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Kim Victoria Wearne and Stuart Beer

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Wednesday 24th July 2013

The Kensington home of jeweller Kim Victoria Wearne and her partner Stuart Beer.  The open plan living room extends to the rear courtyard.  Photo – Eve Wilson, production – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.

Living room details including photo on cabinetry by Kim Victoria Wearne and resin crystal work by Kate Rohde from Pieces of Eight. Courtyard details show the exterior of the home with vertical garden and built-in custom outdoor furniture so that Kim and Stuart could maximise the use of this small space! Photo – Eve Wilson, photo – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.

Kitchen including Volker Haug pendant lighting, table from CIP and vintage dining chairs from Modern History. Photo – Eve Wilson, photo – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.

Kim’s home studio where the creates beautiful pieces for her range Kim Victoria Jewels. Kim’s studio was FASTIDIOUSLY tidy and organised – she loves the pegboard which allows quick and easy access to her tools! Modified IKEA table and floorboards used to make workbench, IKEA vessels used to store tools, and ceramic horse head from Uncommon Vintage. Photo – Eve Wilson, photo – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.

Close up details of Kim’s jewellery in her studio – featuring 18ct yellow gold rhodelite garnet and diamond ring and sterling silver ring, and Sequin Bullet gold necklace. Photo – Eve Wilson, production – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.

Melbourne-based jeweller Kim Victoria Wearne on the porch of her Kensington cottage. Photo – Eve Wilson, production — Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.

Today’s beautiful house in Kensington is home to Melbourne jeweller Kim Victoria Wearne and her husband, Stuart Beer.  I guess there’s no shortage of super cute renovated Victorian cottages in Melbourne, but I must say, today’s example is particularly impressive!  For a modest single fronted home, it’s incredible how generous the proportions are in the renovated rear extension of Kim and Stuart’s house – the soaring ceilings and clever internal courtyard really give this home a deceiving sense of space.

Kim and Stuart have lived in this home for 10 years, however, it wasn’t until 2010 that they embarked upon their renovation. ‘When we originally moved in it looked very different’ says Kim. ‘The previous owners had done quite a bit of work to make it comfortable, but there were the same old problems everyone has with this style of home – no storage, a kitchen the size of a shoebox, an outdoor laundry and a barely functioning bathroom. The entire backyard was concreted too, so it was rather ugly!’.  Kim and Stuart made a few minor cosmetic changes over their early years here, but always knew they wanted to do a proper renovation when they could afford it.

In 2010, Kim and Stuart employed Architects EAT and Ficus to design and build their extension. The back of the original house was completely knocked down – allowing for a  new build which now extends to the rear laneway and envelopes an internal courtyard. The extension has allowed for a much more generous kitchen and open plan living space as well as a much needed third bedroom (now the master bedroom) and ensuite, whilst also incorporating a purpose-built home studio for Kim’s jewellery practice.  The build took about 9 months to complete.

As someone who works from home, Kim is particularly attached to her new surroundings, and loves the way her home and studio are now connected. ‘Because I work from home, it is amazing to occupy a space that feels serene and quiet. The connection to the outdoors is fantastic. While we actually have far less backyard than we originally did, the courtyard allows glimpses of light and greenery from many rooms. Every single room has a view outside which is unexpected in a house like ours’.

‘My studio is also just wonderful’ says Kim. ‘I am so lucky to have a purpose built space to make jewellery in, and it functions beautifully. The tools can be organised, the lighting is perfect for soldering and I can lock the door at the end of the day when I ‘leave’. A simple action that mentally helps when you work where you live’.

As a creative herself, Kim has relished the chance to add a few personal touches to her home since the completion of their renovation.  She and Stuart are very fond of their dining table, a particularly treasured piece, as it was hand made by a close friend – AJ from CIP.  The repurposed stove in the bathroom is also feature that Kim and Stuart are very happy they could include, having always loved it as a feature in the original house.  Other sentimental pieces include the paintings by Laura Skerlj hanging in the lounge room, purchased whilst on honeymoon in Byron Bay. ‘It was the first time Stu and I had ever totally agreed on a painting – we bought it straight away!’ says Kim.

Huge thanks to Kim and Stuart for sharing their beautiful home with us today!  Do share the love by checking out Kim’s exquisite jewellery, created under the name Kim Victoria Jewels, a selection of which can be purchased through her online shop.  Her work can also be viewed at Pieces of Eight in Melbourne.


Courtyard. Vintage swan planter, custom table from Like Butter, and planter wall holding IKEA pots that Kim says ‘Stuart spent many hours drilling and planting!’ Photo – Eve Wilson, production – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.

Kitchen. Kim says ‘the skylight above the sink was a wonderful idea from our architect, we never have to turn on a light during the day!’ Photo – Eve Wilson, production – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.

Guest bedroom. ‘Please Return my Identity to me’ wall feature also made by Kim Victoria Wearne, 2009. Kim’s favourite ‘Frida Kahlo’ cushions are from Neon Vintage, stump side table from local store Tempted and Cockatoo lamp from Have You Met Miss Jones. Photo – Eve Wilson, production – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.

Mantel details including vintage glove mould and mirror, Katie Jacobs test tube from Edition X and vessels by Kris Koad. Photo – Eve Wilson, production – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.

Bathroom. ‘We couldn’t bare to part with the original stove, so we had it sandblasted and powder coated to turn it into a bathroom cabinet. I designed a carcass for it that our friend AJ from CIP built’ Kim says. Antler towel hooks from Formed and Found. Photo – Eve Wilson, production – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.

Living room paintings by Laura Skerlj. ‘We purchase the dog piece on our honeymoon in Byron Bay. It was the first time Stu and I had ever totally agreed on a painting, we bought it straight away!’ says Kim. Photo – Eve Wilson, production – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.

