Fenton & Fenton Rugs

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 25th February 2013

Fenton & Fenton new woven dhurrie rug designs! Styling – Julia Green, photo – Armelle Habib.

Fenton and Fenton new rug designs.  Styling – Julia Green, photo – Armelle Habib.

Fenton and Fenton new rug designs! Styling – Julia Green, photo – Armelle Habib.

Oooh la la we received these amazing pics from Melbourne retailer Fenton & Fenton recently, and whilst I KNOW this beautiful Melbourne store isn’t exactly a new find, we were pretty excited to see their incredible new collection of flat weave dhurrie rugs from Rajasthan, India.

‘While we’ve been selling dhurrie rugs for a number of years now, it is an aspect of our business that we have recently been investing much more time and creative energy into’ says Lucy Fenton.  Having finally found an established and ethical supplier in India, with generations of experience in the game, in recent months Lucy has been able to focus on developing her own range of rug designs.  ‘We have started creating our own exclusive designer range, in addition to working on ways to improve our existing custom-made dhurrie rug service’ says Lucy.

Most of the rugs pictured here are exclusive to Fenton & Fenton, while others feature more traditional designs.  I am loving the vibrant colours and bold, geometric designs… they certainly pack a punch!

Whilst you can purchase floor stock directly from the showroom or online, it’s also great to know that the rugs can also be custom made to order in any size!  The standard range (generally consisting of 2 colours) are priced at $220 per square metre, whilst the designer collection, with more intricate designs and more colours, is priced at $270 per square metre.  This means that most of the designs, for an average sized room, will set you back $2000 or less.

Check out the current range here!  Nice work Fenton people.

Fenton & Fenton
471 High Street
Vic, 3181

Ph. (03) 9533 2323

Fenton and Fenton new rugs.  Styling – Julia Green, photo – Armelle Habib.

Fenton and Fenton new rugs.  Styling – Julia Green, photo – Armelle Habib.

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 25th February 2013


  • S t e F a n i a 4 years ago

    The rugs are absolutely amazing and so are the lamps!

  • K.T 4 years ago

    I am familiar with this beautiful range of rugs and I’m curious to know if you’re planning to stock them in sydney so that one can have a look in person? Computer monitors are so unreliable when it comes to colour accuracy. One other question..please will you share those fabulous inky wall colours…?

  • jo 4 years ago

    wow. seriously good rugs. i’m starting to save for one right now!

  • White Forest Home 4 years ago

    Gorgeous – love this store. Cute little Piggy too! ; )

  • Laura 4 years ago

    Every image in this post is full of amazing colours! I absolutely love this home / decor. Stunning!

  • alilovesdesign 4 years ago

    So perfect!

  • tracy lines 4 years ago

    love the rugs. Love the styling. great shots.

  • Monika / MB Captured 4 years ago

    Fenton & Fenton is a home decor store even my husband enjoys visiting (VERY big thumbs up) I drool at every piece they have, such a cool feel to their styling. Those rugs really make the space so vibrant.

  • Cath 4 years ago

    Where is the grey chair from in the Zebra pic??

  • Bronwyn Hooper 4 years ago

    As a quilter I love love the hexagon ones especially!!

    When oh when is it going to be uncool to have dead animals on the wall??

  • Sophie Carroll 4 years ago

    Is this sponsored press editorial?

  • LornaLove 4 years ago

    OH MY GOSH! That styling by Julia is blimmin amazing!! LOVE
    Want rugs!

  • lauren 4 years ago

    Love the rugs! … Any chance we can get the blue wall colour? ta.

  • Lucy 4 years ago

    Hi All! Very interesting comment from Sophie Carroll – Please note as outlined in our ‘About’ page, ALL CONTENT on TDF is editorial, you’ll never see a sponsored post here! I’m not sure what prompted this comment? Perhaps because I included the pricing? It seemed relevant, as rugs can often be so expensive.

  • mekalie 4 years ago

    Big tick – the combining of some of my favourite colours has inspired me to get more motivated with our lounge room – as mentioned before would love to know what smoky blue paints for the walls were used?

  • Gallop Lifestyle 4 years ago

    Oh my…. Lucy, love these. Adding to my wish list right now. Annie

  • these are my dream rugs, in my dream rooms.

    i’m actually feeling emotional about their perfection ;)

    xo em

  • Stephanie 4 years ago

    Oh i love Lucy Fenton!!
    The rugs are amazing!! The styling is gorgous!

  • leanne 4 years ago

    feeling a very strong urge to drop some cash on a new rug!!!! far out – they are amazing!!

  • Vic @ Cush & Nooks 4 years ago

    Love, love, love them, and all the gorgeous products in these photos. The elephant pot plant holder is so cute in the last pic. x

  • Carlene 4 years ago

    I have been looking for a large wooden rosary like that in the last pic and wall crosses just like those on the wall. Where do I purchase?

  • Penny 4 years ago

    That last rug is amazing!!! And the elephant planter, and the bunny artwork. Wow.

  • Paprika 4 years ago

    The design in these photos is so beautiful. It’s so inspiring, makes me want to be an interior designerxx

  • Lachlan Cooper 4 years ago

    That cabinet (and styling in general) in the rabbit print photo is one of the best I’ve seen.
    Is this available for purchase at Fenton & Fenton too?

  • Fiona Parry-Jones 4 years ago

    Wow they are so vibrant and exciting! I love the yellow one

  • Jordan 4 years ago

    More recently I have been looking to buy some rugs.. anyone know any sites?
    I’ve heard about Any experiences there? :)

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