Adelaide Home

Rebekah Cichero and Family

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Wednesday 31st October 2012

The home of Rebekah Cichero and family.  Kitchen bench made from a 4m slab of Mintaro slate – ‘we waited 6 months to find one big enough, and then it took 6 men and a trolley to move into place – we all held our breaths!’ says Rebekah.  Painting by Nicki Groos, 1977.  French decanters bought in France about 15 years ago. Danish platter, spirit measure and ice bucket all at One Small Room.  Photo – Jacqui Way.

Kitchen details.  Wall light – a vintage Danish find.  Box shelves by Bonnie & Neil.  Retro Pears and apples collected over time, pottery figures bought on a trip to Iceland. Retro stainless steel canisters from One Small Room.  Danish buffet from Mid Century Modern. Teak veneer used on all kitchen cabinetry.  Photo – Jacqui Way.

Loungeroom.  Artwork above fireplace – ‘Little Sundance’ by Jacob Logos.  Furniture from left – Le Corbusier ‘LC 4’ chaise longue, Fritz Hansen sidetable, black chair by Vostra.  Couch, and other treasures found by Rebekah when sourcing for the shop!  Tulips in cream can – 50’s Metal Petals originals.  Photo – Jacqui Way.

Loungeroom.  Tolomeo wall mount lights from Artemide, Kina Light by David Trubridge, watercolour above dresser by Sue Ninham. Parker buffet, Danish couch all One Small Room finds.  Pottery on sideboard is a collection of Bitossi, West German and Italian, timber ball by Lex Stobie.  Cushions by Bonnie and Neil and Cloth Fabric, black webbed chair by Vostra, Sidetable is Teca from Globewest.  ‘Anna’ floor rug by Brita Sweden.   Concrete flooring ‘Hyper’ floor by SA Tech floor.  Photo – Jacqui Way.

Today’s gorgeous family home comes to us from Adelaide, and belongs to multi-tasking creative Rebekah Cichero – co-founder of Adelaide’s much loved Bowerbird Bazaar markets, and propertietor of sweet furniture and interiors shop One Small Room!  Rebekah is one seriously energetic and inspiring creative, having lived in London for 8 years working as a stylist before settling down in Adelaide with partner Tim. If all this sounds a touch familiar, that’s because we interviewed Rebekah this time last year!  (Re-visit our original interview for the full backstory!).

Nestled in Adelaide’s leafy suburb of Croydon, this generous Victorian family house actually backs onto Rebekah’s gorgeous little shop.  It’s home to Rebekah and husband Timothy, plus Ruby (8 yrs), Tobias (5 yrs) and Chico the dog.  The family have been here nearly five years.

Whilst it still retains much of its original charm, this home has been thoroughly renovated and extended to modernise and open up it’s functional spaces for this busy family.  These works happened in roughly two stages.  The front rooms were renovated when the family first moved in, and room layout reconfigured to make way for an ensuite and walk-in robe in the master bedroom.  A few years later the full home extension was completed – including new open plan kitchen, dining and lounge area, and a new main bathroom.  Rebekah and Timothy also landscaped the front yard, added a new fence and rainwater tanks to ensure a healthy and productive garden, even in Adelaide’s notoriously dry summers.

If you’ve been to Rebekah’s sweet shop, One Small Room, then the eclectic edit of furniture and artwork here will be no surprise!  As is often the case with creative retailers, Rebekah’s home is an extension of her shop and vice versa – furniture and art finds itself on high rotation between both spaces.  ‘We often find new favourites when sourcing for the shop, so we move something out from home and sell it to someone else to love!’ says Rebekah.

There are, however, a few treasured pieces she and Tim would never part with.  ‘We do have some favourite pieces, the stripped back carousel horse and the Le Corbusier ‘LC 4’ chaise (‘Tim’s chair’) bought when we lived in London, pre-children’ says Rebekah. Other favourite pieces include two paintings by Jacob Logos.  ‘We all fell in love with the artwork of Jacob Logos, so deciding on the painting above the fireplace (Little Sundance) and another above our bed (Evening Hunt) was a very easy decision’ recalls Rebekah.

