The Design Files Open House 2012 Film!

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Thursday 20th December 2012

The Design Files Open House 2012 film, directed and edited by Jessica Leski.

DEAREST readers!  Today I am very excited and a little nervous to share with you a short film about this year’s TDF Open House, staged earlier this month in Melbourne!  Oh Lord, the film is so gorgeous, AND the music is brilliant..!  PLEASE do have a look, and if you like what you see, please share!

Once again this year, we teamed up with my dear friend, documentary film maker Jessica Leski, who directed and edited this film.  No words can describe my love for Jess Leski today.  She is a STAR.  So immensely talented, and so very generous with her time and patience, thankyou SO MUCH Lesk!

Thankyou also to you ALL, dear readers, for your amazing support of this project, for the second year running!  SO MANY of you visited Open House this year.  (I’m already looking for an even bigger house next time!).  Whilst many of you have seen our photos and lots of lovely press coverage, nothing quite beats the moving image to capture the magic and madness of this project!  This year, in addition to the usual ramblings from me, the film includes cameos by a couple of lovely local creatives, notably artist Lucas Grogan and artist / stylist Marsha Golemac – major spunks, the both of them.

IF you have trouble viewing the film above, please pop over and view it on VIMEO!  At full screen, even. (I know, I know, I look exhausted. Hey, it was a big month!).  It goes for 7 minutes.

Thanks also to the EXTREMELY talented local bands who have generously allowed usage of their music for this film. THE MUSIC IN THIS FILM IS SO GOOD!  Please show your support by taking a moment to like these brilliant local bands on Facebook – we heart them a LOT.

Film Crew

Edited and directed by Jessica Leski

Cinematography – Michael Latham and Kitty Green.

Additional Camera – Ash Koek and Jessica Leski

Stills – Brooke Holm

Music by

Hunter Carpenter

Okashii Na

Nearly Oratorio

Dirt Farmer

I am struggling not to do the whole enormous Open House thankyou list again… to all our amazing staff, friends, husbands, boyfriends, family – you know who you are – THANKYOU!   Massive thanks in particular to our major event sponsors without whom there would be no Open House at all – Jardan, Mini and Marimekko, we salute you!

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Thursday 20th December 2012


  • sal boucher 4 years ago

    Well done Lucy!!! Congratulations and nice to see your smiling face. Merry Chrissy, Sal :)

  • Sophie 4 years ago

    Smart, gorgeous and brave. Go girl! Hope you and your gang have a fabulous xmas and new year!
    Sophie x

  • Donna 4 years ago

    What a delightful email to start the day – loved the film and seeing you pull off such an ambitious project. Think I must fly to Melbourne for next year’s Open Day. Thanks for the daily inspiration Lucy. All the best for the Silly Season and 2013. Donna, Annandale, Sydney

  • Mel 4 years ago

    I love it….so amazing. I want ALL the artwork. When is Sydney’s turn?

  • Joanna 4 years ago

    Gorgeous film Lucy… Well done to all involved. Lovely to see a little behind the scenes snapshot!

  • liz 4 years ago

    Lucy you are ace. I live out in rural Victoria and it’s so lovely to see this film as I couldn’t make it to the Open House this year. You are an inspiration! :)

  • Chrissie 4 years ago

    Loved the film , clever and inspirational .Wish I could have been there , so much great creativity in Melbourne ……well worth the months of planning and effort that it would have involved ,looking forward to seeing next years !!

  • Jane Buchanan 4 years ago

    Absolutely gorgeous Lucy, you should be so proud of what you have achieved…you are such an inspiration!

  • Kimmy 4 years ago

    well done…nice to see it “in the flesh” via this video….thanks for sharing. Congrats on a brilliant concept.

  • Alana 4 years ago

    Such a great film Lucy! It is nice to see a snapshot of all the hard work that goes into creating an event like this. You are a local treasure! We are all so lucky to have such inspirational and talented designer/makers and artists in Melbourne.

