Georgie and Alex Cleary of Alpha60 + Giveaway!

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Friday 16th August 2013

Georgie and Alex Cleary of Alpha60 at their Fitzroy head office.  Photo – Sean Fennessy.

Alphaville – Alpha60’s Fitzroy store.  Photo – Sean Fennessy.

Georgie Cleary of Alpha60 in her Fitzroy workspace.  Photo – Sean Fennessy.

Alpha60 Shoes in the Fitzroy office. Photo – Sean Fennessy.

A sneak peek at Alpha60’s brand new Summer 13/14 range.

I am pretty sure these guys need no introduction.  You should already be familiar with dynamic brother and sister duo Alex and Georgie Cleary of Melbourne fashion label Alpha60, because, aside from the fact that are totally ‘Melbourne famous’, we featured their incredible Northcote home here late last year.  You know the one – gigantic upside-down feet in the loungeroom, and a whale bone on the stairs?  Such a gem!

Since launching their business in 2005, Georgie and Alex have grown their much loved local fashion brand into a respected label known for its unique sense of ‘sophisticated quirk’.  Alpha60’s many achievements over the years have included staging solo shows at Australian Fashion Week and the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, collaborating with Sportsgirl, ASOS and Polaroid, opening six Alphaville boutiques across Melbourne and Sydney, and securing international stockists across the globe. Alpha60 now employs 30 people in total, whilst Georgie and Alex still play very hands on roles within a head office team of just four people.

Alex and Georgie are incredibly close siblings.  They’ve always lived and worked together.  As kids growing up in Canberra, they were entrepreneurial from a young age, creating micro businesses together, selling flowers from their parents’ farm, and making bags, t-shirts and baked treats to supplement their pocket money!  Alpha60 is the grown up, and very successful extension of this – a childhood ambition realised.

Alex and Georgie’s tight bond is one of Alpha60’s unique strengths.  They just work so well together.  ‘It’s probably a classic case of what you shouldn’t do in a business relationship’ says Alex of this unusual sibling business relationship. ‘We have never sat down and defined roles. We sit down and work out what has to be done and then get it done.  It’s a synergy. Alpha60 doesn’t work without the both of us’.

And so, with a mantra of ‘keep your feet on the ground and head in the clouds’, Alpha60 continues to grow and reach new markets.  Their range now includes sunglasses and accessories – and they’re super chuffed to have their relatively new shoe range stocked at Assembly, one of their favourite stores in NYC!  Next year they will celebrate their 10th year in business!

Alpha60 launch their brand new Smmer 13/14 range this month, and they would like to offer one lucky TDF reader a $500 voucher to spend either instore or online this season!  Thankyou Georgie and Alex! 

To be in the running, simply leave a comment on today’s post before 10.00pm Melbourne time this Monday 19th August 2013.  (UPDATE: The winner has now been drawn and contacted, congratulations comment 86 we hope you enjoy your prize!)

Please be patient if WordPress struggles to keep up with the entries this morning, as you have a few more days to enter! A winner will be selected at random and contacted by email next Tuesday.  

Huge thanks to Georgie and Alex for sharing their inspiring story with us today!

Tell us a little bit about your background – what did you each study, what originally drew you to fashion, and to launching your own label Alpha60 in 2005?

We started working together when we were really young on a small rose farm just outside Canberra. We had our first business at the ages of nine and eleven years old, where we used to go down to the back paddock, cut wildflowers and sell them on a roadside stall! This then evolved into us getting old bulbs from dad’s nursery and planting them for next season harvest. We soon worked out that working for yourself was more rewarding than working by the hour and had a number of different projects on the roll.

We made greeting cards, bags, grew camellias, cut flowers, baked muffins, dried flowers into pot pourri (this was desirable as it was the ’80s!). One total hit was doing a ‘lemonade stand’ in the nursery but instead of lemonade we sold champagne and orange juice. Who can resist a couple of minors selling booze?! We walked away with $500 that day. Ripper!

We grew up in a very creative household, Mum and Dad ran a nursery/gallery/florist so small business was very much a part of our upbringing. It was pretty standard that we would come home from school and get involved in whatever the project of the time was. It ranged from arranging wedding flowers to delivering christmas trees. We were taught to ‘observe and absorb’ – something we still do every day.

