Owl Know How – Make Your Own Owl

by Jenny Butler
Thursday 5th April 2012

Making owls is a very big part of Owl Know How so Cat and Isobel have created an owl tutorial, just in case we don’t have our own owl factory at home :) Today is also the last day to leave a comment on any of this week’s Guest Blog posts for your chance to win 1 of 5 copies of Owl Know How from Thames and Hudson. The winners will be drawn at random and announced tomorrow. Good luck! – Jenny x

To encourage our readers to take a leaf out of Cornelia’s book (so to speak) and start making their own owls, we devised a pattern for a simplified version of the owls in the book. The pattern is tucked into an envelope in the back cover of Owl Know How.

Cat’s owls, and in fact all of Cat’s creatures, are made without a pattern and are built in a free-form sculptural way, so we decided it would be best to develop a pattern that is still very cute and owly but is simple enough for people of any crafting level to undertake.

This is what we came up with – you can make it out of felt OR paper – we hope you like it!

1. Select the felt for your owl.
– 1 colour for eyes (black)
– 1 colour for face
– 1 colour for body
– 5 different colours for feathers. Then cut out the pattern template.

2. Cut out all pattern pieces. Pin pattern pieces to felt and cut around them.

3. Sew the body pieces together, leaving a small opening at the bottom to stuff your owl. Our owls are stitched on the outside with open blanket stitch but you can use any stitch you like.

4. Stuff your owl, making sure you fill the small parts of the ears. Sew up the rest of the owl body.

5. Sew or glue the chest feathers onto the body of your owl, starting at the base of the body with colour 7 and moving upwards through the colours.

6. Sew or glue the wing feathers onto the wings, making sure you have a left and right wing for your owl and not two the same.

7. Sew the flat edge of your owl wings to either side of your owl.

8. Sew or glue the eyes onto your owl’s face.

9. Using black cotton, embroider a small beak onto your owl’s face like this:  V

10. Sew or glue 3 face feathers on either side at the top of your owl’s face.

YAY! You made an owl!

11. Sew or glue the owl face onto the head of your owl.

Yay! You have made your own little owl!

Isobel and Cat x

by Jenny Butler
Thursday 5th April 2012


  • Cathg1g2 5 years ago

    My girls and I are SO going to make one over the hols, thank you. Adorable.

  • Emily Nelson 5 years ago

    This was a great guest blog! It’s my dream to make a children’s book AND I’m an animator … so it was great to read about the process! Would love to win a book. :)

  • Felicity 5 years ago

    Now who wouldn’t love one of these little friends sitting beside them when they read, write, cook, dream, play?

    It’s off to the craft store for me, to bring home the stuff & stuffing for my own owl.

    Happy day!

  • Joy 5 years ago

    Owl Know How is a book for everybody, maybe me? Can’t wait to see your display at Fed. Square, I’ll by flying over there today. Your crafty skills and ninja animation knowledge are magical, thanks for sharing with us. Peace and pancakes.

  • Sophie 5 years ago

    What a cutie! I could so make one of these!

  • lizzz 5 years ago

    I want a copy of this book. (pls!)

  • Olivia 5 years ago

    wow, this is super cute. And i needed a new project for Easter too. Perfect!

  • margie 5 years ago

    Stitch Love!

  • Luz 5 years ago

    Loving the owl!

  • Kate 5 years ago

    Love it! Get me some felt!

  • caro 5 years ago

    cute! perfect timing for easter crafting…

  • Meg 5 years ago

    Owl gorgeous! These would be lovely gifts to make and give and definately be something lovely to make for little ones and big people as well – thanks for the blog this week.

  • Eden Platell 5 years ago

    Such a cute owl, book looks adorable too!

  • elissa c 5 years ago

    Ooh, it’s on the to-do list. Maybe I can do one for my sister’s nursery?

  • Heidi 5 years ago

    gorgeous! seriously should have got the kiddly winks signed up to the easter workshops at fed square with these gals soooo much earlier! (yup .. booked out … surprised?!) great work.

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