Find and Keep by Beci Orpin + GIVEAWAY!

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 29th October 2012

Find and Keep by Beci Orpin!  Published by Hardie Grant, featuring photography by Chris Middleton.

Customised party utensils in Find and Keep by Beci Orpin!  Published by Hardie Grant, featuring photography by Chris Middleton.

My absolutely favourite photo from Find and Keep!  Published by Hardie Grant, featuring photography by Chris Middleton.

Crafty picnic in Find and Keep by Beci Orpin!  Published by Hardie Grant, featuring photography by Chris Middleton.

This week is a very important week for Australian writers and publishers.  It’s basically the final week that most new BOOKS come out before Christmas.  As a result, we shall be featuring a bunch of ace books by local creative people this week, and we’re kicking things off with Find and Keep by Beci Orpin!

Find and Keep is Beci’s first book of the DIY / crafty / handmadey persuasion, and includes 26 minimum effort, maximum impact creative projects to make at home.  The ideas she’s come up with are so seriously cute, and very easy.  Lots would be great to do with kids, but many are just really simple, affordable ideas to inject a little colour and quirk at home, most of which can be completed in an afternoon.  Like putting giant paper polka dots all over your walls, for instance.

But Find and Keep is more than just a craft / DIY book, it’s also quite a personal memoir for Beci, encapsulating all which inspires her – inside you’ll find lots of Beci’s own photos of her home, her busy studio, her family and pets and daily adventures!

We asked Beci a few questions about creating the book –

Beci Orpin congratulations of the launch of your new book Find and Keep! What can we expect to see inside?

Thank you!  I’m SO VERY excited!  Inside there are so many things – I would almost say it is like a much more extended version of my blog!  In a nutshell Find and Keep is about my working process – how I get ideas and inspiration, and then how I put those things into action. I show this through both commercial and personal projects that I have recently put together. The book also contains 26 DIY projects too, with the idea being that the reader can put some of their own inspiration/ideas into these projects as well. Find and Keep is also very personal to me, where inside you’ll find that there are lots of my own photos of my messy studio and house, our family adventures, my cats etc.

You seem pretty famous to us, we can’t believe you have written a book until now!  Have you been approached by publishers before and how did this particular book deal come about?

I would consider myself very far from famous! But that’s nice of you to say. Actually I have never been approached by a mainstream publisher to do this kind of book before. I was always interested in doing a book, but was never sure what kind of book it would be. So when Hardie Grant approached me we developed the concept for Find and Keep together. It was a nice way to do it.

Crafty books of this nature are a huge undertaking, from brainstorming an original concept to penning a tutorial and then testing its workability. With this in mind how long has Find and Keep been in development?

This book was a HUGE undertaking for me, definitely my biggest project yet, but it all happened quite quickly. After a month or two developing the concept and putting together some mock-ups, the bulk of the work then happened within three months! It was quite an intense three months (to say the least!), but this is how I prefer to work. I had never  consciously designed many DIY projects before either, or written that much about my work, so the whole process was a big learning curve for me. Designing and developing the projects actually ended up being my favourite part of the book, it was so much more fun than I imagined!

I also had the amazing skills of my book designer Michelle Mackintosh to help me along my way. She has so much great knowledge about every aspect of putting a book together: page layouts, helping style the photoshoot we did for the projects sections etc. She was also amazing at dealing with me freaking out on an almost daily basis! I couldn’t have done it without her.

We are SUPER EXCITED we have TEN COPIES of Beci’s book to giveaway to lucky TDF readers.  Thankyou Hardie Grant!

But Beci has gone one step further.  She has rounded up an amazing prizepool of 22 prizes from her favourite local retailers and makers, especially for us!  The prizepool includes fab finds from the likes of Emily Green, P.A.M, Third Drawer Down, Mr Kitly, Ganim’s Store and many more!   All are pictured below.

To be in the running to win one of ten copies of Beci’s Book, and one of 22 prizes outlined below, simple leave your comment on today’s post before 10.00pm Melbourne time!  22 winners will be selected this evening and notified by email tomorrow!

