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Julia Green and Family

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Wednesday 18th July 2012

The Melbourne home of stylist Julia Green and family.  Photo – Armelle Habib, Styling – Julia Green.

Front sitting room.  Photo – Armelle Habib, Styling – Julia Green.

Julia Green in her fabulous kitchen!  Artwork far right wall is ‘Tranquil Grace’ by Sarah Wood – purchased from  Photo – Armelle Habib, Styling – Julia Green.

OK so today’s fabulous family home belongs to one multi-tasking local creative whose work you’ve seen a few times on TDF before – Melbourne interiors stylist and creative agent Julia Green!  Julia shares her wonderful home in Melbourne’s Caulfield with husband Adam and their two boys Max (9) and Jesse (2). The family have been here for the past four years, since purchasing the home on a bit of a whim after it was passed in at auction.

‘We bought this house in our pyjamas – true story!’ says Julia.  ‘We used to live in a little Spanish mission house in East St Kilda that was uber cool, but the size of a postage stamp’ Julia recalls.  ‘One morning, around the breakfast table, we found a house not far from us that had passed in at auction the previous day. We rang the agent – she told us we had five minutes to get there, inspect it and make an offer! We raced over, and within moments of walking through the front door, we had made an offer!’.

The house had a great layout and was on a fantastic generous block, but when Julia and family first got hold of it, the interior was was very French provincial – each room was painted pale lemon with ‘wedding cake curtains’!  Julia and Adam set to work – they painted the entire interior white, changed every light fitting, removed all those flouncy curtains and replaced them with white plantation shutters. Carpet was removed throughout and the timber boards polished, and to finish, a big deck and a pool were added outdoors!  Ooh la la.  The result is a seriously polished family home with wonderful generous proportions, no shortage of brave colour, and just a hint of luxe.

‘I love my home because it is my sanctuary, and the place where I feel most happy’ says Julia. ‘It is full of love and we have all put our own stamp on it. Our collectibles represent a love of old and new – it is not a gallery or museum but an amass of stuff we all love’.

Of course, Julia’s home also benefits greatly from her innate stylists’ eye, and the contacts she has made since joining the wacky world of editorial styling in recent years! After a long career in the pharmaceutical industry, Julia moved into interiors styling just three years ago, after a chance meeting with a photographer from Vogue Living.  She’d always had a creative leaning and passion for interiors and design, but it wasn’t until becoming a mum, and spending a little time away from the rat race, that she had time to re-consider her career.

I must admit I don’t think I’ve met met anyone with such immense energy and determination to navigate a  successful career change after two kids – it seems 17 years in the pharmaceutical industry has given Julia an incredible work ethic and unshakeable drive!  It’s clear how much she is relishing her new role, contributing stories to House and Garden, Home Beautiful and various other Australian publications.

‘It makes my heart sing’ say Julia of her newfound creative career. ‘It is a true love and passion, and being paid is a total bonus. I am living proof that if you love something and can back yourself, (and surround yourself with the right people) – you can make it happen’.  Such an inspiring story from one seriously motivated self starter!

Julia’s chief collaborator is Melbourne photographer Armelle Habib, who she was very keen to mention as her biggest creative influence, referring to Armelle as ‘nothing shy of the BEES KNEES!’ Ha ha! Indeed – Armelle’s shots are always stunning, and we’re super grateful to both these ladies for the beautiful shots they have contributed for today’s story.

Outside of styling, Julia also runs a wholesale homewares agency – Greenhouse Interiors – mentoring and representing up and coming designers in the marketplace.  Julia’s infectious enthusiasm for local design make her the perfect spokesperson for other creatives – she sings the praises of her talented brood at every opportunity, gathering stockists and all-important media coverage for them wherever she can. On her books presently are five super talented local artists and makers (check out the Greenhouse Interiors website for more info) – they really are so fortunate to have her backing and support.

Sheesh. With two young kids at home, shoots and editorial projects on the go, plus a bunch of local creatives to mentor and spruik – I get the impression Julia really doesn’t seem to get much sleep!

Massive thanks to Julia for sharing her beautiful home with us today, and once again to Armelle Habib for all the fabulous shots. Do pop by Julia’s website to learn a little more about her work and the artists she represents!

Julia’s front sitting room is one of her favourite spots, she especially loves curling up by the fireplace with a bottle of red on a cold winter day!  Julia is OBSESSED with her new wire chandelier from Fenton and Fenton.  *Sigh* YES agreed, its so stunning in this room! Photo – Armelle Habib, Styling – Julia Green.

