Australian Homes

Lucy Feagins and Gordon Johnson

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Wednesday 19th March 2014


The home I share with my partner, Gordon in Brunswick.  Living room details – floating bookshelf custom built by my fella, Gordon Johnson, Nook couch by Jardan, rug from Loom Rugs, Diesis coffee table by Antonio Citterio / B&B Italia from Space, and Dinosaur Designs tableware. Photo – Eve Wilson, styling / production – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.


Open plan living dining area with ‘White Shadows’, 2013, oil on linen by Emily Ferreti from Sophie Gannon Gallery, Iko dining table by Jardan, vintage Herman Miller shell dining chairs from The Junk Company, timber platter from Mark Tuckey, porcelain vase by David Pottinger, stoneware vessel by Valerie Restarick at Craft Victoria, multi-coloured plate by Jennie Jieun Lee from Mr Kitly. Photo – Eve Wilson, styling / production – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.


Open living plan looking into the dining and kitchen areas including rug from Loom Rugs, Alby leather ottoman by Jardan, Iko dining table by Jardan, vintage Herman Miller shell dining chairs and vintage Eames plywood chair from The Junk Company, Emily Ferreti painting from Sophie Gannon Gallery, teal fruit bowl from Industria. Photo – Eve Wilson, styling / production – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.


Kitchen details – French Jielde wall mounted lamp, ‘Fuck Yeah’ painting, 2011 by Lucas Grogan bought at The Design Files Open House 2011, terracotta fruit bowl by Joost, speckled mug by Dress Up x Takeawai collaboration and Sarah Schembri ceramics all from Craft Victoria, teatowel by Making Good, Kink oil bottle from Jam Factory and Alessi stainless steel salt canister. Large textured grey tile for splashback by Patricia Urquiola from Urban Edge Ceramics in Richmond.  Photo – Eve Wilson, styling / production – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.


Me and Gordy! Vintage Japanese set of drawers, Angle 2.0 table lamp by Douglas & Bec, Iko dining table by Jardan, vintage Herman Miller shell dining chairs and vintage Eames plywood chair from The Junk Company, and Emily Ferretti painting from Sophie Gannon Gallery. Photo – Eve Wilson, styling / production – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.

So, today is a big day!  I’ve been running The Design Files for over 6 years now, and posting Australian Homes stories for 5 of those years… and in all that time, I‘ve lost count of how many times you guys have asked to see my own home.  It’s very daunting, but I’m finally throwing open the curtains today… welcome to the little house I share with my partner Gordon Johnson in Brunswick! (Agghh.. please be kind!).

I can’t quite explain why, but from the age of about 20 I was obsessed with the idea of buying a place of my own. In retrospect I think I was probably the world’s most boring and sensible uni student, working every weekend and public holiday with this goal firmly in mind.  I actually lived with my Mum until I was 27 (YES that’s right, gosh it’s all coming out now isn’t it?!) because I was so intent on saving my pennies.  In 2007, after many months of house hunting, and several unsuccessful attempts, all the stars aligned, and we bought this sweet little cottage at auction.

The house had previously belonged to a little old lady, who had moved into a nursing home.  It was in pretty good condition, but the interior was quite, ah… beige.  Beige walls, beige carpet, beige tiles, and a very 70’s kitchen.  Oh, and the toilet was outside – at the bottom of the garden!  Gordy threw himself into the challenge, and whilst I quietly freaked out, he just got on with the task at hand!  He started with the floors, ripping up the carpet up in one weekend.  With the help of a bunch of lovely friends, the walls were painted white, the floors were stained dark and polished, and that was all we could afford to do at first.