  • Ingrid 4 years ago

    Love it – wonderful seeing what human energy can achieve. Fresh & inspiring.

  • Rhani 4 years ago

    What a inspiration, you and your team transformed the house into a clever world of design.

  • Darren Naftal 4 years ago

    A great insight into all the talent and hard work that created such a fantastic event. I went twice i enjoyed it so much. Thank you.

  • Amelia 4 years ago

    Congratulations Lucy – what a gorgeous way to encapsulate such a cool event. Well done to your and your team on a job well done!

  • Brooke Holm 4 years ago

    SO FLIPPING CUTE!!! Love it!!! Kudos to Jess and to you Lucy, and that cute Marsha lady :) xoxo

  • martine 4 years ago

    OMG – the film is awesome – I wish I had travelled to Melbourne to visit the TDF Open House in the flesh. Lucy you are an inspiration to us all – if you dream you can do it, YOU CAN! I’m going to dare to dream that my artwork and homewares will be in the 2013 TDF Open House…
    And what a wonderful family you found to let you have their house for the event like this.
    Thanks for sharing it with us.

  • little bird big chip 4 years ago

    god your mums good! cleaning up a pond for you that is love!!! xx

  • Alarna 4 years ago

    Congratulations Lucy such an inspiration!
    If only l had a pinch of your courage and determination.

  • Penelope 4 years ago

    I loved my visit to the house, what you and your team put together is so inspiring, and this video is so great. Well done again!

  • Allison Taylor 4 years ago

    Am exhausted just watching the effort that must go into this, it has been fun watching Lucy emerge, grow and bear fruit the her labours, so inspiring and brave and happy!

  • sunshine & daydreams 4 years ago

    Beautiful….it’s all just perfect!

  • michelle 4 years ago

    Brilliant, wonderful, amazing work. Just a little snapshot into what you and the whole team pour into an event like this. Thank you for all your hard work Lucy!

  • Jane 4 years ago

    Such an inspiration! Absolutely gorgeous, well done:)

  • Marco Cicchianni 4 years ago

    Wonderful insight to your very cool project. Looking forward to being there next year. Congrats to all involved.

  • Bianca 4 years ago

    It looks fantastic Lucy! Well done! Now go and take a good and well deserved break :)

  • Leeroy 4 years ago

    No other words but amazing do the house, yourself and what you do justice Lucy. To work with you one day would be a dream. Congratulations xx

  • elana 4 years ago

    Fabulous. Congratultaions Lucy. If you bring TDF OH to Sydney, you have a willing photographer to document it for you (-:

  • popUPshops Melbourne 4 years ago

    Love that comment…. “it’s kind of a big (um) undertaking for 4 days…” We’ve just shared the video at popUPshops Melbourne, thanks Lucy !

  • Lisa 4 years ago

    Dear Lucy,
    Amazing. I will fly down to Melbourne next year for this. Congratulations.

  • Joel Edwards 4 years ago

    Video was really good lucy! Cant wait for next year :)

  • Yvette 4 years ago

    Just beautiful! Clever girl (+team). How about doing it in an empty house that is for sale? A win win for all…….the vendor, and you. And no I’m NOT a real estate agent! In fact it would be good for a private sale. Putting my hand up for Brisbane in the future :)

  • Genius! Lucy, your drive and ‘crazy ideas’ are so inspiring. Thank you!

  • Tara Murdoch 4 years ago

    Well done Miss Lucy. I so wish I was able to pop over to Melbourne to see it. Next year for sure x

  • Jess 4 years ago

    So inspiring and fabulous! Awesome!

  • Lucy 4 years ago

    Oh thankyou all SO MUCH for your amazing comments! :) Too kind! TDF was such an amazing team effort… my heartfelt thanks to our stellar crew and all the sponsors who brought it to life!

