My Melbourne Wardrobe – Nicholas Jones

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 20th March 2012

The very classy wardrobe of Nicholas Jones

Melbourne artist Nicholas Jones is well known for his very dapper dress sense, so he seemed the perfect choice for our token chap in this ‘My Melbourne Wardrobe’ series!

Nick is one of Melbourne’s most recognisable characters – he always looks distinctive and perfectly polished.  I’m not sure I’d even recognise him in jeans and a T-shirt.  As you can see he is particularly adept at accessorising – from his signature pointy shoes to handcrafted hats, and a beautiful silk scarf collection handed down from his mother, this look is all about the details!

Nick also loves to sport a piece with a story behind it – for this reason he favours vintage finds, as well as handcrafted accessories, often commissioned from local designers.

As I am sure you all know, Nick’s intricate book sculptures are highly collectable and have been featured on TDF many times before… I do have two of Nick’s pieces of my very own (so lucky) but I implore someone to buy that very special turquoise beauty with the circular spot cut out before I give in to temptation.  Aghh.  Must.  Resist.  (Interested parties can email him here!)

I do hope Nick forgives me for the pink spots I’ve added here.  I felt this one needed something friendly, just to balance out the vampire-esque headshot he supplied :)  Sorry Nick!

My Melbourne Wardrobe – Nicholas Jones

1. Monterrey Panama Hat – Last year I was given this hat by Michael from SMART Alec Hatters in Smith St after participating in their end of year exhibition. The non traditional colour appealed to me. White with a black band is a little too often seen.

2. Two of my cravats – Bought from vintage stores around Melbourne. I always find that a the perfect coloured cravat can launch an outfit one step beyond.  Matt Preston is my nemesis.

3. Two-tone Junya Watanabe for Comme des Garcons Shirt – Attention to detail is what sold it to me.

4. Liberty scarf – from my late mother’s wonderful collection.

5. Vintage pea green waistcoat – found by my partner Poppy at the Fitzroy Market. The brooch is a sterling silver and seed pearl star medal from the Camberwell market.

6. Harris tweed jacket – which was a present from my friend Mel, who has been working in the costume industry for many years. I wear it well.

7. Ganton striped shirt – I bought this shirt especially for a lunch at the Savage Club. I bought matching cufflinks too, but I left them on the floor and stepped on them!  This has happened too many times.

8. Knit by Balenciaga – I had eyed this jumper off in Marais for months before it went on sale…then I pounced. It is the most exquisite thing to wear. The dragon reminds me of my Welsh heritage.

9. Umbrella from Kozminsky Jewellers – A gift from Kirsten and Ben Albrecht, the most lovely and dedicated people in the industry.  I’m always sure to be given a cup of tea whenever I drop in for a visit.

10. Socks by Paul Smith – I always loved the combination of colours Sir Paul stripes together. I have a bit of a thing for socks and have quite a collection.

11. A homburg hat made by Akubra – a present from Thom Grogan of Captains of Industry Gentlemen’s outfitters. I was given some beautiful feathers by Mandy Murphy, the milliner and the rest is history!

12. Two tone brown leather and suede boots by Jon Fluevog – These boots are the most comfortable boots I own and they go with almost anything.

13. Black and white correspondent shoes by Rocco of Malvern – It is a rite of passage, buying a pair of shoes from Rocco’s. These ones are so wrong, and yet so right!

14. A selection of my carved book works – All made in the Nicholas Building, where I have my studio. Viewing by appointment. See my website for contact details!


Thanks again to Jardan for loaning us their sweet stools and side tables for this series – pictured above, the small Flynn side table in white.

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 20th March 2012


  • Cathg1g2 4 years ago

    Hands down the most gorgeous Melbourne man

  • handmaderomance 4 years ago

    love this!! a wardrobe made of dreams.

  • margie 4 years ago

    Wow… I would use the word “hipster” but that is obviously so 5 minutes ago it couldn’t possibly apply. Too cool for school.

  • lexi 4 years ago

    Wonderful and iconic style. Classically stylish – and totally memorable. I love this post on one of Australia’s best-dressed men.

  • Megan 4 years ago

    The combo of 3,4 and 5 is superb!!!! Mx

  • WDF 4 years ago

    Item 6 looks remarkably like a superb Harrods Sale Harris Tweed jacket which I gave to Henry Feagins in 1998! Well quality like that lasts a very long time but THAT long??

  • josh 4 years ago

    You really can’t go wrong with the two tone leather and suede boots. Love em.

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