Over the next few years we tackled the rest in dribs and drabs.  I would not recommend this, but when you’re on a budget, what can you do!?  About 12 months in we ripped out the bathroom and renovated it, and finally had our toilet put inside – joy!  At the 3 year mark Gordon built us a brand new kitchen, and knocked out the dividing wall to open the kitchen up to the living area.  And about 18 months ago my dream project was finally completed – a studio in the back garden, giving TDF a proper home, and allowing me to work with staff and collaborators much more efficiently.  I love working from home, it really works for me… but I must say, it is also really good to have that teeny tiny bit of separation between ‘work’ and ‘home’ (about 3 metres to be precise!).

You’ll probably spot lots of familiar things here – my favourite local designers and artists are pretty well documented!  Of course I love all the furniture made by my talented fella – Gordon made our bed, entertainment unit, bedroom chest of drawers and all the in built shelving and cabinetry.   I am seriously attached to our ‘Nook’ couch from Jardan – the first piece of proper furniture we invested in, this sleek but super comfy couch has made such a difference to our living space.  Last year we splurged at a Space Furniture sale and bought the Diesis marble coffee table – a piece that had been on Gordy’s wishlist forever.

I’m also quite attached to our fledgling art collection – that stunning Emily Ferretti painting above the dining table is the most recent and current favourite!  I fell in love with Emily’s work after we interviewed her last year.  Other treasured pieces have pretty much all been discovered through TDF research – beautiful pieces by Nicholas Jones, Kirra Jamison, David Band and Kate Tucker.  The one which holds most nostalgic value is the artwork Gordy commissioned from our dear friend Lucas Grogan late last year, which reads ‘Let’s Get Married’!

Sooo there you have it.  I hope not too underwhelming!  I really wanted to take an opportunity to finally document our place today, because sadly we won’t be here too much longer.  After 7 years, Gordy and I have finally decided it’s time to move on to the next project!  So, we’ll be saying goodbye to our much loved first home in just a few months.  Our home is for sale – actually the auction is in 2 weeks!  If you know anyone looking for a sweet little Victorian house in Brunswick, here’s the link!


Living room details including Nook couch by Jardan, limited edition Florence Broadhurst print, rug from Loom Rugs, Diesis coffee table by Antonio Citterio / B&B Italia from Space, and Dinosaur Designs tableware. Photo – Eve Wilson, styling / production – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.


Diesis coffee table by Antonio Citterio / B&B Italia from Space, with MadeMeasure for The Design Files Open House 2013 leather iPad case, white shallow plate by Anchor Ceramics, various resin tableware by Dinosaur Designs, Nathalie Du Pasquier coaster from Third Drawer Down, and glass by Marimekko. Photo – Eve Wilson, styling / production – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.
Living room details including limited edition Florence Broadhurst print, Nook couch by Jardan, Diesis coffee table by Antonio Citterio /B&B Italia, vintage Japanese chest of drawers, triangular trivet by Sands Made, candle by Tom Dixon, Angle 2.0 table lamp by Douglas & Bec, and rug by Loom Rugs. Photo – Eve Wilson, styling / production – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.
Master bedroom details including vintage French posters by Rene Gruau from Galerie Montmartre, bed and bedside table custom built by Gordon Johnson, cushion covers from Country Road, butterfly throw quilt by David Bromley. Photo – Eve Wilson, styling / production – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.
Master bedroom details including custom built cabinetry by Gordon Johnson, paper sculptural artwork by Nicholas Jones, Kirra Jamison artwork on paper from her Loop series. Photo – Eve Wilson, styling / production – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.


Our back studio aka The Design Files HQ, where I spend two thirds of my life! Photo – Eve Wilson, styling / production – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.


Studio details including custom built table by Gordon Johnson, vintage Eames office chairs, ‘Happiness I’, 2010 limited edition print by David Band, artwork by Kate Tucker, Trashkova gold bin by Boqil, watermelon Olba side table by Jardan. Photo – Eve Wilson, styling / production – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.


Studio bathroom.  Custom mirror built by Gordon Johnson, egg cup stool by Mark Tuckey and terrarium by Miniscapes. Photo – Eve Wilson, styling / production – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.