Daybed, all cushioned up (!!), in the sitting room.  Photo – Armelle Habib, Styling – Julia Green.

Hallway details – Photo – Armelle Habib, Styling – Julia Green.

Hallway details (Love that pretty timber panelling) Photo – Armelle Habib, Styling – Julia Green.

Master bedroom – ‘ I love my pink bedroom’ says Julia. ‘Poor husband has given up fighting the pink battle!’. Artwork above bed by Pia Blair (another of the artists Julia represents), artwork on left wall by Rosetta Santucci.

Spare Bedoom – artwork above bed by Emma Cleine / Lumiere Art and co, one of the artists Julia represents. Photo – Armelle Habib, Styling – Julia Green.

Spare bedoom details –  Photo – Armelle Habib, Styling – Julia Green.

Spare bedoom details, cushion by Emma Cleine / Lumiere Art and co.  Photo – Armelle Habib, Styling – Julia Green.

Very posh and grown up bathroom!  Photo – Armelle Habib, Styling – Julia Green.

Fabulous boys room for Max (9)! Artwork (right) by David Bromley, purchased from local gallery Louey and Lane.  Photo – Armelle Habib, Styling – Julia Green.

Sweet kids details.  Artwork (right) by David Bromley, purchased from local gallery Louey and Lane.  Photo – Armelle Habib, Styling – Julia Green.

Cheeky Jesse’s bedroom! – Photo – Armelle Habib, Styling – Julia Green.

Amazing pool!  Yes I know.  Not fair!  Photo – Armelle Habib, Styling – Julia Green.

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Wednesday 18th July 2012


  • Paula Norman 4 years ago

    So creative and warm – I too would feel happy here. Well done Julia!!!

  • Christy 4 years ago

    This is a stunning house (amazing bones!), however some of the shots / areas in the house seem way too over styled – it looks more like a shop than a home. It is also complete with every current interior-design trend going, all at the same time – to me this is a tad overwhelming!

  • Stuart A 4 years ago

    Stunning home of a very talented lady. Loved looking through the house of a styling genius! Feeling inspired! Thanks for running this story.

  • jasmine 4 years ago

    gorgeous interiors by a talentad lady, love all the colours on a white palette (ahh to turn my fiance’s mind around about an white base – ha!)

  • Kimmy 4 years ago

    …gorgeous home, overstyled or not – (…she’s a stylist, as if she wouldn’t “style” her own home for a shoot!) Love it. Thanks for sharing TDF. I don’t read your pages every day to see “unstyled” homes, I read it for inspiration and to dream a little……sigh. :-) xx

  • Vans 4 years ago

    wedding cake curtains’ cripes they’d give me a rash, what an improvement!!!
    great to see some COLOUR, love this home – thanks lucy

  • Indra King 4 years ago

    Love this! Super eclectic and personal. Swooning over the pool! Of course it is well-styled, I would never allow my mess and clutter to be photographed either!

  • Sunshine & daydreams 4 years ago

    Inspiring house, inspiring subject- I’m ready to start my day. I love Wednesdays!
    And I love the over styling. Who wants to see breakfast dishes and dust.

  • Georgina Campbell 4 years ago

    Does everyone aspire to white walls these days?

  • julie @ tractorgirl 4 years ago

    yep, styled or overstyled doesn’t take away from the fact there are some very very gorgeous things she has collected in her travels (although seriously that bathroom sticks out like a sore thumb – perhaps its the beige-ness and blankness of those big tiles, not suited at all to the eclectic rusticity of the rest of the house)

  • Kath 4 years ago

    Man I love Wednesdays, peering into others’ homes. I think the comments in this post point towards a very interesting tension we all face of style vs substance. These are not necessarily opposed, of course, but it’s interesting that some people see this home as overstyled, and hence not ‘authentic’. Sure, there’s an abundance of fashionable by-the-numbers style props in this home, and very expensive ones, but to me it’s still a very beautiful and inspiring space, and clearly well-loved. And we all, in our quest to make our habitat beautiful, indulge in things we later might feel conflicted about. Home-styling for me will also be a double-edged, guilty, indulgent pleasure: I feel blessed to simply to own a home, while others are homeless and struggling. We must never loose sight that our love of design porn is a privileged pursuit. For my part, I’m guiltily lusting after that half-ottoman & blue chair in the 2nd pic.

