Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 6th May 2013

From top to bottom – Vicki Penguin basket planter pot in blue from Hut 13 ($65.00), Zuzu square plaid throw from
Safari Living ($426.00), Kantha quilt in tropicana forest green from Fossik ($199.00), Penelope Durston vintage blanket quilt ($330.00) and Guatemalan pom pom belt also from Cottage Industry ($120.00), Khadi & Co African throw from Ganim’s Store ($350.00), and Olba watermelon stool from Jardan ($520.00). Background – Round and Round the Garden wallpaper in ginger jar blue by Anna Spiro for Porter’s Paints ($220.00 for 10m x 152cm roll). Photo – Sean Fennessy, styling – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.

From top to bottom, left to right – Tooth & Nail coin purse in natural with aqua ($35.00) and wallet in black with copper foil ($125.00) by Georgie Cummings, Metepec candlestick with arms from Market Import ($39.50), Nesting Cones by Georgia Perry (from $65.00-$125.00), Gustavsberg Bersa by Stig Lindberg canister with cork lid from Angelucci ($99.00), Vicki Penguin pom pom plater from Hut 13 ($58.00), Dibbern teapot in ice blue from Safari Living ($142.00), Ceramike Artystyczna blue with white speck medium jug from Scarlet Jones ($85.00), Wooden Neighbourhoods by Georgia Perry ($25.00-$85.00), Bone Inlay small frame from Fenton & Fenton ($35.00), ceramic laundry bottle from Pan After ($52.00), Neon Tangerine Aerogram card from The Hungry Workshop ($7.00), ceramic lotion bottle from Pan After ($28.00), and Shuh necklace from Hut 13 ($45.00). Background – Mariedal Peony by Designers Guild ($276.00 per metre). Shelf painted in Melon Baby by Dulux. Photo – Sean Fennessy, styling – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.

From left to right – Terafeu orange goblet from Angelucci ($13.00), Marimekko glass pitcher in lilac from Safari Living ($119.00), Bone Inlay coasters ($80.00 for set of six) and Mayan Huipil handbag ($360.00) from Fenton & Fenton, Areaware bow woven x plastic bin from Pan After ($74.00), and Tree of Life candlestick from Market Import ($55.50). Background – Hydrangeas No.1 from Frankie and Swiss ($110.00 per metre).  Bottom surface painted in Wing Commander by Dulux. Flowers – Cecilia Fox. Photo – Sean Fennessy, styling – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.

If you follow TDF on Instagram you may have noticed we recently took a lease on our very own little (tiny) photo studio!  Ok so it’s more of a rustic warehouse than a real studio at present, but we have grand plans ahead and I am SO excited about the potential of having this dedicated space to make all kinds of beautiful styled images for TDF.  PUMPED!

So of course I was super keen to christen the new studio space with a fun, creative product shoot, and what better reason to sharpen my sourcing and styling skills than for a special Mother’s Day feature!

As you guys know, all religious / non-religious / overly commercialised holidays aside, I am a big believer in gift gifting between loved ones. Mother’s Day would have to be one of the most important non-denominational annual holidays, because Mums are generally such a selfless bunch, and whether we admit it or not, sometimes we all need a little reminder to show our appreciation.

Today’s post brings together a bunch of ideas which we hope will be helpful on your hunt for the perfect Mother’s Day gift for this coming Sunday.  We approached some of our favourite designers, artists and retailers, pulling together an eclectic edit of colour and clashing pattern. I was keen to go for a kind of contemporary ‘floral-on-floral’ action for this story – it seemed only fitting for the occasion!

Since temperatures have taken a bit of a nosedive in recent weeks, we reckon a beautiful blanket, throw or quilt would be VERY well received this weekend – our top picks include the Zuzu square plaid throw from Safari Living ($426.00), Kantha quilt in tropicana forest green from excellent online store Fossik ($199.00), a stunning vintage blanket quilts from Penelope Durston ($330.00), or one of the Khadi & Co African throws from Ganim’s Store ($350.00).

If you reckon accessories are a better bet for your stylish Mama, we were very taken with the Mayan Tapestry bags from Fenton & Fenton ($360.00), whilst Country Road‘s fabulous new geometric print cosmetic bags ($29.95) are such a good buy!  The Flowering Gum print mini pouch by Utopia Goods ($59.00) is another winner (lots more designs / colourways available on their website), and Georgie Cummings‘ handprinted, handstitched leather pouches (from $35.00) have popped up again, because we just can’t get enough of them!

For the home, of course, there were no shortage of options.  My absolute FAVOURITE finds amongst this lot are Market Import‘s handpainted mexican candle holders (so many colours, designs available in store at the moment, and super affordable from $39.50), the Areaware plastic / woven baskets from Pan After (obsessed!) and that amazing Royal Copenhagen tableware from Angelucci Twentieth Century.  OH and if the budget allows (or if you have 6 siblings with whom to split the bill!) there really is nothing more wonderful that the gift of original artwork – like a beautiful new painting by Melbourne artist  Sandra Eterovic from Hut 13 ($650.00), or a floral oil painting by Sydney based Laura Jones ($1650).

