Rachel Castle – Koskela Show (+ giveaway)

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Thursday 19th July 2012

‘Spirals’ by Rachel Castle – a new painting for her exhibition at Koskela in Sydney this month

‘Burst’ by Rachel Castle – a new painting for her exhibition at Koskela in Sydney this month

It’s no secret I’m a massive fan of Sydney based artist and designer Rachel Castle.  I sleep on her fluoro orange polkadot pillowcases most nights (and I swear those sunny spots make for the sweetest dreams), and have long admired her graphic screenprints and sweet embroidered typographic artworks.

From time to time, inbetween working on her fab bedlinen range and other creative projects, Rachel also creates incredible original paintings.  And as it happens, she has a brand new exhibition of 20 new paintings opening tonight at Koskela in Sydney!

Rachel has worked for months on this epic show – it’s the first time so many original Rachel Castle works have been created for one exhibition.  I’ve been very lucky to see a sneak peek of many of the paintings and I have to say it is looking super incredible. Rachel’s illustrative, graphic style and killer colour combos are sure to win a few new hearts this month. Sydneysiders, make haste if you’re keen to nab a beautiful original work by this lovely local artist!

KOSKELA from July 20th 2012
Koskela Gallery
1/85 Dunning Ave
Rosebery NSW 2018

ASIDE from working her paint-smudged fingers to the bone in preparation for this new exhibition, Rachel Castle has also been hard at work developing some seriously gorgeous new products for her super popular bedlinen range.   I’m particularly loving her brand new VELVET QUILT COVERS (yes, the doona goes inside), available in 3 fab colourways.  Can you imagine a more deliciously cosy solution to beat the wintertime blues!??  Me neither.  Seriously cute, machine washable,  and toasty warm.

New two-tone watermelon / yellow velvet quilt by Castle – and one of Rachel’s new paintings for the Koskela show hanging above!

New yellow velvet quilt by Castle

Lucky for YOU GUYS, to celebrate the launch of her new Velvet range, Rachel would love to treat one lucky TDF reader with a rather excellent giveaway!

Rachel Castle bedlinen giveaway –

1 x queen yellow velvet quilt – RRP $300 (pictured lower image above)
2 x velvet pillowcases to match – RRP $49 each (winner can choose whichever colour they’d like) .

To be in the running, simply leave a comment on this post before 10.00pm this evening, Melbourne time. (July 19th 2012).  A winner will be drawn at random and contacted via email tomorrow!  *if you have trouble commenting this morning, please be patient and consider popping back in the afternoon!  Wordpress often struggles when many comments are placed at one time – thankyou for your perseverence!

Massive thanks to Rachel for this super generous giveaway! If you’re in Sydney this week do pop by the Koskela showroom for a peek at Rachel’s beautiful new paintings – you won’t be disappointed!

* UPDATE: Thank you everyone for your amazing comments about Rachel’s new show and velvet bedlinen range! The winner of the Castle giveaway has been drawn at random and contacted by email – congratulations Donna (comment 505!). And thanks again to Rachel for offering such a generous prize pack!

Another brand new painting from Rachel’s new exhibition at Koskela in Sydney this month


by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Thursday 19th July 2012


  • Sally 4 years ago

    I would love to wake up to sunny yellow velvet!

  • kiri 4 years ago

    pick me!

  • Alison 4 years ago

    I have got a thing for linen so I must win!!

  • Linden 4 years ago

    Beautiful linen! Good luck with the show!

  • Sarah J 4 years ago

    I hope I win this. Cozy and bright!

  • georgie n 4 years ago

    Yellow! Am looking for a great excuse to make a few changes…

  • Ness 4 years ago

    Ooooh me, me! Pick me! The perfect trio: Tdf, koskela and castle!

  • anna 4 years ago

    I think I just squealed with excitement over these quilt covers! and on a side note that put the love in the coconut pillowcase?!?! amazingness. her whole website just makes me happy.

  • Sarah C 4 years ago

    Loving all things Castle – so sunny and happy

  • Desb 4 years ago

    Velvet ….. My absolute favorite !!! Great giveaway (:

  • Kirsty 4 years ago

    Another dreamy giveaway. Thanks TDF!

  • Nancyblackett 4 years ago

    Those are just gorgeous. I have seen lots of velvet throws in dark jewel colours (I even own some) but nothing with those clear fruit pastille colours. I just adore these and would love to have that sunny, joyful quilt brighten up my Canberra winter

  • Terri 4 years ago

    Yellow velvet quilt covers – I’m in love!

  • Jodie 4 years ago

    Love it all!

  • Amy 4 years ago

    I’d love to brighten up my bedroom with this quilt cover!

  • Jacqui 4 years ago

    Love of her use of color, makes for happy colorful dreaming!

  • Liz c 4 years ago

    So sunny and happy. Would love to win

  • Mary 4 years ago

    I love Rachel Castle’s cheerful designs

  • Kate 4 years ago

    I love ‘Castle’…. She is so inspiring! Her linen is on my want (or need, if you wish) list!!!!

  • CJK 4 years ago

    This would make my bed so delicious i may never get out!

  • christine 4 years ago


  • Okologi 4 years ago

    Looks so cozy, and I need a new door a cover. My current favourite is almost threadbare!

  • Leah 4 years ago

    Just the thing to brighten my winter nights in Melbourne!

  • Jane Lampe 4 years ago

    I love velvet!!!

  • christine 4 years ago

    more must have gorgeousness from rachel!

  • Tania 4 years ago

    sunny yellow for a cold winter day..yes please..!x

  • Ruthie 4 years ago

    Velvet + Yellow = YUMMY!

  • Pamela Oberman 4 years ago

    I am deeply impressed by your original use of colour on your great trippy bedlinnen, I would have the sharpest bedroom in Qld should I win

  • Rona 4 years ago

    Smile-making designs!

  • Amanda 4 years ago

    Simply beautiful!!

  • Michelle Greene 4 years ago

    Gorgeous! I love the entire range.

  • Tali Roth 4 years ago

    Please let me win this prize! I am a huge Rachel Castle fan! x

  • Nathalie Murray 4 years ago

    Such bright and inspiring designs!

  • Bea 4 years ago

    I would love some ‘sunshine’ in my home! Rachel’s work is simply gorgeous! Pick me pick me!

  • Jan Dent 4 years ago

    What beautiful art!

  • Joey Ressom 4 years ago

    Rachel’s style rocks…love the colours…love the fabric…love to wake up in sunshine every day.

  • Karly 4 years ago

    I love pretty things!

  • Penny 4 years ago

    Beautiful linen – love Rachel’s pieces.

  • Elouise 4 years ago

    Yummy, I may never get out of bed with a bedroom setup like that.

  • Michelle 4 years ago

    love the flouro !

  • deb 4 years ago

    Velvet, divine

  • Kirsty 4 years ago

    Love YELLOW!!

  • Kate 4 years ago

    such happy bedding – my room would be a warm and fuzzy place with a set!

  • Asha 4 years ago

    LOVE these, especially in the yellow velvet….SWOON!

  • Nina C 4 years ago

    I just bought the Castle yellow round velvet cushion…I must have known I was going to win this welt cover to match. It’s a sign. Such a lovely range!

  • Suzanne Clarke 4 years ago

    I wake up each morning to see Rachel’s little embroidered yellow heart on my wall, it is a great way to start the day!

  • Lee 4 years ago

    Love this beautiful cover, and love Rachel’s work!

  • Johno 4 years ago


  • Brianna 4 years ago

    Love, want, NEED this x

  • Nick 4 years ago

    She’s one clever chicken…

  • Kim 4 years ago

    I so love yellow at the moment. Great colour to wake up to this spring!

  • Ana 4 years ago

    Ooooooo. I would love to brighten my bedroom with these lucious bed clothes. The yellow doona cover would look stunning with my blue curtains. Yes please!

  • Mel Dal Pozzo 4 years ago

    I would love love love ‘ sunshine on a rainy melbourne day!

  • Vanessa 4 years ago

    Rachel Castle, amazing talent. Love to wake up in cosy velvet bed linen. xx
    Cant wait to check out the exhibition.

  • Kathy Elek 4 years ago

    amazing giveaway, amazing artist, amazing design files
    thank you lucy

  • Tessa White 4 years ago

    Oh I just adore everything she ever does and my slate grey room is longing for this colour explosion to smile about :)

  • honeysuckle 4 years ago

    liquid sunshine all over the bed.. you want to bask and deeply saturate yourself in the goldeness…

  • Grace Fitzsimmons 4 years ago

    Would absolutely love to have a bit of Rachel Castle design in my house…please!

  • Michelle 4 years ago

    I’d love some of that gorgeous colour in my life!

  • Karena 4 years ago

    Love love love Rachel Castles work, so fresh, so cheerful – yet to own something beautiful to sleep in so this would be the perfect prize to brighten my bedroom & make winter time colour full xxx

  • Bec 4 years ago

    Velvet + doona = bliss!

  • lupo 4 years ago

    love all things castle and colour my world please x

  • Jane 4 years ago

    Clever artist, clever lady, lucky tdf reader.

  • Emma 4 years ago

    What an amazing giveaway. All the best with your exhibition Rachael. I’m sure it will be a massive success and worth all the hard work.

  • Natalia 4 years ago

    Oh I am going to Sydney tomorrow, will definitely pop over to koskela!

  • VMstyle 4 years ago

    Jadore ! Loving the vibrant linen & such a dream in velvet but wait it gets better with gorgeous artwork to match. I’m a fan !!!

  • ambah 4 years ago

    Hello Sunshine!

  • Jasmin 4 years ago

    Oh, how beautifully that yellow would go with my yellow front door! Best of luck with the show.

  • Ginny 4 years ago

    I adore everything Rachel Castle creates!! Absolutely stunning! Would love this to keep me warm and toasty in my freezing little house!

  • Sharon Allen 4 years ago

    How gorgeous! Yes please!

  • Samantha Clark 4 years ago

    Rachel Castle colour is the best wake-me-up! Hello sunshine!

  • Maddie 4 years ago

    Loved her linens when we went to the TDF house last year. These look beautiful. Fingers crossed…

  • Kezi 4 years ago

    Need some of that sunshine desperately! Pick me please!!!

  • susannah 4 years ago

    brilliant colours, who wouldn’t love her artworks and bed linen!

  • Anne Shepherd 4 years ago

    Could it get any cosier than a velvet doona cover? I don’t think so! Inspired!

  • Larissa 4 years ago

    Love yellow and black!!!

  • Jane 4 years ago

    Such a lovely colour. It would be a dream to collapse into each night and a joy o wake up to every morning.

  • Jo 4 years ago

    If anything is going to make me a morning person this linen will – how totally gorgeous!

  • Felicetta 4 years ago

    Love Rachel Castle’s work! It’s so sunny and bright.

  • Camille 4 years ago

    Oh mon dieu c’est magnifique! That quilt is the most beautiful thing! Pick me, SVP!

  • Chloe 4 years ago

    Just in the process of re-doing my room, this would be amazing!

  • Irene J 4 years ago

    LOVE her new range! The colours really pop! Beautiful.

  • Laura 4 years ago

    Really covetable linen! Another great giveaway

  • Amy 4 years ago

    I feel warm just looking at it! Please?!

  • serena 4 years ago

    yellow and velvet, doesn’t get much better!