  • Cass 4 years ago

    Way too over styled. Sorry, I love love every wednesday peeping into other people’s homes… this one was lost on me a little.

  • Ellie 4 years ago

    Beautiful home! Wish it was mine!

  • Meghan 4 years ago

    What a fabulous home! I love Julia’s little installations around her place and the pops of colour to make things interesting. I especially love the pool area. Simple and not too busy.

  • Pablo B 4 years ago

    OMG! Every current decorator cliche in the book, all at once!
    More design and less decorating in Australian Homes please.

  • Ben 4 years ago

    Yes I think the Hallway is the shot that is way overstyled that people are talking about. This often happens with artists own homes – I have seen it before – just can’t fit everything in that they want to live with.
    Good on you, I think you have done a super job.

  • Melissa 4 years ago

    Wow negativity today not used to that on here. I loved the house and would be particularly happy with that daybed!

  • Ange 4 years ago

    What style and creativity. I’d expect a stylist to have all those beautiful things around her – for both work and pleasure. What a wonderful career story to follow your passion and talents.

  • Lisa 4 years ago

    I loved this home Lucy, all that colour and personality makes ‘MY heart sing’. Julia is obviously a very talented stylist, and I loved reading her story – there’s hope for some of us yet. Armelle’s photos, ridiculous. Super talented.

  • Amberly 4 years ago

    Absolutely stunning. This is one of those homes that I can’t wrap my head around how the design was thought up. Pure talent. So many images to save! Fantastic job Julia – you are a genius! :)

  • jasmine 4 years ago

    I am surprised at the negativity, as this is one of my favourite design files houses, (along with Megan Morton’s). I love the use of colour, especially the blue, I love the master bedroom and the pool takes it to another dimension altogether. I am guilty, however, of preferring over styling to minimalism, but isn’t that just a matter of taste?… Thank you Lucy for the fact it costs me nothing to be part of the TDF experience…….

  • Katherine 4 years ago

    Oh, come on. A bit of objectivity is a good thing right? I prefer lower key styling too, but there’s certainly no shortage of pieces to admire.

  • Katrina 4 years ago

    Yes I agree with others, unfortunately this house is over-styled for me. Less is more. I do love the pool shot though, would be fabulous for a summer pool party.

  • Pablo B 4 years ago

    The issue isnt that there is a lot in the images it’s that the selection of objects is incredibly safe. There is nothing striking, unusual or unique. There is no creativity. I dont get any sort of idea of an individuals taste here. All I see is a vague and very well worn vintage/retro/feminine/whimscal yawn that was tired years ago.
    I hate to say it but the line above is increasingly what TDF is about. No design, all knick knacks for the sideboard.

  • Anon 4 years ago

    Pablo, do you have as few manners as you do opinions? It appears so. I think people need to remember that this is someone’s home and they are more than likely reading this. What they choose to live with is their prerogative. What you consider to be worthy of taste and style is not really what people are interested in seeing or hearing about. Thank you Julia and the DF for allowing thousands of people the opportunity to see your place. Its disappointing to see such a bitchy slant on this forum today.

  • Gaz 4 years ago

    I love Wednesdays. What I don’t love is the negative crap people have carried on with today. Its a beautiful home. Thanks Lucy

  • Kim 4 years ago

    Without a doubt my favourite TDF home ever! I love the colour, the warmth, the unique artworks, the rare vintage finds and the gorgeous homely feel… all beautifully styled. I wish this was my home!!!

  • Amber 4 years ago

    I am utterly appalled at the amount of negativity on today’s discussion board. The first thing I think of when I wake up on a wednesday morning (and have done for many years now) is ‘it’s Australian Homes Day on TDF’ and what an honour, privilege and pleasure this experience always is. No, I do not always love the houses or the styles that are displayed, but I do appreciate that people are offering up their homes for viewing- an intimate snapshot of their lives. Not to mention all the hard work and dedication the TDF crew put in to this. Please no more negativity here. This is a blog full of joy, not criticism!

  • Gem 4 years ago

    WOW! Amazing home, amazing photos and really great story of someone who took a risk, changed career, dared to dream & HAS MADE IT HAPPEN! That’s the key to this inspiring, creative stylist and designer’s story people! Julia – your obviously passionate, warm, welcoming, motivated and you are willing to share your wonderful home – thank you for opening the door of your wonderful home and sharing it’s magic!