‘Let’s Get Married’, 2013 by Lucas Grogan (VERY special piece commissioned by Gordy last year), Otto bench by Jardan, and my all time favourite handbag by 3.1 Phillip Lim from The Corner Store in Sydney. Photo – Eve Wilson, styling / production – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.


Our front deck with a very dear vintage chair salvaged from my days set dressing in the film industry, with an especially lush front garden maintained with help from my Mum! Photo – Eve Wilson, styling / production – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.


Our little home! Photo – Eve Wilson, styling / production – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Wednesday 19th March 2014


  • georgie n 3 years ago

    You did it! Love all the custom joinery. Thanks for sharing.

  • Mary Anne Pangilinan 3 years ago

    OMG!!! This was a fantastic surprise!!!! Love love love your house! It’s cozy and comfy and filled with lots of lovely little nooks and crannies! Thanks for letting us have a sticky beak!!! xxx

  • harriet 3 years ago

    love your Ferretti. a very sweet home – good luck with the move!

  • Meg 3 years ago

    It’s gorgeous Lucy! Love everything. Wish I could buy it (including all the furniture)! Thanks for sharing x

  • Lisa 3 years ago

    Wow Lucy. Full of heart, a truly lovely insight. Thanks so much for sharing with us!! :)

  • Wow Lucy! You are amazing and I love your home. You’re so inspiring. X

  • Bek 3 years ago

    Your house is divine, Lucy. So stylin’! It looks like it’s filled with so many stories. Thanks for sharing!

  • kimmy hogan 3 years ago

    WOW Lucy – such a pleasure to see inside your home! It is full of loveliness and happiness, you have curated all the pieces beautifully. I can’t wait to see what you do with your next home, good luck :)

  • Anita 3 years ago

    I love seeing a home…not a showpiece

  • Susan 3 years ago

    Lucy, it’s simply gorgeous.

  • Alyse 3 years ago

    I love your home Lucy & Gordy, it has a calm feel to it! Good luck with the sale & I look forward to a posting of your new house in the future!

  • Christina Tantsis 3 years ago

    Thank you for sharing your journey. It was wonderful to read about the progress and enjoy the gorgeous results. All the best on your new adventures.

  • Patricia 3 years ago

    A happy home to homebodies that love design. Beautiful.

  • Kristin 3 years ago

    Very sweet home and love the studio space. Thanks for sharing.

  • Danielle White 3 years ago

    Just lovely Lucy + Gordon. Your little cottage seems filled with authentic homeliness and will be a truly loved space to pass on to someone else to begin its new chapter. x

  • Jennie 3 years ago

    Looks great Lucy, give yourself some credit.

  • Maureen 3 years ago

    Gorgeous home Lucy, I love it!

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    Sweet, lovely home that must be so hard to leave. Love the kitchen splash back! Really wanted to see the main bathroom.

  • WDF 3 years ago

    Lovely – sorry we may miss a final visit late April early May.
    Art of Oceania floating there yess!

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    Love Love Love and good on you for sharing! I imagine it would be very daunting!

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    My first post!! Thank you for sharing your home. I love Design Files, and really enjoy your articles.
    Of course I was curious about your home, and it is beautiful, good luck with your move.

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    Youpi!! Finally, YOUR PLACE! I’ve been waiting for this, I haven’t even read the post!! I’m too excited! Bisous xx

  • Danielle Trovato 3 years ago

    Your home is absolutely beautiful Lucy….the opposite of underwhelming. Thank you for sharing! Good luck with your auction xx

  • Toni Lawler 3 years ago

    Gorgeous home Lucy. All the best for the sale.

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    There is nothing underwhelming about your home. It is divine!! Thank you for sharing. x

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    Perfection! I’m not surprised at all – you’re amazing!

  • Dianne Naftzger 3 years ago

    I am not a blogger but have been an avid follower of your blog for some time. Your home is divine
    so many beautiful objects, art etc. You are a talented couple.

