Bequeath and Bestow

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 26th November 2012

Bequeath and Bestow in Gardenvale / Brighton.  Photos – Brooke Holm

Bequeath and Bestow in Gardenvale / Brighton.  Photos – Brooke Holm

Bequeath and Bestow is a sweet new vintage furniture & homewares store in Melbourne’s sleepy suburb of Gardenvale, you know that sweet little pocket squished between Esternwick and Brighton? (Actually I just noticed on the Google map this address is officially in Brighton, but I’m not convinced – I am sure the boundaries are growing just to push real estate prices up!?).  ANYWAY, wouldn’t you know, this is another little side project from two film industry freelancers!  We’re a versatile bunch.

The store is owned and run by film props buyer / set dresser John McKenna and partner Chella Monaghan, whose background is very varied!  ‘I’m from Adelaide and have always spent money on either travel or furniture – these haven’t always been compatible!’ says Chella. ‘After school I dutifully went off to Uni. After a couple of years doing a law degree I realised I just wanted to explore the world, so there was a decade of my parents getting sick of me using their house and shed as storage, me hobbling through a law degree, buying furniture and seeing a lot of the world. Eventually I made it to Melbourne and worked in fundraising, hospitality, and the film industry’.  It was the film world that brought Chella and John together – this industrious pair opened the doors to Bequeath & Bestow in July this year.

Bequeath & Bestow is only a titchy store, but is packed with a fabulous varied range of treasures – from vintage and industrial furniture, sourced from far and wide, and lovingly restored by Chella, to a wide range of delicately perfumed soy candles, poured locally.  The prices are refreshingly reasonable, so not surprisingly, stock here is always on high rotation!

‘We are only small scale but we want to bring a little charm to the locals in Gardenvale, and offer affordable pieces that can stand the test of time, while proving that we don’t need to surrender to the notions of a ‘throw away’ society’ says Chella.  ‘The name Bequeath & Bestow represents the idea that we can collect, covet, treasure and find joy through possessions, but we are only caretakers for the next generation.  As each piece changes hands, another story is woven’.

Bequeath & Bestow are open Wednesday to Saturday!  Their website is currently under construction but they are quite active on Facebook!  Lovely pieces from lovely people… this friendly little store is just another reason to shop local for Christmas this year!

Bequeath and Bestow
144 Martin Street
Victoria, 3186

Ph. (03) 9596 7591


Wednesday 12.00pm – 5.30pm
Thursday 12.00pm – 5.30pm
Friday 10.00am – 5.30pm
Saturday 10.00am – 5.00pm

Shop owner Chella Monaghan outside Bequeath and Bestow!  NOTE if you can see it, that stunning chandelier in the window with rose pink coloured crystal droplets… SO beautiful!   Photo – Brooke Holm

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 26th November 2012


  • Barbara 3 years ago

    Lovely, looking forward to making a visit!

  • Honeysuckle Weeks 3 years ago

    hi Lucy..

    Whats the address of the DFOH please?

  • Jacquie 3 years ago

    My old stomping ground and a perfect corner for beautiful pieces – can’t wait to visit

  • Elements 3 years ago

    Gorgeous images and I love those pink chairs out the front. Gorgeous.

  • Miranda 3 years ago

    @honeysuckle weeks , the address is on the website :)

  • Amanda 3 years ago

    I’m a local and I can confirm that this is indeed a lovely little shop. Nice to see Martin Street pepping up with interesting places – as is nearby Glen Eira Road in Ripponlea.

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