New Guest Blog – Adeline & Lumiere

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 9th April 2012

This week photographer and food blogger Emily of Adeleine & Lumiere joins us on the Guest Blog!

It may be becoming obvious by now that I am really just a frustrated food blogger.  Whilst it’s not my real area of expertise, I LOVE cooking (and eating!), and beautiful food photography is something I am always drawn to… hence the increased number of food-focussed guest bloggers we’ve been seeing around here lately!  This week we have another fabulous local foodie to share 5 lovely recipes with us – please welcome Emily Fitzgerald of Adeline & Lumiere!

Emily is a Melbourne based photographer who specialises in food photography and portraiture.  Adeline & Lumiere is her excellent foodie blog, where she shares many delectable recipes and seasonal treats.  Of course her recipes and photographs are fabulous and always appetite-inducing, but Emily’s way with words is also so sweet – her blog really does make you feel like you’re reading the food diary of a close friend.

We’re thrilled to have Emily with us on the Guest Blog all week sharing five new recipes for you to try at home!  Do pop over each day to see what morsels are on offer…!  Also don’t forget to check out Adeline & Lumiere - another excellent local blog to bookmark!

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 9th April 2012


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