MASSIVE THANKYOUS to Beci for this seriously epic prize!  What a star!  Do share the love by hunting out Find and Keep in your local bookshop – it’s $39.95, and will available from all good booksellers this Thursday November 1st 2012! (or, buy now online).

The EPIC Find and Keep prizepool from Beci! Photos – Chris Middleton, layout and Illustration by Beci Orpin.


1. Diagonal cushions from Beci Orpin (RRP $60 each, total value $120)

2. One-off wooden mushroom sculpture from Beci Orpin for Ganim’s Store (RRP $80). ‘I made a few of these mushrooms about a year ago as co-lab with Ganim Store and they were a big hit, and also feature in my book’ says Beci.

3. Fatsia Japonica indoor plant from Mr.Kitly (RRP $20)

4. Mexican plastic baskets from After (RRP $12 each, total value $36). ‘After is another one of my favourite shops, I have a few of these mexican baskets – they make anything you put in them look better‘ says Beci.

5. Nathalie Du Pasquier compact shopping bag from Third Drawer Down (RRP $7). ‘I love what Third Drawer Down do with their artist collaborations, and Nathalie du Pasquier is one of my favourite designers’ says Beci.

6. Geodesic wooden blocks from After (RRP $32)

7. Xhosa river reed basket from Tractor Home (RRP $98). ‘In my dream house pretty much everything would come from Tractor home!’ says Beci. ‘I cannot get enough of baskets at the moment too – this one is a perfect shape’.

8. At-Swim-Two-Birds potholder from Mr Kitly (RRP $35). ‘Mr Kitly is local to me – I love that such a beautiful shop exists in my ‘hood!  Bree has a great knack of finding hand crafted products I have never seen before’ – Beci.

9. Pendelton rose valley towel from Third Drawer Down (RRP $85)

10. Nathalie Du Pasquier corkboard placemat set from Third Drawer Down (RRP $37.50)

11. Nutscene Coloured Twine from After (RRP $40)

12. Emmiline necklace from Emily Green (RRP $75).  ‘I have 3 of Emily’s necklaces! her colour selection is just perfect’ says Beci.

13. Nathalie Du Pasquier 2 piece napkin set from Third Drawer Down (RRP $14.95 each, total value $44.85)

14. Nathalie Du Pasquier Corkboard coaster set from Third Drawer Down (RRP $14.95)

15. Telephone wire bowls from Tractor Home (RRP $22 each, total value $66 value)

16. Washi tape from Mr. Kitly (RRP $5 each, total $20 value)

17. Claystone pottery beaker from Mr.Kitly (RRP $39)

18. Nathalie Du Pasquier Teatowels from Third Drawer Down (RRP $32 each, $64 value)

19. P.A.M. Bouillabaise Bag from Someday (RRP $168). ‘My wardrobe contains a lot of P.A.M, Misha and Shauna are old friends and I love what they do’ says Beci.

20. P.A.M Langosta socks from Someday (RRP $33)

21. 3 x Wade paintbrushes (RRP $18.5o) / 1 x scalpel (RRP $5) / 1 scissors (not shown, RRP $6.95) / 1 x Yamato glue (RRP $10) / 1 x set of acrylic paints (RRP $20) from Melbourne Artists Supplies. ‘Yamato rice glue is the best paper adhesive ever, plus it comes in a super cute green tube! the other art supplies are all things I use on a daily basis, and I’m hoping will help the lucky winner of this prize to get started on some projects in my book!’ – Beci

22. 1 x pad Arches watercolour paper (not shown, RRP $34.95) / 1 x set coloured origami paper and card offcuts (RRP $20) from Melbourne Artists Supplies.

Another pretty page from Find and Keep by Beci Orpin.  Photography by Chris Middleton.


by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 29th October 2012


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  • Kylie 4 years ago

    Bec gives me hope and inspiration for a possibility of simple pleasures in craft and creation,memories of a more whimsical time when things were simpler and creative opportunities were all around regardless of age or materials or money. Thank you bec.

