Ali McNabney-Stevens

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 22nd April 2013

Artwork by Ali McNabney-Stevens.

Artwork by Ali McNabney-Stevens, styling by Julia Green, photos by Armelle Habib.

Ali McNabney-Stevens in her home studio, styling by Julia Green, photos by Armelle Habib.

Ali McNabney-Stevens is a Melbourne based artist originally from the UK, who gained her Honours Degree in Design and History of Art from Edinburgh College of Art in 1991. After finishing university she left art behind for a little while, working in other unrelated jobs to ‘pay the bills’, as so many creatives seem to do!  However, as is often the case, Ali always yearned to return to her art, and it wasn’t until years later, after having children, that this opportunity arose again.

‘After the birth of my children, it was important to do something for me, and the obvious choice was life drawing’ says Ali. ‘Things really began to take off from there and since making the jump into full-time painting, my versatility and courage as a painter has grown, along with my confidence.’

Over time, Ali has developed a distinctive style of painting, characterised by intense colour and bold abstract mark making. ‘Abstract fields of colour leap onto the canvas without me even having to think too hard about what it is I am doing’ says Ali of her intuitive creative process. In addition to her works on canvas and paper, she says she would also love to utilise more of her design training and create a range of textiles at some point. Watch this space!

Ali works from her home studio in South Caulfield.  Her work is priced from $650 (for the smallest pieces) and is stocked in a range of design-focussed Melbourne retail stores, including HuskCrate ExpectationsThe Assembly HallMynd InteriorsGaudion and Jardan.  She is represented by Greenhouse Interiors – all sales enquiries please email Julia Green here.

Artwork by Ali McNabney-Stevens.

Ali’s studio, styling by Julia Green, photos by Armelle Habib.


by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 22nd April 2013


  • Vic Pemberton 4 years ago

    Stunning, amazing, a feast for my eyes!

  • White Forest Home 4 years ago

    Beautiful colours…very inspirational and great to see Ali get back to her passion!

  • Antoinette Murray 4 years ago

    Gorgeous Ali! Thanks for brightening this rainy morning!

  • Amanda H 4 years ago

    So lovely! That skirt is enchanting as well.

  • jessica 4 years ago

    Such a colourful lovely home! =)

  • paula mills 4 years ago

    Alison’s work is very inspiring and she is such a lovely person too!

  • Briana 4 years ago

    Some real gorgeous work! What medium does she use, by chance? Didn’t see it mentioned in the article.

  • Amie 4 years ago

    seriously gorgeous home and paintings! I think I’ll add that to my list… x

  • Danielle Stewart 4 years ago

    I just discovered Alison’s work a few days ago – and am thrilled to find her over here! Love her paintings – so gorgeous!!

  • Georgie 4 years ago

    Ali you are a SUPERSTAR! I totally love everything you do. xxx

  • Bags online 4 years ago

    I love your lovely home very much.

  • Sophie Carr 4 years ago

    Love Ali’s studio as much as her Art!

  • Soph 4 years ago

    A breath of fresh air on what was a bit of a grey (yet happy) day. Beautiful.

  • Jacki Cummings 4 years ago

    What an amazing talent. I just love your work Ali – cant wait to own one of your fantastic creations!

  • Melissa Whidjaya 3 years ago

    So inspirational – those colours and the use of ink on canvas. YUM.

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