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Lisa Gorman & Dean Angelucci (+ GIVEAWAY!)

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Wednesday 19th September 2012

The Fitzroy home of Lisa Gorman and Dean Angelucci!  Lounge chairs by Marco Zanuso, Lithograph by Boris Bucan from Vintage Posters Only in Armadale, ‘Pot Head’ plant pot on coffee table from Third Drawer down.  Photos – Sean Fennessy, production – Lucy Feagins.

AMAZING light-filled Kitchen.  ‘Last Minute’ stools by Patricia Urquoiola, 1950’s pendant lights from Whitefriars UK.  Photos – Sean Fennessy, production – Lucy Feagins.

‘Hollywood’ sofa from Angelucci Twentieth Century.  Lithograph by Boris Bucan, ‘Pot Head’ plant pot on coffee table from Third Drawer down.  Photos – Sean Fennessy, production – Lucy Feagins.

In every great city there are always a handful of iconic homes which seem to really epitomise the style and unique personality of that city. These are the kind of homes that pop up in the press from time to time, that are familiar enough to warrant an inquisitive glance when you drive past them, and more often than not, are homes that belong to people you have heard of – well known and interesting people who run ‘success story’ businesses. I reckon every international city hides a small number of homes like this, and today’s feature would have to be one of Melbourne’s most prominent examples. A home that to many needs no introduction – the Fitzroy family home of Lisa Gorman and Dean Angelucci!

I have got to say, I rarely chase homes that have been seen extensively in the press before. But I’m sure you’ll agree, THIS ONE really deserves documenting here, despite having featured in both local and international mags in recent years!  Dean and Lisa’s incredible home, set back off a leafy Fitzroy street with a generous sunken garden in the front, distinctive Victorian frontage and timber modernist-inspired extension at the rear is such a truly special place – and I reckon is a succinct snapshot of the way many Melburnians aspire to live. Ie – in a renovated Victorian home, surrounded by an eclectic edit of Australian art and mid century furniture, and a stone’s throw from great coffee!

‘Boston Villa’ was built around 1863 by William Candy, a stonemason and the first owner of this home. Around five years ago Dean and Lisa acquired the building, and engaged architect and friend Emilio Fuscaldo of Nest Architects to update and extend the home. (You’ve seen Emilio’s own home here).

‘We actually owned the house for about 1.5 years before moving in’ recalls Dean. ‘It was completely decrepit when we bought it. The original intention was to simply renovate the existing house, but after one of the squatters who was living here burnt it down, a re-think of our plan was in order! The eventual renovation by NEST Architects was major – pretty much a rebuild, starting with a hole in the ground surrounded by some, but not all of the exterior walls!’.

The original footprint of the home was expanded, and a children’s wing was added for Dean and Lisa’s two kids, Pepa and Hazel, taking place of old stables out the back. Emilio also added a cellar, and a single guest room/study upstairs. Another significant change was a new entrance to the home – rather than enter through the original front door, the front door is via the side of the house, landing visitors straight into the centre of the home, at the junction between the ‘Victorian’ and ‘Modern’ halves.

It was a tricky house to capture, this one. As Sean Fennessy accurately put it after our shoot – ‘that was like shooting 4 homes in one’.  He was so right!  It’s not a scale thing, it’s a style thing… this home happily unites so many different styles and eras under one roof, but it’s a tricky thing trying to tell that story visually in a linear way. Anyway I sincerely hope we have done this place justice, because of ALL the homes we have ever featured here, I don’t think I’ve ever fallen quite so hard as I have for this one!

Of course, with homeowners like these, it’s no surprise this unique pad is curated to perfection. Dean has been trading mid century treasures for years, though his business Angelucci Twentieth Century, in Smith st Fitzroy. Dean has an incredible eye for furniture and fine art, which coupled with Lisa’s passion for vibrant colour and pattern, makes for a seriously photogenic home, full of unexpected details.

IN ADDITION to sharing their stunning home with you all today, Dean and Lisa have a very special gift for one lucky reader! Dean has offered a set of iconic tableware from Russell Wright for Bauer Pottery USA – a pitcher, two beakers and plates from his store, Angelucci Twentieth Century. This generous gift, pictured below, is valued at $475.

To be in the running, simply leave your comment on today’s post before 10.00pm Melbourne time.  A winner will be drawn at random and contacted tomorrow!  (For extra credit, though not imperative for entry to this competition, Angelucci would love you to like them on Facebook!)

A special giveaway for one lucky reader!  A set of Russell Wright for Bauer Pottery USA tableware from Angelucci Twentieth Century.  Comment today to be in the running!

MASSIVE THANKS to Lisa and Dean for sharing their amazing home with us today. If there was ever a home we’ve featured that I truly wish I could just move straight in to… this is it!

