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Natalie Bloom and Family

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Wednesday 27th June 2012

The Melbourne home of Natalie Bloom and family – Photos by Sean Fennessy, production Lucy Feagins / The Design Files

Painting in loungeroom by Howard Arkley, and Buddha from Ubud, Bali. Photo by Sean Fennessy, production by Lucy Feagins / The Design Files

‘Family’ by Mirka Mora hangs in the entrance hall – a portrait of Natalie’s Family

Natalie Bloom at home – Photo by Sean Fennessy

Oh lord.  Hold onto your hats people. We have a KILLER Melbourne Home to share with you today, owned by one of Melbourne’s most stylish and inspiring creative businesswomen (and Mum of FOUR!) Natalie Bloom of Bloom Cosmetics. What a woman. What a home!

Natalie and husband Brian moved into this house in 2002, and since then their family has grown to include a gaggle of gorgeous kids – Chloe (9), Amber (8), Zac (6) and Ben (10 months).

Nat says on first glance she instantly fell in love with the house (which was built in 1908) – she was particularly drawn to the balconies and outdoor space around the perimeter of the property.  But whilst the exterior was perfect – the entire interior needed reworking. ‘Originally, it was a house full of lots of tiny rooms’ says Nat.  ‘We opened up the spaces, and renovated the interior while trying to retain original features, such as the staircase balustrade, some stained glass windows and other window furniture’.  Much respected local interior designer Kerry Phelan was enlisted to assist in modernising the space and selecting finishes and furniture.  The results are so stunning – the perfect balance of classic and contemporary styling, with just a touch of luxe.

One particularly treasured piece for Nat is the painting hanging above the staircase by Mirka Mora, a dear friend of Natalie’s.  ‘This painting was inspired by our family’ she says. ‘Mirka named it ‘Family‘ and we knew it had to be ours. It holds many memories and emotions for me, and I love that it’s the first thing I see when I come home’.

Beyond the picture perfect styling, the flow of Natalie’s home is so well considered, and this, in combination with its generous proportions, make it a fantastically user-friendly space for this very busy family.  Nat is also still very fond of the exterior elements she originally fell in love with- ‘our house is surrounded by garden and the changing exterior colours are a charming complement to the interior of our home, and bring me much joy’ she says.  The central location, not far from the Yarra River and Botanical Gardens has also been a wonderful blessing for Nat’s large family –  ‘It is an absolute treat to be so close to the city and walking distance to incredible parks for the kids’ she says.

Massive thanks to Natalie, Brian and family for sharing their beautiful home with us today!  As a busy Mum with an incredibly successful business, Natalie’s story is inspiring in more ways than one.  I feel very lucky to be able to share with you today a slightly more personal look into her world.

Dining room – seats for a family of six plus some! Photo by Sean Fennessy, production Lucy Feagins / The Design Files

Kitchen.  Prints leaning on cabinetry top left by David Band – these works formed the basis of the designs for Natalie’s Organics range.  Photo by Sean Fennessy, production Lucy Feagins / The Design Files

Sweet details and family portraits in the TV room / kids playroom – artwork just peeking in, top left by David Band.  Photo by Sean Fennessy, production Lucy Feagins / The Design Files

TV room / kids playroom, all three three artworks by David Band.  Photo by Sean Fennessy, production Lucy Feagins / The Design Files

Natalie’s home office / study – Photos by Sean Fennessy, production Lucy Feagins / The Design Files

Natalie’s seriously impressive pinboard!  – Photo by Sean Fennessy, production Lucy Feagins / The Design Files

I really just wish I could include ALL IMAGES at full size, they’re all so pretty!  More details from Nat’s study above.  Left – ‘Beauty in Bloom’ book illustrated by Rebecca Wetzler and sweet Missoni tea-set for one!  Photos by Sean Fennessy, production Lucy Feagins / The Design Files

Master Bedroom – painting above bed by Mirka Mora.  Photo by Sean Fennessy, production Lucy Feagins / The Design Files

Dream dressing table – Nat’s impressive perfume collection(!!) and of course a few key items from the Bloom Organics Range. (and you can just spot Nat in the reflection!) – Photo by Sean Fennessy, production Lucy Feagins / The Design Files

Bedroom detail – original illustration by Kat Macleod, cycling figurine is Brian’s (he’s a keen cyclist!).  Photo by Sean Fennessy, production Lucy Feagins / The Design Files

Chloe’s bedroom – Keith Haring prints

Sweet details in Chloe’s bedroom – a portrait of Chloe by Rebecca Wetzler, and sweet embroidered cushions hand stitched by Natalie, replicating the kids’ drawings.

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Wednesday 27th June 2012


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    I loved the Mirka paintings – how inspiring to see those every day.

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    I’ve used bloom since my early teens, I just couldn’t resist the pretty packaging back then and I still can’t!

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    Thanks for sharing the love.

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    so good to peek into the life of such an incredible australian creative.

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    One thing that really strikes you about Natalie Blooms home is just that its a beautiful warm inviting fresh light home. With amazing art by (I can almost imagine very like minded to Bloom) local melbourne artist such as Mirka Mora. What an Inspiration you are Natalie. Your Children and Family are lucky to have you. Im new to design files daily – I’m loving every moment, drinking up all the inspiration and love between all the glorious images. Thank you, Thank you, thank you!

  • Tess 4 years ago

    Beautiful home. Love the Mirka Mora painting!

  • lara 4 years ago

    I wish i had a home like that! :)

  • felicity 4 years ago

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  • Margie Hennessy 4 years ago

    A few years ago we met Natalie in store at Myer and she was very kind and generous with her time for our young girls. It was the highlight of their trip to Melbourne. Being able to live your childhood dream and to continue your style from your home to the Bloom range, always timeless and clever is very inspirational. Congratulations Natalie Bloom on all your hard work and dedication to all that you do.

  • Julia 4 years ago

    How do you put a wolf whistle into words??

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    Great post


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    Natalie is such an inspiration to me in so many different ways. Thank you do much for sharing this with us.

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    I must say first up that I love your new website, just opened the email in my inbox and come to see :)… and I also love the staying power of Natalie Bloom… goodness she has been around for such a long time now, good on her! Love that picture on the wall in the lounge room, especially the picture with the Buddha in front :)

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