  • Rowena 4 years ago

    Love it!

  • Gillian Maxlow 4 years ago

    Fantastic colours, AND ….. velvet!!!! Just the thing for a winter bed :-)

  • Patricia Balfour 4 years ago

    Ooh la la! Sleeping with velvet eye candy…yes please.

  • Casey 4 years ago

    Would love!

  • Charlotte 4 years ago

    i love
    v e l v e t
    A N D
    r a c h e l
    c a s t l e
    PICK ME!

  • Chantal 4 years ago

    Amazing art and love the bedlinen

  • katie clulow 4 years ago

    went into Mark Tuckey a few weeks ago to touch theses scrumptious quilts. The feel is like heaven!! Brilliant colour choice LOVE

  • Wing 4 years ago

    Velvety and delicious on a cold winters night. Love the bed linen and beautiful artwork.

  • Dimity Sawyer 4 years ago

    Have been admiring all things Rachel Castle for ages, hope I win !

  • Lisa 4 years ago

    Absolutely LOVE!!! I need this linen in my life!

  • Bettina Deda 4 years ago

    Gorgeous colours and artwork! Thank you for offering this draw!

  • Chiara 4 years ago

    Yellow is my favorite colour! Please be mine!!

  • Helen 4 years ago

    Oh Heaven!! Love her designs. Yes Please!

  • Harriet 4 years ago

    can’t wait to check out this exhibition!

  • erin.k jewellery 4 years ago

    Wish i was in sydney to see the exhibition, so fresh and fabulous! Would love to infuse my dreams with a bit of yummy yellow velvet! Im in need of some inspiration and this looks like just the ticket!!

  • Leila 4 years ago

    Oh Yes Please Lucy!

  • Vanessa 4 years ago

    Oh I love yellow! So sunny, it makes me smile

  • Barbarella 4 years ago

    I’m crazy for polka dots, sleeping & all things velvet… Adore the artworks too!

  • Trudi 4 years ago

    What a shame I can’t view the Exhibition (and the Koskela store that I hear so much about here in Melbourne!) Another great giveaway, thanks TDF!

  • Alice 4 years ago

    LOVE Rachel’s work! And what better way to spend lazy weekend mornings than snuggled under one of her velvet duvets!

  • Sally 4 years ago

    Oh, yes please! So lovely to hear happy positive comments again on the wonderful TDF, amazing what a brand new day can bring…

  • Keryn Hughes 4 years ago

    I have been admiring Rachel’s pieces for some time. Will be sure to revisit Koskela to see the exhibition and new products!

  • Clea 4 years ago

    Total fan of castle, would love to wake up with this every morning.

  • Amber 4 years ago

    Love love love!!!!

  • Jacqui 4 years ago

    Add this to the list of reasons why the design files is my favourite site!

  • Kristy 4 years ago

    Late bloomer…I only discovered Rachel Castle 2 days ago and since then have been one very HAPPY gal! I love her use of bright colours and gorgeous art work! I am in sunshine & lollipops land dreaming about the chance to win the castle luxurious velvet bed linen – pretty please PICK ME! *^^*

  • CB 4 years ago

    Beautiful and perfect for winter

  • Meave 4 years ago

    Yellow + Velvet = LOVE
    Would definitely take the edge off a cold morning like this morning :)

  • Julie Bryant 4 years ago

    Wintertime velvet in beautiful colours.

  • Kelly 4 years ago

    Rachel Castle can do no wrong!!! Sleeping + velvet = happy days!!

  • Kristy 4 years ago

    Rachel Castle rocks!

  • Penguin Vicki 4 years ago

    Color my world XXx

  • Kate Cronk 4 years ago

    Divine cheery sunshine yellow to brighten up a freezing winter night – it is minus 2 degrees in Bendigo as I speak……….. brrrrrrrrr.

  • Celeste 4 years ago

    So pretty and fun. Would love to have that xo

  • Moira 4 years ago

    Oh, please let it be my lucky day!! Just love it!

  • Samantha 4 years ago

    The colours are just amazing. Its so nice to see all the brights on such a blah grey day.

  • Sam Morris 4 years ago

    So gorgeous! I would definitely wake up with a sunny disposition after sleeping amongst these gorgeous pieces!

  • Mel 4 years ago

    Yes please! I am in massive need of beautiful bedding!!

  • Sophie 4 years ago


  • leanne 4 years ago

    hmm, well it’s minus 2 here this morning in bendigo!! so reading about velvet quilt covers is helping me warm up – thanks!! loving rachel’s prints too! gorgeous x

  • Ann Bacon 4 years ago

    This lovely cove would certainly brighten up our room on a dull winter’s day in Victoria. :)

  • Rosie 4 years ago

    Will definitely be visiting Koskela now…

  • Jo 4 years ago

    Oh my, yes please! The yellow velvet to match my yellow and grey spotted Castle sheets and pillowcases. LoVe!

  • Kate 4 years ago

    Rachel Castle you make my heart sing!!! xx

  • Emma 4 years ago

    Oh please pick me oh my I love them!

  • sam 4 years ago

    Loving those fabulous artworks!

  • Fi 4 years ago

    Love it!

  • Michelle 4 years ago

    loving the yellow! yes please!

  • Anthony 4 years ago

    This wold go perfectly with my newly purchased Rachel Castle custom embroided atwork. Everything Rachel does, brightens my day. I just wish I had the funds to go along tonight and purchase an original!

  • Leah 4 years ago

    Love! I need a little sunshine on my bed on these cold winter mornings! Yes please!!

  • Kay 4 years ago

    Holy Marigold Yellow = nesting with Castle.

  • Vicki 4 years ago

    Tremendously,outrageously gorgeous!! Bring a show to Melbourne and brighten up our winter!

  • Chris 4 years ago

    WOW! Wake up with a BAM! Love it!

  • Yvette 4 years ago

    oh hi!!

  • Lisa 4 years ago

    A yellow velvet quilt cover… who would have thought??

  • nathalie 4 years ago

    Makes me happy

  • Amanda mackenzie 4 years ago

    Yes pleeeease …my bedroom is screaming out for some Castle colour !

  • George 4 years ago

    Velvet against naked skin…mmm

  • Miranda 4 years ago

    Love <3

  • Andrea 4 years ago

    Just like a little yummy egg sunny side up :) Love that yellow X

  • Lisa 4 years ago

    Love Love Love Rachel Castle!! And would kill (well not quite…!) for one of her beautiful, soft, warm velvet sets!

  • Evelyn 4 years ago

    I’ve slept on flannelette, cotton, linen, satin and silk. Would love to add VELVET for a Very cold winter.

  • Lou 4 years ago

    Love the bright colour & I can’t imagine what it feels like to touch.

  • Jess Yore 4 years ago

    You wake up to sunshine every morning with Rachel Castle! L-O-V-E!

  • Courtney 4 years ago

    super pretty!

  • Emma 4 years ago

    Sure cheers up our cold Melbourne winter – gorgeous designs and colours :)

  • lucy 4 years ago


  • Liz Borham 4 years ago


  • Roslyn Crosswell 4 years ago

    Very original!

  • Laura 4 years ago

    Oh my goodness… this would be SO dreamy in my room! Gosh I hope I win :)

  • Jeremy 4 years ago

    Fresh, clean, soft to touch and bright…what more could you ask for in bed linen? well done

  • Emma 4 years ago

    Love yellow! Will go great with my grey goose colour walls and white bedside tables!

  • Kathee Gunn 4 years ago


  • Sarah 4 years ago

    Fabulous yellow!

  • Zoe 4 years ago

    Simply gorgeous!!!

  • Kathrynjb 4 years ago

    Wish I could get to the show but winning would be a good consolation….

  • Carmen lee platt 4 years ago

    Oh for a cup of tea and a book to enjoy under all that warm cosyliciousness. Looking forward to seeing the show. Break a leg for the opening!

  • Pippa 4 years ago

    Pops of colour, yes please!

  • Rachel 4 years ago

    What a wonderful thing to have on my bed, hint hint :). Thank you for the colour!
    Am in Sydney for a few weeks so will hunt down this show.

  • Pippa 4 years ago

    yes please!

  • miranda 4 years ago

    oooo – I love a bit of velvet!

  • Melinda 4 years ago

    I love Rachel’s velvet bedlinen range. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Fabian 4 years ago

    gorgeous colours!

  • Clarissa 4 years ago

    Gorgeous colours!

  • Melissa Simonetta 4 years ago

    I have one of her pillowcases (and towel and teatowel) and they’re the fave hing in my house! Would LOVE to win one of the new quilt covers!! And def checking out her show at Koskela…. BIG FAN

  • Lee 4 years ago

    Ah – I wish I was in Sydney to see the show! Bed Linen looks super sweet!

  • Katherine 4 years ago

    Sunshine in the bedroom!!!

  • Betsie 4 years ago

    Absolutely stunning work – thanks for sharing!!

  • Helena R. 4 years ago

    such an amazing giveaway! LOVE!

  • Jacqui 4 years ago

    Thanks Rachael, your work is marvellous.

  • Imogen 4 years ago

    Velvety goodness!

  • matt 4 years ago

    I would love a cosy, velvet, bed makeover to greet those freezing cold spring mornings
    to come. The block colors look simple and great and the stitching adds the detail.

  • Tessa 4 years ago

    What better way to beat the Winter blues than with
    Rachel Castle’s yellowy goodness! Love!

  • Elisha 4 years ago

    I have been searching for a yellow duvet cover forever – and this is just super perfect – this would make me very happy ! …..

  • Alex 4 years ago

    BEAUTIFUL!!! I’m in dire need of new bed linen!!!!

  • Cris 4 years ago

    Oohhh. Velvet and sunny yellow and my bed. Perfect.

  • Louise 4 years ago

    Velvet Linen! Making the bed will be a joy for a change!

  • Susan 4 years ago

    Velvet would be perfect for these cold winter mornings! Beautiful colours!

  • Michelle 4 years ago

    Those colours and designs certainly make for a happy day.

  • Genevieve 4 years ago

    Oh I love her work and I looove that yellow!

  • Ellie 4 years ago

    O.M.G. These quilts just went to the top of my lust list. Ah-mazing!

  • ruth thomas 4 years ago

    Everything looks great!…wish i were able to go to the show….
    Yes,please!Will gladly pay shipping….

  • Micha 4 years ago

    Imagine sleeping in velvet! How utterly divine.

  • melissa stewart 4 years ago

    i love these killer colours ,and desperately in need of a new look in the bedroom,fingers crossed..

  • Sara Mather 4 years ago

    I love her use of such warm and vibrant colours. It would practically be like sleeping on sunshine!

  • Sarah 4 years ago

    Please, please, please pick me. We are in dire need of coziness in our room with a new baby waking us every two hours for food! Love Rachel castle, this doona cover would go well with my castle sheets, pillowcases and cushions!

  • Larissa Best 4 years ago

    I too believe sleeping on Castle linen makes me dream about beautiful things!!

  • Rachel 4 years ago

    Laying in bed now with my 6 mth old blowing rasberries, as its 2′ outside.
    I think a velvet bedspread is what’s missing – my little Rose would love the texture and frankly I’d love the vibrancy and epicness of a Rachel castle creation.
    Fingers and cold toes crossed!
    Rach and rose

  • Leah 4 years ago

    Love, love! Thank you Rachel and Lucy. Now to select a painting to go with them!