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    Best prize pack ever!

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    Fingers crossed xx

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    Beci’s magic with colour, texture and crafty-inspired pieces reminds me of summer holidays by the beach and crafting with my Nanna – raiding her sewing box for buttons, thread, and ribbon.
    Lovely memories, and Beci your work is so beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for making a little part of Melbourne a brighter, sunnier place.

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    the book is fab and will def be on my Chrissy list! ;)

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    (I use to call it Wasabi Tape! ha ha)

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    So colourful and bright, many happy craft filled summer afternoons ahead! =)

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    The book is going to make for an amazing gift for my crafty friends x

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    Here’s to hoping

  • Moira 4 years ago

    For me, the best thing about blogs like this, is being introduced to fresh new contemporary art/craft. Beci is certainly an excellent example of someone who is original and makes you want to look at ‘craft’ with different eyes.

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    amazing! huge thanks to TDF and Beci for an awesome post!

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    Colour: joy and smiles.
    Drawing: inner godess crayola’d.
    Crafting: inner godess captured by PVA.
    Find and Keep: next weekend.
    Thanks for the inspiration: now it’s onto to doing it.

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    Oh my heart is in a flutter… I love Beci Orpin! Amazing giveaway, i’ve got my fingers AND toes crossed! Thank you so much :) xo

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    Thanks again Lucy and thank you also Beci!

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    What an achievement.

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    And her new book looks amazing.

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    I had to go check out that lobster bag by PAM. I think the website nearly gave me seizures ;)

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    Truly Inspired!!!!!! My 3 kids are in a constant cycle of “finding a keeping” so between Beci’s amazing work and their precious take on what has ‘value’ I would love the chance to ‘find and keep’ in a grown up way!

  • Jo 4 years ago

    Beci has brought colour and whimsy to Melbourne in spades. I still love my little silver tooth ear stud I bought years ago and it always makes me smile, especially when I wear to the dentist!

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    LOVING it all. :) :)

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    not only because she is crazy talented but because shes who i wanna b in 10 years. married to a cool dude who makes burgs w a couple of cutie kids, doing what u love as a job, constantly creating and making things and damn does that sound totally sweeeet right now!
    love you beci and congrats!

  • Minerva 4 years ago

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    Love Beci’s work. Such gorgeous colours and what fun to try some of these DIY projects. That prize pool is amazing too!!!

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    Beci’s work is so lovely and I look forward to receiving her new book at Christmas ;)

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    BiG lOve

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    The book is amazing Beci. It makes me so happy just looking at it – can’t wait to try some of the projects. xxx

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    We have just bought a narrow dark terrace in melb after 2 yrs in sunny Brisbane, so anything this colourful might make all the difference!

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    Oh, TDF, you are my favourite blog! I love getting my daily dose of design inspiration and love, love, love the things you show. I’m also a big fan of Bec’s creations and would be thrilled if I won! x

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    AMAZING AMAZING… just the inspiration I needed today. I have a pile of handmade pompoms and a completed twisted cord and was struggling for that last idea of how to put them together! Talk about Serendipity! Thanks guys!

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    Brilliant colourful design to brighten anyone’s day! Love your work. Just Beautiful!

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    So much joy! Makes me want to break out in a song and dance routine from Sound of Music, while wearing a colourful bandana in my hair and pompom trimmed lederhosen!

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    Super fantastic giveaway, would be great gift for my kids at Chrissy!

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    Have been waiting for this book to come out, it looks fantastic! Congrats Beci! and thanks Design Files!

  • Vanessa G P 4 years ago

    It’s Beci’s kind of work that inspires a DIYer like myself. I love to make gifts for special occasions or to say “thank you”, and this book would be a wonderful resource for creative and inspirational ideas :) Thank you for this opportunity!!

  • Emma 4 years ago

    She’s the best!!

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    what a great looking book. thanks beci for the chance to win! jo

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    These prizes are incredible! So generous, and inspiring so many ideas for creations over summer.

