Renew Newcastle – NOOK

by Jenny Butler
Wednesday 2nd May 2012

So what are all the cool kids doing in Newcastle?  Not spraying the walls in graffiti – too many brilliant Trevor Dickinson murals around the place!  Apparently, the cool kids are instead starting their own skate labels – designing clothes, skate decks and accessories! Today we meet Brodie Bannerman, one of the inspiring young Novocastrians behind street wear store NOOK. – Jenny x

Ethan Peterson (17!) and Brodie Bannerman (21!) – some of the coolest kids in town!

Another new Renew Newcastle project, NOOK, is the combined retail space for street wear brands by Brodie Bannerman (One Undone), Bella Quinton & Oliver King (Ruby George) and Ethan & Jarred Kennedy (ATGSL Skateboards). The NOOK team has set a Renew Newcastle record with a five-day opening turnaround from the point of getting keys to opening the doors to the public. There’s a lot to be said for the energy and enthusiasm of youth – the youngest in the group is just 17 years old.

Visit: Shop 12, 121-137 Hunter St, Newcastle.
Mon-Sat 10am to 4pm & Sun 10.30am to 2.30pm.

Can you give us a super brief bio about yourself and your practice?

[Brodie Bannerman] I am the person behind One Undone, an independent street wear label from Newcastle. One Undone heads up NOOK with two other local labels, ATGSL Skateboards & Ruby George. I screen print hoodies, sweaters, tees and singlets with designs from my artist team known as Free Hands. Before the Renew space came about I had just finished my Diploma of Graphic Design at Hunter TAFE the year before, and was looking to put it to good use.

How have things changed for you since being part of the Renew Newcastle?

For me, since being part of Renew it has helped a lot having the opportunity to utilise a retail outlet to boost your label, meeting customers first hand, which benefits in telling the story behind your brand and fitting out the shop at the start to where it is now has been a really cool thing to be a part of.

One Undone deck and outside the NOOK store

One big lesson you’ve learnt from the whole experience?

Probably the level of commitment needed when given the opportunity for something like this. It won’t happen too often in life, so realistically, you have got to make the most of it and not take it for granted; especially considering the location of the space (in Hunter St Mall) we have at the moment.

What’s your favourite local neighbourhood and why?

My favourite local neighbourhood would probably be my own, haha!  At The Junction I’m surrounded by great beaches, great shops and great people.

Newcastle’s best-kept secret?

The creative element within the city. There’s always lots of creative talent up to something good.

Finish this sentence – ‘Newcastle is…. ‘


Siobhan x

by Jenny Butler
Wednesday 2nd May 2012


  • Linda 4 years ago

    17!!!!! Cripes!!! Kids these days sure can do some awesome stuff when given the opportunity. I think that’s what I love the most about the whole Renew Newcastle project – it gives people an opportunity to experiment and try something new and bold. And wow, look at all the successes. Top work lads.

  • margie 4 years ago

    totally happening!

  • Siobhan C 4 years ago

    If my kids were up to these sorts of shenanigans at 17-20 years of age, I’d be pretty damn proud.

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