  • Jane 4 years ago

    I’d wake up so happy under that doona cover! x

  • Kirsty 4 years ago

    Velvet sounds gorgeous.. Would be perfect in my new bedroom which is white, white, white!

  • Kristyn 4 years ago

    Oh gosh I so need this! Me please Lucy!!!

  • Eko Pam 4 years ago

    This would be a dream come true!

  • Rochelle 4 years ago

    Wow, I love her work. I’d love to have a print of hers in my living room – do you know if Rachel will be having a Melbourne show? The quilt is just divine, a beautiful pop of sunshine will definitely brighten my bedroom! Love!

  • Agata 4 years ago

    Would love to brighten up our cold Melbourne winter with this cheery Rachel Castle bedlinen!

  • Nikki Jones 4 years ago

    This new range is beautiful – thank you Rachel Castle for making them.

  • Melissa 4 years ago

    Yes please! The colours are great….my bedding is all white and boring!

  • erin 4 years ago

    These would be so super lovely to snuggle up to on a cold night…Ps. Loving Castle’s artworks – too cute!

  • amy 4 years ago

    such gorgeous things

  • Wendy 4 years ago

    Rachel’s designs make me happy :)

  • Lauren 4 years ago

    Great colours! Would love to wake up in that

  • Stephanie Stamatis 4 years ago

    She is one of my faves too! Great give away

  • Samantha Thomas 4 years ago

    Can’t wait to check out the paintings at Koskela! And this cozy quilt would go perfectly with the yellow cube shelves in my bedroom – Hope I win!

  • Jacq Moore 4 years ago

    If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands!

  • Sarah 4 years ago

    Gorgeous! And just what I need to make me happy to wake up on a cold winter’s morning.

  • Pauline 4 years ago

    Beautiful, retro but modern designs in such fun colours!

  • Emily 4 years ago

    Absolutely beautiful, Rachel sure knows what she’s doing!!

  • Melinda 4 years ago

    I think a yellow velvet doona cover would go beautifully with my RC black polka dot pillow slips! xo

  • Hannah 4 years ago

    Love, love, LOVE! Rachel, PLEASE brighten up my mornings with your delectable velvet!!

  • Amity 4 years ago

    What a talented artist Rachel Castle is. I love her work! Thanks DF for your great giveaways. Your email alert is always a highlight of my day.

  • Rebecca Dean 4 years ago

    What a brilliant giveaway the colours are amazing – wow LOVE IT .

  • Erin 4 years ago

    Yellow + velvet + machine washable = perfect winter bed linen!

  • Heather 4 years ago

    Love! LOve! LOVe! LOVE! the Velvet range!

  • Castle linen keeps going from better to best. Would love a touch of velvet on my bed!

  • Michelle 4 years ago

    Lovely sunny paintings and bed linen.

  • Stephanie 4 years ago

    ah i love the her burst painting- simply beautiful!

  • lauren 4 years ago

    look beautiful, my bed would love this gift!

  • Ellen 4 years ago

    Hopefully these will give me a good night’s sleep so I can get up BRIGHT and early for work :-)

  • marta 4 years ago

    Velveticious!! Please let it be me…!

  • Bianca 4 years ago

    Beautifully fun paintings. In melbourne so will miss the exhibition. Generous giveaway. Wouldn’t mind a yellow velvet quilt cover for our guest room. Perfect to brighten up a room.

  • denise honan 4 years ago

    innovative use of a luxurious fabric

  • Rachel 4 years ago

    Oh my, waking every day with this lovely cover would be like waking up with the sunshing on you, which is much needed in Melbourne at the moment, just lovely

  • kate 4 years ago

    i love velvet!

  • Ellie Schroeder 4 years ago

    So bright and colourful! Would love to win.

  • Amber 4 years ago

    Love the colours and on velvet too….
    Love the new paintings, and an excuse to head out to Koskela for lunch, fabulous!

  • Amanda 4 years ago

    What a divine prize! xx

  • lamina @ do a bit 4 years ago

    Oh my gosh… Love her work! What a fab giveaway! velvet for winter sleeping…. YUM!

  • libs 4 years ago

    oh my goodness. i have been holding on to my yellow-pin-stripe-corduroy-velvet lounge for fifteen years. i knew it would come back into fashion. those velvet cushions would give it the “WELCOME BACK to cool” that it needs!

  • Saskia 4 years ago

    Yes Please!

  • nicole 4 years ago

    love love love!!!

  • kate 4 years ago

    i heart rachel castle designs & koskela!

  • Stephanie 4 years ago

    Love a bit of colour!! love the stuff rachel n lisa gorman created!! big fan!!!

  • JO 4 years ago

    I can’t make the show from Melbourne but would LOVE to bring some Rachel Castle into my home. So lovely, thanks for sharing

  • Victoria McKenzie-McHarg 4 years ago

    Beautiful sunny loveliness…so many posts…so many people in need of bedlinen. Who will wake up to yellow velvet Thursdays forever more?

  • Sally 4 years ago

    Love the bedlinen and now the velvet quilt cover and pillow cases. Yes please.

  • Gill 4 years ago

    Can’t think of a better colour to wake up in – I’m ready for a bit of sunshine!! Lovely giveaway.

  • Fiona 4 years ago

    I just love everything Rachel Castle creates! This new velvet bed linen range is no exception.. and those new paintings look amazing too!

  • Ola 4 years ago

    Oh my!!!!!! likely to have to fight my 9 year old son for this “LELLOW” set- xx

  • Emski 4 years ago

    We just looooooooove Rachel Castle and all thanks to TDF for introducing us to her! xx

  • Alex 4 years ago

    Velvet is such a great complementary material with the fabulous graphics. I need this cleverness in my life. Ax

  • Lisa 4 years ago

    the luxury of velvet and the happiness of sunshine yellow!!

  • Ceara Metlikovec 4 years ago

    From one artist to another, thank you for making such inspirational and magical art!!! I cannot wait to see your show.
    Best wishes,
    Ceara x

  • Simon 4 years ago

    Hope I’m lucky in linen

  • Jaclyn 4 years ago

    hope to make to Koskela tonight, otherwise fingers crossed!

  • Jesse G 4 years ago

    Beautiful colours!

  • Belinda 4 years ago

    Abosultely Love the bright colours. It adds instant style to any bedroom!

  • 4 years ago

    Glorious colours. Beautiful textures.


  • Katherine 4 years ago

    such awesome colours to sleep on!

  • Lucinda Bakhach 4 years ago

    I can only dream of having such beautiful Rachel Castle bedlinen. The again, DREAMS CAN COME TRUE.

  • Maria 4 years ago

    Waking up to those killer colours would be the best start to any day! I’ve been waiting to swap my white covers with some colour for such a long time but could never find the right linen addition. This, however, is perfect. Great giveaway!

  • Kate 4 years ago

    Pick me! Pick me!

  • Annalyse 4 years ago

    Rachel Castle, I adore you.

  • Indra King 4 years ago

    Love Rachel Castle, all that she does is so full of sunshine and happiness, and how lovely it is styled with Mark Tuckey furniture in those pics. I could do with a little of Rachel’s sunshine in my bedroom this winter! The yellow velvet – Oh My!

  • LC 4 years ago

    Love living the dream in velvet

  • Mikhaela 4 years ago

    I’d be honoured…

  • Miss Scruffy 4 years ago


  • Kim G 4 years ago

    Yellow for summer and velvet for warmth – covering all the seasons.

  • Karen 4 years ago

    yellow yellow yellow yellow yellow

  • Jenny Langmaid 4 years ago

    CASTLE CITRUS HEAVENLY DREAMS! This set is now on my bucket list!

  • Karina 4 years ago

    Gorgeous colours! Would warm this winter up thats for sure!

  • Grace 4 years ago

    Beautiful bed linen as always. I love the sunny colours :-)

  • Mel 4 years ago

    I would really love to win this :)

  • Emdos 4 years ago

    twould be tots alaze balls… as the bondi hipster would say.

  • Stacey Hills 4 years ago

    So colourful and lovely!! They would brighten up any room.

  • lauren 4 years ago

    L-O-V-E love

  • jessica 4 years ago

    Such beautiful, vibrant, rich colours, that make you smile, and are sure to brighten up any bedroom in a flash! =)

  • Bee 4 years ago

    love the citrus flare

  • lesley high 4 years ago

    Loving the yellow velvet quilt cover – simple and fun. It brightened my wintry Adelaide morning.

  • Clementine 4 years ago

    Could not think of a better prize!

  • Clare 4 years ago

    Love watermelon/ yellow combo especially! Very cool.

  • Lynda 4 years ago

    Sunny, smiley, happy!

  • Amy B 4 years ago

    I love the texture of good quality velvet – it’s so decadent and soft!
    Rachael’s paintings (well…all her work for that matter) is gloriously fun and offers such a welcome pop of bright colour. Love!

  • Niina 4 years ago

    The colours are amazing!!! Had a look on the website and I am loving the blue and yellow combination.

  • Rebecca 4 years ago

    2 words – “Yes Please!”

  • Alison 4 years ago

    Obsessed with her work! Have just decided to buy one of her paintings! TDF is sending me broke! Keep up the good work…

  • Steff 4 years ago

    I’d love to win :)

  • Carolyn Edwards 4 years ago

    Oh those colours are just gorgeous, what a wonderful way to brighten up on a winters day

  • Rachel 4 years ago

    Oooh love all things velvet and all things Rachel Castle, thank you!!!!

  • Rebecca 4 years ago

    I was just considering a bedroom colour palette make-over… I would love this to be the feature of my room!

  • Chanelle 4 years ago

    I would love sunny yellow velvet on my bed!

  • Emily 4 years ago

    LOVE! So cute :)

  • Maria 4 years ago

    How luxuriously divine!

  • Freya 4 years ago

    I have a Rachel Castle skirt that I love. Would adore to have some of her bedlinen.

  • Kat White 4 years ago

    Love her style! Would be honoured to win the quilt :)

  • Anne 4 years ago

    The colour and texture make this the perfect winter room brightener to give to my daughter. She LOVES yellow!!!

  • Jane 4 years ago

    … this linen would brighten my winter up!

  • Danny A 4 years ago

    Wild colours and love the retro fabric choice too. Cool!

  • Teagan 4 years ago

    Pick me, pick me!

  • Steph 4 years ago


  • Sibylle 4 years ago

    Yes, please, pick me, pick me. LOVE IT!!

  • Michelle Cann 4 years ago

    Rachel Castle is a genius with colour. I’d never want to get out from under that velvet doona .

  • Paula Norman 4 years ago

    Rachel is unstoppable!!!! Love

  • Jasmine 4 years ago

    Hello. Amazing. Yes Please! x

  • Dawn Tan 4 years ago

    I LOOOOOVE my AH-MAZING Rachel Castle pillowcases.. ‘ Put your love in the coconut’.. brings about lots of happy giggles and sweet dreams… I’ve ALWAYS always always allllwwwwaaaaaayyyssss wanted one of rachel’s velvety cushions.. so a quilt AND pillowcase?! Dream come true.. Please pick me random generator gods.. I never really win anything.. so please please pleasssseeeeee pick me! Thank you so much Random Generator Gods! : ) XO

  • Renee 4 years ago

    Loving the new artwork and bed linen. Always room for more Castle at my place!