As is often the case with a weekly home features, it’s not so much the house but the whole neighbourhood which Rebekah and her family call home.  ‘We live right near the iconic ‘Queen st’ strip with the best bakery ever (Red Door Bakery) and of course our shop, only about a metre away from our home and office!’ says Rebekah.  ‘Croydon is an amazing community of creative types, caring people who say hi when you walk by. Kids meet and play on Sundays while parents have coffee, you can get a good haircut, ride bikes and still be in the city in 7 minutes or to the beach in 15 or the hills in 40! Nothing’s too far away. We feel rather lucky here’.  Ahhh Adelaide, such a Utopian land…!

Big thanks to Rebekah and co. for sharing their fabulous family home – do share the love with a little visit to the One Small Room and Bowerbird Bazaar websites.  Thanks too, to Jacqui Way for the stunning shots!

Kitchen details.  ‘The painting by Nicki Groos, 1977 was found when out sourcing for shop treasures – it didn’t make it to the shop!’ says Rebekah.  Photo – Jacqui Way.

Kitchen details.  Photos – Jacqui Way.

Master bedroom.  Bed and besides – Scandinave by Transforma,  Artwork above bed – ‘Evening Hunt’ by Jacob Logos, ceramic wall birds by Gerry Wedd,  Malabar bedlinen, Marigold Rug by Armadillo and a Danish wool rug (beside bed) found at auction.  Bedside lights – Ikea.  Pendant is the ‘Saucer’ light by Louis Poulsen.  Above fireplace is an antique chinese window screen.  Danish stool, One Small Room.  Photos – Jacqui Way.

Master bedroom looking through to ensuite.  Above fireplace – antique chinese window screen.  Danish stool, One Small Room.  Photos – Jacqui Way.

Ensuite adjoining msater bedroom.   Towel rack made by Tim.  Tapware and Spanish ‘wallpaper’ tiles from Estilo, 70’s original resin ball light.  Teak footstool from One Small Room.  Photo – Jacqui Way.

Ruby’s room – Retro dresser – One Small Room, vintage suitcases store dressups, dolls and toys.  Vintage rocker and pram found out treasure hunting. Artwork by Alan Smithee.  Photo – Jacqui Way.

Ruby’s room – mix of artwork including pieces by Donna Gnell, Tsk Tsk and wall birds by Naomi Murrell. Danish lamp and bed from One Small Room.  Cowhide rug bought in Buenos Aires. Quilt and pillow – vintage finds in London.  Quilted rug made by Grandma.  Vintage marionette dolls on couch among hand made toys by Hop Skip Jump.  Photo – Jacqui Way.

Main family bathroom. Vanity, designed by Rebekah and Timothy, in Tas Oak and teak veneer with Mintaro slate benchtop.  Artwork is a Danish auction buy.  Tiles from Ceramica.  Vintage mirrors collected in London – ‘this is only part of the collection!’ says Rebekah. Flowers by Fleurs de Nadia. Tapware and Italian bowls from Bathroom Living.  Photo – Jacqui Way.

Home office.  Vintage bus scroll found at auction – ‘I wasn’t going to let anyone out bid me as it bears the suburb we live in!’ says Rebekah. Artwork by Alan Smithee.  Original 70’s resin ball light. Vintage hand operated sewing machine (‘for Ruby to learn sewing – as she can’t reach the peddle of my electric one’ says Rebekah).  Danish office desk from One Small Room.  Old ammunition box bought at a London market.  Flower retro wastepaper bin – an op shop find.  Vintage Tonka truck bought another auction find. Persian rug bought in London. Antique chinese bucket from Water Tiger.  Photo – Jacqui Way.

Exterior of home and rear deck, featuring recycled bricks and timber.  Fish and chips sign and pendant lights, trestle table and bench – all One Small Room finds.  Railway trolley used as coffee table. Stools by Tolix from 1000 Chairs. Tin pots bought on a trip to Turkey.  Photo – Jacqui Way.

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Wednesday 31st October 2012


  • Midge 4 years ago

    Oh look another David Bromley!

  • Jane 4 years ago

    Love the black slate bench top! Love the all the Teak! Seriously well done.

  • Gaz 4 years ago

    Warm inviting home. Collection of antique mirrors in bathroom a lovely idea. Love the found pram and rocking chair too!

  • Emma 4 years ago

    Lucky I had finished my tea early this morning otherwise it would be all over my computer screen, this one BLEW ME AWAY!!! :)

  • The Yellow Dance Spot 4 years ago

    Exposed brick at its best!