After uni we branched out into a couple of different things: Georgie studied graphic design and after a small stint as the in-house graphic designer for a streetwear company she was promoted to womenswear designer, and I (Alex) studied engineering and briefly worked as an Aeronautical Engineer, before having a quarter life crisis to move to magnificent Melbourne.

Alpha60 was never a plan for us. It all started when we were hunting for interesting menswear. After having no luck, Georgie printed up a shirt for me, which got many comments and requests. So we made five for friends. These were quickly gone so we made 10. Ten turned to 20 and so on. After a few weeks of making for friends we threw a couple of samples in a cardboard box to show and luckily got an order from FAT, as it was then on Johnson St in Fitzroy. We were pretty naive, which kind of worked in our favour. Shortly after this we were selling to more than 20 shops across the country.

Our home was always covered in shirts, every surface had a print drying on it – and we couldn’t keep up with demand. After a couple of seasons of making we decided to make a few more pieces and turn the shirts and tees into a range. This has since grown to 200 pieces a season including shoes, sunnies, bags and jewellery.

Alpha60 has gone from strength to strength since you first started back in 2005! Did you ever expect to have your own high street stores and a brand that has become a household name in Australia? What were your initial goals for Alpha60 when you first started?

When we started it was just a hobby, which was actually really nice because it meant that we were not trying to make a living and we could keep it fun. It started without any plan, or intention to be a business. Which is lucky because we have learnt a lot as it has developed. I think that we would have been overwhelmed if we had set out with a plan to get to where we are now.

We remember when we first decided to make a range that included more than the shirts, we sat down and thought about what we would like to do in the next five years.

We wrote a five year dream list that said we hoped to:

1. Be able to quit our other jobs
2. Create a bigger range and make more things
3. Show our range at our own solo parade
4. Sell overseas
5. Have our own shop

Funnily we were able to do all of this within a year. We quit our jobs, got our first small shop upstairs in Brunswick St, Fitzroy, for $300 per week. We got invited to hold a solo show at the NGA in Canberra as part of the Vivienne Westwood Retrospective, and hooked up distributors in the UK and Japan. So we had to rewrite the five year plan after that!

Alpha60’s current Winter 2013 range.
We know you get asked this question a lot, but we couldn’t resist! We’re intrigued by the fact that as siblings, you work together so well! How do you balance your close relationship with the demands of running a business together? What role do you each play, and how do your different skills complement one another in the business?

We have worked together for so long that it just makes sense for us. We come from different angles, with different skills, but we have the same goals and the same aesthetic. So even if what we do is different, we are working towards the same end. It’s probably a classic case of what you shouldn’t do in a business relationship. We have never sat down and defined roles. We sit down and work out what has to be done and then get it done.

As the business has gown our paths have become a little more defined. I come from the business side and Georgie the creative, and we meet in the big blur in the middle.

It’s a synergy. Alpha60 doesn’t work without the both of us. The goal has always been to be able to work together and create new things, and that continues to drive us now.

Our mantra is ‘Keep your feet on the ground and head in the clouds.’

Alex and Georgie in their Fitzroy workspace.  Photo – Sean Fennessy.
How would you describe the Alpha60 aesthetic – what influences do you draw on when creating new collections, and what common thread ties all your work together?

We like to call our style ‘sophisticated quirk’. It is about developing things in a new and interesting way – classic cuts with a twist. We are lucky enough that we get to design what we like and what we would like to wear, so Alpha60 is really a continuation of our own style.c

Inspiration is taken from so many things – art, film, fashion, trees, architecture, music, gardens, walls, concrete. To start a season we usually start with a snippet of texture or colour from a favourite something, be it a colour from a Rothko painting or the face from a Papua New Guinea mask, or sometimes a plain concrete wall.

If we were to pick one thing to be inspired by it would be art and galleries, it’s where the collection starts and where it ends.

Can you give us a little insight into the inner workings of Alpha60? Where are you based, how is your office structured, and how many people do you employ?