Hallway with built-in library. Photo – Eve Wilson, production – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.

Master bedroom or the ‘tree house’ as Kim calls it, as she always wanted a timber clad room! Volker Haug light bulb pendants, custom platform bed made from AJ at CIP, cushions from IKEA and throw from Country Road. Photo – Eve Wilson, production – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.

Master bedroom ensuite. Photo – Eve Wilson, production – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.

Exterior shot of Kim and Stuart’s Kensington home. Photo – Eve Wilson, production – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Wednesday 24th July 2013


  • Mary Anne P 3 years ago

    Serene and gorgeous! So much house envy from TDF! I especially love the courtyard area – stunning!

  • What an amazing home!! Love the master bedroom and ensuite!

  • Kate 3 years ago

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. EXACTLY my style.

  • Mary Murphy 3 years ago

    Love the interior and furnishings – great home

  • Vic Pemberton 3 years ago

    love it all. the timber clad bedroom and the hallway of books! dream home!

  • Jane 3 years ago

    Divine in every way. Architectural and styling details impeccable!

  • Melissa 3 years ago

    Gorgeous home. I want to chill out in that courtyard!!

  • Nat 3 years ago

    What a lovely home, thanks for sharing it! I’d love to know who did the custom white bookshelves in the hallway – and are they 2-PAC paint or laminate?

  • Gill 3 years ago

    Yet another example of Architects EAT beautiful work !! LOVE IT. Thanks for sharing.

  • Louise Seymour 3 years ago

    just beautiful… simple, clean lines but a warm feeling throughout. love it!

  • Ankica 3 years ago

    Can I ask, where is the round leather coffee table from? Been looking for something just like it

  • Rose 3 years ago

    What a great place. Inspirational for our own single fronted Victorian.

  • Richard 3 years ago

    love love love. A great reno and great decorating…
    thanks for sharing Lucy

  • Penelope 3 years ago

    One of my favourites home tours in a long while!

  • Deborah 3 years ago

    I love what you did with the old stove, I have 2 of these exact stoves which have been following me around for the last 20 years as I cannot part with them nor do I have any use, this is great inspiration.

  • Catherine 3 years ago

    Love the use of the stove, inspired. Can you tell me the brand of the basin used in the bathrooms?

  • Imogen 3 years ago

    Beautiful house! So many clever details

  • Paul 3 years ago

    Thank you for the mention Lucy. Lovely photos as always. Regards, Paul at Modern History

  • Annie 3 years ago

    Fabulous home – there’s so much to love!!.

  • kirsten 3 years ago

    what an outstanding home Kim and Stuart and gorgeous photos Lucy….our cushions look very happy in their new home! thank you x kirsten from neon vintage

  • Em Kate Collins 3 years ago

    Dream home! I love this home!

  • Claudia Arends 3 years ago

    Beautiful light and spacious home. Love the wooden heart on the wall in the bedroom!

  • kim victoria wearne 3 years ago

    Thanks so much for all your kind comments. It’s a bit scary having your home on display! A couple of notes to questions: the bookshelves are laminate, they were designed by the architect and built by a joiner. The sink Roger Seller, as is the tap. Thanks to Lucy for your words too.

  • Penny 3 years ago

    Really beautiful, I’m in love with the bathroom cabinet, such a unique look.

  • The Room Illuminated 3 years ago

    Such a beautiful home. The dining table and chairs are gorgeous!

  • Emma Rickards 3 years ago

    My husband was one of the team that built this beautiful extension, what a thrill to see it furnished and here on The Design Files! Absolutely stunning: refined, understated elegance.

  • This is such a beautiful home. Love the backyard- creative landscaping and use of timber and plants

  • nesting ground 3 years ago

    Beautiful, what is the kitchen splashback material? And the wardrobe door?

  • Lucinda 3 years ago

    I was already familiar with Kim’s delicate jewels, such a treat to peek inside her home. All those delightfully considered details and custom builds! One very cool lady.

  • kim victoria wearne 3 years ago

    A couple more replies: Splash back in kitchen is glass, wardrobe door is laminate. The leather coffee table is from a place that I don’t think exists anymore – was called ‘Love Furniture’ in Richmond.

  • Anna hogan 3 years ago

    Love it all. Just wondering about the bi fold door, where to source one of such quality?
    And the wooden vanities in the ensuite? All inspiring!!

  • Dressing 3 years ago

    It is really very beautiful house. You both have a good taste in building such a elegant and good looking house. The way Kim has designed here workspace is too good.

  • Gill 3 years ago

    In regards leather coffee table / ottoman – Jardan make one called ‘Coast’ which is very similar.

  • rachael bernstone 3 years ago

    wow, stunning reno, Great job by the homeowners and architects eat – love their work.

  • Love all the little touches that give the home that extra personality – you would never know what lies behind that classic exterior!

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  • The interior of this home is visually very appealing, but it’s the courtyard that I found to be outstanding. The use of timber is both dramatic and tranquil all at the same time. With the placement of plants and plants in pots and the deck with built-in seating, I find this outdoor space very welcoming, peaceful and functional. Well done and thanks for sharing.

  • alfie 3 years ago

    Very useful info. Hope to discover more blogposts soon!

  • Chloe 3 years ago

    Her jewelry bench area is exquisite!! I would love to see the DIY on that room.

  • Kim Gaynor 3 years ago

    I’m not a huge fan of the modern aesthetic, but despite that, there are several elements of their home that I do really love. For example, I LOVE the black trim work on her porch and the wall mounting of her potted plants in her garden.

  • Jessica Brown 10 months ago

    What a lovely house. I loved its interior. Every object is perfectly placed on its place.

  • Jessica Brown 9 months ago

    Great home, what an interior, I would love to stay at this place.

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