  • shannon 4 years ago

    me me me me!! pick me. I need a new cover for my new room in my new house. I do.

  • Bec S 4 years ago

    Like everyone else with eyes, am a massive Castle fan! Would love this to keep me warm during winter

  • Ewa 4 years ago

    Love, love, love …. !!! My newest fav colour.

  • Kate Dickson-Battye 4 years ago

    Congratulations Rachel Castle, your paintings are truly beautiful! Your velvet bedding looks super lush too, perfect for winter.

  • Marissa Wallis 4 years ago

    Absolutely in LOVE with all things Rachel Castles!! x

  • Robyn 4 years ago

    I am excited. The prospect of being literally STUCK to the velvet with my own teal velveteen jumpsuit. A magical day in bed. Thanks again Rachel!! ( and pretty please)

  • Li 4 years ago

    Absolutely gorgeous! Hope to win :)

  • Jayde 4 years ago

    Oooh I have been eyeing off the velvety goodness of these pillow cases for a while…now quilt covers available?!?! I have died and gone to velvet heaven!

  • trish 4 years ago

    what a beautiful way of lifting the winter blues, rugging up in a rainbow of colour.

  • Ros 4 years ago

    Velvet-licious!! Rachel Castles I am not worthy!!!

  • Emma 4 years ago

    The perfect way to brighten up a chilly winter night! Love it!!!!

  • Annalisa 4 years ago

    What a beautiful colour to wake up to each morning – a little bit of bedroom sunshine all day (and night) long. Thanks guys.

  • Claire 4 years ago

    What beautiful bed linen. I can totally imagine having a dreamy night sleep on them!

  • KC 4 years ago

    Gorgeous linen :-)

  • Anthea 4 years ago

    A burst of sunny yellow would make my mornings bright and cheery !

  • Sam 4 years ago

    Yellow AND Velvet … what more can you ask for!

  • Melissa 4 years ago

    Please please please be me. What gorgeous paintings. Love a giveaway!

  • Kathryn L. 4 years ago

    I am excited, bright, fun bedlinen can waiting have them as my own.

  • Debi 4 years ago

    A breathtaking indulgence, to fall asleep swaddled in velvet virtue then to awake in the morning still wrapped in rich, colourful and splendiferous luxury. Rachel Castle is a creative bedroom genius.

  • michelle 4 years ago

    wheee! yellow is my favourite colour. yellow AND velvet. Heaven!

  • Bron 4 years ago

    Yellow is my favorite! I need a new doona cover!

  • chloe finley 4 years ago

    I would love one of these new art works for my wall x

  • jane 4 years ago

    especially love the yellow bedlinen!!

  • elisa baker 4 years ago

    It all just makes me so happy!

  • Lauren 4 years ago

    AMAZING!!! Love the talent. Love the prize!!!

  • mikaela 4 years ago

    yes please!

  • Margot Valentine 4 years ago

    So timely. I just moved in with my fiance and bed linen is the first area of compromise! Colour makes my world go round so bring on yellow velvet!

  • Jessica 4 years ago

    LOVE Rachel’s work!

  • Nicola 4 years ago

    oh my good golly! this would definitely brighten up my all white bedroom!!

  • Jo 4 years ago

    such gorgeous things! Wish I was in Sydney to see the show (i.e. please come to Melbourne!)

  • inger flathaug 4 years ago

    i love everything Castle! Fingers crossed that I win! x

  • LucasQ 4 years ago

    Rachel’s felt & embroidery artwork are loads of fun!
    I would kill for my very own velvet quilt cover.

  • Hayley 4 years ago

    This would certainly brighten my castle! Xx

  • Emma 4 years ago

    Toasty times – yes please!!!!!!

  • Andrea 4 years ago

    pick. me. :) one day i shall win one of the amazing giveaways you at TDF do dammit!

  • Tess 4 years ago

    Love, love, love these.

  • Tina 4 years ago

    I had yellow chenille as a child, so it’s fitting that I should have yellow velvet as an adult.

  • Sharon 4 years ago

    Love it! Would look lovely on my bed!!!!

  • Amanda 4 years ago

    I NEED new linen!

  • Jill 4 years ago

    There’s no doubting this bed linen is ATTENTION GRABBING! – Love it!

  • Lisa Mansfield 4 years ago

    Thanks (for offering such a gorgeous prize)!

  • Nicole Dent 4 years ago

    So the new TomKat is Koskela and Castle shall we say KosCas? Yellow will certainly warm up a chilly Highlands winter!!

  • Allison 4 years ago

    I am in dire need of new bedlinen and have been lusting after Castle’s range for ages (as well as all the artwork!)

  • sarah 4 years ago

    love rachel castle!

  • Tracey 4 years ago

    How delicious !

  • Bev 4 years ago

    Love the paintings but would love sleeping beneath the gorgeous velvet quilts even more.


  • Sarah 4 years ago

    I hope the show goes well Rachel. This linen would great in my freshly painted grey bedroom!! Please pick me!

  • ambyr 4 years ago

    The child always dreamt she was sleeping in a castle…

  • Tess 4 years ago

    love love love love

  • Stephanie Longmore-Dodd 4 years ago

    I can only imagine for now, but being curled up in a velvet-clad bed must be like a big warm and fuzzy hug on a winter’s day…it would be more than lovely to confirm this suspicion!

  • Michellan 4 years ago

    Sunshine in the bedroom!

  • Nicole Marsh 4 years ago

    What beautiful bright colours for winter! I would love to win this to brighten up my room!

  • Annabel 4 years ago

    More gorgeousness from the clever Castle. Love it!

  • isabel 4 years ago

    such joyful artwork and linen! just what the doctor ordered to survive and grey and dreary melbourne winter.

  • meg 4 years ago

    gorgeous! – hope it’s me that wins!

  • Tess 4 years ago

    love love love

  • Julia MR 4 years ago

    Hello Gorgeousness!

    My fingers and toes will be crossed until 10pm tonight!

  • Clayton 4 years ago

    Like everyone here of course, Ias well, yes, hope it is me who wins!
    We have no extra quilts so we are endlessly dragging the quilt off the bed into the living room every night.

  • Kirsty 4 years ago

    The collection looks amazing. Love the beautiful citrus colours.

  • Michelle 4 years ago

    Just the thing I need to put some colour into a Melbourne winter.

  • Alex Hopkins 4 years ago

    How snuggly a yellow velvet quilt would be for winter!

  • Zoe 4 years ago

    Pick ME!! Pick me! I am a HUGE Rachel Castle fan/obsessive!!! I love everything she does and have a rather large obession with anything yellow (it just makes me feel so happy!)….oh golly gosh I want to win this! Thanks Lucy for the awesome giveaway as usual!

  • gb 4 years ago

    The sweetness of sweet dreams are surely guarenteed!

  • Kristy 4 years ago

    Just the thing to brighten up my boudoir this winter!!

  • teresa grant 4 years ago

    Yes please!

  • jardy 4 years ago

    I’d love to win this to brighten up my first apartment I’m moving into next week!!

  • Antonia 4 years ago

    Absolutely love…beeeeautiful!! Love a Big Bird-esque coloured quilt in my room.

  • Fiona 4 years ago

    So in love! This would make me and my bed very happy :D Thanks x

  • Rhonda 4 years ago

    Such a treat on this cold morning. I’m feeling sunnier already! Divine.

  • April 4 years ago

    Absolutely gorgeous! I hope I win!

  • Erin 4 years ago

    That linen would go wonderfully with my newly painted dove grey bedroom walls! Oh la la

  • Cherie 4 years ago

    So stunning! I’d be hogging the doona with this one!

  • kirsty 4 years ago

    Perhaps even more divine than velvet pants ;)

  • Kerry Smith 4 years ago

    What a talented lady is Rachel Castle

  • emma ricketts 4 years ago

    In dire need of new bed linen and i love rachel castle’s stuff! Great giveaway

  • kirsty 4 years ago

    Love the feeling on velvet when you brush it up and down along the palm of you hand…x

  • Kelly Gilbert 4 years ago

    I love Rachel’s work!

  • Siobhan C 4 years ago

    Finger and toes crossed. xx

  • Marian 4 years ago

    Just the cheery thing needed in the middle of a dreary winter.

  • Katrina 4 years ago

    Velvet and yellow = heaven.

  • Andrea 4 years ago

    Love Rachel’s work so much!

  • Camilla 4 years ago

    Fantastic giveaway! What a sunny gorgeous win this would be!

  • Suzy 4 years ago

    lovely & snuggly

  • Lau 4 years ago

    Oh Rachel Castle does it again – absolutely stunning!

  • Emma 4 years ago

    There’s no more perfect colour for velvet than yellow!

  • Kate 4 years ago

    So lovely! Those colours and designs are inspired!

  • Katherine 4 years ago

    Just gorgeous, love all things Castle!

  • Siska 4 years ago

    gorgeous colors!

  • Michelle 4 years ago

    Sunny in winter. Perfect!

  • Mel 4 years ago

    lovely bright colours and textured fabrics for winter!

  • Kat 4 years ago

    I’m beyond in love with these patterns! Please let it be me!

  • Mary Avent 4 years ago

    So bright and sunny! LOVE the velvet! :)

  • Felicity 4 years ago

    Happy colour on the outside to makes me feel happy on the inside! What a wonderful colour to wake up to.

  • Anna 4 years ago


  • Mr Zee 4 years ago

    Wunderbar! Who wouldn’t love waking up to this :)

  • Rose 4 years ago

    Velvetty goodness – YES PLEASE !!

  • Melissa 4 years ago

    A great giveaway, especially with this cold & miserable weather.

  • Sam 4 years ago

    Luscious Velvet – sunny yellow – joy! yes please

  • Janique 4 years ago

    Beautiful! Love Yellow!

  • Marc 4 years ago

    shagadelic, baby!

  • Lisa 4 years ago

    I’ve been thinking about the velvet cushions for a long time.

  • Eden Platell 4 years ago

    So sumptuous…

  • Caro Toledo 4 years ago

    One never owns enough velour.

  • Kylie 4 years ago

    My dream bedlinen! Please let me be the lucky one.

  • Heather Murphy 4 years ago

    Velvet + my water blanket would = pure winter bliss!

  • Dix 4 years ago

    Cushy, juicy, indulgent velvet! Oh, how goegeous in sunshine yellow! Definitely a treat. Thanks for the prize Rachel and great giveaway TDF!

  • Bec 4 years ago

    I heart colour!

  • gill 4 years ago

    so perfect for winter … snuggly and bright!

  • johnny 4 years ago

    magical paintings! sweet linen too.

  • Kylie 4 years ago

    I love black and yellow and velvet.

    My husband barracks for the Tiges.

    Rachel’s lovely quilt would be perfect for both of us!

  • Emma 4 years ago

    Since reading this post, I can’t stop imagining waking up in this snuggly yellow quilt and just being so happy about it. Makes me smile just thinking about it.

  • Jules 4 years ago

    Such a beautiful design for a lucky, lucky winner. xx

  • Amelia Sutherland 4 years ago

    LOVING velvet EVERYTHING by Rachel Castle!!

  • TheYellowDanceSpot 4 years ago

    Oh the colours, yet again!

  • Anita T 4 years ago

    What an awesome prize! Colour to be enjoyed evey day…what a way to lift the spirits! Thanks Rachel x

  • Michael Whitmore 4 years ago

    WOW! What a fabulous prize – I LOVE velvet! So warm and tactile, particularly during cold snaps. And that beautiful yellow is so sunny!!