We are based in a beautiful sunny studio on Brunswick St, Fitzroy. There are just four of us here. Us and our designers Olivia and Jess. Having a new range every month means that there is always something in development, something arriving and something needed – there is always lots going on!

We have six stores now so there are almost 30 staff all together, it keeps us on our toes!

Georgie discussing new shoe designs with one of Alpha60’s talented team.  Photo – Sean Fennessy.
What have been one or two career highlights for Alpha60 in recent years?

Our total highlights have been opening our stores. Its always very exciting for us. The whole space is important – the colour, the design, the music, the staff, the VM.

We love designing spaces, it’s so cool that our job involves so many things and the stores really help with that. We can show our collections exactly the way we would like them to be seen.

We have also been really excited about our shoes! They are in their third season now and we are developing more. We have recently sold them in New York to shops like Assembly (NYC), which is really ace as its one of our favourites.

Which Australian designers, artists or other creative people are you loving at the moment?

Brendan Huntley – Artist, rockstar and all round good guy. We have a couple of his paintings and would like some more!

Riley Payne – How anyone has as much patience as Riley to draw as he does is amazing!

Jen Berean and Pat Foster – We are babysitting a couple of JB and PF pieces at the moment – we hope that they don’t want them back ever!

Vali Myers – A true Melbourne legend.

We also love Sunday Reed and Heide Museum of Modern Art, and Nick Cave, both forever good!

Can you list for us 5 resources across any media that you love to look at regularly, or which influence you creatively?

1. January Biannual
2. Assemble Papers
3. Nowness
4. Contemporary Art Daily
5. A pile of old The Face magazines we have from the ’90s.

What does a typical day at work involve for you?

We are not sure if it’s a burden or a blessing, but there doesn’t seem to be many typical days here. Running a small business means that we have to have a go at everything – from design to bookwork, from drawing to PR, photo shoots, shoe fittings, styling shop fits, painting, packing. There must be 10 different ‘hats’ worn each day.

Just the way we like it!

What would be your dream creative project?

How about making a movie with Jean Luc Godard, that starred Anna Karina and had a soundtrack by Iggy Pop.

Bit of a long shot, but you said dream!

What are you looking forward to?

We think that it might be our 10 year anniversary coming up in March. We are not exactly sure when we officially started, so we are going to make that the date!

Stay tuned – we will have a celebration!

Melbourne Questions

Your favourite Melbourne neighbourhood and why?

Its pretty hard because we love both neighbourhoods around work and around home.

Fitzroy (The home of Alpha60 HQ) – Newtown social club, The Union, smith st, N.Lee, Scilla, Grub. There are just too many eats/drinks/outs around here to fill.

Westgarth/Northcote (Home) – Joe’s Shoe Store (bar), Pizza Meine Liebe, Northcote Social Club. It’s just away from town and a little bit suburban with a little bit of action. It’s great around there.

What and where was the last great meal you ate in Melbourne?

Alex – It’s a dead heat. Cumulus for dinner is about the favourite. Equalled only by our friend Roopa who made Chipolte and Chocolate Sausages for a four-year-old’s  birthday last weekend! WOW!

Georgie – Izakaya Den, amazingly delicious! Last time I was there I spotted Lucy Feagins across the bar!

Where would we find you on a typical Saturday morning?

Alex – Hopefully down the coast at Phillip Island on a nice 4ft wave.

Georgie – Walking with Pino and our seven-month-old baby Wren to the farmers’ market via Mixed Business, a favourite breakfast spot, while we grab a bunch of flowers from Fowlers as we wait for a table.

Melbourne’s best kept secret?

Alex – It’s not a secret, but Newtown Social Club on Brunswick St is great, best sandwiches in town! And a secret unused and accessible rooftop in Fitzroy,  perfect for a secret summer knock off!

Georgie – The gardens behind the Abbotsford Convent.

A sneak peek at Alpha60’s brand new Summer 13/14 range.

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Friday 16th August 2013


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    Love Alpha60!

  • Anne 3 years ago

    My childhood days were spent travelling to Northcote for netball & look how far it has come with such talent existing within this suburb. I live in ‘The North Country’ now (NSW North Coast) & shout & brag about the ‘Europe of The South’, if fact better, fresher , & more original & would gladly swap (for a little while) the sunshine & warm winter days for culture & class that these two siblings ooze. Hopefully, my two children that are off studying design & fine art end up following their dreams.