We hope this little feature will inspire a special gift for the all important Mums out there this coming weekend!  And if it all gets too hard, don’t fret.  Simply take inspiration from the vibrant prints you see here, and go for a big bunch of gorgeous fresh flowers, preferably from your local independent florist – fail safe!

BIG THANKS to all the lovely local retailers and designers for loaning us their gorgeous products for this shoot, especially Cecilia Fox in Brunswick, who provided flowers. Thanks also to my man Gordon Johnson for creating surfaces and shelves and L-brackets for this shoot at a moment’s notice!  And to my dear amazing assistant Lisa Marie Corso for logistics / returns / captions!

From top to bottom, left to right – Dramatic Grape Aerogram card by The Hungry Workshop ($7.00), Nesting Cones by Georgia Perry ($65.00-$125.00), seed hoop earrings ($275.00) and taco friendship band in silver ($55.00) by Lucy Folk, Royal Copenhagen small dish by Marianne Johnson from Angelucci ($90.00), mint prism brick from Pan After ($16.00), Royal Copenhagen large dish by Marianne Johnson from Angelucci ($148.00), All Spice bracelets by Lucy Folk ($45.00 each), Bone Inlay coasters from Fenton & Fenton $80.00 for set of six), Cicada Milky Way napkin from Utopia Goods ($16.95), Open Sesame bangle by Lucy Folk ($230.00), Royal Copenhagen medium dish Marianne Johnson from Angelucci ($135.00), minted pea bracelet by Lucy Folk ($132.00), Gustavsberg Bersa by Stig Lindberg large plate ($99.00) and cup and saucer set ($148.00) from Angelucci. Background – Garden Floral tablecloth in pink by Bonnie and Neil ($185.00). Flowers – Cecilia Fox. Photo – Sean Fennessy, styling – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.

From left to right, top to bottom – Bento party crochet bracelet by Lucy Folk ($85.00), Shaker doll in blue ($130.00) and Ceramike Artystyczna small cups ($29.00 each) from Scarlet Jones, geometric print medium cosmetic bag from Country Road ($29.95), Sweet Orange & Cedarwood hand soap ($34.00), Jojoba & Carmellia balancing cream ($36) and Chamomile & Walnut scrub ($42.00) by Jacqueline Evans Naturopathic Skincare, Flowering Gum print mini pouch by Utopia Goods ($59.00), Dumbo Feather magazines (an annual subscription costs $45.00), Toscane jug ($59.50) and Fasano speckle jug ($22.50) from Market Import, and Heath Nash flower brooch ($15.00) and Serax canvas pot ($75.00) from Pan After. Background – Indigo Flowering Gum upholstery fabric by Utopia Goods ($69.00 per metre). Shelf painted in Mondrian Blue by Dulux. Flowers – Cecilia Fox. Photo – Sean Fennessy, styling – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.

From top to bottom, left to right – woven tapestry with reclaimed silk and metallic threads by Maryanne Moodie (commissions start from $200.00-$350.00), ‘The Man Who Never Was’ painting by Sandra Eterovic available at Hut 13 ($650.00, 30cm x 40cm, acrylic on wood), ‘Hope’s Flowers’ painting by Laura Jones ($1650, 36cm x 39cm, oil on linen), Jai Vasicek cross from Fenton & Fenton ($120.00), and Georgia Perry. Background – Infinite Multitudes by Frankie and Swiss ($110 per metre). Photo – Sean Fennessy, styling – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 6th May 2013


  • Angie 3 years ago

    Holy sh^t! First time visiting, found thru Pinterest, and I’m in love.

  • Lucy Mora 3 years ago

    Incredible styling Lucy Feagins!

  • Sandra Eterovic 3 years ago

    Wow wow wow Lucy!!! Love the craziness of it all. Thanks so much for including my painting in this beautiful Monday morning sensory overload. :-)

  • Jill kellett 3 years ago

    Loving the riot of color!what an incredible mix of goodies…..yay

  • Michelle Francis 3 years ago

    Oh stop stop it!!! Lucy, this is AMAZING! Thank you so much for including our fabrics in such a stellar clash fest. Love it:)

  • sharron 3 years ago

    Design Files is always the first destination of my day. Thanks Lucy for such a beautiful inspiring and colourful post, it will warm up my day :)

  • Kellie Shearwood 3 years ago

    Oh my Lucy! I so love this colourful eclectic styling. More please :)

  • Vicki Fowler Penguin 3 years ago

    Hello Lucy thankyou for including my baskets together with all
    the beautifully photographed arts and crafts. I am thrilled and I hope you enjoy Mothers Day.X

  • Marjory 3 years ago

    I LOVE all these products! May I make a comment however, about the captioning… I find it really hard to wade through the big blocks of captions to find the particular item I’m interested in . Please consider either numbering each item, or…adding a small black and white diagram under each photo, with the items labelled with a number, then in the caption have each item identified by its number (in bold font) to make it easier to find.