  • Pippa 4 years ago

    The images of this home blow me away, the styling sings, I have been inspired! Our homes are our place to create, take risks and be playful! Thanks TDF!

  • Christy 4 years ago

    Oh dear – when I posted my initial comment this morning I (clearly) didn’t put enough thought into it – while I don’t resile from my opinion (and it’s just that, my non-stylist opinion only) I should have reminded myself that the owner of the house would likely be reading the comments and refrained from posting at all. Sorry for my part in this!

  • David 4 years ago

    Loving what you’ve done, great style & warmth. Especially interesting to see your website and the support you give to artists. That’s impressive in the current economic climate. Thankyou.

  • Ange 4 years ago

    If only the faceless people found another outlet for their nasty comments. Sour grapes perhaps? A very old saying…. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. Can you begin to imagine the impact of your comments.

  • NellieM 4 years ago

    Wish I lived in your cool, comfy and crazy creative space! Where can I get those triangle wall panels?

  • Lucy 4 years ago

    Wowsers thankyou all for your comments, I’ve been travelling today and haven’t been able to check the comments until now!

    First and foremost thankyou to Julia for sharing her home with us today – and thankyou for all the supportive comments, especially anonymous (comment 27), Gaz (comment 28), Amber (30) and all the other lovely words in the mix.

    It’s so rare for there to be any negative comments on here… and whilst I should probably remain impartial, I’m going to have to agree with Amber on this one! TDF, and in particular Wednesday’s Australian Homes section, relies 100% on the generosity of those brave people who share their homes with you guys every Wednesday!

    Thankyou all for tuning in regularly to admire what’s on offer, and for making this space a (generally) really positive, friendly place!

    To those very few who have nothing nice to say, please may I remind you that TDF is free to read, you haven’t lost a cent by popping by on the odd occasion, and finding a home you don’t particularly love!

    Massive thanks to you all for readings and continuing to support this little old blog! x

  • Jen 4 years ago

    I love the colour in this house! Beautiful. I’ve had to look through all the photos a few times to appreciate all the details- are those towels changing shades or is that just the light? Such a cute idea… and that pool! Awesome.

    I think people are forgetting how intimate these peaks are! Why be so judgemental? Just don’t comment if it’s not to your taste… Thumper had it right in Bambi.

  • Carla 4 years ago

    WOW! I love this home. I don’t think it’s over styled at all, as a designer myself I love so many different pieces from all different styles that I style my house for ME not anyone else and us folk that are passionate about beautiful things do live in houses as beautifully styled as this everyday that’s what makes your house a home! (how you like it). Thank you for letting us see your home Julia!

  • sarah 4 years ago

    Very excited and inspiring to see such success at changing careers and providing such a beautiful home for us to peer into…thank you

  • teresa grant 4 years ago


  • paula mills 4 years ago

    What a relief that we all have unique styles and how wonderful it is to embrace living creatively in what what ever way that we we like! Thanks for sharing Lucy.

  • Julia 4 years ago

    i love the patchwork textiles spread throughout the house – and that incredible aquamarine / yellow plaid half-poouf on wheels in the living room is supercalifragalistic! but my favourite item is the large apothecary-esque bureau in the living room – reminds me of one that pippi longstocking had. I also loved the bit of the story where they bought the house in 5 minutes. must’ve hit the mark. thanks for sharing

  • Hannah 4 years ago

    Wait, do you negative commenters also send in complaints to home magazines? What about when you walk into a shop and there’s a product you don’t particularly warm to?
    No, you see it, form your opinion and move on. Don’t use the relative anonymity of comments as an outlet for your apparent jealousy or elitism.

    Max’s quilt is ah-mazing!!

  • Lucy 4 years ago

    Much love for all your wonderful supportive comments since yesterday guys!

    You guys are really the best, thankyou for defending the usually very friendly and supportive mood around here, and for your kind words and lovely comments about Julia’s amazing home! x

  • Jane 4 years ago

    This has been the most interesting read of the comments! I would not normally comment on something unless I was Seriously moved, but today my comment is more about the comments. I really liked this house and found it full of inspiration. But I also felt it had too many objects in it for my personal taste and that the hallway, while it looked amazing, was a bit over the top and not a practical area. I am not criticising the house, just commenting, because comments are invited. It’s just my personal take on it. While I understand that it is a privilege, and a free one, to get insight and inspiration from a peek into someone’s home, I think it would be a bit boring and pointless if the only comments made were positive comments. Anyway, the best thing for me was the blue and aqua. Nice work.