  • Emma 3 years ago

    Love the Friday Interviews, always inspiring, just like Alpha 60!

  • Fran 3 years ago

    I love hearing about other creatives from The Berra! Beautiful clothing and amazing home!

  • Mary Anne P 3 years ago

    These guys are living the dream! Alpha60 always modern and beautiful! xx

  • Sophie 3 years ago

    Just stunning! I am such a fan!!

  • B Nelson 3 years ago

    Siblings? Idk how but I always assumed they were married for some weird reason.

  • Michele 3 years ago

    Love, love, LOVE Alpha 60. Finger’s crossed!

  • Catherine Kolomyjec 3 years ago

    The pure clean lines, the cut, the folds and…that blue…those pants….gorgeous, original, Australian. Love every piece.

  • Jennifer B. 3 years ago

    An unexpected wedding invitation needs an unexpected windfall to wear!…

  • Holly 3 years ago

    frothing over the shoes….

  • Rohan 3 years ago

    My mum loves the finer things in life… Alpha60 will fit her bill!

  • emily 3 years ago

    tres classique!

  • Amanda Bond 3 years ago

    So many mixed feelings for this couple. Jealousy at the sibling working relationship. Envy at the creative force of the duo. Aspiration at the supreme coolness that they seem totally unaware of Cultivating. Inspiration at the forward thinking vision. Lust at their location. Coveting their interior styling. And a baby called Wren…..oh my, their life is a slice of my heaven.

  • Evan T 3 years ago

    Such a long way from Radford….. congrats

  • Ketakii 3 years ago

    I remember the store upstairs on Brunswick St… just down the road from The Black Cat where I worked.
    Inspiring to see how far a dream can travel when you believe. Love it. Thanks a bunch x

  • Mj 3 years ago

    Love, love, love Alpha60!! Planning on wearing them to look stylish and gorgeous through pregnancy.

  • Kylie 3 years ago

    I’ve probably got a snowballs chance in you know what, but I’m entering anyway. Beautiful garments.

  • Meg Dunne 3 years ago

    Love Georgie and Alex. So fab to hear them talk about their passion for their stores and their local neighbourhoods. So great to hear them talk fondly of Brunswick st and support locals like Newtown. They have embraced Melbourne and created Melbourne style. Cheers .

  • Meaghan 3 years ago

    Ah they look like awesome designers too!

  • Meaghan 3 years ago

    Oops, wrong e-mail address, consider this one my entry! :)

  • Judy 3 years ago

    Amazing shoes!!

  • Verity P 3 years ago

    An inspiring and hard working brother/sister team.

  • Iris 3 years ago

    i’ve always asked friends, “if you only had one label to wear for the rest of your life, what would it be?” and mine has always been alpha60.

  • An 3 years ago

    Amazing brother/sister duo!

  • Marina 3 years ago

    fantastic story! I live in Adelaide, but never heard about Aplha60. will definitely stop by in one of their Melb shops in Dec.

  • Bryan 3 years ago


  • Kimura Jesse 3 years ago

    Love love love these clean, beautifully cut designs; another label to add to the fashion repertoire of my beloved Melbourne!

  • Cindy 3 years ago

    Love the collection! Had a look their home again, absolutely stunning.

  • Rissa 3 years ago

    been a huge fan of ze brand since the first time i land to australia in 2009. lovin the shoes collections aAAAAAAaa!!

  • Larissa 3 years ago

    I love their work! There is a powerful dynamic to the creative collaboration of siblings.

  • Tamara 3 years ago

    Those cobalt shoes are incredible!!!

  • Michael 3 years ago

    These guys have always inspired, and their place in Westgarth is such an original.

  • Rose 3 years ago

    Excited about the giveaway! Love reading the Melbourne-likes of these two.

  • Ruth 3 years ago

    Gosh! Reading this has made me super homesick for all things Melbourne.

  • Belle 3 years ago

    New prints are beautiful. x

  • Brooke 3 years ago

    What an inspiration! I do love the clothes and am hoping a store might arrive in Canberra, where this pair started out!

