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Alexia Gnecchi Ruscone and Family

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Wednesday 23rd May 2012

The Paddington apartment of Alexia Gnecchi Ruscone – all photographs by Felix Forest, styling / production by Lucy Feagins.

Treasured antiques and eclectic finds on the mantlepiece – cute monkey in the palm tree!

Living room

Today’s eclectic Sydney apartment is another that seems to have a truly international flair. No surprise, really, as designer Alexia Gnecchi Ruscone and her family are in equal parts Italian / Australian, and have spent a good deal of time living in Europe before settling here. After returning to Sydney from Milan in 2003, they spent time living in Double Bay and Avalon before moving to their current terrace apartment in Paddington.  They’ve been here now for three years.

Alexia lives here with husband Paolo, and grown-up kids Tania (21) and Vittorio (18), plus a string of nieces and nephews that love to come to visit Australia!  The whole family is incredibly creative – Alexia is the founder and key designer behind classic fashion accessories label Eclettica, with two stand alone stores in Sydney and stockists Australia-wide, whilst Paolo runs super popular vintage furniture store Junktique in Glebe.  Their daughter Tania has also recently launched her very own design business – TDesign …whilst Vittorio is in his first year of industrial design!  That’s one seriously impressive collective skill set – all under one roof!

In true European style, Alexia and Paolo have adorned every inch of their home in amazing artwork, antiques and collectables. Gallery-style hanging systems were installed early on to allow for Paolo’s growing collection of paintings and artwork.  Alexia says everything in the house has a sentimental value – ‘our collection tells our story, individually through our family pieces and together through our travels’.

Alexia’s most treasured aspect of this home is it’s cosy-ness – ‘we love coming home and throwing our shoes off!’ she says.  Of course after many years living in Milan, Alexia also adores the sunshine, blue skies, harbour and beaches of Sydney, and in particular the central location of this apartment in Paddington. ‘It’s a great spot – walking distance to fab cafes, book shops and cinema; once I get home from work I really don’t need to drive’ she says.

Big thanks to the Gnecchi Ruscone family for sharing their beautiful home with us today!  I feel it’s only fitting to sign off in Alexia’s signature style – ‘Ciao, Ciao, Tanti Baci !’ xx

Entrance hall

Dining room retails


Dining looking through to kitchen beyond


Kitchen details, including industrial stainless slicer!  You can always tell an Italian kitchen…

Antique details in living room

Spiral staircase

Master bedroom

This generous balcony stretches from living area to master bedroom

Couldn’t resist sharing this quintessentially Sydney view from Alexia’s balcony!  Paddington terrace houses and the water beyond.  Shame no blue sky this day!

ps. If you love Alexia’s classic European sense of style at home, chances are you’ll love her accessories range too – do share the love with a little visit to the Eclettica website!

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Wednesday 23rd May 2012


  • Kath W 4 years ago

    Very jealous of the cow portraits.

  • Harriet 4 years ago

    We are such huge fans of Eccletica and it’s so great to see the home behind the beautiful stores!
    Love a house filled with objects that tell a story.

  • Anthea 4 years ago

    Love the welcome warrier at the front door !

  • Margie 4 years ago

    really quintessential Sydney… lovely!

  • line x shape x colour 4 years ago


  • Clare Mc 4 years ago

    How perfectly timeless and graceful, with every corner a uniquely individual item. And I bet each item comes with its own fable. A real family home, without pretensions of [generic] style, a multi-faceted jewel.

  • Veggie mama 4 years ago

    Oh it’s so wonderfully put-together, isn’t it?! I love being inspired. Now if I could just get rid of my washing piles haha

  • Louise (Table Tonic) 4 years ago

    Beautiful. Loved and lived in. What gorgeous shots.
    Thank you!

  • megan 4 years ago

    oh they live so beautifully these two. love love alexia and paulo. love. and her leather slides are superb. m

  • hayley penny 4 years ago

    Thankyou for this gorgeous post. I love suitcases, I have started collecting them. The best bit is that I live in Ballarat and did not know such these beautifully crafted suitcases were made where I live. Excitement. Now my collection will be sure to grow.
    Thanks again

  • Thank you Lucy for featuring us in your gorgeous blog…we are such TDF fans and look forward to your posts every morning! Alexia xx

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