Sollis Jewellery

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Thursday 23rd August 2012

Various designs from Sydney based Sollis Jewellery

I have had my eye on Sydney-based Sollis Jewellery for some time, but finally met the designer behind the brand, Eleanor Ford, recently in Melbourne.  Eleanor is from the UK originally, and trained in jewellery design and textiles in London before commencing her design career, which included an early stint working at Swarovski in Paris!  In 2009 she relocated to Sydney, and worked on design projects with various high profile brands including Gorman, Megan Park and Sophie Kyron, before launching her own company, Sollis in 2011!

With Sollis, Eleanor explores the relationship between craft and fashion – traditional weaving and knotting techniques are used to create contemporary wearable fashion pieces, with spectacular results!  Aside from the unique woven details and intricate beadwork, I am seriously loving Eleanor’s fabulous colour palettes… nope, still not tired of NEON yet!

Eleanor’s current collection ‘Frida’ is inspired by the colours, textiles and patterns of Central and Latin America.  Prices range from$50 to around $250 – pieces can be purchased via the Sollis online shop, or at retail stockists listed here.  All Sollis jewellery is made by hand in Sydney.

Necklaces from the ‘Dahia’ range from Sydney based Sollis Jewellery

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Thursday 23rd August 2012


  • alex 3 years ago

    So glad you are coving this range! I am a massive fan and my 2 x sollis necklaces are the most commented on and admired things I own. Great work!

  • Flora 3 years ago

    The colours in this jewellery are just gorgeous.

  • Emma Cleine 3 years ago

    A beautiful range and such inspirational designs. Lovely work Eleanor!

  • Donna 3 years ago

    Just beautiful!

  • Gabriela 3 years ago

    Thanks Lucy for sharing this, I’ve been looking for this style of necklace but wanted to buy from a local designer… fffound. THANKS!!!

  • Vanessa 3 years ago

    Love the neon colours, Eleanor is very talented!

  • Sally 3 years ago

    Gorgeous…..yummy….want one!!!

  • jaime 3 years ago

    love, love! the colors, the craftsmanship & wow these are all so unique. just lovely designs…

  • Maddie Brady 3 years ago

    Amazing work Eleanor! x

  • tamaracreations 3 years ago

    this is beautiful jewellery for all my friends

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