    Re: the idea of getting a home that’s for sale… YES, we have considered it… but sadly it never seems to work out in terms of timing etc! The problem is that we need a commitment of the location for Open House around 9 months ahead of time, and homeowners / real estate agents can be reluctant to commit, because if someone makes an advance offer then they have to be able to accept it! Anyway I am definitely open to the idea if anyone with an amazing (massive!) house in a central location in either Melbourne or Sydney is selling next year! Email me! x

  • Joanna 4 years ago

    You are a force to be reckoned with Lucy. What an achievement for you and your team. I look forward to next year.

  • Jodie 4 years ago

    What a fantastic project to support artists and showcase design!

  • Helen Fatharly 4 years ago

    Truly amazing – love it!

  • Catherine 4 years ago

    Hey Lucy, more than anything you should show this to the world.. showing them YOU. You make it happen. Brilliant job Lucy and Merry Christmas to you and all those you love.

  • Lucy 4 years ago

    Wow – what a lot of hard work, but you manage to do it with such style and looking great! Massive congratulations with the success of the open house and big ‘thank you’ for all your fabulous daily posts throughout the year. Wishing you a fabulous Christmas and all the very best for the new year. Lucy x

  • Sarah 4 years ago

    Wow! This is so amazing. Lucy, congratulations to you and your team for putting together such a fantastic event. Even though I live all the way up in the remote NT, watching this mini-movie makes me feel like I was kinda almost there!

  • jes 4 years ago

    this looks amazing! so upset I had to miss this year’s event.

  • Avril 4 years ago

    Wow! I didn’t realise that you had to pack up the original house as well! Hi-five to you and your team of super stars for getting it all done. The film shows it all and it’s very well done. I now appreciate the monumental task that it was. It makes me ashamed that I didn’t make the effort to get to Melbourne to see it!! Next year, Lucy! (I really really loved the swing room – who makes the cool hanging things that are in there?)

  • E-Gene 4 years ago

    Lucy, you are freakin amazing! Can’t believe that you packed up the entire house and that everything in there was your vision. Amazing.

  • Spin Spin 4 years ago

    You had to clear out someone’s house?! Amazing and the final result was beautiful. Great film too. Congratulations to you and your peeps :)

  • So great! Well done Lucy and team. I can’t imagine how much planning and work this must take. You guys are amazing! Love your work.
    It would be wonderful if you could secure a Sydney location next year!
    Have a lovely Christmas lucy.

  • elissa c 4 years ago

    I really really love this film. It provides some consolation for those of us not in Melbourne! Congratulations on such a great project.

  • Cyn 4 years ago

    Amazing!!! Your blog is wonderful. I visit it every day! I wish I could be there, in Australia, to the open house and to see in person many of the artists and projects you talk about.

    Have a nice end of the year and a wonderful 2013! Greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina!

  • Kim 4 years ago

    Surely the best, most innovative showcase for some of the best Australian designers, creators and curators today. Joyfully accessible to anyone and everyone to wander through and experience as the makers intended – beautiful, practical, functional objects, furniture and art to use and love everyday in our very own homes. Goodness, you all deserve a massive heartfelt congrats and well earned holiday! Thank you for sharing AND thank you to the owners of this home – what an incredibly generous – and brave! – thing for them to do. Merry Merry Christmas x

  • Sally 4 years ago

    really nice piece Jessica. Thanks for sharing this Lucy I didn’t make it to the house. Looked wonderful.

  • Wow so inspiring. Beautifully shot and the music was perfect. LOVE the brightly coloured plastic frames! Where did they come from?

  • MãK Interiors 4 years ago

    I only just discovered TDF and while delving into your past posts I found this one and was blown away! What an incredible event, I’m totally inspired. Although I’m sure you have a huge following of Canadian readers already, I couldn’t help but share this video and a little about TDF on my own (and only freshly born) blog. http://makinteriors.ca/the-design-files-open-house/ So glad to have found you!

    I’ve just have discover you ^ . ^
    Pleasant art·work·show·room, Beautiful…
    Love it ♥♥♥♥♥
    {isabel · from Spain}

  • Steuart 3 years ago

    you make life so enlightening, how inspirational – Love it Love it

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