    I am not a blogger, however I am an avid follower of your blog. Your home is divine, so many beautiful objects, art etc. I have never left a comment before but felt compelled to this morning,
    Good luck with your new venture I look forward to seeing your new home.

  • Esther 3 years ago

    What a lovely surprise to see you and Gordy in today’s home tour. What a beautiful time of your lives and home you’ve created. Xx

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    Thanks for your sharing you and Gordon’s home and all the lovely touches. Best wishes for the next stage.

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    you have an enviable, beautiful, creative and individual home you should be proud of. thanks for sharing with all of us – it is deffo a big deal!

  • Caz 3 years ago

    Not underwhelming at all! A gorgeous, perfectly fitted out cottage of my dreams with office space. Shame I live in sydney otherwise I would purchase in a flash! :)

  • JAMES GORDON 3 years ago


  • JAMES GORDON 3 years ago


  • Claudia L. 3 years ago

    What a stunning home you have Lucy, I love everything about it. The textured splashback in the kitchen is absolute genius, love it! Thanks for sharing. x

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    It’s so beautiful! Cant wait to see your next place – would be great to share your renovations on the blog! Hope the new owners love the house & studio as much as you have.

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    So amazingly beautiful! Love love love it! My favourite part is Patricia Urquiola’s textured tiles and also Emily Ferreti’s painting! I wish I were as sensible as you in earning & saving up, then I would’ve had the chance to bid on your house! :D

  • marie 3 years ago

    Really lovely and beautifully put together home – such a shame I live interstate!
    The story of its history and your contributions to making it such a great space is quite inspiring.
    Best of luck with the new venture – and look after that man Gordon – he is a great asset!

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    Thank you for sharing your own home Lucy! It’s delightful.

  • Bride & Wolfe 3 years ago


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    Lovely home, I love how your home has evolved organically. Beautiful tiles in the kitchen and studio.. thanks for sharing

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    Lucy it’s just gorgeous. Love the studio. You must be sad to be letting your first “home” go.

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    Home sweet home, Lucy! Gordy’s design and cabinetry skill’s are brilliant. SX

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    Oh Lucy, I die!!!!! It’s utterly gorgeous! Thanks for sharing and good luck with your auction xxx

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    A truly beautiful home Lucy and Gordon. That is actually my idea of a dream home! Just love it! It is a credit to you xx

  • Lee 3 years ago

    Hi Lucy – thanks for posting your home – it’s a wonderful space and (unsurprisingly) a beautifully distilled reflection of The Design Files! I particularly love seeing your personal art collection – thank you again for introducing me to the work of Emily Ferretti!

  • Vega Minter 3 years ago

    You are one lucky lady! What a beautiful space to live and work in. Good luck at auction – I’m sure you’ll have quite a few interested people!

  • Judy 3 years ago

    Gorgeous. I hope you don’t move too far from Brunswick!!!!!!

  • Mel 3 years ago

    Thanks for showing us your gorgeous home Lucy. What a beautifully renovated cottage, paying homage to all the talented local artists and designers we are so lucky to have in our community.

  • tina 3 years ago

    Your home is lovely Lucy. Thanks for sharing. Love the custom furniture by your talented fella and the Lets Get Married artwork.

  • Katie 3 years ago

    Even if my home was as picturesque as this, I’m not sure I’d open it to the online public. Good job Lucy – am sure all the folks who’ve done the same for DF appreciate the empathy.

  • Jo Morris 3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful home with us, I love it. It was good to hear about your renovating journey, as we are renovating at the moment, it’s exciting daunting at the same time. I was just wondering what colour you used on the interior walls?
    I just love the feel of your home, good luck with the auction.

  • Elana 3 years ago

    I expected nothing less Lucy! It’s a beauty. So much goodness in there. Good luck with the next challenge. Looking fwd to seeing what you transform next . . .

  • Nads 3 years ago

    Love that you shared your life even more!