  • Genevieve 3 years ago

    Alpha60 signifies a person’s true identity,
    sexy, classy, intelligent and elegant.
    Loving all of my Alpha! Old skool and new xx

  • Kristi Wayman 3 years ago

    My husband and I have been in love with alpha60 for years now; ever since we found that the style and cut of the clothes fit us the best. Love love!!

  • Andrea 3 years ago

    Best shop in my neighbourhood! Also agree with Alex: Newtown is the best!!!

  • Eliza Nehrybecki 3 years ago

    Totally unsurprised that the five year plan occurred in a year. Each peice is original and sophisticated which enables access to a successful design and popularity within their target market. Impeccable stuff guys, keep doing what you’re doing!

  • manu 3 years ago


  • Chloe 3 years ago

    Can’t wait for the new range!! Alpha60 make the perfect wardrobe staples

  • Kate 3 years ago

    Love the 5 year plan and love that hair…!

  • Marney 3 years ago

    What’s not to love? I could happily take home everything in store.

  • Kelly 3 years ago

    Massive fan! Thanks guys!

  • Bianca 3 years ago

    Love a bit of Alpha 60!

  • Sarah 3 years ago

    This would be an absolute dream to win!

  • amber 3 years ago

    those stunning blue trousers -oh la la

  • kate 3 years ago

    Such an insipiring insight into the family team behind this iconic brand. Love their art/film referenced, easy wear collections and amazing shoes. Congratulations on making it to ny Alpha 60 can’t wait for the new season.

  • Gemma 3 years ago

    These guys sound amazing, and ooze style. What a giveaway!

  • Georgina Friend 3 years ago

    Loved the quirk factor and I can’t get past that huge Laura Palmer poster- proof that their taste extends beyond fashion!

  • Carly 3 years ago

    My Aplha jeans are the most comfortable pants I own. The right waist height and great fabric. My silk alpha dress is another fave. Great work guys. I’ll continue to buy your clothes because they sit well, are made well and are well priced. Thanks!

  • Sebastian Robinson 3 years ago

    These guys are so super sheik.

  • Jo 3 years ago

    alpha 60 are at the forefront of australian design. i always get compliments when i wear my super warm freya coat.

  • Cara 3 years ago

    Such an inspiration to all the young melbourne designers , looking forward to seeing what lies ahead for spring

  • Pia 3 years ago

    “In a Town like Twin Peaks no one is innocent” David Lynch

  • amanda 3 years ago

    lucky number 494

  • Yvonne 3 years ago

    By far my fav Australian designers…can’t wait to see them at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week too!

  • Larry leong 3 years ago

    I’ve seen Alex and Georgie grow immensely through their years of hard work, and are still producing beautifully designed garments. Such a powerful design duo!!

  • Kate 3 years ago

    From pot pourri too pleasing me! oh-me-oh-mi I want everything!

  • Jennifer 3 years ago

    I love Alpha60 and the simple and clean lines of design. Great, inspiring story of hard work, creativity and family love.

  • Nicole 3 years ago

    Items from Alpha60 are just amazing and inspiring!

  • Susan 3 years ago


  • jessi lewis 3 years ago

    Amazing clothes, so good to see local talent making it!!!

  • Mai 3 years ago

    Congratulations on the brand! Love the style aesthetic.

  • Jaya 3 years ago

    Living the dream! Clever kids…

  • Ruby 3 years ago

    Such talent! Love these guys

  • loz 3 years ago

    hehe haha i got the golden ticket!!

  • Melanie S 3 years ago

    Love a brother & sister team that’s creative. So many siblings don’t get along. Must get those black and cream shoes! Well done Alpha 60 you make Melbourne proud.

  • Kristy 3 years ago

    They ooze cool don’t they?! Love their simplicity and aesthetic..

  • missmarita 3 years ago

    Great to read more about the people behind the fabulous style.

  • Gabriela 3 years ago

    I love, love Alpha60!

  • rachael 3 years ago

    such lovely clothes for everyday.

  • Betsie 3 years ago

    Love the winter collection – stunning!!!

  • Tracy 3 years ago

    These guys are my favourite Melbourne designers!!

