Andrew O’Brien

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Thursday 8th November 2012
Painting by Andrew O’Brien.  Photo – Sean Fennessy.
 Andrew O’Brien studio details.  Photo – Sean Fennessy.
Andrew O’Brien in his Burnley studio.  Photo – Sean Fennessy.

Andrew O’Brien is a Melbourne-based abstract artist whose star is well and truly on the rise.  His vivid, large-scale paintings featured earlier this year on Channel 9’s The Block, and in recent months have also been gaining much well deserved coverage in print – you might recall spotting one of his works featured on this AMAZING Real Living cover?!  Needless to say the enquiries has been flooding in thick and fast since then!

By applying many layers of high quality pigments on large canvases, Andrew creates intense, textural works with an incredible depth of colour.   ‘When starting a new work, my process is very considered, conscious and structured’ says Andrew. ‘It is also crafted in the alchemy of oil painting – the use of raw pigment, oils and suspensions that are centuries old and give the works a certain radiance and depth’.

What’s interesting about Andrew is that he didn’t start out as an artist.  Whilst art was always his first passion, he says at school he was plagued with self doubt, and so pursued a masters in business administration, which lead initially to a career in hospitality.

After some time in this field he was asked to head up Commercial Operations for the National Gallery of Victoria, and spent some years redefining the gallery’s commercial enterprises. ‘I put in hospitality outlets, new shops, products and an online business’ says Andrew. ‘I was passionate about finding new ways to connect art with the public, and ensure the gallery was accessible, including initiatives like the Salvador Dali Art After Dark, which in 2009, was the first 24 hour opening of an Australian gallery’.

Finding himself suddenly immersed in art at the NGV, Andrew’s passion was reignited, and he began painting and studying in earnest – until eventually making the move to full time painting.

Though he has come from a successful and rewarding corporate career, he says the highlight of his newfound direction is a simple one – ‘life as an artist affords you one very important reward; the time and a means to express yourself’.

Andrew has a solo exhibition showing currently at Corporate Culture in Sydney until December 20th.  All works can be viewed on his website here.

Painting by Andrew O’Brien.  Photo – Sean Fennessy.

Paintings in the studio of Andrew O’Brien.  Photo – Sean Fennessy.

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Thursday 8th November 2012


  • Pippa 4 years ago

    I could stare at this work all day…

  • Kate Morgan 4 years ago

    A great post today TDF! Love Sean’s pictures too.. Andrew’s blundstones are a work of art in themselves! x

  • jessica 4 years ago


  • Melissa 4 years ago

    Stunning :)

  • Kimmy 4 years ago

    LOVE. That blue/green one is to die for…..thanks for sharing. xx :-)

  • janetta 4 years ago

    Not completely sure but wasn’t there controversy re Andrew O’Brian last year at the NGV?

  • Bonnie Bee Jean 4 years ago

    Beautiful colours, nice photo of him too ! x Love the bottom piece

  • Ren 4 years ago

    I remember seeing his art in Real Living, I love his work and he is rather cute too!

  • Anastasia 4 years ago

    Absolutely beautiful! What an inspiration for my work as well! Love colour!!

  • George 4 years ago

    Love love love the work!

  • Angie 4 years ago

    Andrew’s work is inspiring .. I believe his work will be featured in Sydney at the Childrens Hospital.. Well done! The kids will love your paintings.. Beautiful

  • Amy R 4 years ago

    THat is just what I needed today- what stunning work! Thanks Andrew!

  • Mike 4 years ago

    I went to Corporate Culture in Chippendale and saw Andrew’s work and I was really impressed .

    Looking at his paintings on the web or on the television dont do it justice.I liked his paintings so much I bought one and it looks fantastic in my apartment.

    The guys is very amusing and his story is something that is rather corny

  • DC 4 years ago

    Recent works appear reductive at first glance, however Andrew’s bold, spirited, harmonious construction and brilliant use of colour and texture presents a finely nuanced spectacle of passionate, philosophical abstract expression. I applaud this exciting direction and continue to collect his pieces.

  • megan hounslow 4 years ago

    Andrew O’brien is a definite TALENT to watch …vibrant and collectable!

  • Kath W 4 years ago

    Is it just me or is there a whiff of some kind of stealth marketing in this comments thread? Not to disrespect Lucy or Andrew’s lovely story. But comment 26, for example. Is it taking the piss?

  • Kristy 4 years ago

    I am a huge fan. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Andrews style. His art has such a fresh and new direction, using such amazing colour combinations which bring any room to life! I want them all! Well done, can’t wait to see more of his art around the place.

  • Liz 4 years ago

    What a great is refreshing to see someone who is following their dream and reaping the benefits professionally.I look forward to your next series of work.

  • Christine 4 years ago

    Amazing work… very inspiring….

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