  • sue 4 years ago

    I can just imagine the feel of that lovely velvet. What luxury to go to bed with that!

  • Judy 4 years ago

    Can you believe how much I ‘be been hanging out for one of Rachel’s quilts. I am saving my pennies as we speak. Absolutely love all of Rachel’s work. It just seems to sing to you.

  • Oh my that artwork is amazing! Wish I was in Sydney (and could afford a piece too!)
    Would love to add some Castle magic to my bed!

  • Melissa 4 years ago

    …. Who would ever want to get out of bed on those cold, dreary mornings if you were snuggled below
    such gorgeous linen?! Beautiful…

  • Kate 4 years ago

    Waaaaaaaant. These are fantastical!!

  • Merridy 4 years ago

    Sunshine and happiness! Gorgeous.

  • Claire 4 years ago

    I have the MOST beautiful rachel castle felt picture in my bedroom; it would look perfect with the bed linen!! Gorgeous, just gorgeous things. Thank you.

  • Ingrid 4 years ago

    Yellow is my favorite colour… her range is so special.

  • Cara 4 years ago

    These are amazing. And SO not helping my internet design-time procrastination….

  • Millie 4 years ago

    I can feel a bedroom re-decoration coming on…

  • cindy -lee 4 years ago

    in it to win it..’im a fan.

  • Jac 4 years ago

    Scientific blues with bendy creams or a burst or peaceful peaches and light hearted lemons! Lovely combinations of colours in the artwork!

  • msd 4 years ago

    yellow and polka dots would make a great combination!

  • Olivia 4 years ago

    How gorgeous, would love to brighten up my bed with some velvet!

  • emily h 4 years ago

    Oh I love rachel’s beautiful linen – what a dream! e xxx

  • Kate McAndrew 4 years ago

    Oh my gosh, I think I would cry if I won this prize. How gorgeous and luxurious!

  • Anna 4 years ago

    Simply stunning. Enough said.

  • Sara 4 years ago

    Velvet + sunny yellow = happy.

  • Julia 4 years ago

    i love the psychedelic 3-D quality of Rachel’s paintings, reminds me of the visual-mind-puzzles i used to pore over as a kid. A gorgeous yellow velvet bedspread with watermelon and blue pillow cases would set me up nicely! thanks for the chance to dream in technicolour.

  • HB 4 years ago

    What can I say that hasn’t been said before?,
    Everyone needs a splash of colour in their life!,,,,
    Absolutely inspirational….

  • Nicole 4 years ago

    Very velvet. Very warm. Very generous TDF and Ms Castle.

  • Jenny 4 years ago


  • Sarah D 4 years ago

    Oh my that would love awesome in our new bedroom.

  • Emma 4 years ago

    I’d be so proud to have one of these sunny quilts on my bed!

  • Emily Kneebone 4 years ago

    Wow!! Talk about bringing spring into the bedroom.. makes me want to go out and buy a bunch of poppies :)

  • Jenna 4 years ago

    What a great winter companion this would make!

  • Nicole Lawrie 4 years ago

    Divine! I love bright colours for bedroom. I hope I win :)

  • Gabriela 4 years ago

    OMG I love this!!!

  • Sienna Primrose 4 years ago

    Clever, clever lady.

  • Imogen 4 years ago

    I ♥ RACHEL CASTLE prints!! From her Gorman collab to her colourful artworks – I would be sooo happy if I won this!!! Can’t wait to check out her exhibition!

  • Luke 4 years ago

    My lady would love these…

  • Hannah 4 years ago

    It’s like sleeping in a bed of sunshine!

  • gabbyo 4 years ago

    colour like that make my eyes and heart so happy

  • Lisa 4 years ago

    gorgeous! Bright, colourful and inspiring.

  • Jenny 4 years ago

    As well as loving the fabulous yellow velvet the artwork is beautifull vibrant. Hope the exhibition goes well.

  • Anne 4 years ago

    stunning colours bring a warm and fun aspect, would be a pleasure to own something this stunning – awesome designs

  • Sophie 4 years ago

    what a gorgeous warm colour you would want to stay in bed all day if you had one of these :)

  • Sara Green 4 years ago

    Love, love, love. Bed linen that makes you smile. Doesn’t get better than that.

  • Em 4 years ago

    Rachel Castle is genius! And I love the timber backdrop

  • Khaseem 4 years ago

    LOVE Castle & Things, LOVE Koskela, LOVE Design Files and I LOVE VELVET!!
    Plus, I just revamped my boudoir on the weekend and the last “little” thing it needs now.. is new bed linen!

  • Khaseem 4 years ago

    ..And somehow I put my web address in incorrectly…?

  • Michelle 4 years ago

    fingers crossed…..

  • Tara 4 years ago

    Look at all these incredible comments! Rachel’s fanbase is clearly massive. Nothing would warm up my freezing cold Art Deco apartment like this wonderful prized giveaway.

  • Tina 4 years ago

    How utterly devine!! i would love to own this gorgeous velvet quilt cover. Thank you Lucy and Rachel. I would never get out of bed….

  • Khaseem 4 years ago

    ..and I did it again! hopefully that should do it…must be excited by prospect of luscious velvet!

  • Sonia 4 years ago

    LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!
    Pretty in yellow, very spring….nice lead into the spring fun times ahead!

  • Lydia 4 years ago

    Perfect colours to banish the winter blues!

  • Charlotte 4 years ago

    LOVE! Fingers crossed

  • michelle 4 years ago

    Oh my gosh! That is just gorgeous. x

  • Red Horse 4 years ago

    Mmmmm velvet. So so gorgeous. I think I’d want to keep patting it….

  • Tashi 4 years ago

    please help me make my home a castle!

  • lisa 4 years ago

    A Velvety luscious sleepy sandwich of loveliness….

  • Chris 4 years ago

    My rare but savoured Nanna naps under yellow velvet, I may need to reproritise.

  • Sangi 4 years ago

    Pretty linen! :)

  • jasmine 4 years ago

    gorgeous! just what I need to brighten up our bedroom :)

  • Leigh 4 years ago

    Seductive velvet done in such a new way! Love.

  • Amanda Falson 4 years ago

    Oh yay! This could be just about the best giveaway ever! I have several of her penny round cushions which would look do lovely with this! And I happen to be in Sydney today randomly! Exciting. I will definitely check out her show. I think I wish I had her job!

  • Di Childs 4 years ago

    This looks gorgeous! Thanks for the opportunity :)

  • Louisa 4 years ago

    {twirls} this could nearly be THE BEST TDF give-away yet! Oh the excitement and anticipation. So excited!

  • Frankie 4 years ago

    I’m gutted that i can’t be in Sydney for this show, the works are lovely. And i’m crossing my fingers that i get to wrap myself in yellow velvet to get through this freezing cold Daylesford Winter!!! xxx

  • Bec Smith 4 years ago

    Count me in, please. I’m a massive fan also. Her blog is a persistent tab in my browser. I’d like Rachel’s life actually but I suppose that’s not part of this giveaway. X

  • beth 4 years ago

    ooohh yellow velvet = delish!

  • Cara Cornelissen 4 years ago

    How lovely, even after a long, dreary uneventful day, your nights can be filled with colour and joy.

    Yes please!

  • Emma 4 years ago

    want want want, need need need!! xx

  • tiffany 4 years ago

    oh gosh! i want to buy everything on her website!

  • Lys 4 years ago


  • Sarah 4 years ago

    Beautiful. Love the coloured velvet!

  • Karren 4 years ago

    Just the thing I need to give my bedroom that extra lift and brighten my day.

  • look see 4 years ago

    Such great designs – love the bright colours, I’ll be Pinteresting the bejeezus out of these!

  • Joanna 4 years ago

    How divine! Sweet dreams for sure.

  • Helen 4 years ago

    What can I say?..I live in Melbourne, It’s freezing, I need this! Gorgeous…

  • Susie 4 years ago

    Simply scrumptious

  • Amber 4 years ago

    What everyone else from Melbourne said… IT’S COLD. WARM ME.

  • Hannah 4 years ago

    Perfect timing! All this week I have been pining after the Velvet covers (especially the blue/yellow one!), but having to replace my car unexpectedly means fun purchases are on hold for a while :(

    Am excited to be going to Sydney next weekend, will definitely squeeze a visit to Koskela in to my packed Biennale itinerary!

  • Jade 4 years ago

    Love it!! Love the paintings, love the luxness of snuggling up with velvet, love it all x

  • Jess 4 years ago

    I love velvet & Rachel Castle!

  • PJ 4 years ago

    love it!

  • rachael 4 years ago

    yay!! yellow velvety goodness!! pick me please….

  • Aimee 4 years ago

    My Favourite colour… I dont want this…I NEED it!! So beautiful. Rachel Castle, you are so talented!

  • Fiona Carson 4 years ago

    what a gorgeous way to brighten up a cold winter’s day!

  • Aleksandra 4 years ago

    yes please! xoxoxox

  • Emma 4 years ago

    So delicious! Crossing my fingers and toes…

  • Bec 4 years ago

    In the words of George Kostanza, “I would ensconce myself in Velvet if it was socially acceptable”. This seems like a good way to start!

  • Emma 4 years ago

    Such velvety goodness deserves pride of place in my newly refurbished bedroom. My Rachel Castle Pom Pom Cushion is looking lonesome on the bed…

    Another excellent giveaway Lucy!


  • Jo 4 years ago

    If only I could be so lucky!

  • Sarah B 4 years ago

    Can’t think of anything more lovely to sleep in!

  • Hannah 4 years ago

    ps, how funny. Melbourne is unseasonably mild at the moment… not freezing at all!

  • Donna 4 years ago

    Wonderfully simple design! LOVE

  • Kaz 4 years ago

    bring on summer colours!

  • mark 4 years ago

    oh the colourful goodness of it all!

  • Carla 4 years ago

    Wow, love the colours!

  • Lucy S 4 years ago

    Winning linen by Rachel Castle would be a dream come true! I am such a big fan, when I recieved one of her embroidered pieces for my birthday I was over the moon and when she replied to my thank you note I felt star struck. I love her. Please pick me! x

  • el 4 years ago

    Would love a piece of this action…

  • melanie 4 years ago

    I adore Rachel Castle’s work. Such a talent!

  • Amanda 4 years ago

    deliriously happy colours. LOVE.

  • Emma 4 years ago

    That bed looks fantastical so if I win this giveaway it will make me fantastical. That would be a good thing….

  • Nikki 4 years ago

    I was given a Rachel Castle piece and have since purchased another. They bring our home alive everyday. This new linen and those prints (!) just prove Rachel and her work are an inspriation. Love!

  • Renee 4 years ago

    Just viewing these beautiful balloons of yellow warmth doona’s… makes me love the snuggle of winter.

  • Lauren 4 years ago

    Would be like Spring arriving early.

  • Kirsty 4 years ago

    Love it!! You can only wake up happy with a beautiful bright yellow quilt. Instant smiles.

  • katherine McLelland 4 years ago

    i need some colour please!!! Our bedroom is bland oh so bland and still has some nasty paint on the walls from the previous owners. Pretty please send me some lovely new bedding…

  • Mardi Zeunert 4 years ago

    Morning! Nonite!