  • Jessie 3 years ago

    those summer trousers! love!

  • Sally 3 years ago

    Fantastic! What a treat to win this one!!

  • Kat 3 years ago


  • Lachlan Siu 3 years ago

    Always have loved Alpha60 and alway will.

  • Gillian 3 years ago

    Beautiful clothing

  • ange 3 years ago

    Summer 13/14 looks fabulous

  • Alvin Chia 3 years ago

    Their clothes never fail to get a reaction from people overseas when I wear them on my travels. From Paris, Rome, Singapore, New Zealand…Great design gets noticed anywhere.

  • Laura 3 years ago

    Love love love Alpha 60 (although I think I love the Cleary’s home even more!), and it’s always inspiring to learn how successful local businesses forged their path. I don’t like my chances of winning with this much competition, but I’ll be getting my hands on some new season’s pieces one way or another!

  • Manuely Avila 3 years ago

    Simplicity perfection.

  • Brooke 3 years ago

    Those gold shoes are TDF (as in TO DIE FOR – but also THE DESIGN FILES) xx

  • em 3 years ago

    thanks for the giveaway! it is a great discovery, I love the lines and colors, and these blue pants are amazing!

  • Tonya 3 years ago

    Loving Melbourne based design

  • Nathalie 3 years ago

    Such an inspiring brand. Such an inspiring pair!!

  • hannah 3 years ago

    such beautiful clothes, classic styling

  • Meg 3 years ago

    I bought an Alpha 60 shirt in January and I have worn it at least one a week since then. I don’t know where they are stocked in Perth but I would love to win this giveaway.

  • Anita 3 years ago

    Those blue trousers would compliment my skin colour.

  • Angie 3 years ago

    I am a huge fan of the alpha 60 aesthetic. Thank you for making lovely clothes for women who dress to please themselves and nobody else.

  • Alicia Hahn 3 years ago

    So excellent to see a local brand thriving and sticking to their values. Love hearing more about the backstory of this label, so inspiring – heres to another 10 years in business.

  • Catherine 3 years ago

    I want everything. Love it.

  • Keeli jones 3 years ago

    Being an old girl from the fashion world, I’ve gotta say that I take my hat off to these two that haven’t faltered from what they believe in.

  • Jenna 3 years ago

    new love

  • Maureen pilcher 3 years ago

    Minimal is inspiring story.

  • Claire 3 years ago

    This was a fabulous feature! My brother and I are very close as well, and it would be an absolute dream to work with him every day! Sadly, it won’t be, as we’re such different industries! :)

  • Michelle 3 years ago

    If I were to team up with my brother, it’d be a disaster! Love their work!

  • Niki 3 years ago

    Loved the interview! And what a mantra “feet on the ground head in the clouds” this I get.

  • Linden 3 years ago

    absolutely in love with Alpha 60

  • Bronwyn 3 years ago

    So love their style. Great article!

  • Catherine 3 years ago

    Another great Melbourne success story!

  • Priscilla 3 years ago

    Wow, what an inspiring pair!

  • Jes 3 years ago

    So inspiring to see the behind the scenes action of this dynamic duo.

  • Renae 3 years ago

    Yes please!

  • Libby 3 years ago

    So inspiring!

  • Haylee 3 years ago

    LOVE alpha60 – such an inspiring duo as well!

  • Shelby Ashwin 3 years ago

    Australia’s take on Scandinavian design. These pieces are created with such structure yet still have a ‘thrown together’ ease about them. alpha60 always wins my attention.

  • Ellie 3 years ago

    Come on Summer and Summer clothes! Looking forward to seeing more of the Alpha60 collection.

  • Grace 3 years ago

    Ahh always the most beautiful clothing! And Georgie’s hair is the best.

  • Fran 3 years ago

    Whenever I spot someone wearing something awesome and ask where they got it from, they inevitably say ‘Alpha60’. Most recently was a friend wearing a cardigan you could invert and wear two ways. I wonder if Georgie designed one way and Alex the other? Either way, genius!

  • Lucy 3 years ago

    If these 2 are not the zeitgeist then I don’t know what is! Thanks for bringing their fashion, home and hair to us

  • Diana 3 years ago

    An inspiring duo, and generous in sharing their passion.