  • Lucy 3 years ago

    THANKYOU ALL for such lovely comments! Sorry we’ve had a bit of a delay getting them published! You are all too kind… I was slightly freaking to share my little home with you all – now I know how it feels to be on the other side!

    Thanks so much for your beautiful comments guys, you really are the best! x

    ps. OH to the commenter requesting to see the other bathroom – it was a tricky one to shoot! But the Real Estate agent did get a shot of it if you check out my home on their website – Also, the floorplan is there!

  • Emma van Leest 3 years ago

    Another Brunswickian! Hope you’re not leaving the ‘hood entirely! Good luck at the auction. Cheers, E

  • Lucy 3 years ago

    Jo Morris – all internal walls are painted Dulux ‘Lexicon White’ – it’s just a really clean, classic bright white. x

  • Ash B 3 years ago

    Love it Lucy! Love that there’s some design icons and amazing pieces, in a casual, comfortable, REAL way… The king of vibe I strive for with my home.

    Thanks again!

  • Marcelle 3 years ago

    Heaven! Thank you for sharing your beautiful home.

  • VANESSA OTER 3 years ago

    ooh..i love your house…..thanks for sharing..i have submitted pics of mine…but having recently sold a painting, i can now afford a ‘proper’ camera to do it all again….you guys do such an amazing job bringing people’s homes into our homes…love your blog…x

  • Kellie 3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing, and all the best with the auction. Having recently sold and bought, it’s such a roller-coaster of emotions. Quick question, we are renovating a kitchen and I LOVE the splash back tile but is it easy to clean? Thanks,

  • Kellie 3 years ago

    PS. The bathroom looks amazing, is that rubber or tiles? Thanks again.

  • Laura 3 years ago

    So so gawgus and colourful! haha Love it! I want to just sit on your lounge all day and enjoy the sunlight and read through ALL THE BOOKS!

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    Hi Lucy – beautiful home, love your studio – wish I had that space…And your splashback stunning. Love all the joinery work. All the best with your next project.

  • Louise Beach 3 years ago

    You have created a truly beautiful home + work (life!) space Lucy. I’m a big fan of bringing greenery and timber into a home and I think it’s so important to have it in your work space too – you’ve achieved that perfectly! Ah the serenity! x

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    your studio space is delightful! thank you for sharing your space with us!

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  • Jo Foster 3 years ago

    What a happy surprise! You are such a blue person, I had no idea.
    I too, lived at home till the ripe old age of 27 and bought a beige house from a little old lady! Go figure. Good luck at auction!!!

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    Thank you for sharing your home – I, like many other loyal readers have been hoping this day would eventually arrive! What a beautiful home, and a wonderful use of the small, humble structure that is the Australian weatherboard cottage. On a personal note, I really love your colour choices. Blues and greens with textured neutrals and timber is my favourite combo right now! x

  • kim 3 years ago

    Lovely and fresh and inviting. And you two are adorable !

  • Jo Carmichael 3 years ago

    Gorgeous Lucy, You have such lovely things and have placed them so perfectly that it looks like a very cherished and loved space to live in. Good luck at the auction, I know you won’t have a problem, in fact we sold our house after someone spotted it on the Design files and heard we were selling it and are now proud owners of our first home. Jo x

  • Barbara Fisher 3 years ago

    What a lovely surprise! You have an amazing home Lucy. I hope you document some of your next ‘project’ when the time comes? Thanks so much for sharing!

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    What a treat! Such a gorgeous home. Thanks for sharing :)

  • Maya from House Nerd 3 years ago

    Woohoo! Like pretty much everyone who reads your blog, I’ve always wondered what your own home would be like, and thought, it must be lovely. It is – and it is so you. Just gorgeous, so stylish, so homey. I particularly love with the studio separate from the house – my home office branches off the dining, and I often wistfully think about having a little more separation. Looking forward to seeing the tour of your next place!