  • librarygirl 4 years ago

    Do love that dark bench top and timber cupboards. I’m a bit over all the ubiquitous whitey-white kitchens.

  • Pippa 4 years ago

    Wooden fruit and teak bowls, I need to build on my collection! Very inspiring!

  • Cassie 4 years ago

    amazing, love the use of timber throughout, so used to seeing WHITE everywhere

  • Bianca 4 years ago

    What an amazing house! I’d like to move in tomorrow :)

  • Kerrie 4 years ago

    Wow such a refreshing home – so warm and lovely – I love the wood and slate kitchen and its so great to see something that looks different to the usual. Really inspiring!

  • Claire 4 years ago

    Is Alan Smithee the actual artist of those works or is this name being used as in Hollywood, that is a pseudonym for someone who doesn’t want to be credited? Only asking because they’re beautiful and I want to know where to find them! Stylistically they do resemble Bromley’s ‘Boys Own’ series.

  • Tess 4 years ago

    Beautiful home of a beautiful family – looks amazing.

  • Natalie 4 years ago

    Love all the Danish furniture and the artwork. Will check out their store next time I’m in Adelaide.

    Btw, the saucer pendant in the bedroom is by George Nelson, not Poulsen ;)

  • jas 4 years ago

    oh my what a gorgeous home, full of gorgeous finds and I’m in love with that exposed brick wall!!!

  • caitlan 4 years ago

    what an inspiring home! i love the use of the vintage suitcases and the Fish and Chips sign!

  • Rose 4 years ago

    Amazing – what a well dressed outdoor space in particular. Will spend hours on the onesmallroom website.

  • Tarnya 4 years ago

    Love these picture framed shelves in the kitchen!!

  • Ray 4 years ago

    My idea of the perfect modern house with all those beautiful vintage and retro wares.

  • Laura B 4 years ago

    If I could marry a house, I would marry this one. In a heart beat .

  • bianca 4 years ago

    Really love the concrete floor, really nice alternative to wood….Actually love the entire home!!

  • Fiona 4 years ago

    Rebekah, your house is as amazing as I imagined it would be – very deserving of this feature. Love all the timber and brickwork, especially want that collection of teak fruit!! Oh and the tiles in your ensuite bathroom are stunning….

  • Allison 4 years ago

    One Small Room is one of my favourite stores and it’s no surprise that this home is so gorgeous! I love going to Bowerbird Bazaar too, keep up the good work Rebekah!

  • Kath W 4 years ago

    Surely among the most beautiful homes ever featured on TDF. So lovely, such finesse and sensitivity.

  • shalini 4 years ago

    What a gorgeous home. Love the use of graphic motifs.

  • Ann 4 years ago

    I’m now suffering from house envy…sigh!.

  • Margie 4 years ago

    Really lovely house – and a great art collection!

  • EMMA F 4 years ago

    Soooooo jealous,love love love your home.

  • Gioco 4 years ago

    I was there when Rebekah approached and swam in to the warets in Toronto. Seeing a young woman of her age take on such a feat with such determination and perserverance was inspirining. Rebekah is a role model for all young girls and swimmers to inspire to. She can teach many of us of all ages a lesson in listening to your innerself and never giving up on your goals. She will be one of the lucky ones that will be authentically happy in her life if she keeps this up…and I know she will. Way to go Rebekah!!

  • Darren 4 years ago

    Its looks like a dream home. The Decoration with the use of space is very nice. I would especially be happy to emphasize on the colour combination, chosen for the walls with the rest decoration items . Great effort guys. Undoubtedly rroof restoration can renew the life of your home .

  • kitchen is a important part of the house.a spacious kitchen and dining hall will give a dynamic look to our home. Many people are have the interest make their kitchen more dynamic and ease to use.

  • Glenn 3 years ago

    Great Job !!!
    Can I ask how you sealed the exposed brickwork inside?

  • Urban Accent 3 years ago

    I love the slate benchtop in the kitchen and bathroom, it looks fantastic. I also really love the loungeroom side table and the antique chinese window screen. The wallpaper tiles add a really nice feel to the bathroom, and your home has a warm cosy feel.

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  • Mark 3 years ago

    Stunning home! Love the use of the wood and artwork as a feature throughout and esp adore the brick walls. Just goes to show that you can revamp an otherwise unsightly remnant of the 70’s.

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