgeous home, and so peaceful! These two have given me hope that my black thumb may not be a permanent infliction. Any chance of finding out where the brass wall light next to the signed and numbered prints came from? Thanks :-)

  • Amanda 2 years ago

    Sophisticated, calm and thoughtful.

  • Nina 2 years ago

    This house is perfection. Simple and chic… love all of it. Thank you for showing it to us!

  • Yolanda 2 years ago

    What a stunning apartment! Please, is there any chance that the source of the marble side table in the living room be revealed. Divine. Thank you for sharing.

  • Alexsia Heller 2 years ago


  • Siew-Fung 2 years ago

    Beautiful home!! Lucy, you able to let me know what is the kitchen’s countertop + splashback material? They look beautiful! And the sexy shinny exhaust above the stove top, brand?

  • Lisa 2 years ago

    Dream home. Absolutely love this. Can you tell us more about that brass wall lamp?

  • Paula 2 years ago

    Love, love and I want to live their WITH Rachel Castle! Name of the rug in the dining area and beautiful headboard and bedding old make my day please. And how lovely to read how much they adore thir home! Swoon.

  • rebecca 2 years ago

    Thank you for sharing. I love the rug under the circular dining table – any chance of sharing the source? thanks.

  • Indra 2 years ago

    Too much beauty in one post. I am off to pin it to bits. #dreamhome

  • Melissa 2 years ago

    Stunning! It looks so serene and that courtyard is stunning.

  • Jane 2 years ago

    EVERY light fitting in this place. Perfection.

  • Amandine 2 years ago

    The rug underneath the circular dining table is ‘Vigor” from Halcyon Lake.

  • ella 2 years ago

    The Headboard is a Diesel by Moroso bed that I lust over.

  • Vinod Sharma 2 years ago

    Elegant and tastefully decorated. Can’t wait for my kids to grow up so that i can think anything white…

  • PJ 2 years ago

    Brilliant fusion of minimalism combined with the warmth of natural materials and soft lines. Does anyone know what the outdoor chairs are?

  • Jenny 2 years ago

    great design, simple, bright and warm.

  • Romona Sandon 2 years ago

    Damn Hecker Guthrie – you guys don’t miss a beat! Absolutely stunning home that anyone would be privileged to live in. Beautiful materials, furniture and artwork. Love it!

  • Melissa 2 years ago

    Absolutely beautiful home! I’m interested in the brand of the pendant light that hangs above the Daniel Barbera dining table. Can you help me please? Thanks !

  • honeysuckle 2 years ago

    Trademark HG interior… that pale palette! Is this a cool Wellington Parade appartment? The courtyard makes me think it is…

  • Ange Walsh 2 years ago

    Just so stunning – I would never leave for work. Eddie – you’re famous!!

  • Margot 2 years ago

    Some beautiful pieces. Love the outdoor area and all the indoor plants.

  • maryla 2 years ago

    Just a beauty of a place to live. Well done again to H&G!!

  • Kate 2 years ago

    Hello All,

    Love this house…anyway we can find out who manufactured the bed head?

    Thanks so much,


  • keren 2 years ago

    beautiful. do you mind telling us where the pendant is from above the kitchen table?

  • letitia 2 years ago

    Beautiful home with such a sense of calm, and elegance & comfort. Dream home! x

  • rbid 2 years ago

    beautiful apartment – but it doesnt really give you any clues as to the personality of the owners. it would have been great to see some of their Indian heritage and love of colour expressed throughout the house – to truly make it Eddie & Richa’s house and no body elses….

  • Kate D 2 years ago

    Truly stunning home. Would love to know where the brass wall lamp comes from?

  • Karli 2 years ago

    Hi! Please let us know the benchtop material. Thank you.

  • Richa 2 years ago

    The bench top is Turkish limestone – Natural Tundra Grey

  • Richa Pant 2 years ago

    The lamp is Milano Restart lamp

  • Eddie and Richa 2 years ago

    Renae, the most incredible part of this beautiful design is that it captures our essence without losing the beautiful simplicity that we have come to love!

    The books on the shelf (covering the most amazing range of topics that only someone with Richa’s passion for reading could have collected), the colourful comics from India that only we know about, the artefacts of our travels sprinkled all over the house, the beautiful abstracted sunrise painting by Matthew Johnson and the orange thread that runs through the house that starts with that painting, the hand blown India vessels by Pia Wüstenberg, and the beautiful, serene and subtle image of a man deep in thought in Belinda Fox’s painting… they are all reflections of us… of our passions, of our past, and of all the things that make us tick.

    Hamish Guthrie and Simone Haag made the effort to understand the real Richa and Eddie, and that they could weave so much about us into what they did without compromising their incredible design ethic showed just how utterly and tremendously talented they are! Thanks Hamish and Simone!

  • Julianne 2 years ago

    What a stunning house you have!!!! I love so much it is hard to list. Hamish and Simone did an amazing job and it sounds like they personalized the space perfectly. I especially love the cupboards I would love to have some made for my home in Barbados. Were the kitchen cabinets custom built? I love the hardware. Congrats on your beautiful space! :)

  • Z 2 years ago

    Beautiful home and even better hearing from the homeowners themselves that their designers so thoughtfully ensured that their clients peronalities and loves were very much a part of the whole design process.

