New Guest Blog – Cooking Local with Cookes Food!

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 5th March 2012

This week Sophie and Nicole of Cookes Food join us for a week of ‘cooking local’ on the Guest Blog!  All photos – John Deer

After our immensely popular interview last week with Sophie Cookes and Nicole DeBono of Cookes Food, we are thrilled to welcome this talented foodie duo back to join us on the Guest Blog all this week!

In our own little nod to Melbourne’s Food and Wine Festival, Sophie and Nicole will share with us five of their favourite local fresh produce suppliers this week – from a family-owned Italian Butcher to the best locally made cheeses and their favourite fruit and veg.  Brilliant!  AMAZINGLY, in addition to sharing their fave  local suppliers with us, Sophie and Nicole will also share a delicious original recipe each day – SO generous!

MASSIVE thanks to Sophie and Nicole for this epic Guest Blog!  I am hungry just thinking about what these ladies have in store this week!

Big thanks also to the supremely talented John Deer for taking all the shots for this week’s Guest Blog- from one lengthy local shopping expedition, to cooking up a storm in the Cookes Food kitchen….!   Beautiful work by all!

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 5th March 2012

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