Ply Candy

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 6th August 2012

Ply Candy furniture.  Top and left – Space Candy Coffee Table, $590. Right – Maya Stool, $290.00.

After your super ace response to Melbourne’s Tressel Table Co. tables a few weeks back (thankyou you guys ROCK), I figured Sydney-based start-up Ply Candy would also be well worth a mention!

Launched in June this year by architect and furniture designer Martin Moeller, Ply Candy is all about making sustainable, modern plywood  furniture locally at an accessible price point.  I’m always on the hunt for affordable, Australian made furniture – it’s so great to see some fresh new solutions to this conundrum!

Martin uses digital technology to cut precise plywood shapes for each of his designs, thus minimising waste and getting the most out of each sheet of plywood. Once all pieces are cut, they are assembled and finished by hand in Martin’s Sydney workshop (with the exception of a couple which come flat-packed).  Remaining off-cuts are turned into smaller products such as bangles and tea-light candle holders.

Having worked as an architect for many years, Martin is very conscious of the hazardous chemical compounds found in many composite timber products.  For this reason, he has selected sustainably grown Finnish Birch Plywood with an E0 emissions rating for all Py Candy products.

The debut Ply Candy range has a minimalist, Scandi-inspired feel, and currently includes various chairs, stools, tables, occasional furniture and a super cute coat rack (pictured below), with prices starting at AU $290.00.  All are available to purchase via the Ply Candy website.

Martin is already developing a number of new pieces of furniture, with plans for a complete flat-pack series and a range of kids’ furniture.  Lots going on… watch this space!

Furniture and accessories by Ply Candy.  Top – Pilz Coat Rack, $340.00, bottom left – Ply Chair – $360.00, bottom right – X-side table – $440.00.

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 6th August 2012


  • trish 4 years ago

    Love it! Thanks for the Monday morning treat!

  • Georgina Campbell 4 years ago

    This page looks kinda blown out, bleachy. Is it my monitor? The white on white furniture is not so clearly defined…

  • julie @ tractorgirl 4 years ago

    love how the edge gives it a nice definition! thanks for sharing

  • Kath W 4 years ago

    I’m sure it’s very difficult to photograph white-on-white.

    This is lovely stuff.

  • Gabriela 4 years ago

    good stuff! thanks for sharing!

  • Jenna 4 years ago

    Perfect coat rack. Must start to plan a trip to Sydney…

  • Margie 4 years ago

    These are REALLY lovely Lucy – I think they would age very gracefully too.

  • John Wingate 4 years ago

    Lucy these are some awesome ideas! My favorite is the coat rack! Because of my industry in real estate I try to have many different suit coats with different styles to meet the styles of the homes. Sounds really weird….but it works haha!

  • eddie mc 4 years ago

    been to london recently – ???

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