Carryology – Black Belt Carrying

by Jenny Butler
Friday 8th June 2012

A HUGE thank you to the crew at Carryology for being our fantastic Guest Bloggers this week! We have loved all their carrying tips and advice, as well as the seeing the fantastic products and carrying labels they love (I’m still drooling over this Tailfeather backpack – so perfect!). Extra special thanks to Ando for pulling everything together for this week too! Happy weekend all! – Jenny x

Now that you’re getting into this idea of carrying better, we thought it would be fun to take it to another level. So we’ve picked a few posts that show how you can MacGyver a carry device from a simple hoodie, carry your baby without doing your back, or get your head around the daunting world of handbags.

Hoody Origami!

Hoody Origami - One of our all time favourite link shares techniques for transforming your basic hoody sweater into all number of carry devices. Never stress about being caught out again with some clothing origami.

Carrying Babies – A few options (go here for a full round-up!)

Carrying Babies - Here’s a post that we hope can help new parents avoid the agony of a bad back (or a disappointing purchase). There are times when a pram can feel like a ball and chain – getting in the way as you try to negotiate crowds, obstacles or outdoors. Carrying your baby is great for the baby, but you need to understand which ways will also suit you.

Handbag shapes and formats according to Carryology – go here for a full round-up!

The key handbag formats - Schools don’t teach the difference between a clutch, bowler, tote or hobo. We thought it would be nice to help out a little, with a 101 of the most common handbag formats.

If it’s feeling like you might be a closet carryologist, check out more at www.carryology.com or sign up for our monthly newsletters. Happy carrying!

- Carryology x

by Jenny Butler
Friday 8th June 2012


  • Cathg1g2 3 years ago

    V v clever!
    have loved the tips this week, thank you

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