Charles Blackman · Limited Edition Prints

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 23rd April 2013

All on a Summer’s Day, limited edition lithographic print by Charles Blackman, ed 55/90, 100 x 70cm.

Alice in the Garden, limited edition silkscreen print by Charles Blackman, edition 42/70, 75 x 105cm.

White Cat’s Garden, limited edition silkscreen print by Charles Blackman, 76 x 106cm.

Fifty Flowers, limited edition silkscreen print by Charles Blackman, 76 x 106cm.

I know it’s not ideal to share two art-related posts on two consecutive days… but I was SO drawn to this beautiful collection of limited edition silkscreen prints by reverred Australian artist Charles Blackman, and I thought I really should share them before anyone goes Mothers Day shopping! (OK so with the average price sitting at around $2500 framed, they’re a smidgen pricey for Mother’s Day, but nonetheless an incredible opportunity to own a magical work by one of Australia’s best known artists!)

These four rare collections of prints are inspired by some of Blackman’s  most iconic works, painted over the last 5 decades.  They were printed in the 1990’s and early 2000’s in collaboration between Charles Blackman and Master Printmaker Michelle Perry. The Blackman Trust has recently made available a small number of the limited-edition complete print suite portfolios, and individual original pieces, and they’re currently on show at Sydney’s Arthouse Gallery.

‘I am incredibly excited that Arthouse Gallery has the opportunity to be exhibiting these rare limited edition prints made by Charles Blackman’ says Arthouse Gallery director Ali Yeldham. ‘Blackman is one of Australias most significant artists. Now aged 85, he continues to draw each day, and has dedicated his life to making some of Australia’s most memorable and inspirational paintings’.

This exhibition marks an important occasion as it is the first time that all four print suites (Blackman’s Gardens, Schoolgirls, Girls and Flowers, and 70th Birthday Celebration) have been displayed together.  If you’re in Sydney, do pop in and check out this beautiful collection at Arthouse Gallery until May 4th!  You can also download the complete catalogue with all pricing here. (be patient, it takes a moment to download).

Charles Blackman – limited edition silkscreen prints
On now until 4th May
Arthouse Gallery
6 McLachlan Avenue
Rushcutters Bay, NSW

Schoolgirl Jumping, limited edition silkscreen print by Charles Blackman, edition 18/75 75 x 105cm.

The Shadow, limited edition silkscreen print by Charles Blackman, ed 18/75, 75 x 105cm.

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 23rd April 2013


  • jj 4 years ago

    love – All on a summers day. one of my favourites

  • Love Schoolgirl Jumping – Opportunity to invest in a great Australian artist, on the wishlist!

  • Siobhan 4 years ago

    Bring on the art- there are never enough hours in the day to view all the talent in this country.

  • Emily 4 years ago

    such great color combinations! I particularly love the White Cat’s Garden.

  • stephanie @BabaSouk 4 years ago

    Oh gosh! The 1st two are so stunning I could stare for hours. Alice in Wonderland is just so fascinating, it is a huge source of inspiration for me as well!

  • Vanessa 4 years ago

    Wow Lucy, made my day… thank you for posting, these are truly wonderful!

  • Mary Anne 4 years ago

    Love Charles Blackman! I only have a very small lithograph of his. This post brings back memories! I had a huge poster of All on a Summer’s Day in my lounge room when I lived in Japan when I was there in the mid 90s! I would love love to have a print. Maybe I’ll win Powerball ! LOL

  • Pam Morris 3 years ago

    Please advise where I can Charles Blackman prints and Gorman throws. Would like to view in Melbourne before I buy. Thank you

  • Veronique 3 years ago

    I stayed at the Blackman Hotel in Melbourne a few times and fell in love with Alice in Wonderland. The hotel is decorated with lots of Charles Blackman’s painting. Absolutely devine. I have been wanting to buy this piece myself for a very long time. thank you for sharing. Regards

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