Zoë Foster · Amazing Face App

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 26th March 2013

The Amazing Face App by Zoë Foster / Penguin.  Photo – Eve Wilson, styling – Lucy Feagins.

Ever since we interviewed the stupendously clever and gorgeous Zoë Foster last year I have been pretty thrilled to think of Zoë as ‘someone I sort of know’.  I am still a huge fan of the delightful Ms Foster, so when this little gem popped into my inbox last week, I just had to share!

You may recall Zoë’s best selling book, Amazing Face, published in 2011, which is a dense and thoroughly entertaining resource, full of all the make-up tricks and techniques that grown-up women should probably already know, but so very few do.  Zoë, of course, is somewhat of a guru in this field, having spent a decent chunk of her career as beauty editor for Cosmo, Harpers Bazaar, PRIMPED and Mamamia.

This month Zoë’s best selling book goes digital, with the launch of the seriously brillliant Amazing Face App!  We have taken this little beauty for a test-drive at TDF HQ this week, and I am happy to report it is just as fun and functional as the original book, only without all the pages and stuff.

‘Many of the lovely women who bought my Amazing Face beauty book would tell me how much they loved the book, but that they missed it when they were shopping, or traveling, or that it would get wet when they propped it against the bathroom sink as they used it as a makeup or hair guide’ explains Zoë.  The solution was clear – a delicious little Amazing Face iPhone App, designed to complement the book.

‘Most of the content is ‘portable relevant’ which is a relatively silly term I just made up that implies it’s handy when you’re not near your book’ says Zoë. There are video and step-by-step photographic how-tos (with mirror/camera wizardry), calm and practical advice for alarming SOS situations like pimples, cold sores and hangovers, must-have products at both online or real life stockists (mapped!), lists to help you create your perfect kit for home/car/travel/work, and our favourite – the bit where you shake your iPhone and a random tip from Zoë pops up!  You can also build your own on-the-go beauty shopping list using the app – a handy alternative to ‘that small unreliable part of your brain that remembers things when you are in the shower, but never when you’re at the shops’, says Zoë!

Design-wise, the App is just as juicy and playful as the book, which was a big thing for Zoe, because she was so enamoured with the beautiful work of her original book designer, Allison Colpoys.  We love Allison’s work too!

‘But, obviously, the kind of intelligent, good-looking dames with terrific taste who read The Design Files will best appreciate this design for themselves, by downloading the Amazing Face App from the App store as soon as possible’ says Zoë!  ‘That’s what everyone’s saying, anyway….’

The Amazing Face App is $4.49 and is available from itunes.  Written by Zoë Foster, produced by Penguin.

The Amazing Face App by Zoë Foster / Penguin.  Photos – Eve Wilson, styling – Lucy Feagins.

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 26th March 2013


  • Judy 4 years ago

    Zoe, Thank you so much for this. Love your style. Good luck with all you do.

  • Barbara 4 years ago

    O.M.G. How have I lived for so long without this. That must be the most helpful app ever!

  • Disappointed 4 years ago

    Firstly let me say I love the Design Files, read it everyday and genuinely think it is the best blog of its kind worldwide…so today’s post was a big disappointment – blatantly plugging facile drivel about how to put on make-up is def not the kind of content I ready Design Files for…it’s what I read Dolly for 20 years ago…I’d like to hope most of your readers have better thing to do than “marvel” at their eyelashes.

  • Lucy 4 years ago

    Jeepers creepers, sorry Disappointed! This app is written by a successful local writer and designed by an excellent local designer (both of whom we have interviewed, with a great response). We like a bit of variety around here… sorry to disappoint you! At 2.00pm our Tasty Tuesday column will go live so maybe that will be more to your liking.

  • Andrea 4 years ago

    Looks great, love the design too! I have always wanted the book but have been a total tight a** I’m sorry to say. However this is affordable and practical. Downloading…

  • No I don't need to learn how to paint a new face on top of my real one 4 years ago

    Don’t mean to be negative on what is usually such a lovely positive site, but I second ‘Disappointed”s comment. I usually really like TDF’s coverage of all kinds of design, including interesting, well made fashion and accessories (loved the band of four producing the amazing watches the other week!), but this is something else entirely. Why not have a profile on the actual designer Allison Colpoys? Given how ubiquitous this kind of beauty advice is across the majority of mainstream women’s magazines, I’d be far more interested in hearing how Allison comes up with new and interesting ways of presenting what are otherwise pretty standard beauty tips…

  • See above... 4 years ago

    Oh I just rechecked the links and realised the second one does go to a TDF interview with the talented Allison Colpoys (the first link has an error for me?) – more like that please!

  • Lucy 4 years ago

    Oh well dang me, I adore Zoe Foster’s writing style and her unique, witty approach to her subject matter… I think she is super clever, and after checking out this app, it’s clear a great deal of creative thinking has gone into producing it. Anyhoo, I guess there’s no pleasing everybody.

