Treadlie Street – Gwendolynne Burkin

by Jenny Butler
Tuesday 19th June 2012

There is something impressive about a lady wearing a dress AND riding a bike! Today’s Treadlie Street profile is fashion designer Gwendolynne Burkin, who makes this challenging combo look glamourous and effortless – she also has amazing Melbourne winter fashion style too! – Jenny x

Gorgeous gal Gwendolynne Burkin. Photo by Carole Whitehead

Oh yes, we love girls in fancy dresses riding bikes. Today we bring you one of the fanciest – Gwendolynne Burkin.


Gwendolynne Burkin, a Design Director from Fitzroy


I am wearing a vintage cream top with a jabot that I bought at the Camberwell Market, a cream pleated dress, can’t remember where I bought it from, and white men’s shoes.

Photo by Carole Whitehead

Your bike?

My bike is an Avanti. I’ve customised it with a Brooks saddle and changed the handle bars to match the colour of the saddle. I also have a cute wicker basket.


I’m running errands for work, going to the bank and the hardware store. Just the stuff you need to do when you run a business.

Why ride?

I love cycling – when you cycle it feels like you are floating or flying. I also think it’s a very affordable way of transporting yourself around. You can always get a park and it keeps you fit. You can also perve at other cyclists.

Favourite ride?

I love riding into the city and going through MCG park and Birrarung Marr, where the beautiful bridge is with Aboriginal chanting, especially at sunset.

Possible the most elegantly dressed cyclist in Melbourne?! Photo by Carole Whitehead

While riding you…?

I sing a lot!  I like to take in the smells and snoop at what’s going on in my neighbourhood. I love wearing clothes that billow in the wind. I have one favourite red dress that I love to wear when I am riding as the sleeves are so floaty.

- Treadlie

by Jenny Butler
Tuesday 19th June 2012


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