Lisa Gorman and Dean Angelucci in their Fitzroy home!  Lisa wears jacket featuring a print from her brand new collaboration with Rhys Lee! Photos – Sean Fennessy, production – Lucy Feagins.

On kitchen bench – Russell Wright pitcher and beaker for Bauer Pottery CA. (enter our GIVEAWAY today to win a set of these beautiful functional ceramics from Angelucci!), ‘Last Minute’ stools by Patricia Urquoiola, 1950’s pendant lights from Whitefriars UK.  Photos – Sean Fennessy, production – Lucy Feagins.

Formal dining room – Road Kill still-life digital print photographs by Marianne Drew, Pagholz dining chairs (German c.1950’s).  Photos – Sean Fennessy, production – Lucy Feagins.

Formal lounge, in the Victorian front section of the house – Leather chairs by Jean Gillon (Brazil). Tulip table by Eero Saarinen for Knoll. Console table by Angelo Mangiarotti. Paintings by Rhys Lee. French standard lamp by Rene Mathieu. Italian chandelier sourced by Dean / Angelucci Twentieth Century. Photos – Sean Fennessy, production – Lucy Feagins.

Formal lounge details – kids lego land sits on tulip table by Eero Saarinen for Knoll.  Photos – Sean Fennessy, production – Lucy Feagins.

Leather chairs by Jean Gillon (Brazil).  Painting by Rhys Lee. French standard lamp by Rene Mathieu. Photos – Sean Fennessy, production – Lucy Feagins.

Entrance Hall – stuffed goose, Rhys Lee ink on paper. Photos – Sean Fennessy, production – Lucy Feagins.

Master bathroom – featuring AMAZING deep French terrazzo sink (c.1920’s).  Photos – Sean Fennessy, production – Lucy Feagins.

Master Bedroom. Italian Wall lamp, Rope chandelier by Hadrian Audoux and Frida Minet (Cote d’Azur), ink on paper by Rhys Lee.  Photos – Sean Fennessy, production – Lucy Feagins.

Master Bedroom details – Mathieu Mategot ‘Baghdad’ lamp on Zanotta side table. Italian Wall lamp.  Photos – Sean Fennessy, production – Lucy Feagins.

Master Bedroom details. Mathieu Mategot ‘Baghdad’ lamp on Zanotta side table.  Hans Wegner ‘Valet’ chair, Rope artwork by Dani Marti.  Photos – Sean Fennessy, production – Lucy Feagins.

Hazel’s room – ‘KONE’ chair by Roger Mclay (1949), ‘Burbujas’ painting by Chris Humphries.  Photos – Sean Fennessy, production – Lucy Feagins.

Pepa’s bedroom. Photos – Sean Fennessy, production – Lucy Feagins.

Pepa and Hazel’s cubby house, aka the ‘Pom Pom Cafe’!?  Photos – Sean Fennessy, production – Lucy Feagins.

The garden path, looking to front garden and street.  Photos – Sean Fennessy, production – Lucy Feagins.

Exquisite Victorian street frontage.  Photos – Sean Fennessy, production – Lucy Feagins.

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Wednesday 19th September 2012


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    A truly delightful insight!

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    As one of the remaining 5 people in the country who doesn’t have facebook….I would almost join just to ‘like’ you as requested, Dean! Almost….
    Lovely home, as always :)

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    Beautiful house. Can I please ask what sort of wood was used for the panel of doors and windows opposite te kitchen?

  • mandy 4 years ago

    Oh we first bought great things from Dean when he first started Plasma …. those were the days !!!

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    I would like to move in right away too please! Right in the middle of Fitzroy has to be the best location too.

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    I am now obsessed with the home of Lisa Gorman.

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    Don’t do Facebook, but I do have a table for tableware :-) Nice work by NEST as always

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    This house to me is the embodiment of Melbourne. Cool, classy, beautiful pieces mixed with cutting edge design without the edges. Melbourne doesn’t try hard, this couple have put what they love into their home, and it feels like a home where real people live, yet inspires at every turn. And that exterior facade….! Blessed.

  • Penelope 4 years ago

    what a beautiful home! it must have been very hard to edit down these photos lucy :)

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    Nest do some great work!

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  • Kate Cronk 4 years ago

    I adore the light filled and airy interiors filled with mid century treasures plus quirky modern pieces. My brother in law is about to move home and is seeking a ‘new look ‘ I’ll send him the link!!!!

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    Absolutely amazing place. i am a massive fan of both Gormans clothing and Angulecci furniture and already follow both regularly on facebook, so to put these 2 amazing styles together in the one home is exactly how i would imagine it. it is a warm and inviting home with their own eclectic style. DIVINE!!!!

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    I find it so interesting when you know of two people separately and place them in your understanding of Lisa Gorman – fashion, bold colour and incredible pattern talent and then separately Dean Angellucci – 20th century furniture enthusiast to which I adore!
    But then they surprise you as a couple and what a power couple they are together!
    Beautiful home, I agree with you Lucy! It would be my first choice to move in to!!

