by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 18th November 2013

AMAZING printed gold foil tote bag, a prototype from the debut range of Home-work – a new venture from Lara Davies and Jess Wright of Harvest Workroom.  Photo – Sean Fennessy.

Another piece from Home-work‘s debut range – the Blue Ink marble printed backpack.  Photo – Sean Fennessy.

Lara Davies working on new print designs for Home-work.  Photo – Sean Fennessy.

Details from the Brunswick studio of Lara Davies and Jess Wright.  Photo – Sean Fennessy.

Lara Davies and Jess Wright of Home-work.  Photo – Sean Fennessy.

If the two smiley-faced lasses above look familiar, that’s probably Lara Davies and Jess Wright are two of the clever designers and co-founders of Harvest Workroom and Textiles in Brunswick!  Since launching Harvest four years ago with co-director Emma Byrnes, this industrious team have done such seriously amazing things – from facilitating a huge variety of craft classes at their Lygon st ‘Workroom’ space, to hosting residencies with a bunch of amazing Australian artists, and of course, creating their own range of fabulous hand printed products.

Today, we’re excited to be the first to announce Lara and Jess’s new venture. This month marks the launch of a brand new print project for this talented duo – Home-work!

As with their creative output at Harvest Textiles, everything in the Home-Work range is printed and made in Melbourne, but for the first time Lara and Jess are experimenting with digital printing, giving them incredible scope to create some killer new patterns!  ‘We are excited to offer a new range that includes digital sublimation printing as well as wide format screen printing. This means that we can FINALLY produce Queen size bedding as well as design with as many colours as we want, all whilst keeping our production in Australia!’ says Jess! ‘We had heaps of fun designing the new range and meeting lots of talented Melbourne manufacturers’.

Jess and Lara have been working hard over the past few months to design Home-work’s debut range, but they do need a little support to get production off the ground.  For this reason, today they’re launching a Pozible campaign to kick-start their fledgling new business!  Do check out the campaign to see their new range of fabulous designs – at present the only way to purchase is by making a pledge via the Pozible campaign.  Pledges start at just $10.00, and all pledges are rewarded with various product from Home-Work’s debut range.  We’re also SUPER PUMPED that we’ll have a small selection of the range at TDF Open House LATER THIS WEEK!

Lara and Jess have many more projects in the pipeline already for their new label –  they have produced a limited edition print for a show called Supermarket at Craft Victoria next month, there are lots of new products in development already for 2014, and they’re also planning to open a dedicated retail space for Home-work next year. Go girls go!

Check out the Home-work Pozible campaign and video here.

And in case you were wondering, yes, Harvest Workroom is still operating as usual, with lots of workshops scheduled for the Summer and 2014. The only difference is the girls have moved into a brand new (and seriously HUGE) studio in Brunswick, so there’s a new location for all the Harvest workshops.  ‘Classes have already started in our new space and the students are loving the new studio!’ says Lara.

Home-work pyramid purses.  Photo – Sean Fennessy.

Details from Lara and Jess’s new studio.  Photo – Sean Fennessy.

Lara and Jess’s new studio!  Photo – Sean Fennessy.

Details from Lara and Jess’s new studio.  Photo – Sean Fennessy.

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 18th November 2013


  • Elsnartico! 3 years ago

    Woo hoo, love you 2!

  • kimmy 3 years ago

    I’ve made a pledge! Go girls!!!! It’s so inspiring to see their passion for keeping their product Australian-made. And the range of patterns and colours are just delicious!

  • Beattie 3 years ago

    So exciting to see new fabulous work from you two!!!
    Can’t wait!
    x beattie

  • Tamarin 3 years ago

    Lovely work! Off to make a pledge… Pozible is such a good platform for new businesses.

  • lexi 3 years ago


  • Jasmine 3 years ago

    Gorgeous collection – LOVE it!

  • Melissa 3 years ago

    Love it!!! So clever you girls. Can’t wait to see the new studio.

  • Hannah 3 years ago

    Dreamy…!! Love your work harvest xx

  • Samantha 3 years ago

    The whole concept of Harvest Workroom is amazing, what bright colourful and fun wares these girls are doing, I just love! I need to book myself into a workshop and get some inspiration flowing for my new jewellery line next year! and also get a hold of one of those sparkly gold back packs!! :) Sam

  • Paula Mills 3 years ago

    Wow – amazing! Such impressive work, going over to make my pledge now – so excited to hear about keeping it all local. Brilliant.

  • Mouse 3 years ago

    Fantastic Jess, clever little chickens you are. Xxxx

  • Yoki Zarins 3 years ago

    My heart is aflutter looking at this awesome colour and print! Amazing.

  • Renee 3 years ago


    Can not wait to watch and see what is created :)

    Where oh where did you find the desks in the middle of the room – Im looking for something the same for my creative space! Not quite a dining table but not a computer desk!

  • Love this work!!

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