  • Kath 4 years ago

    I had to revisit this comments thread, because it threatened to get ugly, but I think Jane is on-the-money. The site is free, yes, but it also carries advertising, and in accepting advertiser capital it has entered into a contract of responsibility: to represent its readers’ honest responses. If the gist of some responses is that the many decorator items/arrangements are unoriginal or artless: perhaps this view is USEFUL for TDF advertisers — or even Julia Green’s own business? This development was inevitable as the success of TDF grew. Jane is right that a chorus of gushy, uncritical comments is pointless and vapid: but there also has to be a spirit of kindness (perhaps a moderator?), not least because someone has been brave enough to open their space for viewing. And we voyeurs want people to continue being brave. Bravo Julia Green for being gutsy.

  • Jane 4 years ago

    Thanks Kath. Just to be clear, while I think opinion and debate is interesting and valuable, I do think Lucy is right to stop snippy comments, no one wants to read that. Let’s keep it fun, that’s why we are all reading after all.

  • NellieM 4 years ago

    Bravo for bravery in showcasing your beautifully styled home. I LOVE IT and would have you style for me anyday!

  • Nick 4 years ago

    Hi Julia – I absolutely adore your work and I think your home embraces your singing heart! Keep singing please, no matter how jealous others get. They just want to take a little bit of your sparkle.

  • Lisa 4 years ago

    Almost everyone who puts their home on display, either for a blog such as TDF or a magazine spread has something to sell or gain from the exposure. This is surely not a suprise to people? In this case, Julia is selling her styling skills and promoting her business so it figures that the house is styled like a shop for this shoot (and perhaps overstyled a tad). Maybe that’s what everyone is reacting to. It’s not a natural space. Having said that, I personally think all the objects and colours in these spaces are so beautiful. I wish this house was shop so I could shop there!

  • Anon 4 years ago

    For gods sake – move on . No one is dying – its just a house !!!a home actually ! yes you are entitled to your opinion , but use your manners and show a little respect . Some people DO live like this ., it is a natural way of life for some to surround themselves with the things they love – is that a crime ?? All of these comments are not helpful for other design files house candidates – who is going to stick their hand up to offer a home if this is what you cop ? And horses for courses – everyone likes different things – that’s what makes the world go around . I don’t like everything I see on blogs or magazines , but what will it achieve being rude about it ?????? If I commented on every minimalistic home ever published we would be equally bored !! Accept our differences . Accept we all have different likes and dislikes . Hang your undies from the ceiling and see if anyone wants to shoot it ????? Take all of your objects out if a room so people can’t accuse you of over styling!!!
    If you don’t like her styling services – don’t use them – but a lot of you obviously do as she is booked out for the next 2 months . Seriously – how ridiculous this has all become . What a shame ! Tall poppy syndrome is alive and well in Australia !!!!

  • FLYERVERTEILER 4 years ago

    Love the styling on this shoot.

  • God forbid... I'm an over styled mess! 4 years ago

    I can’t help but think how I would be feeling if people nit picked my work like this on a public forum. Or better still, told me my house was laking any sense of individuality and was a cliche. Having been profiled on the TDF I can’t tell you how thrilling that was. But if I had people criticizing what I created and made comments like this, I would be nothing short of a blubbering mess! Who wants to be shamed and made to feel horrible about what they feel passionate about? Seriously pull your head in peeps! Give it a rest! Maybe some of you could email Julia a photo of your hall way considering your such experts. Lets hope for your sake it doesn’t make it to TDF! Love your work Julia, I think I have developed a little lady crush on you! *blush*

  • Kaz 4 years ago

    This is the first time I have viewed the homes on the design files.
    I couldn’t believe the nature of some of the comments here!
    What a gorgeous house to live in and grow up in.
    What I see is an expression of love and passion in an amazing mix of pieces and spaces.
    The talent here is how the pieces bounce off each other yet connect and work in a certain harmony.
    Not everyone can do this!
    Full of colour and life.

  • Emma 4 years ago

    Congratulations on the amazing images of your home Julia. To be honest, having visited many times, there isn’t a huge difference between these photos and how your home always looks! Beautiful pieces and such an inspiring story. You’re such a fan of The Design Files and huge supporter, be very proud! From, the head of your fan club!

  • RICK 4 years ago

    Julia, Julia, Julia……fabulous flare, love your work..
    I’m looking for this style for my next shoot. Contact you shortly.

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