Whole Larder Love

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 3rd September 2012

Whole Larder Love by Rohan Anderson – out this month through Penguin Books

Whole Larder Love by Rohan Anderson – out this month through Penguin Books

I can’t believe it was only a year ago I first met photographer / foodie / blogger Rohan Anderson, when I photographed his home in Ballarat.  The moment I met him, I knew he’d be famous.  I truly did.  There was a magic and a passion and a buzzing energy in him which just felt like it was gearing up for something big.  At the time he was blogging his heart out, hunting and foraging and cooking amazing food, (reluctantly) shooting weddings on weekends, and working on a his book – which was not much more than a very time-consuming side project at the time.   But things were brewing… it was the calm the before the storm!

THIS MONTH, Rohan’s highly anticipated book finally hits Australian bookstores!  Entitled ‘Whole Larder Love‘, after the blog which really kicked off all this madness, it is the most brilliant no-holds-barred documentation of Rohan’s food philosophy.  Alongside the obligatory mouth watering recipes and stunning shots, Whole Larder Love is actually a handbook for living off the land.  This is no nonsense, relaxed, rustic fare, created using produce that has been grown, gathered, or hunted by Rohan himself.

I can’t imagine how incredibly exciting it must be to see a project like this realised after so long in the making. I know it’s been an epic project for Rohan and a seriously massive couple of years, but I’ve no doubt this is just the start of many more big things for Mr Anderson.  In fact I’ll be seriously surprised if there is not a TV series in the works.   And then we can all say ‘Pfft, I was a Rohan Anderson fan waaaaay before Whole Larder Love was on TV!’

I feel very lucky to have had a sneak peek at the Whole Larder Love book before it goes on sale later this month (thankyou Rohan and Fran!).  It is truly such a GEM of a book and should most certainly be on your Christmas list.  But if you can’t wait til then to experience Rohan’s top cooking tips, inspired food philosophy and rugged charm (!!)… I suggest you keep your eyes firmly peeled at your local bookstore and POUNCE when this book arrives later this month.  It’s bound to walk off the shelves…!

Whole Larder Love is published in Australia by Penguin, will be available from Sept 26th from all good booksellers, and is priced at just $29.99 (madness).  AND if you pre-order your copy from any Readings store in advance, you will receive a signed copy!

ALSO VERY EXCITINGLY, we’ve roped Rohan in for a little guest spot on TDF starting tomorrow!  Rohan will be kicking off our brand new FOOD COLUMN, and will join us with a recipe every Tuesday afternoon for the month of September.  WOOHOO.  I’m hungry already.

Whole Larder Love by Rohan Anderson – out this month through Penguin Books

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 3rd September 2012


  • Siobhan C 4 years ago

    A food column? Brilliant!

  • Kimmy 4 years ago

    I remember his little guest posts ages ago on TDF and I thought how clever is this man, but yet how simple and lovely is his philosophy. Well done Rohan. Looking forward to the book. Simplicity, the key to the future. love love xx

  • Emiko 4 years ago

    Yay for a food column! As a food blogger, one of the things I love reading the most is food, especially when it’s from someone with a philosophy like Rohan’s (and when it all looks this pretty, who doesn’t love it?!). Can’t wait to get a copy of this book.

  • susie 4 years ago

    A food column is a fabulous idea and how lucky are we that it will be from Rohan? Thank you, once again, Lucy!

  • jas 4 years ago

    I love Rohans blog, I too have been a fan waay before any book or possible tv series (even before the TDF feature infact if we’re going to get technical about it!) Love the feel of his photos and the way he lives his life. Can’t wait for the book to come out and YAY for tuesday foodie posts as a food blogger I love reading other peoples words and seeing how the photograph their food – go Rohan!

  • Cathg1g2 4 years ago

    This guy has it sussed out. Have been following his stuff for inspiration over the last year. Love it.

  • gemma 4 years ago

    both the book AND column look and sound amazing!!

  • Jacquie 4 years ago

    When I read The Design Files today and the book titled “Whole Larder Love”; I couldn’t help but be reminded of a comparatively new business in Melbourne selling a super range of Larder Provisions and wonder if it has come to you attention:-

    151 Glenferrie Road
    Malvern Vic 3144
    T: 03 – 95096243

    One can have a coffee and a graze and a read whilst looking for the necessary provisions.

  • Ambradambra 4 years ago

    Brilliant. Love this guy. Can’t wait for his book – meanwhile we can read his column.

  • sandra 4 years ago

    Where do i find the food column?

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