  • Melanie Sherwell 3 years ago

    You have some gorgeous pieces in your home.
    Its picture perfect!! What a great location too!! Love it all :)

  • Fred 3 years ago

    I knew it’s coming and i am not surpirsed…Here is another coincidence: i was looking at houses in Brunswick few days ago and spotted this one but didn’t know it’s your house untill today post. It’s truely beautiful and feels very homey. My partner said “buy it…”. Of course i would if we move to Melb
    PS: From WA with love

  • amanda 3 years ago

    Beautiful home. I have serious studio envy and you have a wonderful fella. Love your art work

  • mel 3 years ago

    Lucy, your place is incredible! Well done to you and Gordy on a fabulous job. I had to smile at your story of renovating as sounds rather familiar to our first place and budget! The good part of doing it bit by bit also allows you to truly know what you want and what works in the space. Such a great surprise to see this today and good luck with the sale and your new home. Happy 6 Years! Mel x

  • Kath W 3 years ago

    Bravo, bravo, bravo. Not just for the lovely home, but for having the courage to put it up here after recent nonsense. How exciting to have another to tackle around the corner.

  • Annie 3 years ago

    Fabulous home filled with SO many things I would love to sneak out the door – though the splash back (the best I have seen) could be a little tricky!. Thanks for sharing.

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    The painting above the dining table is delicious! I simply must own it one day!

    LOVE it all! Thank you for sharing, finally!

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    Are you guys for real???
    This is by far the best house you have featured on TDF!!!
    Love your style, love Brunswick. XX

  • Esz 3 years ago

    I love it! Your house is just as I expected – and that is a compliment :-D Its awesome Gordy made so many of the things inside your home. And how wonderful it would be to have such a great little studio!
    I’m passing on your real estate listing to a Canadian friend of mine who is looking to buy. She is also a creative, and her partner is wanting to find a space to make his guitars (yes!!) – which has been a difficult search for them. So I think your house could be just right :-D

  • Josephine 3 years ago

    How cool to see today’s post features Your Place! Love it! Relaxing + functional. Love the studio space too … great team work. The Emily Ferreti painting is so eyecatching, and the blues and white give your home such a clean fresh feel. I’d bid at your auction, alas I do not live in Australia. So glad I stumbled across TDFs, you are my daily design inspiration!

  • Cathykkkk 3 years ago

    Your home is just perfect. A true reflection of you. Your home reminds me of my very fist home in coburg , only mine was not as stylish! BTW You live near me Lucy, we often frequent the same cafés. I don’t want to bother you, but, Next time I’ll say hi. Thank you for sharing!!

  • Donna 3 years ago

    gorgeous just like you Lucy

  • kelly gilbert 3 years ago

    its perfect Lucy! It will be sad to say goodbye, but onwards & upwards, love an exciting new project!

  • gen 3 years ago

    gorgeous place, thanks for sharing it. would you be happy to share the name of the paint colours you opted for. I have a similar property (size, & orientation, important from a light perspective) and deciding on paint colours (all the ranges of white) is well challenging.

  • Natalie 3 years ago

    Beautiful home, congrats to you both – onwards to another exciting project by the sounds! thank you for sharing x

  • Simone 3 years ago

    Gorgeous home! Could you please tell me what colour you stained your floorboards & also what white paint is on the walls? I’m right in the midst of renovating our little cottage and would love to stain the pine floorboards slightly darker but unsure what shade to go. Yours look terrific!

  • Susanna 3 years ago

    Lucy, I love the shoes you were wearing in the photos! Where did you get them from?

  • Heather 3 years ago

    What a beautiful home! The studio is the pièce de résistance.

  • Jane 3 years ago

    Thanks for being brave. It’s lovely. As an artist I would especially kill for the studio space!

  • Brooke 3 years ago

    It’s wonderful to take a tour of your world Lucy. Thank you for sharing and good luck for Auction today.