  • evie 4 years ago

    woowzers! i think it would almost be a crime not to comment on this post. yes?! well, for fear of committing such an offense i’m dropping a line or two! well done beci – on the book and the amazing round-up of prizes.

  • tealady 4 years ago

    Such a wonderful arrangements of things. How they make me smile!

  • Sarah Kelk 4 years ago

    Beci Orpin strikes again – Gorgeous!

  • Rose 4 years ago

    Thanks for spreading the love and giving us an insight into your world. I now know what lies at the end of any rainbow in Melbourne – your kaleidoscopic treasure trove of an abode – naturally x

  • jacQueline 4 years ago

    love a project…need the inspiration!

  • Alison 4 years ago

    I have been looking forward to the release of this book for a while now, so exciting!
    Beci’s work is an inspiration & I cant wait to try out some of the projects. Amazing collection of prizes! :):)

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    When I grow up I want to be Beci Orpin.

  • Anna P 4 years ago

    I can picture sunny Sunday afternoons turning into “craftanoons” with the help of this book – bring on the scissors and glue!

  • Emma 4 years ago

    Cannot wait to get my craft on with this little gem!

  • Saja 4 years ago

    Yeah it feels like Christmas!
    Am so inspired by both Beci & Lucy, as are my crafty daughters.
    Thanks, great comp & good looking goodies!

  • Nicola 4 years ago

    oooh la la !! so many lovely goodies! what i would do to get my mitts on one of those mushroom sculptures….!!

  • Sharmaine Kruijver 4 years ago

    How good is this giveaway??? SOOOOO GOOOOOD!!!!

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    Such an inspiration! Congrats on the book Beci, and thanks for the give-away. Lucy, you have the best give-aways. Awesome!

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    Awesome giveaway and just in time for me to start thinking about xmas gift giving, now I have some great ideas for pressies!!!!

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    A world without Beci Orpin is like a needle without a thread or a burger without a patty…It just doen’t make sense…

  • Lisa 4 years ago

    Thank you for this gorgeous array of colour, fun and inspiration to start the week. I sit here looking at my very bland office and am immediately inspired to be creative this week! The sun is shining, life is good :)

  • Daina 4 years ago


  • Caroline 4 years ago

    Looks beautiful!! That little mushroom has been in my dreams ♪(┌・。・)┌
    Thank you.

  • Deirdre 4 years ago

    Oh, wow! Very inspiring. This book will have a very happy place in my crafty collection.

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    Beci Orpin – you have so much style I simply adore everything you do – what a prize giveaway YES PLEASE!!!

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    I want to go home and get making :)

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    I’m going to submit my thesis so I can get started on some of these projects, excellent motivation for a Monday morning!

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    Beci’s sparkling new book is going straight to the top of my Christmas wish list!
    Such bright & colorful ideas that my toddler will love – watch out playgroup! :)

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    Would love, love, love, to get my hands on this book – an inspiration to get back to my crafty roots! Beci Orpin is amazing, and when teamed with the extraordinary talent of Michelle Mackintosh, ‘Find & Keep’ is on the top of my Christmas ‘must-haves’ list!! Who knew you could wear so many pom-poms on your head at the one time?!!

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    I’m very much a newbie to the world of DIY craftiness..
    one project down (last weeks rather dodgey-looking but lovingly made bat + bird mobile for my new son) –
    twenty-six to go!

    thanks for the post!

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    Congratulations Beci, and thankyou, to you and Hardie Grant :) xox

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    So many ideas to make and do
    my daughter will love it too

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    Whoever wins this pack is super lucky xx

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  • Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr NO WORDS arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ^_^ xxx

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    Once again you have shone a very flattering light on a great creator Design Files!

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    beci has outdone herself -her color palettes are totally perfect. She’s such a massive inspiration to me and such a lovely person too (:
    goo beci!

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    getting some great recognition and not just within the industry!

