Tabletop Portraits with Kootoyoo – Victoria Mason

by Jenny Butler
Wednesday 30th May 2012

Kirsty of Kootoyoo has created a series of Tabletop Portraits for us this week and today we learn a little more about the talented Victoria Mason. Victoria’s work is seriously top quality, her jewelery pieces will last a lifetime and then some. Victoria and Kirsty have worked together too- a delightful outcome of two talented minds. -Jenny x

has her eyes wide open
& notices the small stuff
she’s a great coffee buddy
& listens hard too
makes beautiful pieces
& fills them with love
is inspired by memory
& appreciates “Nanna”
is careful & precise
& honest & true
happily shares ideas
& collaborates too
stays true to her craft
& won’t settle for less
a beautiful blend of nostalgia
& modern aesthetic

Kirsty x

Find Victoria

by Jenny Butler
Wednesday 30th May 2012


  • Kate 3 years ago

    Ohmygoodness, this series is the best!
    Beautiful and so very clever.
    Kirsty you are a star.
    I’m off to check out Victoria now, (even though I feel like I kinda know her).

  • Amanda 3 years ago

    Enjoying the tabletop portraits.
    Tthey remind me of some calendars I collected years ago, by an Italian photographer -who’s name escapes me. I had them hanging on the wall long after the year had passed, because I enjoyed the images.

  • Margie 3 years ago

    I love your little poems… odes to creative types. I want to set them to music with my uke… Imagine that!

  • Emma 3 years ago

    I LOVE VIC! Long live the Nanna in all of us xxx

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