  • ellen grace 4 years ago

    lovely lovely! :* xx

  • leah of sang the bird 4 years ago

    Sunny yellow velvet. Is there anything better? I don’t think so…

  • meaghan 4 years ago

    Rachel’s got a great style !- the way she matches colours and brings so much fun into her designs is inspiring x

  • Helen Gray 4 years ago

    Imagine the dreams that the luxury of the gorgeous yellow and rich velvet material would inspire. Does it come in another 49 shades prehaps?

  • birdy popcorn 4 years ago

    Stop it !!!!!! AMAZING ! I want to be the lucky one. PRETTY PLEASE

  • Yas 4 years ago

    LOVE IT!

  • Lisa 4 years ago

    What a bright, fresh design to wake up to.

  • Donna 4 years ago

    I mean what can I possibly say that hasn’t been said by the 520+ lovelies before me… :)

  • Nat 4 years ago

    Love Rachel Castle’s linen range, I have the blue dots that surprisingly feel equally as summery. would love a set of the velvet, beautiful.

  • teresa 4 years ago

    Yellow is my favorite colour! This is beautiful.

  • jo 4 years ago

    I want sweet dreams in these please!!!!!!!!

  • luke 4 years ago

    Yellow velvet is poetry!

  • Caitlin 4 years ago

    An all round beautiful concept! Well done Rachelxx

  • Peta 4 years ago

    Oh my giddy aunt! Love, love, love anything by Rachel Castle and this yellow quilt is to die for!

  • lucy 4 years ago

    Joy … like winter sun!

  • ricci 4 years ago

    amazing colours!! love!

  • Jill Walton 4 years ago

    Ahhh it looks so comfy.

  • meggsy 4 years ago

    Light therapy in Winter…..perfect.

  • Wen 4 years ago

    Amazing!!! pick me please~~

  • Kate 4 years ago

    Just beautiful!! I love Rachel’s endlessly inspirational creations.

  • Megan 4 years ago

    I love that she’s going more into paintings. I do still love her felt works.

  • Leigh 4 years ago

    Oh the yellow velvet cover would put the love in my coconut!

  • Lauren 4 years ago

    The perfect way to wake up to sunshine all year round. Beautiful linen from Racheal Castle as always.

  • Caroline 4 years ago

    Looks so cozy!

  • Lauren 4 years ago

    *Rachel* rather than Rachel! Clearly i’m a designer and not a words girl.

  • Meghan 4 years ago

    Oooh I knew this one would be popular! Love Rachel Castle’s style and would love to add some sunshine to my room!

  • Cassandra 4 years ago

    This would brighten up my bedroom for sure!

  • Nola 4 years ago

    I’m also a fan of Rachel Castle, and would love a yellow velvet quilt to brighten up my bedroom (especially when it’s so dark during winter!)

  • Suzanne Gorman 4 years ago

    Rachel is so clever! xx

  • JUDI COX 4 years ago

    I love Rachael’s work.

  • Lou 4 years ago

    I need some yellow velvet in my life….

  • Emily R 4 years ago

    Wow – this would be the BEST way to brighten up winter in the bedroom
    what beautiful ideas you have Rachael

  • Suze 4 years ago

    So beautiful! Got to be in it to win it.

  • lucy 4 years ago


  • Sarah B 4 years ago

    WOW!! – “Rachel Castle is Sunshine!” and I’d love me a velvet version of that please! What a fabulous giveaway.

  • Hendrika 4 years ago

    Yes please! :)

  • Angela Haughton 4 years ago

    I truly need some of her rainbow, sunshiny, happy goodness in my home!

  • Cassie 4 years ago

    Smile worthy bedlinen – always!

  • Jessica H 4 years ago

    love everything rachel does!

  • natalie 4 years ago


  • Tina 4 years ago

    i adore these, i do!!! i hope i win – good luck everyone!

  • Lisa 4 years ago

    Would love this little bit on sunshine to dress my bed. Be a nice addition to making Sydney home after grey London! Damn, it’s velvet too!

  • Bec 4 years ago


  • Erica J S 4 years ago

    Rachel Castle is the bomb! I would never get out of bed if I had this velvet goodness to sleep with!

  • jacQueline 4 years ago

    winter sunshine…could definitely do with some of that

  • Emily Naismith 4 years ago

    I adore this! Imagine waking up in velvet?!

  • Georgina 4 years ago

    Loooovvvvveeeeeee this linen! Just looks fab & so cosy!

  • Julia 4 years ago

    So cosy! Love it!

  • Danielle Trovato 4 years ago

    holy cute!

  • Rosie 4 years ago

    yes please! sunny, cheery AND cosy. love!

  • Ali 4 years ago

    Wow – this would certainly let the sunshine in! Please enter me in the competition.

  • Liza Zeni 4 years ago

    LOVE Rachel’s artwork & pieces; so uplifting & joyous! Yellow has been my favorite colour since I was a wee lil munchkin. Ahhh, dreaming of sunshiny days & blissful restful sleeps now…xxx

  • Jilara 4 years ago

    Ahh want!

  • Elizabeth 4 years ago

    Love it! So much fun! Keep creating.

  • Verity 4 years ago

    Ooh yes please!

  • Bridie 4 years ago

    Oh so fun! Would love this to brighten up our room!

  • suzi_q 4 years ago

    Are you SERIOUS?!?! I have obsessing over this bedlinen ever since I got the Rachel Castle newsletter announcing its launch. It’s so very cold in my room at night as the kids have all the heaters – pick me purlease!

  • Amelia 4 years ago

    Aaaahh Castle…so much love!

  • Clare 4 years ago

    I love this giveaway and need some new linen for my new home. Fingers and toes crossed that I win!

  • Ainslee 4 years ago

    Velvet + yellow… Magical

  • Lu 4 years ago

    so nice!

  • Caleb 4 years ago


  • Anne Chang 4 years ago

    I love Rachel’s work!!! Makes me feel so happy!

  • Kim 4 years ago

    This would be lovely to wake up too on these cold winter mornings.

  • brit 4 years ago

    Oh my gosh, I’m in love. Please please pick me!

  • Belle g 4 years ago

    A bun in the oven but as freezing cold as my freezer. Melbourne needs some color in winter and I need some warmth and comfort. These are divine! Yum yum yum. Fingers crossed xxx

  • Zoe 4 years ago

    Just gorgeous!!!
    Oh how I heart these linens!!

  • Emily Nelson 4 years ago

    Ohhh I hope so badly to win this time!!! I would choose charcoal & watermelon pillow cases. My room would be so bright and colour and cheery and lovely!

  • Kelsie 4 years ago

    Wowee what an adorable quilt!! Would do absolute wonders for first time moving out of home, away from the comforts of a wood fire.. and what a show piece! Beautiful!

  • Liz 4 years ago

    Hard to post a comment,but I would love to!

  • Trudi Saul 4 years ago

    Stunning — would look so great in my house – i can just picture it!

  • Jodie Palmer 4 years ago

    Last night I put my foot through my threadbare sheets (true!!!) this would be perfect timing and ohhhh so luxurious. Please save me from another Target set!!

  • Tess 4 years ago

    Colour! Yes!

  • Laura 4 years ago

    yes please! yellow is my favourite colour!

  • Sally Norman 4 years ago

    Love her felt artwork…

  • Felicity 4 years ago

    Absolutely beautiful, cosy, happy and all things in between!

  • Jodie 4 years ago

    Love, love, love the yellow and the velvet!! what a great combination …

  • Laura 4 years ago

    She has such a great sense of colour. Love that yellow velvet quilt cover. *drool*

  • Sam Lawson 4 years ago

    Oh my, oh my, oh my…artworks sound wonderful, wish I was in Syney…and how could you go wrong with the yellow velvety goodness that is that quilt set…

  • Jane Denton 4 years ago

    I looove Rachels work!

  • kat 4 years ago

    ohhh! yummy….yes please!

  • Rachelle 4 years ago

    please please lover her to bits

  • Bradley Brown 4 years ago


  • Cassie 4 years ago

    Velvet dreams! Castle is amaze-balls.

  • Jane McKay 4 years ago

    Simply stunning.

  • Mrsbrenna07 4 years ago

    Castle bed linen – fit for a queen # cornyblogpostswin?

  • Kelly 4 years ago

    This would make my year!

  • Em McRae 4 years ago


  • Anne 4 years ago

    Pick me Pick me! So delightful!

  • Rebecca 4 years ago

    Love the bright colours. Fantastic giveaway!!

  • Gracie Ferro 4 years ago

    Pleeease!!! Can I be your random???? Love them!!

  • sarah lambros 4 years ago

    I would be having the sweetest dreams ever sleeping with this linen. xxx

  • Rachel Griffiths 4 years ago

    You say ‘castle’, I say ‘castle’ … Who cares – velvet linen! Ooh la la!

  • KristineS 4 years ago

    I cant imagine anything more divine than starting and finishing my day with such beautiful colours laid out in front of me. Congratulations on such a beautiful line and I hope I am lucky enough to win!

  • Caroline 4 years ago

    Yellow velvet is refreshing against winter’s dreary grey sky.

  • Leah 4 years ago

    It’s just as cold in Adelaide. Would <3 a new Rachel Castle Donna set. xo

  • Nathan 4 years ago

    Love the yellow one

  • Aimie 4 years ago

    Please can i win some beautiful colourful Castle bedlinen, it’s also freeeeeeeezing in New Zealand!

  • Freya Cade 4 years ago

    Just once I would like to win something so beautiful

  • Laura 4 years ago

    I can feel a doona day coming on…

  • brianne 4 years ago

    I can’t wait to check out Rachel’s work this weekend- nothing better than coffee and art in Rosebery.
    Her designs would look great in my new house that’s in much need of some colour! Not to mention it’ll make my designer/artist housemates jealous :)

  • Megan 4 years ago

    wowsers, awesome giveaway and I love the yellow. Still trying to find a set of those coconut pillowcases!

  • Claire 4 years ago

    The only linen I own is a 15yo hand-me-down from my mother and my boyfriend’s brown & grey set… This set would change my life! Or at least make my bedroom simply gorgeous and sooo much more comfortable! :)

  • Stefania 4 years ago

    Soooo cute!!! Imagine how sweet would be sleeping in them :)

  • Liz 4 years ago

    Oh so lovely. Yes please!

  • Bree 4 years ago

    Love the thought of sleeping in velvet.

  • Kate 4 years ago

    AMAZING! Wish i was in sydney so i could see the show :(

  • Natalie C 4 years ago

    gorgeous yokey yellow goodness.

  • Kristina 4 years ago

    What a joyful colour to wake up to each morning! I would love to be wrapped in velvet sunshine!

  • Ms. Bris 4 years ago

    Oh my – yellow AND velvet!!! Can you describe linen as being ‘delicious’???

  • Farah 4 years ago

    Love the colours!!

  • Brooke 4 years ago

    Love Rachel Castle, have to get to Koskela to check out her show!

  • Ange 4 years ago

    We are in a rental with a terrible feature wall that we can’t paint over, and this is one of the few colours that would actually look good with it! This has given me hope that maybe there is more available to us than plain white everything :)

  • Alisa Muir 4 years ago

    OMG.. I am in love… pick me PLEASE….


  • Shana 4 years ago

    WOW! Such gorgeous bright summer colours!! How perfect to wake up with on these cold wintery mornings! And VELVET! Luxe it!!