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    I remember seeing Beci speak at Semi-Permanent roughly 8 years ago. Her amazingly creative work and lovely personality implanted itself in my brain, and she has been a major inspiration over the years. To see her constantly evolve as an artist and inspire so many designers and craft enthusiasts like myself is a real gift. The lady is gem.


  • Bettina 4 years ago

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    Congrats Beci, what a superstar.

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    Such inspiration. My number one Christmas wishlist item.
    And thanks Design Files for a great interview!

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    wow, ticked one thing off my christmas list for my (almost) impossible to buy for partner – she’ll be so stoked with this amazing book!

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    Ever since seeing Beci at Semi-Permanent earlier in the year I have been waiting for this book to be released. Everything she does is amazing. Can’t wait to flip through the pages

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    What a great idea with so many charming, locally made, talented designer gifts :)
    I was excited enough just to hear that your book is finally on offer, I’ve been sitting tight for months now, but these prizes just make it all the more fun.
    Cannot wait to hear who the 22 lucky ducks are
    Love to you Beci and TDF!

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    Love the giveaway
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    Love. It. All.

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    Lovely to read Beci’s interview! Ha ha, I know that familiar feeling of making a book jammed into three months! I was shooting three projects a day for the last month! Man I would love to win this prize! So many nice Australian things which could be waiting for me in Sydney for Christmas if a miracle happened and I won this!
    Love Love
    Hello Sandwich

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    I CAN’T believe that this is Beci’s first book – it feels like her amazing skills and work have been around forever. So … if I don’t win it looks like I will be buying this book anyways!

  • Kerry 4 years ago

    I have the perfect spot, in my new home-made cabinet (from scratch!), for Beci’s beautiful book! And, that mushroom sculpture is delightful. She has a spot too :)

  • Sarah 4 years ago

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    What an amazing and generous giveaway! Beci’s beautiful book would have been enough, but all that wonderful crafty loot too! Fingers crossed I’m one of the lucky winners!!

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    What a fantastic giveaway – thank you all

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    Saw Beci at Semi-Permanent Melbourne a month or so ago – so inspiring! A sampling of her colour and cheer would be so very welcome in my life!

  • Jess 4 years ago

    Want, want, want!
    Look’s amazing, so vibrant and inspiring! I feel this may come up a few times as i start to plan my Christmas gift giving list! Love it!

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    what a super interview and gorgeous giveaway of many local talents! (almost as gorgeous as beci’s mushrooms which i have been trying to find forever since they sold out at the lovely ganim’s store). i can’t wait to grab the book – so hurry up november 1.

  • Kelly 4 years ago

    Such beautiful things! Will be on my Christmas shopping list!! Have a few people (myself included) who would just love this book!

  • Bec Bardoel 4 years ago

    Beci is an amazing designer, so talented, super nice and down-to-earth!
    Can’t wait to purchase her new tome :-)

  • Sharon McKenzie 4 years ago

    Would love to try some of these projects with the kids and for myself of course!

  • Chris 4 years ago

    What a lovely collection of goodies! Can’t wait to have a look through the book!

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    Ahhhh amazing work Beci Orpin! Super inspiring as always xx

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    This book looks so beautiful. I have been searching for DIY projects to entertain myself when I move cities next year – in that awkward period where I’m finding myself some friends! – and this looks perfect!

  • Fi 4 years ago

    Just bought the book today yay!

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    I was sad about coming home to Australia this weekend after months in Europe but bright and cheeky Australian creativity makes me feel a bit better. Go Oz.

  • Sarah 4 years ago

    Beci Orpin is so inspiring! Can’t wait to see the book.

  • Emily 4 years ago

    The book looks fantastic, I can’t wait to get a copy so i can get some inspiring ideas for things to make as gifts for christmas. I love giving people something handmade with love.

  • caitlan 4 years ago

    Find and Keep has just gone straight to the top of my xmas wishlist!! i am aspiring to become a regular DIY-er and Beci’s book sounds like just the ticket to help me get my craft on!!

  • Denise 4 years ago

    All so bright, colourful and happy making.

