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by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 23rd October 2012

Travelling Wares caravan interior – styling by Kara Rosenlund

Travelling Wares details – styling by Kara Rosenlund

Frankie the Travelling Wares caravan! – styling by Kara Rosenlund

Oooh la la such a pretty post for you today, care of Brisbane-based stylist and vintage retailer Kara Rosenlund of Travelling Wares!

We shared Kara’s gorgeous Brisbane home with you roughly this time last year, and since then Kara’s sweet side project, Travelling Wares, has certainly gathered momentum!  These days Kara and husband Tim can be spotted at farmers markets and events most weekends around Brisbane, selling a perfectly curated collection of vintage goods and pretty knick knacks, all from a sweet 1950’s caravan  affectionately known as ‘Frankie’!

Whilst the extreme cuteness of FRANKIE the caravan really is central to the Travelling Wares experience, do not fret – those of us further South can still peruse Kara’s collection online.  The Travelling Wares online shop launched in August, and has already gained a loyal following.  Kara re-stocks the online shop bi-monthly and things tend to sell out very quickly each time she does!  She’s updated the site with a bunch of brand new product TODAY to coincide with our post… soooo… better get clicking!

The Travelling Wares online shop!

We asked Kara a few questions about her career and the inspiration behind Travelling Wares –

Can you tell us a little bit about your career background and what led you to start Travelling Wares?

My career has always been within the photography industry; firstly as an editorial photographer and then as a stylist. I moved to London in 2008 and started buying and selling vintage wares for shoots and going abroad on buying trips. I became very accustomed to early morning hunting around London and France at markets looking for old pieces for the kitchen and home.  Having a shop ‘one day’ was always in the back of my mind, so after a few years I moved back to Brisbane from London bringing a curated container load of old wares and utilitarian pieces with me.

I realised their was a gap in the market here for the much loved ‘brocante’, and I decided that I could offer this at my local farmers market – just like the Europeans do, by marrying fresh produce with traditional old wares. So Travelling Wares was really born out of a desire to bring the thrill of early morning bric-à-brac hunting to my native Brisbane. I then decided to add to the charm by offering my old wares out of an old 1956 Franklin caravan who we now call ‘Frankie’!

What inspired the aesthetic of Frankie the caravan and who did you enlist to restore her?

My very supportive (and new) husband Timothy O and I fitted ‘Frankie’ out over Easter last year. We found her in a not so great shape on the internet and we thought she had great bones for the new shop adventure. Frankie’s interior was inspired by summertime holidays by the sea; cool breezes and a good time. I think when you think of caravanning it is generally by the seaside, so we kept it in line with that sea shanty vibe. Lots of white with natural elements, linen curtains, sisal rope handles and canvas striped upholstery.

Where do you source your amazing inventory of stock from?

I source our collection both locally and abroad, always looking for original utilitarian pieces that were built to last. Our staple range is really an extension of my personal style and pieces, which I have found to be efficient and dependable in our busy household. Old and original English pudding bowls and mixing bowls, enamelware, French wooden spoons, French and English dinner plates, Australian preserving jars, canisters and cutlery and more!

After a lot of requests from interstate we recently added an online shop component to the website. I update the shop once or twice a month with the ‘new arrivals’, which is always very exciting and fast moving.

What’s next for Travelling Wares, any summer plans?! What are you looking forward to?

Timothy O and I are planning our next buying trip to Europe, something which we are really looking forward to. We are also planning on having a bricks and mortar shop some time soonish. I think people still want a tangible experience.

Travelling Wares has a regular spot at the Jan Power’s Farmers Market at the Powerhouse in New Farm, Brisbane twice a month. They’ll be there this Saturday, October 27th!

Kara and Tim are also very keen to take Frankie on the road along the east coast over the summer… we’ll be sure to keep you posted!  ALSO you simply must visit and bookmark Kara’s excellent BLOG.  She takes the prettiest pictures.

Caravan interior, decorated nautical style by Kara and Tim

Kara Rosenlund poses with Frankie the caravan!

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 23rd October 2012


  • Barbara Fisher 4 years ago

    Adore Frankie! Is that not the cutest little van you’ve ever seen?
    I follow Kara’s blog and think her style is beyond amazing. Thanks for giving us a further glimpse into her very stylish life on TDF.

  • Kathryn Cumming 4 years ago

    what a fantastic lifestyle!

  • Ingrid 4 years ago

    There’s always something romantic and fun about old caravans. Love how it is painted an unexpected black. Hope to see it in Sydney one day- gorgeous collection of goods…

  • Belinda 4 years ago

    Hi Lucy, I am loving this week of Brisbane innovation and creativity. Nice work!

  • Maria Malakellis 4 years ago

    Kara, is a beautiful person, and so are her wares and caravan . I met her once and have followed her blog since. Great to see her featured in TDF.

  • fiona 4 years ago

    TDF and daily imprint on the same day! gorgeous work. Styling genius

  • Kara Rosenlund 4 years ago

    1. Hi Barb – thank you for you lovely comment. Too sweet! x
    2. It can be Kathryn… especially if you like 3am weekend starts! ha x
    3. We will be there one day Ingrid…. you will know about it I’m sure. x
    4. Me too Belinda! x
    5. Aren’t you lovely. I always think of you and your gorgeous Geelong shop when I use my Marrimekko plate. x

    Lucy – thank you so much for the feature. Feeling very proud right now to be part of TDF Brisbane Week! xxx

  • Margie 4 years ago

    ooo Frankie should come and park outside my house, which is also black, by the sea, and from the 50s… they could have a good chat!

  • Nicki 4 years ago

    There’s just something about caravans! They make me feel all nostalgic, beach and gypsy-like! And this one is certainly the most beautiful I have seen in a long time. Love the concept and the finished product is truly beautiful. Congratulations Kara :-)

  • Paula 4 years ago

    What a lovely person. I have followed KR on Instagram for a while and Love her feed and her chickens so nice to see and hear more from her on here…….

  • CB 4 years ago

    Kara is a styling genius. And from the sounds of it is very lucky to have such a supportive and dreamy husband.

  • Sam 4 years ago

    Such completely gorgeous photos! Love your work :)

  • Kara 4 years ago

    Kara and Timothy are such beautiful people, so lovely to see them featured xx

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