  • mandy 4 years ago

    it’s my partner’s birthday today and he would love this set as much as me!

  • Jess 4 years ago

    How could looking at this not cheer anyone up… So bright and beautiful, just what my drab bedroom needs :)

  • Eliza 4 years ago

    Love the spritely graphics! Perfect for waking up on a grey, dreary Melbourne morning.

  • Kimiko 4 years ago

    Yellow velvet is perfect for our freezing bedroom! I’ve already started dreaming the bedtime wrapped by that gorgeous quilt…. zzz

  • Irene 4 years ago

    Lovely bedlinen… Pick me please!!

  • Kate Gibson 4 years ago

    wow, just beautiful, me please!!

  • Athena 4 years ago

    Hope this is open to people in the USA! Would love…love.. to win! Best, Athena.

  • Cat 4 years ago

    Beautiful, the framed print looks gorgeous over the bed.

  • JUDI COX 4 years ago

    I would love to win Rachel’s beautiful doona cover.

  • Lyndal 4 years ago

    love! quilt cover now on the wishlist.

  • Katya 4 years ago

    I need my bed to be that beautiful! I love these sheets – the colours are soooo lovely :)

  • Julia 4 years ago

    Never been brave enough to go anything but white for linen. This is stunning. Pick me!

  • Jessica 4 years ago

    I love all things yellow.. bright & beautiful


    Please bring your Koskela Show to Melbourne!

    Much love x

  • Becks 4 years ago

    Such a bright happy duvet, this would brighten up my dark cold room perfectly! Have wanted to add Castle Linen to my room for SO long, its the only stuff I have found that matches my personality <3

  • ruby dawn 4 years ago

    Me please! It’s freezing in Hobart.

  • Maria T 4 years ago

    Colour my day Rachel Castle! Fingers crossed x

  • Suzannah 4 years ago

    please pick me!

  • Marie O'Neill 4 years ago

    Just divine…such a gorgeous pop of colour. Please pick me!!!

  • Amy 4 years ago

    Rachael Castle definitely satisfies my colour thirst!

  • Paula 4 years ago

    Yellow! Velvet! Bed in winter! A perfect combination for my puppy and me. Please.

  • Cathy M 4 years ago

    Yessim if you pleasim – count me in. Looks divine – washable velvet? I’m in love!

  • Sara 4 years ago

    Ooooh love!! Yellow VELVET… instant dose of SUNSHINE!
    How could you not wake up HAPPY!!

  • Tiffany 4 years ago

    ~love Rachel~ secretly dream of having her life (and talent) one day. Velvet cover & cushions~ how utterly scrumptious! X

  • LeeAnne 4 years ago

    Wow beautiful linen and a lot of comments!
    This may come up 3 times as it doesn’t seem to want to post…

  • Jasmine 4 years ago

    amaaaazing colors!

  • Jess 4 years ago

    These colours would be blissful in our dark bedroom! Please pick me!

  • Caesar 4 years ago

    I would drape myself in velvet…

  • Amy 4 years ago

    Sleeping under a quilt made of velvet sounds so heavenly. The yellow colour definitely will brighten the dull of an early morning start. Absolutely divine.

  • Anna 4 years ago

    Seriously?? SERIOUSLY! I would die and go to heaven (wrapped in my new VELVET doona cover) if I won this!!

  • Marianne Sourial 4 years ago

    How delightful! Here’s hoping!

  • Naomi B 4 years ago

    Yummy sunny yellow would warm us up these wintery nights!

  • charisclee 4 years ago

    love the design, I NEED THIS in my room :) it’s the perfect colour scheme

  • Sam 4 years ago

    So simple and beautiful!

  • rochelle 4 years ago

    Oh for a shot of bright yellow velvet joy in this cold grey winter…something to warm the heart and body!

  • Penelope 4 years ago

    Love the plush velvet against the fluro and bright colours. Amazing! It would be a delight to wake up every morning to such beautiful colours and textures.

  • Bonnie 4 years ago

    lovely way to brighten up a winter room!

  • Jessamy M 4 years ago

    Gorgeous!! I love Rachel so much, and am loving bright colours right now – good pick!

  • Kristin 4 years ago

    Sunshine Yellow to chase my winter blues away :-)

  • Sara Spence 4 years ago

    After all that scrolling I must deserve to win :)

  • stacey 4 years ago

    I LOVE yellow, and would love this soooo much. Love all your products x

  • David 4 years ago

    Just think the colours make me look forward to summer :)

  • sylvia 4 years ago

    Rachel Castle is my idol….her work is so refreshing and vibrant… it!

  • Vic 4 years ago

    Wow, I love her new paintings. I wish I could be in Sydney to see them up close. I’d love to win a set of Rachel’s velvet bedding, and even though I’m in NZ, I have a sister-n-law in Australia who would happily hold on it til we see each other next :) x

  • Natasha 4 years ago

    I would love the chance to win this from CASTLE! It would seriously brighten up my serious monochrome house! (Side note: I’ve been trying to buy some of your linen at Koskela and they don’t stock your full range. I asked if they can order your other products in and haven’t had a response). The velvet range would be great for kid’s rooms too!

  • Victoire 4 years ago

    wow that yellow duvet cover would be the quickest way to invite some summer warmth and colour into my cold Melbourne bedroom :-))

  • Meg 4 years ago

    vodka sunrise velvet heaven right there.

  • Megan Hammond 4 years ago

    AMAZING. These would make every morning even HARDER to get out of bed. Love them.

  • Imogen 4 years ago

    Oooh love it. Count me in!

  • Sarah 4 years ago

    Velvet + bed linen = waking up feeling like Diana Ross. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!! Would definitely be shimmying out of bed, instead of the usual roll.

  • Sarah 4 years ago

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these!

  • Janice 4 years ago

    And it was all yellow…
    What a wonderful colour to wake up to in the morning.

  • Madeline 4 years ago

    I’ve always wanted some Rachel Gilbert! What a beautiful way to warm up this chilly winter (yes Sydney is freezing too at the moment!!)

  • Ellie 4 years ago

    Yellow yum!

  • kate m 4 years ago


  • Madeline 4 years ago

    Oops! I clearly have pretty dresses on my mind too! Rachel CASTLE was what I meant to type!!!

  • Bekki 4 years ago

    Yes! Would love the yellow velvet quilt!! How perfect…

  • Veronica Darling 4 years ago

    Velvet? Why not!

    Hope you’re well Lucy!

  • Reagan 4 years ago

    Dreamy gorgeous snuggly bedtime ! Yes Please !

  • Tracy 4 years ago

    Just about to move into my first home and have absolutely nothing! I would love to win so I can put something between my bum and the floor when I try and figure out what to do with my bare walls!!!

  • carla 4 years ago

    i love ALL things rachel castle!

  • Mel 4 years ago

    Yes please, beautiful and unique!

  • simone 4 years ago

    xxoo yellow xo

  • Karen 4 years ago

    Perfectly pretty – Rachel has done it again !

  • Ellie 4 years ago

    Please Rachel, bring your show to Melbourne. So beautiful!

  • Elise 4 years ago

    Love love! Pick me :)

  • melbomba 4 years ago

    yes please…

  • Louise Stewart 4 years ago

    I absolutely LOVE Rachel’s new paintings! I would be so thrilled to win this beautiful, cozy bedlinen! Thank you so much :)

  • Laura 4 years ago

    Sunshiny dreams ahoy!

  • kat 4 years ago

    oh these are just darling, pick me pleeease! love your work

  • Sarah J 4 years ago

    Velvet bed linen! Mind Explosions! Would love to win. Thanks.

  • Jude 4 years ago

    Great prize – pick me! Just moved into a new house and could do with some new bed linen to match!

  • suzie 4 years ago

    I love Rachel Castle (very jealous of her in fact) and I figure I have to win something sometime!

  • Emily 4 years ago

    Oh yes please! Love love love castle velvet bed linen! xx

  • Kendall 4 years ago

    Ooooh it looks so cosy!

  • Annie 4 years ago


  • Zara Duffy 4 years ago

    This would definitely brighten up rainy mornings!!

  • Laura 4 years ago

    amazing and gorgeous! x

  • Angelique 4 years ago

    Happy happy joy joy! Just gorgeous.

  • christy 4 years ago

    Love!! It’s so hard to find bright, nice doona covers!! Thank you!

  • Alison 4 years ago

    Perfect. You can never go wrong with velvet!

  • Dee 4 years ago

    Please, fingers crossed for this one!! Castle bedding is divine!

  • Danielle 4 years ago

    Yay for yellow! :D

  • Claire 4 years ago

    Pick me, pick me!!! I loooooooove them xx

  • Keren 4 years ago

    another fab giveaway… I’m gonna have to win at some point, I hope!

  • Claire McIlroy 4 years ago

    Fo real?
    I ‘heart’ all things Rachel Castle.
    Pick me, pleasey weasey

  • julia 4 years ago

    I stalk the Castle website nearly every day, coveting these doona covers! Would LOVE to see one on my bed!!!

  • Tahlia S 4 years ago

    So vibrant and gorgeous! Just looking at these makes me feel happy! They make such a lovely change from all the dull, winter colours I’ve been seeing lately. Love them!

  • Diana Hoyes 4 years ago

    pretty please pick me!

  • Rebel Without A Pause 4 years ago

    Oh me, oh my!

    So in need of a linen overhaul. Feeling very beige, this is the perfect antidote!

    Love it x

  • Amber 4 years ago

    Oh my, these are beyond gorgeous. I always think I can’t buy yellow since I’m too pale to wear it, but the bedding world is another thing entirely!

  • nina 4 years ago

    wowzers, they are beautiful!

  • Katherine z 4 years ago

    Just the type of sunshine my bedroom needs – LOVExx

  • Mandi 4 years ago

    Love! So bright!

  • Meg 4 years ago

    Love it! Looking forward to seeing her exhibition tonight at koskela.

  • MeL 4 years ago

    LOVE the ability of bright colours to put a smile on your face…exquisite colourful bedding like this = amazing happy smiles every morning :)

  • Isabella 4 years ago

    I’d struggle getting up even more in the mornings with these lovely covers on the bed!

  • Annie White 4 years ago

    I would love to surprise my beautiful 8 year old girl with such a magical bed to say thanks for all the things she does to brighten my day.

  • Sofie 4 years ago

    Crossing my fingers and toes! I’ve got 4 castle pillow cases I’ve been waiting to use…been on the hunt for the perfect doona cover to match…here it is!

  • Nicole Hill 4 years ago

    I LOURVE Rachel Castle!!! And Design Files too!!

  • Julie 4 years ago

    What a gorgeous collection! Love the bright happy smiley colours :))))))

  • Michelle V 4 years ago

    My chances aren’t looking good with over 700 entries but I will still have a go!

  • Julia Mehmet 4 years ago

    I have a gorgeous fully upholstered bed arriving in 2 weeks for my new home and this gorgeous bedlinen would be perfect!

  • Adrianna C 4 years ago

    Mmmm.. snug as bug in the velvet rug (quilt).. Bliss!

  • Caitlin McDonald 4 years ago

    Ahhh velvet, so soft, so silky and smooth ……. how could you have been so misunderstood for so long? Bed linen is where your true talents lie ;)

  • Rachel 4 years ago

    Divine! I wait in hope… Please.. please

  • Lindy 4 years ago

    Wow, wow, wow! The perfect gift for my 40th birthday!!!