  • Carolyn Edwards 4 years ago

    WOW what a delightful Monday treat….

  • Lina 4 years ago

    Can’t wait to nab a copy for myself (whether I win a prize or not). Every page just looks like an explosion of fun! ^_^

  • Yumi 4 years ago

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    Book looks wonderful – gorgeous photography and crafty projects. Great curation of things Beci likes that gives an insight into her inspiration.

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    Wow, this is awesome! Congratulations Beci on such a beautiful book, can’t wait to hunt it down this weekend!

  • Emma 4 years ago

    This is beautiful! Looking forward to a copy of “Find and Keep” in the very near future! My house could certainly use such a fun pop of colour.

  • Sophie 4 years ago

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    Wow – I am in the midst of craft fever at the moment. This book would do wonders. It looks beautiful. And my crafty kids would love the projects too!

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    The book looks fantastic. It’s always a treat to find inspiring ideas to brighten up the kid’s (and our) day. nice work beci!

  • Dee 4 years ago

    Beci Orpin and the TDF are a match made in heaven! Thanks guys, great post.

  • lizzie 4 years ago

    home delights!
    creative inspiration!
    no stress be yourself expression!
    very generous giveaways
    from wonderful local merchants and artists
    good one tdf and
    good one ms orpin
    aren’t we all very lucky

  • Sandra 4 years ago

    Sounds like a must have book to me – can’t wait to get my paws on one. Great giveaway!

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    So important to encourage ‘making’ as an alternative to ‘buying’!

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    Beci is a beautiful friend, mother and creator. Effortless in everything she does, she excites everyone with her exciting sense of colour and shape, pattern and placement. Beci is who inspired me to study Graphic Design at uni and now I am so happy to be in the industry and to see her continue to inspire others. One cool lady whose book will fill lots of peoples homes with happiness. Go B !

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    FIND & KEEP looks to me like a great book to reconnect us with the spontaneous creative within!

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    hope her book will be available at the open house.

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    Congrats Beci.
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    However with a book like this, no more excuses, it looks inspriring, and something my two daughters and i could really sit and be and craft together!

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    Yeah.. this book looks pretty amazing and it (judging by the hundreds of comments) looks as though it’s going to be a sell out! P.S. Can I win please?!

  • Andrea 4 years ago

    I have been going pattern, colour and doily crazy lately!!!
    I love the Mexican Plastic Baskets so much, they incorporate all my latest loves. The summery feel to this email made me crave sun and sand.
    This has got to be my favourite of all Design Files posts to date. Receiving emails daily that re-inspire me to do/make/create something beautiful amongst all the bland work mail is a really nice reason to rock up to work each day – Thank you!

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    I’d love to share this new book with my preschool. We love creating ‘special’ out of ‘ordinary’ objects..just like Beci seems to do. And we ADORE bright colours!! Colour creates happiness for us.
    As a long-time admirer of Beci’s work across many different fields, I can’t wait to read this book…what an inspiration to us all!

  • Michael Bancroft 4 years ago

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    perfect for those with kids…
    or to bring out the kids in us grown-ups too!

    AND I just LOVE the mushroom…
    Go Beci!

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  • Oh my gosh I love Beci’s work so much – have been a fan of hers (and her sister’s) for a while. :)

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    Oh! And I vote for a Princess Tina comeback!!!! Pretty please!!!!

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    Love your work Beci and TDF – your awesome! Does flattery work ;)

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    Oooo! Ooooo! Pick me! Pick me!
    Beci brings beautiful colour and whimsy into our lives! Thankyou B!

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    I read about Beci in a home magazine and admire her craftiness!!!! Will look out for her book and will be following her blog now that I’ve been made aware of it. Thankyou TDF

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    I can’t wait to hold Beci’s book in my hands, a rainbow-coloured tome to take pride of place on my bookshelf. And so many projects to fill all those upcoming warm summer evenings!

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    Beci is such a star!! I can’t wait to read and craft her beautiful book! x x x

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