  • Therese 3 years ago

    Just what I would have expected – stunning!!

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    what a mammoth task – you’ve done a superb job, both of you. Really hope it pays off BIG TIME!! xoxox

  • Stephanie 3 years ago

    Hi Lucy, like alot of other commenters, I love your splash back. Can I ask if its annoying to clean?! Good luck with your house sale :-)

  • Fiona Smith 3 years ago

    It’s so great to see your gorgeous home Lucy and see where your Design Files are produced each day. Love your style and good luck with the sale of your property! xx

  • Vic @ Cush & Nooks 3 years ago

    I am so pleased you shared your home with us, Lucy. It is gorgeous! I am insanely jealous of your studio in the backyard, which is what I would dearly love. And Gordy is super talented too – very lucky girl, I love your bed and side tables. Good luck with your new future home. x

  • Fiona Smith 3 years ago

    Oh and full details please on your outfit as it’s gorgeous!! :)

  • Lucy 3 years ago

    Hi Gen and Simone – re: the paint colours, The white on all the interior surfaces is Dulux Lexicon White. .. The dark grey in the kitchen is actually a blackboard paint – I forget which brand! The exterior is also painted Dulux a Lexicon white – it’s my fave white! Very crisp and clean, good for small spaces!

    Susanna, those shoes are espadrilles from The Standard Store in Sydney !

  • Kylie 3 years ago

    Beautiful Lucy & Gordon…thanks for sharing such a beautifully renovated (even on a budget!), well loved home. This is what I love about TDF- seeing homes that aren’t display pieces but rather filled with loving pieces and represent its owners. Gd luck with the auction! Somehow I dont think you will have any trouble selling x

  • Greg 3 years ago

    Leaving Brunswick?! Whhyyy!?? Going to be hard pressed finding a better suburb.
    Where are you going?

  • Siobhan 3 years ago


  • Jane 3 years ago

    You have the most amazing house. I know what you mean by living with your parents to save your pennies *hands up*. Thank you for sharing :)

  • Anna 3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing Lucy. Stunning attention to detail. I would totally buy this (if I had any money :)

  • Felicity Johnston 3 years ago

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful… You two are inspirational. Hope there’s 15 buyers who fight each other for it!!

  • whitsidd 3 years ago

    a testament to your talent as interior curator — when you know EVERYTHING that’s out there, it can be difficult to edit. Well done!

  • Jennie 3 years ago

    Wooooohoooo beautiful house :-) Love all the art and wood and furniture and and… well everything really! I’m so glad you shared, you are such an inspiration! Good luck with the move!

  • Sarah 3 years ago

    Gorgeous house lovely to see! Have always wondered what your place would be like. And not house related, but where is that lovely jumper from? Cheers!

  • Tina 3 years ago

    Absolutely beautiful!!

  • Engracia 3 years ago

    Wow, Lucy & Gordon, you have left me hyperventilating. What a wonderful first home & I love the story of your cottage’s journey & the wonderfully curated home that it is. Perfection. Good luck with the sale & your next home.

  • Helen Edwards 3 years ago

    Lucy love love love!! So nice to see your home and work space and inspired me to look at the studio in the back yard option too! wonderful :)

  • Mardi 3 years ago

    Fantastic Lucy, so brave of you to show your home, I imagine its much easier to showcase other peoples homes, rather than your own! Its gorgeous, well done!

  • Michelle 3 years ago

    Many thanks Lucy, your home is lovely and very fresh. You are a very talented couple! I love your splashback tiles. I wanted them for my bathroom but worried they would be hard to clean – how have you found them?

  • Lauren 3 years ago

    Ahh Lucy! Thanks for sharing – what a treat to see your gorgeous space. Pretty much love everything you’ve done with it.

  • Belinda Hall 3 years ago

    What a lovely home you and Gordon have, filled with beauty and detail. Thanks for sharing Lucy.