  • emma g 4 years ago

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    My husband and I walk past this house most days to walk our dog. We have loved watching it being built, grow and age over the last few years. Absolutely beautiful inside.

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    Stunning! I adore the kitchen and bathroom and in particular the timber features throughout the house. Congratulations for creating a beautiful, light filled unique and interesting home! I want to steal a few pieces of your furniture!

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    Such a beautiful home, full of light and natural timbers. The use of colour is tastefully done and used to highlight subtle features of this house. I feel a bit naughty like I have suck into someone house for a sneak peak while they were in the middle of family life – such a homely home.

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    Love there work (:

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    Ahhhh now it all makes sense! The house that I’ve admired for years and often drive past on my way to work, just to admire the outside, and wonder what it looks like inside! Thank you Design Files for taking me inside and Lisa Gorman, Dean Angelucci and your architect for creating such a landmark! Love it!

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    Cilla rule

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    (p.s. liked on facebook!)

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    It’s à beautiful home and what strikes me is thé generosity of Lisa and Dean to continue sharing it, welcoming TDF in for us to enjoy and be inspired by. Thank you.

  • Edita 4 years ago

    beautiful house, so many interesting details!
    i adore the ‘Last Minute’ stools by Patricia Urquoiola, and i do need them – from where can i get them ?

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  • Ali 4 years ago

    Thank you for this feature on Dean Angelucci and Lisa Gorman’s house. Their home is just beautiful – so much light, so much style, but also some welcoming. What else would you expect from one of Melbourne’s most stylish couple! I want to move in straight away.

  • Alex Hicks 4 years ago

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    Understated with beautiful materilality and georgeous objects.

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    What a gorgeous home! Full of so much personality, style and love.
    And Russell Wright ceramics what an absolute delight. Have scoured many a New York flee market for some but with no luck…just a book! I saw such a great exhibition of his work at the airport in San Fran a couple of yrs ago. Quite a random location but really great to see, just beautiful.

  • eleanor 4 years ago

    Living in QLD it’s aboutthe LIGHT – lovely house.

  • Claire Gaynor 4 years ago

    Ergh, so stunning. I love that it looks like the house is a home, and not a catalogue. So much heart!

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    That kitchen is fabulous – I think it would even inspire me to want to cook! Beautiful house.

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    Major house envy. Love the retro 70s vibe the kitchen gives. Reminds me of the house my dad designed and built in the 70s. Something so warm and inviting yet so cool about it.

  • Amy S-O 4 years ago


  • Beck 4 years ago

    I would so LOVE that jug!!!!!!

  • Iolanthe 4 years ago

    I always wondered who owned this beautiful home as I wander by it after grabbing a coffee at De Clieu. The thick beam fence has a beautiful ‘moving and playful’ quality to it I love.

  • Renee Muratore 4 years ago

    What a stunning house! Why doesn’t my room look like Pepa’s?!

    And what a super cool jug that is!

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    Modern, crafty, elegant and sophisticated, yet still warm and comforting! Absolutely gorgeous!

  • Annabelle Gillroy 4 years ago

    I feel truly lucky to be given an insight into the house of Lisa Gorman!
    Not only is it filled with mind blowing beauty, but reassuring to know that the work she produces through her spectacular garments is also reflected in the interior of her home.

    <3 x

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    Talented people with a gorgeous house. Thank you for sharing your home.

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    Gorman is one of my all time favourite labels, mainly for its individuality, use of amazing patterns and bright, pop colour. I’m not at all suprised then, that this house – with its styling by Gorman and Angelucci together – looks as amazing as it does. The kids rooms are my favourite, especially the revamped wrought iron hospital beds. Question if you are able to answer: are Pepa and Hazel’s hexagonal pillows a Gorman number? Where might I find one? And is Pepa’s quilt by ‘Kantha’?
    ps. I’ve “liked” your Angelucci page for extra credit ;)

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    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful – my hat goes off to Emilio for his gorgeous work, and to Lisa and Dean for maintaining a starkly modernist aesthetic with two kids running around. Hell, I only have the one and it looks like a tornado has ripped through my house!

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  • Amanda Clayson 4 years ago

    Any chance you would like a lodger???? I have a family, but I can always visit them at my house! You have my details now!!!! :)

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    I’ve lived in Australia for years and have recently moved to Melbourne. I seem to have still had this chip on my shoulder from living in Vancouver – often scoffing at the brick houses of Melbourne that all looked the same. It only took a few entrances into the homes of people I met to fill the chip in – permanently! Homes like this make me appreciate the old soul that Melbourne is. The homes ooze with personality, telling different stories. Everyone has a unique story, and they tell it so beautifully. This is the perfect example!