  • Amy 3 years ago

    Amazingly awesomely stunningly fantastically gorgeous styling! Too good Lucy, it looks rad!

  • Paloma 3 years ago

    I have to agree. A great way to start the day. All the images are so beautiful!!!! Love the wallpaper backgrounds.

  • soula 3 years ago

    Let me know if you need any art for backdrops! Can’t wait to see what else you do with your photography space.

  • Paula 3 years ago

    OMG fabulous! Love them all. Makes me wish I was a Mum. I missed meeting you by 1 minute last night. P

  • anne 3 years ago

    OMG is right, I can’t ‘see’ anything. I love my daily fix of tdf but I think the products are lost in this styling.

  • lucy 3 years ago

    Such a fantastic celebration of colour and print! Awesome styling!

  • Sandra Eterovic 3 years ago

    I beg to differ.
    More is more, I say.
    Bring it ON!!!

  • Amie 3 years ago

    Beautiful styling! I’m drooling!

  • julie @ tractorgirl 3 years ago

    WOOO! I am stunned by this totally beautiful, wild, clashy mix of pattern on pattern on pattern. I love pattern (in case you haven’t guessed by now). Thank you thank you thank you. Especially for finding those mexican candlestick holders. :)

  • Lucy 3 years ago

    AWWW thanks for all the ace comments guys!!! The ‘Holy Sh^t’ from Angie is my favourite I think! :) Thankyou for taking a moment to comment! This was a pretty big shoot for just 6 shots and it’s so lovely to get your wonderful feedback! x

  • Anna Walker 3 years ago

    What about the Mum’s that appreciate some Scandi-style? Need MOAR MARIMEKKO…I thought with the opening of their flagship store in South Yarra late last year, you would be all over it…Marimekko is all about the clash!

  • Jane 3 years ago

    Fabulous shots – so vibrant and colourful that I want to jump in! Also, am really loving all the wallpaper you’ve featured. Makes me want to re-wallpaper even though what I’ve got is only 1 year old – eek!

  • Rachael 3 years ago

    Beautiful work Lucy and co!!

  • Woweeee! No words. Too much goodness in this shoot. Genius Lucy!

  • Sophie 3 years ago

    This is hallucinogenic-kaleidoscope styling (and stuff) at its very BEST! Not sure where to look first – the colour, the action, the print mash up or the gorgeous homewares. A visual feast for the eyes. REALLY really love it! Go Lucy and the team. Sophie x

  • Melissa 3 years ago

    A riot of colour, love it. Will forward to husband now…..

  • Fossik 3 years ago

    Oh wowsers, Lucy! Congratulations! This is one amazing gift guide. I can’t take my eyes off that fourth image – it’s perfection. I want to hang it on my wall! No doubt Mums near and far will be thanking you this Sunday…

  • Jo 3 years ago

    Spunky colourful goodness.

  • Leuchtend Grau 3 years ago

    Beautiful! And funny … it images make me smile.


  • Kirsty 3 years ago

    Wow amazing shoot and styling Lucy!
    Just beautiful.

  • Anna Spiro 3 years ago

    Thank you for including my wallpaper.
    Anna Spiro

  • Mollie 3 years ago

    These photos are making me drool! Oh the colours the colours!

  • stephanie @BabaSouk 3 years ago

    oh la la ladies, these goodies are the best and your photo styling is heavenly! Great job!!

  • Penny Quint 3 years ago

    Have you ever been to Mon Coeur a fabulous “French shop ” in country Victoria, Bendigo

  • Jo @ Little Melbourne 3 years ago

    colour explosion – love it! Great work TDF and everyone involved. Boasts loads of talent.

  • Margie 3 years ago


  • jessie 3 years ago

    wow so Beautiful. Another great Mother’s Day giveaway,

  • jenna 3 years ago
  • Therese 3 years ago

    Love this ROCKnRoll styling- Fun, imaginitive & makes your eyes work to figure it all out but I love it. Even the little floating shelves & stool- un attributed- but so sweet- any retailers for these too?

  • ishasoni 3 years ago


    Thanks to share a amazing gifts ideas. Great Post


  • Alexandra 3 years ago

    Fluffy Fluro Heaven!

  • lauren 3 years ago

    Wow, this is truly amazing. I have been looking up great gift ideas for women all week and this is by far the best ideas! This is right up my alley. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jo Grant 3 years ago

    I agree with Sandra E, it’s fabulous! Very clever design, and brave. So many good things (and I am a Sandra Eterovic fan). :)

  • WeWood 3 years ago

    AWESOME!!! Wonderful gift ideas Lucy, you have really done a great job. Thanks for sharing such beautiful ideas.

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