  • Rachael 4 years ago

    I started off reading all the comments and then realized how many there were! Impossible that I would win, but I am loving the yellow so much and it is my daughter’s favourite colour too and we are in the middle of making her room a little more grown up (she’s 5) and anything to get out of PINK!! Help!

  • Elise 4 years ago

    Red and Yellow. Amaze.

  • spark 4 years ago

    yellow velvet – oh be still my beating heart – what a thing of beauty. YES PLEASE!!!!

  • clealmond 4 years ago

    cosy yellow mellow yummo

  • Majka Kaiser 4 years ago

    Wow! What better way to beat the winter blues!

  • elly 4 years ago

    Gorgeous colour, I bet velvet bedding is wonderfully snuggly.

  • Georgia 4 years ago

    pick me! ah a velvet bed cover would be amazing in the winter ♥

  • Bianca 4 years ago

    Ohh what a delicious give-away! I’d love to brighten up our room with some colourful velvet.

  • Julia 4 years ago

    How to cure your winter blues:-
    TDF giveaway + Rachel Castle brights
    Love it!!

  • sal Pickering 4 years ago

    Perfect to match all the Castle bedding in my house. velvet dots, yellow dots, orange dots, grey dots.. pom pom cushions. I’m dotty for Rachel’s bedding. All I need is the cover and the beds will be complete!

  • Jade 4 years ago

    I just let out a little yelp in excitement! MUST HAVE. Pleeeeaaseeeeee

  • Sylvia Hungria 4 years ago

    Oh please pick me!!!! I will love you forever

  • Megan 4 years ago

    Absolutely gorgeous

  • Jaydee 4 years ago

    This sunny bedlinen and sunny prints would match my sunny Perth living.

  • Karli 4 years ago

    La La Love it!!! My bed needs….

  • Gus 4 years ago


  • Hannah 4 years ago

    Sunny Yellow bed linen! Yes Please!

  • Emily Williamson 4 years ago

    I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win!!

  • Emma 4 years ago

    just thinking about these velvet goodies has sent me into a sunny daydream

  • Nick 4 years ago

    Please pic me!!!!! Please

  • amy 4 years ago


  • Rachel 4 years ago

    PICK ME!!! my ceiling is corrugated iron and my walls are dirty cream cement, I NEED some bright beautiful colour in my room. Oh and yellow is my fav colour!

  • Kelly 4 years ago

    Your linen is stunning!!! So beautiful. I would love to sleep in such deliciousness :)

  • Jess 4 years ago

    sunshine velvet = sweet dreams!

  • Lisa Little 4 years ago

    winter wonderland..mmmmmmm……….

  • sacha 4 years ago

    Just lovely…. who wouldn’t such beautiful pieces from such a talented lady!!

  • Carla 4 years ago

    i’m drooling at the site of all of this prettiness!!!!
    i’ve got both hands up high in the air! (pick me!)

  • MP 4 years ago

    If I won a million dollars the first thing I would indulge in is a pom pom cushion in every colour!

  • Rebecca 4 years ago

    So cosy! I hope I win this!

  • Laura 4 years ago

    swoon! yellow is pure sunshine!

  • Lisa QS 4 years ago

    Yellow! Yay! Yummy! Yes! (please) yipeeeeeeee! :-)

  • tristian 4 years ago


  • Tilli 4 years ago

    The yellow and charcoal combo is delicious!

  • Nina 4 years ago

    yeah yeah yeah fuzzy! excellent

  • Cass 4 years ago

    How good is yellow velvet?! I’d like these please, but jeepers – 700+ others would too! :)

  • Emma 4 years ago

    Lucky number 752..thanks for the chance

  • Katy Graham 4 years ago

    This quilt would add some sunny sunshine to our guest room in our new house we are planning to renovate. Love Rachel’s work!

  • mish 4 years ago

    OMG! velvet! bedding!

  • Melissa 4 years ago

    I love this colour, please pick me, would be just divine to sleep under :D

  • Claire Gaynor 4 years ago

    Be still my beating heart!
    This would be beautiful in my new (first )home, which I moved into yesterday.
    Rachel Castles – you are a genius!

  • Sally 4 years ago

    How divinely luxurious… Just the way sleeping should be complemented.

  • Lauren 4 years ago

    Love love love. seeing this range makes my heart warm

  • Tommy Payne 4 years ago

    velvet is a beautiful old chestnut

  • Mel 4 years ago

    sunshine on a rainy day, makes my soul, makes my soul , trip, trip, trip away…

  • Laura 4 years ago

    Oooh! There seems to be a bazillion other comments, but hey, it’s worth a try :) I looove Castle everything!

  • robyn 4 years ago

    Rachel’s work is just so bright and colourful and i Love it. And the yellow velvet is just so sunny and makes me smile! Would be lovely to wake up in it!!

  • Sharon Smith 4 years ago

    That would make my day everyday to wake up with a sunny yellow Castle quilt cover. Such a happy feeling! XX

  • Jane 4 years ago

    They are so beautiful, I love the colours!

  • Kari 4 years ago

    That would be the best looking thing I have slept with for a long time!

  • Peter W Roberts 4 years ago

    Let me bring home that sweet velveteen dream.

  • Claire 4 years ago

    So beautiful, oh to dream!

  • Danielle 4 years ago

    Super awesome giveaway!! I love Rachel’s work :)

  • Laura 4 years ago

    I love everything Rachel Castle does! Fingers crossed for this giveaway!

  • Martha Diane 4 years ago

    I see a fun picnic in bed,Sunday morning with the kids we will all love this beautiful Yellow bed linen!

  • Emma_Clare 4 years ago

    Happy sunshine sheets to wake up to every morning.. Hooray!

  • melody 4 years ago

    Love her prints and how she translates her thoughts so well into everything else!

  • lizzz 4 years ago

    ……lucky in love with yellow!!!

  • Claire O'Shea 4 years ago

    Love love love the velvet yellow quilt cover! It will go so well in our newly painted room and will help me spring out of bed in those early hours to our newborn baby !

  • Kate 4 years ago

    Amazing colours to brighten a dreary Melbourne winter!!

  • Jess S 4 years ago

    That would feel so amazing! LIKE!

  • Sarah 4 years ago

    oh, i’m such a fan of rachel’s bed linen and dream of sleeping on it!

  • Anna 4 years ago

    That doona cover would be so lovely and warm. I’m slightly in love with velvet, makes great upholstery, and really really good curtains!

  • Cass 4 years ago

    Beautiful, colourful amazing-ness. I need some Castle in my life!!!

  • Jess 4 years ago

    Love love Rachel Castle!! So beautiful.

  • natalie bailey 4 years ago

    yes please.

  • Bron 4 years ago

    I’ve been in love with Rachel Castle’s bedding-wear (is that a word?) since the moment I first saw it a few years ago. Would DEARLY love to have some in my house, but can’t really afford it at the mo. Gosh, it would be cool to win this!!

  • Marjory Gardner 4 years ago

    Bright yellow velvet is gorgeous for winter; snuggly, warm and joyous. Sweet dreams ensured…

  • Felicity 4 years ago

    Just golden beautiful!

  • lizzz 4 years ago

    Just stunning!! Lucky in love with the yellow!!

  • Jessica Fox 4 years ago

    LOVE! Happy, Bright, Warm, Fun and Funky!
    Completely perfect to uplift my bedroom’s vibe!

  • Mary Albert 4 years ago

    I never win anything, haha, but a huge fan of Rachel castle and koskela! My pink velvet castle cushion is very lonely :)

  • Felicity Pearce 4 years ago

    this is so so divine… literally would be in style sleep heaven. LOVE LOVE LOVE xo

  • Penny 4 years ago

    Love a win of beautful linen

  • Tea Ivic 4 years ago

    oh my I need that toasty warm sunshine on my bed! Please please please

  • Vanessa 4 years ago

    Pretty please!

  • Amanda | Kaleidoscope 4 years ago

    Oh I am such a big fan of Rachel’s work! I’d love to win this giveaway and will definitely have to check out the exhibition!

  • Rebecca Buettner 4 years ago

    Perfect timing!!…….i am doing up my bedroom & this new beautiful linen would help make it a haven…not just a bedroom! fingers crossed xx

  • Maria 4 years ago

    Beautiful linen equals beautiful dreams.

  • Murna 4 years ago

    Fingers crossed for some luck tomorrow. I’m in.

  • Tim 4 years ago

    Would love a little sunshine in nippy Ballarat!

  • nat 4 years ago

    hello! eek!

  • Rochelle 4 years ago

    I love love love those doona covers xxxx

  • Hailey Mc 4 years ago

    Rachel Castle. What an absolute style guru and colour genius. In my books, she can do no wrong!

  • Kellie 4 years ago

    Call me Mellow Yellow!! hehehe

  • Sabina Jein Ku 4 years ago

    The burst reminds me of beautiful peacock .
    I wonder where the end of TDF’s human connection would be. Perhaps endless.
    Love all your artist & smart friends, TDF!

  • Hannah 4 years ago

    These look so perfect for Winter. The cosiness factor is off the charts!!

  • Sarah 4 years ago

    <3 that velvety goodness!

  • Tanya 4 years ago

    Lemon Delicious!

  • Claire 4 years ago

    Love love love the velvet yellow quilt cover! It will go so well in our newly painted room and will help me spring out of bed in those early hours to our newborn baby !

  • Sarah Ritchie 4 years ago

    Oh how I would love this bed linen. So warm and bright!

  • Margaret medaris 4 years ago

    Fantastic colour, warm, inviting and cosy to sleep under such a luxurious quilt cover.Fingers crossed

  • Dana 4 years ago

    Yessssssss pls pls pls plsssssssssssss

  • Dee 4 years ago

    Oh yes please!!!!

  • Diana 4 years ago

    Just what we need to complete our bedroom, just finished painting, new curtains are in and all we need now is this gorgeous bedding.

  • Alison 4 years ago

    favourite! it’s a yes

  • belinda 4 years ago

    At this time of year yellow is my favorite colour!!!!!

  • Charlotte 4 years ago

    Oh wow oh wow
    Amazing stuff! I have the huger crush on velvet and yellow- delicious!

  • Narelle 4 years ago

    Wow! This is gorgeous linen and would look great in my freshly painted white bedroom! :)

  • Mark 4 years ago

    Wow! Very cool sheets – perfect for winter.

  • Katie Jayne 4 years ago

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  • Donato 4 years ago

    This will surely spice things up in the boudoir ;)

  • George 4 years ago

    My toddler just did a wee in my bed so such lovely bedlinen probably doesn’t belong in our house, but I’d love to win it anyway! ;)

  • Sophie 4 years ago

    Please please plitty please. I love the colors and textural surprise of velvet.

  • Katy 4 years ago

    My housemate just moved out and took the entire contents of the linen closet with him back to Sydney. Including all of my sheets! I need some sunshine-y goodness right about now! x

  • Holly 4 years ago

    So Sunny and Bright for a Winter Sydney!

  • Zoe 4 years ago

    Rachel Castle, you are a genius

  • Fiona Rowlands 4 years ago

    Oh wow, they look just amazing! They’d be sure to brighten any room and banish the winter gloom….. Thanks for the lovely giveaway and good luck everyone…. :)

  • alex 4 years ago

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