Sonia Rentsch : Dictionary of a Still Life Stylist – Create

by Jenny Butler
Friday 11th May 2012

A huge THANK YOU to Sonia Rentsch for her fantastic Guest Blog this week- Lucy and I are so grateful for all the time and effort that went into creating this series! Be sure to bookmark both Sonia’s blog and website, this lady is going to be SUPER famous. – Jenny x

cre·ate v

1. to bring somebody or something into existence
2. to produce something as a result, or make something happen
3. to use imagination to invent things or produce works of art

Image styled by Sonia Rentsch, photograph by Willem-Dirk du Toit

Some ideas, once they have actually come into being, seem incredibly obvious, even if they were genuinely difficult to generate.

For me, however, the most exciting ideas are about challenging the obvious conclusion, through a process of trial and error, discussion and evolution.  There are plenty of good ideas, but I’m always curious about what makes them great. To me – a successful still life idea is one that should translate to the viewer minus explanation and to an extent remain in your memory after it has passed.

A fruit tree, so simple and evocative, is beautiful in and of itself – but how do I make it more? In a world saturated with imagery, how do I ask people to look again? Not just at the objects but at some bigger story – not just the beauty of the fruit tree, but the exploratory mischief of Eve.

If you made it this far than thanks for sticking out the ride. Just so you know – I’m much funnier in real life.

The CREDITS with enormous thanks.

The photographer: Willem-Dirk du Toit
The studio: Shoot Me Productions
The re-touchers: Those guys upstairs
The ideas curator: Eleanor Jackson
The assistant: Aleksandra Nedeljkovic
The Design Files
And You.

Stay in touch yeah.

Sonia x

by Jenny Butler
Friday 11th May 2012


  • Novart 4 years ago

    So beautiful… you definitely make me look again and again, smiling eyes when I look at your work, so soothing so playful. I need your works in my house. : )

  • Lisa 4 years ago

    Perhaps one the best guest blogs to grace TDF, ever!

  • Helen 4 years ago

    That is one saucy apple. Can this be purchased as a print?

  • Ben Davis 4 years ago

    Amazingness every day Sonia, in sequence and isolation!

  • Meg 4 years ago

    I enjoyed this guest blog so much – just such a refreshing and different perspective on life – I also came back to look at your work a few times during last week. – it was a tonic. Thanks Sonia and TDF.

  • Megan 4 years ago

    You work is Soo sooooooo clever
    I would love to meet in real life if you are ever rosebery, sydney was to see if you are funnier in real life! Hahah
    Megan Morton

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