Kirra Jamison · Still Point

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 25th March 2013

‘Gypsy’ by Kirra Jamison, acrylic on polyester, 185 x 153cm, 2013.

New works on paper by Kirra Jamison.  Left – ‘Rocky’, gouache on primed paper, 76 x 56 cm, 2013.  Right – ‘Apex’, gouache and vinyl on primed paper, 76 x 56 cm, 2013.

I got a kind of hilarious email from Melbourne artist Kirra Jamison recently.  It went something like this :

‘Yo Lucy-Lu, do you want to do a post on my show? There is no pressure!  If you do, let me know if you want images.  But if you think TDF is all kjammed-out, that’s aok.

KJAMMED OUT!?  I love it!  I know we do share quite a bit of Ms Jamison’s beautiful work around here.. but, dear readers… you tell me, are you all Kjammed out!?

I hope not.  I’m not.  I truly believe Kirra’s prolific output really does get even better with each new show.  I mean, can you BELIEVE the intense geometric pastel popping beauty of ‘Gypsy‘, at the top of this post!?  SO AMAZING!

SO, I hope you will all back my decision to run another little post about Kirra’s latest upcoming show, Still Point, which opens in Melbourne tomorrow!

The exhibition includes both large canvases (many already sold before the show is even open I am afraid!) as well as smaller works on paper, which, priced from $1400, present a much more affordable entry point for new collectors. As always, it’s Kirra’s incredible use of colour that really makes these paintings sing.  Pale pastels and deep midnight blues are layered with vivid blocks of colour and looping linework, creating an incredible sense of buzzing movement and energy.

Kirra creates these works quite intuitively.  She explains that each painting starts as a collage of vinyl offcuts and negative spaces, usually found on her studio floor as ribbon-like strips of colour. She re-arranges these shapes into playful compositions, then blows them up into large-scale paintings.

Still Point New paintings by Kirra Jamison

Opens tomorrow, Tuesday March 26th 2013. 
Artists reception / official exhibition opening – Wednesday 3rd April.

Sophie Gannon Gallery
2 Albert Street
ViC, 3121

Ph. (03) 9421 0857

Gallery hours
Tuesday – Saturday 11.00am – 5.00pm or by appointment.

‘Serpent’ by Kirra Jamison, acrylic on polyester, 183 x 183 cm, 2013.

‘Lucky Star’ by Kirra Jamison, acrylic on polyester, 122 x 122 cm, 2013.

New works on paper by Kirra Jamison.  Left – ‘Loop’ (Mineral Blue 1), gouache on primed paper, 39 x 29 cm, 2013.  Right – ‘Loop’ (Dark Pink), gouache on primed paper, 77 x 56 cm, 2013.

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 25th March 2013

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