    Nowadays, I see the homes of Melbourne like I see books – some of the covers are the same, but the stories and characters inside will leave you longing for another book, another story.

  • Sophie 4 years ago

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    I have worn Lisa Gorman’s clothing since her first store opened in Melbourne many moons ago… I find her aesthetic really suits my personal brand to a tea. Its wonderful to see into her home, and again enjoy that positive, creative aesthetic that she shares with her family and friends – creating a home which is comfortable, fun and incredibly well thought out. Nice one.

  • A seriously cool and inviting home… love the kitchen tap! And that fireplace – wow!

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    So perhaps it was a blessing in disguise that the squatters all but burnt the place down? A very inspiring makeover of a heritage house, I am about to tackle an old cottage in Freo WA and I hope I get it as right as these two have!

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    Here is another article about this amazing home!

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    This is a gorgeous home, I love how they have fused such different periods and made the most of the remains of such a beautiful Victorian home. I love Gorman clothes and love the Angelucci store, and didn’t have any idea they were connected in some way! But mainly – all the gorgeous chairs!!! Cannot get over my love affair with chairs.

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    Your photos always capture the personality of the home – not just the furnishings.

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    I love this house!!! It is a rare blend… stylish, edgy yet relaxed. Totally leading the way yet timeless… It is providing me with lots of inspiration for my own upcoming renovation!!!

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  • Kath 4 years ago

    This has to be one of the most beautiful homes i’ve seen featured on TDF – and there have ben a few!! I am paticularly in love with the Italian Wall Lamp and Rope artwork by Dani Marti in the master bedroom – I know what i’ll be dreaming about tonight…..

  • Anny 4 years ago

    so dreamy, love love love!!!

  • Cassandra 4 years ago

    I’m with you Lucy, would love to move in today! Love the use of glass, space and style. With those two at the helm you can’t go wrong. How generous of Dean to offer a set of iconic tableware from Russell Wright, probably my only chance my home will have a piece of their’s!

  • Nicola 4 years ago

    oh lisa gorman, you’ve done it again! i keep seeing her everywhere! in broadsheet, here, and i even bought a lovely dress from gorman yesterday in anticipation for some sunhine! i was shocked to not see more colour in the home but it is magical none the less. also love the Road Kill art by Marianne Drew, where can i find her work?

  • Leah 4 years ago

    LOVE Gorman!

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    Omg – this is like a dream house! I always browse at Angelucci but have never purchased. The Baeur pottery gorgeous.

  • Grant 4 years ago

    Inspirational, Sensational, Motivational! My darling wife has been on at me for months about finally completing all the little half finished jobs I seem to have left around our house – perusing these images has spurred me into action. This weekend i’ll be doing my best to get all those little tasks complete – being proud of your home means alot and Lisa and Dean have every reason under the sun to be proud of their pad! Winning the giveaway would be grand – imagine presenting my wife with that gorgeous prize and getting the jobs completed – she won’t know what’s hit her!!!

  • Eddie 4 years ago

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    wow. so amazing… and not that surprising seeing that it’s these two!
    Great giveaway too. thanks!

  • Luisa Bastiras 4 years ago

    This is the kind of home I often dream of living in. It’s not hemmed into the conventional. It’s a family home without being a play house; and it’s a place to share art and the things you love without being a museum. It’s quite obviously lived in and loved. Plus, it’s in Melbourne (the greatest city this side of New York).

  • Linda 4 years ago

    Offically my favourite too! The perfect mix of old and new.

  • Siobhan 4 years ago

    Two of my favourite creative people and you did not disappoint! I have just brought a new house and can’t wait to use this house as inspiration. Hopefully the budget will stretch to a shopping spree at angelucci 20th century. Just brilliant!

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    sooo many things to love about this house – thanks!

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  • smart red 4 years ago

    Gorgeous home but I have to agree with another comment, where is all the “stuff”?! No books! No kids toys! I realise this is a photo shoot but still! Having said that, I would happily live in this natural light filled home…would happily swap houses!…I’ll just clutter it with all of my books and “stuff”!

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    Just one question? How do they feel that everyone knows where they live?

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  • Terry Schwebel 4 years ago

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  • Erin 4 years ago

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    I’ve just moved into a new house with my partner and we’re constantly fighting about the aesthetic of our place. He loves brown (and that’s about it!) and I love bright pops of colour mixed with neutrals. Seeing these pictures has giving me loads of ideas of how we can mix our two styles harmoniously!

  • Nikita 4 years ago

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  • Vanessa Azevedo 4 years ago

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    sources back to your website? My website is in the very same
    area of interest as yours and my visitors would definitely benefit from some of the information you provide here.

    Please let me know if this alright with you. Thanks!

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    This is literally the most beautiful home I’ve ever seen in my life.

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