  • Lauren 3 years ago

    Alpha60 = so cool

  • BC 3 years ago

    Aussie minimalism at its best!

  • Freja 3 years ago

    Wow, generous giveaway. Love their style.

  • Jessica 3 years ago

    Wow happy times. Look at those stripes. Cannot wait to see more Spring/Summer (and sneak many pieces into my wardrobe). Sorry boyfriend but the Alpha 60 is calling. What? This old thing… :) Keep up the beautiful work.

  • Linda 3 years ago

    What a treat to maybe win.. Lovely skirt she’s got on hopefully from new season..

  • niccola 3 years ago

    You guys are amazing in every way! Love your work.

  • Danielle 3 years ago

    Such a talented sibling duo! Fabulous Sunday night read!

  • Rachel 3 years ago

    Always on my shopping list when I visit melbourne – when’s a Perth store opening?? I still get compliments on my orange wax scarf. Thanks for the post.

  • miljenka 3 years ago

    seeing for the first time, i’m in love with their shoes! great clothes as well, minimal and very wearable.

  • Jennifer hodges 3 years ago

    The black and white on the racks looks fantastic congratulations on 10 years

  • Carmen 3 years ago

    Love their style- cool, fresh and laid-back. Would definitely love to have a few more items of Alpha 60 in my wardrobe!

  • sabrina santucci 3 years ago

    After years of buying Alpha60 pieces it makes me so happy to learn that the label has such humble roots. The fact that a brother and sister work so well together makes everything even more special.

  • sara 3 years ago

    Stunning…love, love, love Alpha

  • May 3 years ago

    Absolutely stunning pieces that I can see working in most wardrobes. Drool worthy!

  • Fran 3 years ago

    Love their work.

  • Miffyinlalaland 3 years ago

    Need to be back in Australia to shop at alpha 60!

  • Geraldine 3 years ago

    So Melbourne!

  • Jill 3 years ago

    Love the house, love the clothes

  • serena cunningham 3 years ago

    loving this sister and brother teams style!

  • Jacqueline 3 years ago

    I love the Alpha Soup!

  • Jessica Brophy 3 years ago

    Love love LOVE Alpha 60! Great pics and interview.

  • Ela 3 years ago

    Beautiful Simplicity. Love it!

  • Hayley 3 years ago


  • Jacqui 3 years ago

    I need those shoes! Fingers crossed.

  • Francesca 3 years ago

    Alpha60 do great stuff- love their modern classics.

  • Lyndal 3 years ago

    Those sandals with the gold (non)kiltie – I die!

  • Emma 3 years ago

    New shoe collection is amazing! They would make any outfit!!!!

  • Georgie 3 years ago

    I would die fro a new wardrobe especially from alpha60!!!!!

  • Beth Evans 3 years ago

    Dream team! The last winter range rocked, my wardrobe is bulging with it’s delights, suffice to say my wallet is not. Can’t wait to pack it with summer goods. PS the new skin care range is divine. xx

  • Chelsea 3 years ago

    These guys are fantastic and just getting better. Nice article

  • Nicole 3 years ago

    Alpha 60 – great Melbourne success story.

  • Lillian 3 years ago

    so, so beautiful. plus, i’m pretty sure georgie has the best hair in melbourne!

  • Phillip 3 years ago

    Love these guys, hopefully we’ll have a BNE store sometime in the future… It’s been way too long since I’ve some of their clothes!

  • Mary 3 years ago

    Their clothes always attract compliments and makes the wearer feel a million bucks, thats why they are so successful

  • Ainslie 3 years ago

    Love this story, thanks to Alpha 60 for allowing me to wear my Melbourne all black in a sophisticated way with classic cuts and crazy good quality fabrics !!!

  • Bliss 3 years ago

    Incredible clothes! I adore Alpha60!

  • Claire 3 years ago

    Love love love!

  • Shannon 3 years ago

    Adore their work!

  • Ri 3 years ago

    Loving the collection!

  • Amber j 3 years ago

    My favourite Melbourne brand!

  • Rachel 3 years ago

    What a brilliant journey thus far– looking forward to seeing what the next 10 years have in store for the Alpha60s. Here’s to the day-dream believers!

