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by Simone Haag
Monday 27th May 2013


Today we are thrilled to welcome professional ‘hunter/gatherer’, Simone Haag of Melbourne Interior Design Firm Hecker Guthrie to TDF as a monthly columnist!  (You might recall Simone’s stunning home in Ringwood, which we shared a few months ago).

Under the guidance of Paul Hecker and Hamish Guthrie, Simone heads up Hecker Guthrie’s furniture, décor and styling department, working together with the studio team to ensure all of HG’s beautiful projects are filled with the perfect finishing touches!

Sim is brilliant at sourcing unique and interesting things for any home, and starting today, she will join us once a month with a round of home accessories and design items, sourced from local retailers or online. We hope this will be the start of a fantastic partnership – Please make Sim feel very welcome! – Lucy x

All Things Leather – product edit by Simone Haag / Hecker Guthrie, layout by Jess Lillico.

As avid readers of The Design Files, the studio of Hecker Guthrie is very excited to bring you a monthly round up of design finds for your home. This curated selection of covetables will convey a different theme each month, be it a material, colour, shape, object, furniture piece or homeware.

So to kick off our first column we’ve decided to explore the theme ‘leather’. And while there are many iconic pieces of furniture out there that embrace this age old material, such as the Cab chair, which is a favourite of the studio and was recently seen in Roebert residence on TDF, we have tried to keep our leather edit today within arm’s reach.

As a studio, we have a penchant for using natural materials, it is a hallmark found in much of our work.  There is an honesty to leather, enhanced by the fact that it usually gets better and better with age.  It’s also an incredibly versatile material – perfectly utilised as simple seat pads at Claremont Tonic, but equally at home in a more extravagant project – such as the custom leather sofa we created in the penthouse at Ivy in Sydney.   But as we explored this idea for today’s round-up, it was fun to be reminded that leather isn’t only reserved for big investment pieces – whilst doing our research, we uncovered everything from leather placemats to leather fly swats!

For our first Hunt / Gather edition we’ve sourced the following items from some of our favourite local suppliers and creative online stores, all of who are championing beautiful products with a timeless sense of style.

We hope you like the roundup of leather items that we have hunted out for you today – we certainly had fun sourcing them for you.  See you next month! – Simone.

1. George & Georgette magazine holder by Studio Woot Woot (€ 165.00) – Whilst there is no shortage of design goodness on the internet, there is nothing quite like flicking through a magazine. And when you have more magazines than you know what to do with, then you need a good looking place to keep them! We particularly love the shot of electric blue in this one by Studio Woot Woot.

2. Dopp Kit leather case by Noah Marion from The Woodsfolk ($110.00 AUD) – A tip off about The Woodsfolk courtesy of TDF saw me hot stepping it over there at the earliest possible moment. Alongside a fabulous selection of homewares were these leather storage cases. Their purpose?!  I am not quite sure, but they sure are lovely.

3. Folding Brass Stool 1.0 by Douglas and Bec for Kate Sylvester ($289.00 NZD) – The Kate Sylvester range of collaborative furniture and decorative pieces designed by Douglas and Bec is a sublime take on the folding stool. It also uses one of our other favourite materials – brass, and looks equally cute hanging on the wall when not in use.

4. Wrap glassware by Simon Hassan (Wrap Bottle £175.00, Wrap Carafe £210.00, and Wrap Decanter £275.00) – Simon Hassan goods bring leather into daily life with such a sense of ease that it makes you wonder why no one had done it before! He doesn’t stop with glassware, he even does a leather pendant!

5. Raw mirror by Stanley Ruiz($145.00 USD) So the leather here just features on the strap, but we love the simple combination of pale timber with the leather strap detail.

6. iPhone sleeve by Wootten($20.00 AUD) – iPhones are our life! So why not make your ‘home office’ as good looking as possible?! That means ditching the Hello Kitty iphone case in exchange for this bespoke leather sleeve by Melbourne-based Jess Wootten.

All Things Leather – product edit by Simone Haag / Hecker Guthrie, layout by Jess Lillico.

7. Toro lounge chair by Blu Dot ($1,599 AUD) – As a newcomer to the Australian furniture market, the only thing we don’t like about Blu dot is that it came to Sydney first! We love the Toro’s thick saddle leather, the solid beech frame and the matching footstool (not pictured).

8. Leather tray by Il Bisonte ($165.00 AUD) – Il Bisonte does leather beautifully, and this tray is the perfect ‘in box’ for keys and coins. They also do a wonderful leather diary.

9. Slider small leather pull from Spinneybeck ($15.00 USD) – The great thing about leather is the way it will patina over time – so it is an excellent choice for a joinery handle. The studio of Hecker Guthrie have recently used Spinneybeck’s slider small leather pull at the display suite for the Jaques apartments in Melbourne.

10. Tooth&Nail coin purse by Georgie Cummings ($35.00 AUD) – We love this leather purse by Brunswick-based leather artisian Georgie Cummings. She hand crafts all her wallets and pouches, then and screen prints them with coloured patterns just for fun!

For more inspiration from the clever team at Hecker Guthrie, be sure to check out their website – such an insanely impressive portfolio of work.  You can also follow HG on instagram!

by Simone Haag
Monday 27th May 2013


  • Kylie 3 years ago

    Thanks Lucy for collaborating with such an amazing firm – look forward to the next one. PS. I will be updating my IPhone cover immediately!!

  • Rachel Castle 3 years ago

    We love you Simone, you’re unreal! xxxx

  • Megan 3 years ago

    Someone who truly knows! So exciting. Can we be a daily post?! Leather – want it all. What a round up! Can’t wait for more and more and more of this secret vault stuff!

  • Luke 3 years ago

    Thanks for this – Nice partnership/nice round up.

