Crate Expectations

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 10th July 2012

Gorgeous jewels available at Malvern store Crate Expectations – sterling silver Blue stone ring, ‘Peppermint’ necklace, beautiful Odeya Silver Bangles (also available online!). Photo by Armelle Habib, sweet styling by Julia Green.

Gorgeous pieces at Crate – lots of local finds in the mix including necklace top right by Wizzer and Whyte, Resin bangles bottom left by Karen Moreton.  Photo by Armelle Habib, styling by Julia Green.

Georgie Bird – proprietor and merchandiser extraordinaire at Crate Expectations in Malvern!  Photo by Armelle Habib, styling by Julia Green.

Goddamn shopping is SO good in Melbourne isn’t it!?  I feel like I discover some fabulous new shop pretty much every week in our chilly city (well, I guess we need some retail excitement to make up for the subzero temperatures).

Crate Expectations isn’t actually a new shop, but it’s a recent find for me, and is a bit of a hidden secret, hiding just off Glenferrie rd down a leafy sidestreet in Malvern.  Proprietor Georgie Bird is a big believer in Australian design and supports many local brands and designers you might recognise – she’s also a whizz when it comes to merchandising!  Melbourne stylist Julia Green was gushing with enthusiasm for Crate’s beautiful window displays when she kindly supplied these shots – ‘each week Georgie’s window is like the Myer Xmas windows… definitely worth a drive by!’ says Julia!

With a passion for travel and design, but a background in finance, Georgie spent her first few years out of uni working the obligatory ‘safe’ corporate job in the city, but a creative career was beckoning. Finally she took a leap of faith and answered an ad in the paper – and despite never having worked in retail, she got a job as retail manager of this beautiful homewares store in Malvern. ‘I loved it, I was in my element, it felt like I found my calling’ she says of her role at Crate Expectations.

Georgie managed the store for four years until she got married and left Crate to become the buyer of a large Australian furniture company.  This new role saw her travelling to India, Indonesia and China, designing and creating each season’s furniture, homewares and cushions.  But after only five months in this exciting new job, the opportunity came up to buy Crate Expectations – and it was too good to pass up.  She took the plunge, and returned to Crate, buzzing with energy and new creative ideas for the store.

Since owning Crate, the store has had several facelifts and is forever changing – and Georgie is super excited to launch the Crate online store this week!  Do pop by and have a look at the gorgeous and very extensive range available online – of course, they ship Australia wide.

Massive thanks to Julia Green and Armelle Habib for supplying the beautiful photographs in this post, and to Georgie for giving Melburnians another fabulous reason to shop local!

Crate Expectations
1A Llaneast st
Malvern, Vic

ph. (03) 9576 2717

Nicole Fendel Aya Square Gold Necklace and Free Grace Rose Gold Earrings – all available instore and online at Crate Expectations.  Photo by Armelle Habib, styling by Julia Green.

 More beautiful pieces available at Crate Expectations – Odeya leather multi disc necklace, Odeya Gold Bangles,  Photo by Armelle Habib, styling by Julia Green.

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 10th July 2012


  • Courtney 4 years ago

    I love these photos, and what an inspiring story. Her shop is absolutely gorgeous!

  • The Minimalist 4 years ago

    What a beautiful store! I will definitely be adding this to my ‘must see’ list for when I am next in Melbourne.

  • Emma 4 years ago

    so much beautiful colour!

  • Laura 4 years ago

    Yet another reason I want to move to Melbourne! Such a great story and I’m sure an even more fabulous shop!

  • Live Cre8ive 4 years ago

    Great story! What are the those fab circle pattern stools called?

  • mes bijoux 4 years ago

    isn’t it weird that I designed quite similar necklaces to the first ones your show here? I mean that I have not any match with the other designer and I live at Barcelona (the Antipodes). it must be true that we live in a Global Village…

  • sunshine & daydreams 4 years ago

    A truly lovely shop. I’ll be sure to contact Georgie as soon as i get my new range together.

  • Hollie 4 years ago

    Yay for Crate Expectations! This is my favourite shop in Melbourne! I always find an excuse to swing by this treasure and dreamily wish I could take the entire store home! Always full of beautiful and inspiring finds!

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