Table Tonic

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 18th September 2012

Table Tonic new store in Avalon, NSW.  Photos – Luc Remond, styling – Jason Grant.

Table Tonic store details.  Photos – Luc Remond, styling – Jason Grant.

Louise Bell of Table Tonic in her beautiful new shop (with Audrey the Italian Greyhound!)  Photo – Luc Remond, styling – Jason Grant.

If you are a blog / interiors magazine afficionado you will surely know by now that Sydney-sider Louise Bell of super popular blog / online store Table Tonic has recently opened a real proper SHOP on Sydney’s Northern Beaches!

After many years working as creative director for Cosmopolitan magazine, Louise was prompted to launch her online store after accepting a redundancy package in late 2009.  Stocking a varied range textiles, soft furnishings and accessories from across the globe, and supported by a regularly updated blog, it wasn’t long before Table Tonic gathered a loyal following, and Louise hasn’t looked back!

Two years on, Louise’s husband was looking for an office space, and stumbled upon a space with a shopfront attached – I think you can see where this is going!  Louise seized the opportunity to create a bricks and mortar home for Table Tonic, which opened in June this year.  Filled with vibrant colour and pattern – it looks AMAZING!

We asked Louise a few questions about her new venture!

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and Table Tonic – from blogger to retail extraordinaire what led you down this path and to eventually open your own bricks and mortar store?

Phwoar. Where to start! I worked in magazines for 12 years as a graphic designer / creative director. Dolly magazine was my very first job, an internship, straight out of university (a Bachelor of Design at UNSW’s College of Fine Arts). Once my eight month internship was over, I landed a job at Cosmopolitan magazine where I stayed for the bulk of my career.  Eventually I became one of those people who was ‘blessed’ with redundancy, which ultimately led to the birth of Table Tonic!

I started the online store shortly after leaving ACP magazines and (after a slow start), it just took off! About four months ago, my husband, who is an an architect ( was looking for an office and stumbled upon a space with a shopfront attached to it. So we signed a lease, we split the rent between us and the rest is TT history!

What can we expect to find in the TT store?

You can expect a very happy and colourful little shop, filled to the brim with colour, texture and eclectic treasures that are right at home in modern spaces. If you’re looking to introduce some colour into your home, Table Tonic is your place! We have oodles of interesting decor-y pieces / soft furnishings from India, Turkey, Morocco, Africa, Uzbekistan, Mexico… just about everywhere!

Moroccan leather pouffes are a huge seller, the ikat cushions are also divine, and we carry the Simpatico range of candles. The shop also has a few things that aren’t on the online store, such as table lamps and a collection of quirky ceramic collectables (blue monkey anyone?).

What are you looking forward to?

Summer! And some beautiful new Table Tonic products! Having a shop is super fun. It’s actually a bit like Christmas. Every day.

Table Tonic
Shop 6, 20 Avalon Pde

Table Tonic store details.  Photos – Luc Remond, styling – Jason Grant.

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 18th September 2012


  • Khristian A. Howell 4 years ago

    This shop is seriously gorgeous!!!!

  • Mary Anne P 4 years ago

    Have been reading TT blog for years! Louise is super cool! Love that blue glassware!

  • Jude 4 years ago

    I went to uni wih Louise.
    Best of luck with the shop!

  • Fox and Beau 4 years ago

    We LOVE Table Tonic! It’s scary how many times we visit Lou! The northern beaches of Sydney is fast becoming the best artist./creative hub! Love it!

  • Deb 4 years ago

    I had the pleasure of visiting TT a few weeks ago, so gorgeous everything in it, the arcade and Avalon. Living in Melbourne, I want to move there

  • Karen 4 years ago

    If my “happy place” was a store, this would be it! Love TT!!

  • Victoria 4 years ago

    Love everything in the online shop, great colours and patterns, except the calf- clutches are pretty creepy…

  • Mr Jason Grant 4 years ago

    Love Louise and the shop!!

  • Girl and the Abode 4 years ago

    Oh wow! I love all her stuff! Cant wait to get shopping!

  • Sophie 4 years ago

    Fabulous. Love the diversity and colour.

  • Jacqui 4 years ago

    Gotta visit this shop!! Her blog is a go too for daily inspiration and such a positive vibe from this lady!… her energy ..

  • Vic @ Cush & Nooks 4 years ago

    Table Tonic is one of the first blogs I ever followed, along with The Design Files :) I love Louise’s shop, and hope I can take a trip over from NZ soon to visit in person, it looks gorgeous. x

  • I LOVE Louise’s cute stylish guts!! Its so fantastic to be able to walk down to visit her and so fantastic to add another amazing shop to the Northern Beaches! And the candles are amazeballs! As is EVERYTHING in store… especially Audrey :)

  • Marga 4 years ago

    Well done Louise for going ahead with your dreams, I have just spent 2 very stressful weeks trying to secure premises to open my own shop in London but have opted against it for the tie being. feeling sad and disappointed, but i am designer and still have my brand to focus and grow until another opportunity come along. All the best for your shop and business. Marga from London

  • Cinnamon & South 4 years ago

    I have also been following Table Tonic for a few years now and find both the blog and online store very inspiring. I can’t wait to visit the shop when I am next in Sydney!

  • Louise (Table Tonic) 4 years ago

    Wow. Thank you SO much for the chance to appear on one of my all time favourite blogs Lucy, and thank you everyone for the kind words. It means so much. A truly happy day for TT!

  • Louise 4 years ago

    love the colour. follow your dreams. will always work out in the end.

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