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Cucumber, Apple, Mint & Lime Pop with Pimms

Aja & Bianca Shanahan of Liana Raine
Tuesday 11th December 2012
This afternoon Aja and Bianca of Liana Raine are back with a very ‘grown up’ popsicle recipe!  Today’s minty green refreshing pop is made to be dunked in your favourite summertime drink –  Aja and Bianca suggest a fruity glass of Pimms, or perhaps Gin & Tonic if you prefer something with a little more kick! – Lucy

Cucumber, Apple, Mint & Lime Pop with Pimms recipe by Liana Raine.  Photo – Phu Tang.  Styling – Gemma Lush.

If a sweet cucumber frozen dessert doesn’t sound like your thing, bear with us for a moment.

Cucumber is known for being super refreshing.  We’ve all heard the phrase before – ‘cool as a cucumber’, and women the world over have layered their eyes with little discs of this crisp, watery vegetable, hoping for a fresh ‘pick me up’, or to erase the dark circles that are inevitable at this time of year!  Its refreshing flavour has also made the cucumber popular in beverages, and it can add a subtle but fabulous addition to jug of water, iced tea or cocktail.

Inspired by its refreshing reputation, and its regular role in a jug of Pimms, we came up with this cucumber, apple, mint and lime pop.

Impress your guests by adding your pop to a glass of Pimms, or gin if you prefer the harder variety.  Enjoy it as it slowly melts!

We were awarded a gold medal for this pop from the 2012 Delicious Magazine Produce Awards.  It’s good – we promise.

Cucumber, Apple, Mint & Lime Pop recipes by Liana Raine.  Photo – Phu Tang.  Styling – Gemma Lush.


(This recipe assumes you will use a domestic pop mold with 10 individual molds at 85ml each).

170g Lebanese cucumber
350ml apple juice (fresh if possible)
300ml sugar syrup* (see bottom of this post)
Juice of 1 lime
Handful of mint leaves

Peel the cucumbers and roughly dice. Put into a blender with the apple juice, sugar syrup and lime juice and blend until smooth. Add the mint leaves and blend until the mint is coarsely chopped, but you can still see small pieces.

Pour the mixture into the popsicle molds and freeze overnight or until rock solid.

To remove the pops, quickly immerse the molds into a bowl of warm water to help release the pops.

Serve pops on their own, or, for the grown ups, dunked into a glass of Pimms (or gin) for that extra bite!

*Sugar syrup

For all our popsicle recipes this month, please refer to the simple sugar syrup recipe below.

Boil 1 cup of raw sugar in 2 cups of water until the sugar dissolves, and leave to cool. This will make more than you need for any one recipe – store additional syrup in the fridge for your next popsicle-making session!

Liana Raine pops can be found at various stockists across Sydney, and their sweet little pop cart can be found everyday over summer at The Sydney Opera House!  They also cater weddings and events – for more info visit the Liana Raine website.

Cucumber, Apple, Mint & Lime Pop with Pimms recipe by Liana Raine.  Photo – Phu Tang.  Styling – Gemma Lush.

Aja & Bianca Shanahan of Liana Raine
Tuesday 11th December 2012


  • Lee 4 years ago

    Great recipe guys. Grab yourself one these popsicle makers…awesome

  • Frances 4 years ago


    Can I ask if you know where you can get custom printed popsicle sticks from? I love your name on yours!


  • alex sunday 4 years ago

    oh my god, that looks outrageously good!
    (and the photography is stunning too!)

  • Judy 4 years ago

    Yum, I can’t wait to pop one of these Popsicles in my Pimm’s. Yum!

  • Fiona Hunter 4 years ago

    They look fantastic! Want to make these for summer! Can you advise where to purchase great popsicle molds – plain and simple ones – not like the Zoku or rocket ones….. Thanks so much!

  • Lauren 4 years ago

    Cool idea – shall try for Christmas Day Pimms.

  • Liana Raine 4 years ago

    Hi Frances – we can customise your sticks! Send us an email at info@lianaraine.com :) And Fiona… for some reason these are hard to find in Australia! We can suggest this brand from Amazon in the US: http://tinyurl.com/a74wd4n

  • Kirsten 4 years ago

    I made this to pop into a refreshing glass of pimms but I couldn’t wait! So I’ll be having one for dessert too!! Absolutely delicious! I also tried the strawberries and cream and they went down a treat for our New Years party! Thank you so much for these gorgeous recipes. Fiona- I also wanted to avoid the zoku crazy but found it very difficult to find something simple- ended up purchasing $3.00 moulds from ikea. I think I’ll buy some generic shaped ones online but they do the job for now!
    Now, to wait until after dinner…

  • Website 4 years ago

    nice..i totally agree

  • Rochester computer 3 years ago

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