  • Amanda 3 years ago

    Just gorgeous Lucy, love that you shared your home with us! Cant wait to see where you go next!

  • So lovely Lucy! Your studio is amazing. So nice to see a little peak into your own home. Gorgeous and understated, and filled with so many interesting things. I wish I had your talent for styling. Great post. Annie x

  • Barbara 3 years ago

    What a gorgeous home. I’d snap it up in a second if it only had one more bedroom. The studio/workspace is a treasure, as is Gordy!!!

  • Rosemary 3 years ago

    Hi Lucy – thanks for sharing your beautiful home and all the very best for the auction! Thank you for all the fabulous posts on TDF!

  • Jackpot 3 years ago

    Hey Lucy,

    OMFG thanks for sharing your amazing pad!!!
    PS – We want a round table for four people for our kitchen too, are you able to tell us what diametre the beautiful Jardan dining table is? I think it comes in three sizes…

    Thank you :)

  • Amber 3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing Lucy!! Really enjoyed reading about it and of course SEEING it. Love your Emily Ferriti painting too

  • marmalade 3 years ago

    I stumbled across your house in the Age real estate section and I was so amazed and excited to see your gorgeous cottage and the design files HQ! Love everything about it, it’s absolutely gorgeous, seriously picture perfect. How adorable is that “Lets Get Married” artwork Gordy commissioned! Best proposal I’ve ever seen, touched my heart, not to mention all the amazing building work he’s done! Looks like a match made in heaven to me =) Best wishes for the upsizing and for the auction!!!!!

  • Evie 3 years ago

    Thanks for taking us inside your home today Lucy! What a delight! I love this! A gorgeous home made with lots of love. All the best for the next project x

  • Monique 3 years ago

    Love the design files and your home! Could you please tell me the species of timber used for your deck? Cheers

  • Angela Ciavarella 3 years ago

    Wow…Lucy!!! Your house is absolutely amazing!!! thank you so much for sharing!!

  • Lily 3 years ago

    Wow, what a labour of love! Thanks so much for sharing your gorgeous home :)

  • Lynda Newton 3 years ago

    Gorgeous Lucy and Gordy, good luck with your auction xx

  • Rebecca 3 years ago

    Wow! I’ve just returned from offline holiday mode and this was an utter treat to unearth in my catch-up reading pile. Thanks so much for sharing your airy, bright, beautiful nest. How exciting that you’ll soon call another place home and start the journey all over again! I wish you two lovebirds every happiness.

  • OMG. That bookcase, and that splashback…..divine!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Spin Spin 3 years ago

    So good! Thanks for sharing and can’t wait to see your next place :)

  • Alissa Nicolaidis 3 years ago

    Such a gorgeous little house! Xx

  • Nicole 3 years ago

    Wowsa–what an incredible little pad! It’s so full of life and yet restrained. Thanks for sharing this and providing such remarkable inspiration.

  • Sonya 3 years ago

    Hi Lucy
    Just catching up on all your posts and was so excited to find you on the frontline……I LOVE your home and your style. It must be so hard to leave a place when there has been so much work and love thrown into it.
    Gordon is an incredible furniture maker!
    I love the artwork and you put a big smile on my face so thank you.

  • Hayley 2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your lovely home. I particularly liked the studio space you created. This may seem like a strange question but could you provide the name of the supplier for the sliding cavity doors in the studio?
    Many thanks

  • Clairey 2 years ago

    Amazing space – just as I predicted!! This is a little obscure and I am probably being a weirdo, but if you know which leather that Alby is upholstered in I would be eternally grateful!! Thank you!!

  • Leslie 9 months ago

    Would you mind explaining how all of the floating shelves were done? I’ve been searching for instructions on shelves just like yours that can hold attacks of books like you have in your lovely home.
    Thank you!

  • Andy 5 months ago

    Hey Lucy sorry to bug you on an old post – I was wondering what the fabric on your Nook is? Looks comfy!

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