  • Lia Kelly 3 years ago

    Love your first post Simone, great job, I think I will have to get the i phone cover, does it fit the i phone 5?
    Can’t wait for next months post.

  • Anne-Claire 3 years ago

    Such a beautiful product selection and just what I’d expect from such a talented girl, Simone. I love the leather handles! Very exciting new feature girls, well done! I’m very much looking forward to this monthly rendez-vous!

  • Tom 3 years ago

    Hecker Guthrie always seem to be leaders in their field – one day I will have you design my house – one day!

  • Bron 3 years ago

    Wow what a stunning snapshot of some leather pieces we could all add to our homes… I love Simone’s sense for interiors and her Hill St and Ringwood homes are some of my favourites… I can’t wait to see this new monthly column! Go TDF and SH !!!! What a great combination…

  • Kristen 3 years ago

    Hecker Guthrie seem to be featured in any email / magazine I have opened in the last week! Congrats on the Belle Design awards last week! Thanks Lucy for collaborating with such an inspirational design firm. I look forward to the monthly Hunt / Gather posts.

  • Bron 3 years ago

    Simone- I forgot to ask- seeing as we are on the topic of leather-where do we find the leather door handles from your Ringwood home, they are AMAZE !

  • Peta 3 years ago

    Thank you Hecker Guthrie for sharing your special secrets – I had my eye on that leather chair from blu dot – now I think I will buy it!

  • Shannon McGrath 3 years ago

    What a nice collaboration between Hecker Guthrie and The Design Files. Sim between you and the boys I am sure you will come up with some amazing stuff as you already have. Nice work. Xs

  • Pamela 3 years ago

    Thanks so much to Simone for sharing her wealth of knowledge!!! I LOVED the post you did on her beautiful home VERY INSPIRING!!! Great work LUCY!!! LOVE TDF

  • Rhi Farmer 3 years ago

    Thanks Sim and Lucy for the Monday morning inspiration! Gorgeous collection of leather goodies!! Look forward to next months post xo

  • Jill Stemp 3 years ago

    Thanks for this Lucy and The Hecker Guthrie team! Can I put in a request for a future post?? Good bathroom accessories! PS. Simone, can I have your job!?

  • Mandy 3 years ago

    Swoonworthy… Sim is a genius. More please!

  • Cris Bucknall 3 years ago

    love leather, never dates, and it is so nice to see that real authentic saddle leather with a gorgeous patina to it finally hitting the Australian market.

  • Cassie 3 years ago

    This is awful… for my credit card. Love every single piece. Can’t wait for next month. x

  • Amanda 3 years ago

    Welcome Simone, I will look forward to your monthly posts.

  • Fiona 3 years ago

    How amazing to get a monthly update from the industries best… Sim & Hecker Guthrie I just love your style! Coveting the saddle leather chair and the iphone cover is a must! I want more…

  • Starline 3 years ago

    While there is no doubting the team is exceptionally talented I am unsure what creating the sofa in the Ivy Penthouse means.
    It could mean the overall effect with colour and placement which is an art in itself and requires a very skilfully trained eye.
    Point is the sofa seems either a locally made copy of the Iconic de Sede DS 600 designed by Ueli Berger,Elenora Peduzzi-Riva,Heinz Ulrich and Klaus Vogt in 1973.Or it may be a genuine custom order from de Sede which would have cost a small fortune.
    They are still made today and can be done with various changes.
    My apologies for bringing this up.
    Great site and love your work!

  • Amelia 3 years ago

    Hecker Guthrie do such inspiring interior work – great to see a collaboration between such a great firm and The Design Files! Will be reading the column regularly!

  • Kayne 3 years ago

    What a terrific article. Hecker Guthrie are continuing to produce the highest quality work and specialists in the field.
    I’m looking forward to reading more from HG / Simone.


  • Merilla Colovic 3 years ago

    WOW Hecker Guthrie – this is super exciting!!! Such a great collaboration. We’ll eagerly await your monthly Hunt / Gatherer inspirations! x

  • Melanie Beauvironnois 3 years ago

    I want everything!!

  • bronwen 3 years ago

    Two of my favorite inspiration sources – TDF and Hecker Guthrie Interiors – an amazing collaboration and I can’t wait for the Hunter/Gather column next month!!!

  • Lotty 3 years ago

    Divine! Thankyou to Simone and the Hecker Guthrie team….stylish and sophisticated as always.

  • lauren 3 years ago

    I love Hecker Guthrie’s work!

  • Rita 3 years ago

    What a great post! Congrats Sim!

  • Melissa de Campo 3 years ago

    From someone in the know to those of us who need some knowhow……….
    Great way to share your vast knowledge and style Simone. Well done on the appointment.
    Create New Folder…..Simone Style

  • Amy 3 years ago

    Thanks for such an inspiring post! Hecker Guthrie are at the forefront of local design and it is a a joy to get such insight into your style. Looking forward to the next installment!

  • Jessica Suna 3 years ago

    Love the style of Hecker Guthrie! Was just checking out their work on the temple and webster blog! Just gorgeous!!!

  • Lara 3 years ago

    Would love any suggestions on leather suppliers – local or international – for upholstery. If anyone has any? This feature has reminded me why i’m dying to reupholster my lounge in the best leather!

  • Lia Kelly 3 years ago

    Can’t wait for my leather I Phone cover to arrive in the mail

  • Simone Haag 3 years ago

    Hi Lara,

    We love the Taurus Doeskin from Contemporary Leathers – just make sure it is fit for your purpose, but it is a lovely tone x

  • Jeanette Coyle 1 year ago

    Was wondering if anyone knows if someone has made a soft leather placemat not square or round. Just a funky shape, not too big. Hate most place mats as they are big.Saw them in Sweden and wish I had bought them

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