Treadlie Street – Tweed Riders

by Jenny Butler
Thursday 21st June 2012

All of the Treadlie Street riders this week have been super stylish, but today’s Tweed Riders are taking style to a new level! High-waisted pants, waistcoats, straw hats and of course, tweed – these cyclists are donning their Sunday Best, and celebrating the tradition of British riding attire. – Jenny x

Tweed Riders Pia and Ivan at the 2011 Sydney Tweed Ride. Photo by Declan Kuch

Who’d have thought that dressing up in traditional British cycling attire would get so many people excited. Last year almost 400 turned up for Sydney’s tweed ride. We loved this dapper pair!


Pia, an event producer and Ivan, a musician, from Surry Hills and Marrickville in Sydney.


Pia – my mum’s vintage tweed jacket and scarf and my favourite ‘40s pants.
Ivan – vintage waistcoat, Wolfies Cycles t-shirt and Lee jeans… and homemade red velvet cupcakes on the back of the bicycle!

Your bike?

Both are from Wolfies Cycles, my (Pia’s) dad’s company. He has a neat collection of mostly vintage bikes from the ‘30s right through to the late ‘80s, and all for sale! My bike is a reproduction of a ‘50s Columbia and Ivan’s is a 1950s JC Higgins.


We have just finished the Sydney Tweed Ride – super fun day!

There is also has a Melbourne Tweed Ride group – these images are from their Summer Ride along the bay in February 2012! Photos by Cheryl Lin

Why ride?

Why not! It’s such a beautiful way to see the city and riding these bikes makes it extra fun.

Favourite ride?

These bikes are built for cruising so we are heading to Centennial Park to do a lap and then stop off for a picnic.

While riding you…?

Ivan hums or whistles or does a bit of both, I don’t know what I do … but I think now I will join in on the humming ‘cause Ivan always looks like he enjoys the odd hum on and off the bike.


by Jenny Butler
Thursday 21st June 2012

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