Mavericks Laces

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 21st May 2013

 Mavericks Laces – Autumn colours.  Photos – Justin Kane.

 Mavericks Laces – Autumn colours.  Photos – Justin Kane.

With the weather cooling down significantly in Melbourne this month, I’m guessing I’m not the only person grappling with the annual winter shoe dilemma.  Warmth vs. style – the age old conundrum!  Today’s post won’t solve the problem entirely… but it does offer a fun, colourful lift for chilly winter feet!

Mavericks Laces are a Melbourne based start up, specialising in high quality, waxed cotton shoelaces in a brilliant variety of colours.  The business was founded last year by graphic designers Jayden Zernich, Leigh Scholten and Luke Schoknecht, who between them have worked for the likes of BroadsheetLife Space Journey, Shoemakers of Melbourne, and The Melbourne Pub Group.

‘Mavericks Laces was born out of the realisation that there was a gap in the market for high quality, interesting shoelaces’ say the boys about this slightly unusual endeavour. ‘Being graphic designers, naturally we wanted to have some fun with it and introduce colour. Our laces allow men to express themselves through the subtle introduction of colour – its amazing how much you can lift your outfit just by adding a pop of colour to your shoes.’

Just last week Mavericks launched a brand new range of coloured laces for Autumn – these include racing green (‘George’), Caramel (‘Jordan’), Black (‘Hugo’), Grey (‘Leroy’), White (‘Iceman’) and bright green (‘Oscar’). They’ve also just introduced a range of extra long boot length (120 cm) laces for winter!  They can be found in stockists listed here, or can be purchased online from the Mavericks Laces website (where you will also notice a few inspired ideas for creative shoelace configurations!).

Mavericks Laces are essentially colourful laces for colourful characters. Their philosophy is simple – ‘If the shoe makes the man, then laces make the shoe’.  Behold the rise of the humble shoelace!

 Mavericks Laces – Summer 2012 colours (still available).  Photos – Justin Kane.

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 21st May 2013


  • Tamarin 3 years ago

    These would be great for dapper grooms to give a little kick to their look

  • courtney 3 years ago

    They laces are cool – but what about the boots?

  • Christian Wagstaff 3 years ago

    OH MY GOODNESS … these are totally delicious !

  • Leigh 3 years ago

    Hey Courtney,

    There are boot lengths available on the site.


  • nicola 3 years ago

    Sorry Guys, but this is a little to close to Stolen Riches a label we stock, who have been around since 1915 , and whose motto is : If the shoe make the individual then let the laces make the statement.
    I am all for competition , but having an almost identical motto is a bit much !

  • Ben 3 years ago

    Just checked out Stolen Richies – $17.50 a pair!!
    Think I’ll stick to the fine quality, low price and free shipping that Mavericks Laces offer.

  • CJ 3 years ago

    Love these. And perfect timing for a couple of gifts I need to get too!

  • Brian 3 years ago

    @nicola – the “shoes make the man” is an old quote – is it any surprise there’s some variation on a theme?

    Mavericks offer a great variety of laces at great prices – if Stolen Riches been around since 1915 I’d say there’s not much to worry about, and much to be happy about for the fashion-concious consumer in having more choice!

  • Danny 3 years ago

    If the laces make the shoe – Mavericks will be making my laces. I’ll support the Melbourne boys!

  • Sarah 3 years ago

    Looooove these! It really is the little hints of colour that make or break an outfit!

  • Jerry 3 years ago

    Loving these! what a great idea…love their website too!

  • Dave 3 years ago

    Having bought a red pair a while back, I can say they certainly get some attention without bein totally out there – a fun and interesting addition to an outfit!
    Now I walk around looking down… Seeing who else has is popping their footwear!

  • Tara 3 years ago

    These are damn fine. Love the instructions on their site for how to tie them, too.

  • KK 3 years ago

    aaahh..these take me back…back to ‘my’ Eighties! I had soooo many coloured laces for my sneakers, and mannish brogues that I coveted at the time. Good to see this trend coming back (just please don’t put it with Eighties BIG hair and shoulder pads…..eek!) I am buying some for my lad to add to his wedding shoes!

  • Pamela 3 years ago

    OMG its like you read my mind!!! I was just eyeing off my sons laces that are looking a tad tired and they really make the shoes look, well yuck!! I’m off to buy some now!! Thanks Lucy

  • LB 3 years ago

    LOVE!! xx I’ll be supporting the Melbourne boys (and spoiling my fella) :)

  • Kirsten 3 years ago

    We want to know where the actual shoes are from? Can you fill us in? Particularly the ones with a G on the insole. Thanks!

  • Carrot Cake 3 years ago

    @nicola you want to live in a mono world?? I bet you have a monobrow

  • Jay 3 years ago

    Hi Kirsten,

    Glad you love the shoes as much as we do. All he shoe credits are listed on the website.

    As for the G is stands for Grenson a fantastic hand made English company, if you’re a Melbourne resident they are stocked at Beggar Man Thief .

  • Troy Mendham 3 years ago

    Hell yeah, Dylan blue!

  • Adam P K 3 years ago

    Bought many Mavericks Laces. Long time fan! Well since they started last year.

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