  • Kyla 3 years ago

    Just moved from Phillip Island to Broome for work. Beautiful leather duffle and gorgeous dress from W12-13 collection has made transition that much easier…..eagerly checking website every other day for S13-14 collection. These guys are my faves!!!!

  • Liz 3 years ago

    This is such a great story, it’s wonderful to see two amazing and talented siblings working side by side like this – very inspiring!

  • Sonya 3 years ago

    I’d never have heard of Alpha60 had it not been for this competition, and I’m glad to have discovered this label.

  • Kylie 3 years ago

    Great story, and beautiful home from the previous blog post as well. Adore the upside down feet!

  • Julia 3 years ago

    So I was running back to my car on Brunswick St on Saturday afternoon after a haircut, and spotted Alpha60 – a store I’d never seen, but had read this profile on Friday so I couldn’t resist popping in for a look. I left with a new skirt (the Flora Balloon) for a job interview … leaving behind a handful of other things I loved but couldn’t quite manage on the day. A $500 voucher would go a loooooong way for this new mother-worker! Thanks guys! x

  • Alana F 3 years ago

    A truly unique and inspirational Aussie brand…adore Alpha60!

  • Matt 3 years ago

    They never fail to amaze me!

  • tania j 3 years ago

    Love Alpha60 – and a peek into their office shows exactly what we expected – great design like their stores and their Northcote home.

  • pamela elligate 3 years ago

    Simple, sophisticated and so up to date – want, need love!

  • Melissa 3 years ago

    This article made me homesick. Love Melbs. Love Fitzroy. Love the new Alpha 60 range.

  • Emma 3 years ago

    Thanks TDF for an enticing interview and a new discovery for me! E x

  • Rachel 3 years ago

    Wonderfully unique, uniquely wonderful.

  • Tegan 3 years ago

    Love it!

  • Jessica Ruff 3 years ago

    Such a great interview and a really beautiful collection!

  • Pauline 3 years ago

    Simply amazing!

  • Anna 3 years ago

    Love the collection and great interview.

  • Samantha 3 years ago

    lotsa alpha love!

  • Mikki 3 years ago

    Could use some Alpha lovin.

  • Clair 3 years ago

    What a gorgeous Melbourne brand – I loved the interview, some wonderful insights into a great brand.

  • briony 3 years ago

    such amazing shoes! Want Want Want!

  • Megan 3 years ago

    Unfortuntely no Alpha60 store in Brissy, but… super excited!!! I am heading to NY in September & have already bookmarked a visit to The Assembly…thanks! X

  • Alisha 3 years ago

    I loved the Alpha 60 story last year and I have loved it again this time around!
    Alpha 60, you design with the most brilliantly textured materials of all time! thank YOU!

  • Thea 3 years ago

    Wardrobe update required…

  • Laura 3 years ago

    amazing giveaway, I’d love to treat myself to some lovely stylish new clothes!!

  • Charlotte 3 years ago

    Ooo so gorgeous, loving those shoes! Thanks for the chance at such a fantastic prize!

  • karina w 3 years ago

    How comfortable do these outfits look!

  • lien tran 3 years ago

    Always love reading about amazing Melbourne designers.. Great work with the shoes, they look super fantastic !

  • Amelia 3 years ago

    Georgie and Alex are so consistent with their incredibly unique yet comfortable designs. It’s always exciting to get a peek of what’s next for them!

  • Nell 3 years ago

    Alpha60 is dope! Such clever minimalist design – and great film references dotted about the stores…

  • Val Crisp 3 years ago

    Wow, Alpha60 has my vote! What a fantastic prize!

  • Sue 3 years ago

    Amazing collection! And what a great prize, fingers crossed!

  • Naomi Lee 3 years ago

    Love, Love, Love Alpha 60. I wear their clothes until they fall apart (which takes years because they are such good quality). x

  • Dean 3 years ago

    Would love to win this for my wife! Thanks for the amazing prize.

  • Agata 3 years ago

    Stunning collection, would be over the moon if I won this one, xx

  • Katharine Graham 3 years ago

    Such amazingly talented designers and an incredible prize!

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