  • Binaykia 2 years ago

    beautiful stunning apartment – it would have been great to see some of their Indian heritage , which I am sure is there but has not been captured in these photos.

  • Josh 2 years ago

    I’ve found Richa’s pinterest account which has plenty of great inspiration for all you design file lovers!

  • Dee 2 years ago

    Eddie & Richa, what a stunner of a home you both have! Sophisticated yet calm
    & relaxing!! I love your globe on the shelf in your living room – is it possible you could let us know where you sourced that. Thank you.

  • Simone 2 years ago

    The bed is by Diesel for Moroso (Hub), the pendant over the dining table is by Brokis (Hub) and the marble side table is by Map Furniture.
    It’s so lovely to read the positive comments coming in for these delightful clients and their special home.

  • Kris 2 years ago

    What a seriously stunning home. Such glorious attention to detail and an overall beautiful, peaceful space. Well done to all involved! I would love to know where is the outdoor rug from??

  • Amy 2 years ago

    Stunning Home!!! I’m desperate to know where to buy/source the white armchair.. with small orange detail?

  • marie 2 years ago

    Love this look – very well put together and blending so naturally – l have come back a few times to look at it – just so easy on the eye – well done

  • Karli 2 years ago

    Thanks Richa! I don’t think I’ve seen Turkish limestone stocked anywhere. I was set on concrete until I saw this! I will search for stockists. Thanks again. Such a gorgeous home.

  • Amy 2 years ago

    One of my favourites! Love everything.
    I’m currently on the hunt for the exact carpet colour that you have in your lounge room. Richa if you read this I’d love to know where to source it. Thank you.

  • Richa Pant 2 years ago

    Thanks everyone for the lovely comments. Here are answers to some of the questions:
    1) Globe lamp: – Bamboo Globe from Atmosphere
    2) Outdoor rug: West Elm Iznik Dhurrie
    3) White armchair with Orange detail: Poliform Santa Monica Armchair
    4) the kitchen cabinets were part of the original Apartment designed by Hecker Guthrie and Woods Bagot. I am not sure who did the cabinet design – it might have been HG.

  • Richa Pant 2 years ago

    Hi Amy, Sadly the carpet was part of the Apartment we purchased. The only detail I have is the brand. It’s Park Manor cut pile carpet. It is from Feltex Carpets Pty Ltd.

  • Hamish Guthrie 2 years ago

    Ok Rachel Castle and Paula, we’re all moving in with Eddie and Richa! It’s going to be a squeeze but should be a lot of fun! Thank you all for your generous comments and feedback and thanks again Lucy for the brilliant feature. It was a true pleasure working with Richa, Eddie on a journey to transition their beautiful apartment into an amazing ‘home’ and big thanks for inviting Simone and I to be part of this process. We hope you enjoy for many years to come and now have to confidence to let the home evolve with you over this time.
    thanks again Sim for the great work.

  • Amy 2 years ago

    Thank you Richa! I think I have found it!

  • Maddy 2 years ago

    Any idea where the white lamp in the living room is from? It’s so simple and perfect, I love it.

  • Markus 2 years ago

    Wow very calming and beautiful. Great curatorship and finds by the Hecker Guthrie team!

  • Maddy Porter 2 years ago

    Love this home! Would you be able to share where the white lamp in the living room (next to the fiddle leaf) is from? It’s so simple and lovely!

  • Sarah 2 years ago

    Stunning home! Does anyone know what the large plant in the living room is? Thanks

  • Vanessa 2 years ago

    I would LOVE to know where the fabric or materials were sourced for the cushions on the couch and bed? Hamish, Simone, Eddie or Richa?

  • Richa 2 years ago

    Answers to the above three questions are:
    1) Maddy, the lamp is Arkipelag floor lamp
    2) Sarah, the Big leaf plant is Fiddle leaf Fig
    3) Venessa, the fabric for the floral cushion in the bedroom is from Westbury Textiles (Kyoto Garden); the leather cushion in the bed is from Mr and Mrs White; the floral cushions on the living room couch are from
    Happy Shopping!

  • Mary 2 years ago

    Lovely! I’ve tried a few shades if white in my home but have been Unsatisfied with the effect! Can you please share the specifics of this paint used throughout?

  • Jennie 2 years ago

    Absolutely beautiful home. Elegant, relaxed and warm. I hope my husband and I are able to achieve this feel in our home.
    If possible please would you let me know the source of the beautiful grey covered headboard and pillows in the bedroom, together with the white bedding. We live in the UK so hopefully we can source . Many Thanks. Jennie

  • Michelle 2 years ago

    Great, the atmosphere elegant, simple, very soft furnishings with very place

  • Jen 2 years ago

    Such a lovely home! I keep going back to the photos for inspiration! I was wondering if you could tell me where to find the beautiful white outdoor table? I’ve been hoping to find one just like it to complete my outdoor furnishings. I don’t see any reference for it in the post or thread. Thank you for your beautiful pictures. They are very inspiring.

  • Richa 2 years ago

    Hi Jen, the white outdoor table is from Hub Furniture. It’s the Eno Maya table.

  • Juho 2 years ago

    Splendid! As a Finn, this all seems much more interesting to me, than the pure/cold style that my image of scandinavian is :)

    Any chance to find out what the terrace chairs are? Do the pillows come with them or not, and if not, I’d appreciate to know the source of the pillows as well!

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