    We actually interviewed Alison just after the original Amazing Face book came out –

    But for an insight into the concept behind the app, and why it was created, it seemed more relevant to chat to Zoe herself on this one.

  • Dana 4 years ago

    Oh i echo disappointed’s comments! It felt like a bad sponsored post. And $5 for some YouTube clips and a shopping list is a bit of a joke.
    This defo feels like a Cosmo article (how sweet)

  • jacQueline 4 years ago

    I have to concur…it seems the tone of TDF is changing

  • Simone Patterson 4 years ago

    Mum taught me the old rule, ‘if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all’.
    Really excited to see some design brilliance in whatever treat you have lined up for us tomorrow Lucy. Wednesdays real homes on TDF is the blogosphere highlight of my week. Keep up the great work.
    Will you maybe be posting on your experience of Claire Bowditch’s Big Hearted Business seminar? My instagram feed was BUZZING all weekend and those of us who were not lucky enough to attend would live a Design files eye view into what went down! xo

  • Lizzy 4 years ago

    I actually just let out a loud ‘woo hoo!’ across the quiet office when i opened up TDF today.

    I love love LOVE this book and bought it for all my female relatives birthdays last year. I felt like every girl needed a copy, and still do. I learnt so much from Zoe, it has really helped with my make-up confidence.

    Not to mention, it is SO beautifully designed. It makes me so inspired flicking through the pages. These girls definitely need a mention for stepping into the app world and I would have wanted to let everyone else know this too Lucy. Downloading now… thank you! x

  • Michelle 4 years ago

    I’m not usually a big fan of beauty talk but after flicking through Zoe Foster’s book, I was pleasanly suprised. I found it to be witty, honest & best of all, not too serious. She’s a clever, creative Australian business women who deserves every bit of recognition. I look forward to checking out the App.

  • Steph 4 years ago

    Love your work, Lucy! I check out TDF every day and love to see the variety of topics you cover. Keep it up! :)

    Zoe Foster is a national treasure. She’s got a great sense of humour and a refreshing outlook on life. Reading Zoe’s stuff always gives me a lift and I’m always looking forward to seeing what she’ll do next. Amazing Face is a great reference guide and it has certaintly saved me time, energy and money searching for products that suit my skin. I’ll be checking out this app. Thanks, Zoe x

  • Judy 4 years ago

    I’m so disappointed in all those negative comments. Do you all have so little in your lives that you rely only on what Lucy posts each morning. Lucy, you do an amazing job. Keep up all the good work. Don’t let anyone pull you down.

  • Saja 4 years ago

    I got so many incredible insights at the Big Hearted Business Conference, one of which was too get some help with this very topic! I’m a busy business owner, farmer & mother & really have never been very good a beauty regime. This is exactly what I need.
    Thank you Lucy, you’ve brought the world to me time & time again. It was a great to hear your story & be in the room with so many inspiring people. You & the Design Files are an important part of my life. (I wanted to say this to you in person, but chickened out)

  • Pip 4 years ago

    I love Zoe Foster. She’s a great writer and a sassy lady. I’m so glad to see her doing so many good things. Thanks for showing us her app, Lucy!

    (And also thanks for the beautiful, free content you work so hard to share with us five days a week. I, for one, feel very lucky to be able to access it and love seeing where your editorial vision takes us!)

  • Clare 4 years ago

    Seconding the love for Zoe Foster. She’s sharp and witty and miles from the ‘cosmo drivel’ some here are complaining of. I have no problem at all with this little mini-post. In fact, I’d quite welcome posts on apps TDF have found interesting/ useful and well-designed/ creative.

  • Chris Dent 4 years ago

    The app sounds fantastic. Any hope of it being available for Android devices soon?
    Chris D

  • bree 4 years ago

    Zoe Foster is great. She is honest and doesnt take herself too serisouly. She is devoted to her readers and good on her for being able to take messages and designs from her book and transform with some creative help into an affordable app.

    Good to mix it up Lucy! Thanks.

  • Lucy 4 years ago

    OH if its not too late I’d love to say the biggest thanks to all the LOVELY comments which have popped up here in the last few days and which I didn’t notice until now! Thankyou Pip, Saja, Bree, Chris Dent, Steph, Clare, Judy, Lizzy, Simone and all the other sweet remarks! It really is so amazing getting such lovely feedback from you all, especially after the odd negative comment. Thankyou thankyou thankyou!

  • Zoe Foster 4 years ago

    I also would love to bellow an enormous thank you for all of the lovely comments! And of course thank Dame Feagins and el DF teamo for making my wee little App look so magnificent, and also for your kind words on it. You DREAM of coverage like this, but for it to be on your favourite-est bestest website, too? Wild…. Those photos! The pink headphones! Just delicious. Thank you.

  • Sanda FitzGerald 3 years ago

    Love love love Zoe’s book…and want this app. Will it work on my android?

  • I just want to say “nice and amazing!!!”

  • Crystal Nappo 2 years ago

    Really admire Zoe Fosters writing style. What a great idea for an app. Well thought out.

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