Harriet Goodall

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 15th October 2012



Harriet’s soon-to-be-extended home studio!

Woven pendant lamps and modern fluoro baskets by Harriet Goodall.  Bottom pic – Caroline McCredie




Harriet Goodall at home in NSW’s Southern Highlands.

Must say, Megan Morton’s epic events lineup at The School in Sydney has introduced me to a plethora of Australian design talent from all over the country (thank GOD because I am too often in danger of being way too Melbourne-centric), and one more recent discovery has been NSW based basket maker and artist Harriet Goodall.

Based just outside Robertson in NSW’s beautiful Southern Highlands, Harriet’s interest in basketry began around five years ago.  ‘I started making ‘baskets’ (actually they were a bit like sculptural bird’s nests) when I was pregnant (unintentionally symbolic!), and with thanks to some private commissions, a bit of lucky publicity and my blog, it has turned into full-time practice’ says Harriet. It’s hard to believe Harriet has been practising basketry for only five years!  She has already achieved so much, and it’s clear just how impassioned she is by her craft – she really has found her calling.

Most days Harriet finds herself creating a variety of commissioned pendant lights and woven screens for houses, restaurants, retail shops and hotels.  She loves collaborating with interior designers to make custom lighting or site specific sculptural pieces.  Over the past year or so she’s also been relishing the opportunity to host various workshops across Australia.  She has classes coming up in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney with The School – and next year she’s very excited to be heading to WA and also the USA.   ‘New and different opportunities are coming up all the time, and I am getting good at saying yes!’ says Harriet. ‘The workshops are a magic way to come together with lovely people and are so rewarding’.

Harriet is inspired by nature, and very conscious of keeping her practise low-impact by re-using found or sustainably sourced natural materials and local resources.   ‘I am attracted to working thoughtfully with simple natural materials’ she says.  For a little background about this inspiring Australian maker and a peek into her daily life, check out this sweet little video created by Australian Country Style Magazine earlier this year.

Harriet Goodall Modern Fluoro Basketry workshops with The School!

Brisbane – Friday 26th October 2012
Melbourne – Friday 9th November 2012
Sydney – Sunday 2nd December 2012

Harriet teaching her Modern Fluoro Basketry class at The School in Sydney!  Photos – Caroline McCredie

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 15th October 2012


  • Danielle Sweeney 4 years ago

    Harriet’s work is absolutely stunning. The textures in her designs, both from the materials and the methods, create inspiring artworks masquerading as homewares. Having just done my first class at The School, I can’t wait to do this one. Thanks for featuring yet another amazing artist.

  • honeysuckle 4 years ago

    Indeed… marvellous work!Where and at what cost is The Melbourne workshop, one wonders?

  • Judy 4 years ago

    I absolutely love Harriet’s work. What a wonderful way to earn your wage. And she looks like a beautiful person to boot.

  • Natalie 4 years ago

    yeah totally amazing! love your work so much! :-) lots of love and have a good week!

  • Yolande 4 years ago

    How about adding Auckland to the workshop destination. Would love to try this out. Inspirational.

  • Kath W 4 years ago

    Her work is just superb! And so is her blog: much gaspworthy content there.

  • MMadmin 4 years ago

    Beautiful post Harriet & Lucy! Honeysuckle here is the Melbourne class information! MM Admin

  • Monique Germon 4 years ago

    Gorgeous post ladies and BTW that portrait is going to cause have women girl crushing their heads off all over the country and beyond. Yee ha Ms Goodall. See you soon! MGx

  • Monique Germon 4 years ago

    Forgive the weird word error – you all know what I mean.

  • Madeleine 4 years ago

    Beautiful work Harriet. Flannies rule!

  • Margie 4 years ago

    girl crush indeed! December 2, I want to put you in my diary!

  • megan 4 years ago

    love you danielle sweeny. you clever jeweller you!

  • Rachel 4 years ago

    O my. I can’t breathe …

  • One of Harriet’s illuminants will be featured in next month’s Luxury Home Design magazine on my “What’s Hot” page. Her work is definitely “hot”. I can’t wait to attend her next Sydney workshop…she is a true talent! Lx

  • E-Gene 4 years ago

    There’s a massive piece for what looks like wicker weaving going on at the Federation Square right now. Drove past it today. Doesn’t seem ready yet but it did make me think of Harriet’s works.

  • Carla Coulson 4 years ago

    These baskets are fantastic so unique each piece ! Harriet is so talented love it.. The School is such a great space the whole place has such a lovely vibe and Megan is so enthusiastic she just overflows with life. I am having a workshop there late in the year and cannot wait. I would love to attend one of Harriet’s workshops and take home my own piece of art… Carla

  • Snippets+Sprig 4 years ago

    She crafts such beautiful pieces! I’m not quite over the pops of neon trend, yet, so I’m really loving this! Keeping my fingers crossed that her class will be somewhere close when she comes to the US:) Thank you for sharing!

  • Anastasia 4 years ago

    Amazing work and beautiful woman!

  • Ingrid 4 years ago

    Beautiful work Harriet- love it!

  • Mindy 4 years ago

    These wonders always remind me of some happy organism from another land. Such wonderful work.

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