My Melbourne Wardrobe – Kirra Jamison

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 13th March 2012

I spent about 4 weeks trying to figure out what would be a ‘Design Files’ way of doing some fashiony content during LMFF.  Nothing felt quite right.  I guess I’m just more of a design enthusiast than a fashionista.  FINALLY, after much brainstorming, a bolt of inspiration hit. We know you love to snoop, and we love sharing beautiful Australian homes with you… so why not share a little look inside a few fabulous local wardrobes!?

And so this slightly silly idea was born…. ‘My Melbourne Wardrobe‘!

For this little series, we have asked 4 stylish Melbourne creatives to show us their favourite fashion finds from their own wardrobes… (plus a few cute personal items to set the scene), and we’ll show you the results over the next couple of weeks.

There’s only one downside – you won’t be able to replicate much of what you see here…. as you might expect, it’s all vintage / bought in Japan or, even more scarce – Gorman from 3 seasons ago!  Still, we’re loving the voyeurism and we hope you do too!

Photo – Justine Ellis, Styling – Lucy Feagins

Kicking things off today is one lovely local lass well known for her fabulous way with colour – Kirra Jamison!  Kirra seems to treat her wardrobe with the same intuitive sense of composition as is evident in her stunning prints and paintings.  There’s a definite leaning towards a few favourite hues – apricot, orange, cream, olive and mint green all seem to dominate… (although I must admit Kirra did send us about 4 times what we have photographed here, which meant a fair bit of ruthless editing at our end – she has one hell of a wardrobe!).

Massive thanks to dear Kirra for sharing her picture-perfect wardrobe with us today… if you haven’t already checked it out go see her stunning screenprints currently on show in an exhibition entitled ‘Total Control’ at Craft Victoria, until March 31st.  SO beautiful.  Predictably, I want the pink one.

*Big thanks to Jardan for loaning us their sweet stools and side tables for this series – pictured above, the small Flynn side table in white.

My Melbourne Wardrobe – Kirra Jamison

1. Hand knitted beanie / teacosy(!!) from the Country Womens Associaton of NSW, Bangalow. This place is a goldmine.

2. Obus dress bought last year three hours before I had a show open- always the way.

3. Silk scarf my step sister Sophia recently brought me back from India. Still working on this though.

4. Favourite cotton stripey tee from a thrift store in Paris.

5. Karen Walker Bunny & Flower necklace…KW is my weakness.

6. I bought this Natasha dress for an Art World magazine party in 2008 and it’s still a bit of a favourite. Such a pretty colour.

7. Stash of mt tape from a trip to Japan last year.

8. Felt hat from my favourite flea market in Paris, Les Puces de Montreuil.  It’s a bit of a trek but unbelievably worth it.

9. Limited edition giant Emilio Pucci book… very indulgent purchase but I love it.

10. German ceramic vase from Heaths Old Wares, Banglow.

11. 4th-market teapot from Tokyo.

12. Umbrella also from Tokyo.

13. Grey Melissa gumboots– essential footwear for avoiding soggy socks from dewy early morning grass while walking my dog. I love wearing these with brightly coloured woollen OK OK tights through winter.

14. Vrai Sabot Breton clogs. These are handmade in France but I bought them from haus & terrasse, Tokyo.

15. Love me two times 5, from my show at Linden last year.

16. Elizabeth Peyton postcard Dane brought me back from the Tate earlier this year, and a photo of baby me and my dad age 21!

17. Painted birdie given to me by Japanese artist Mirocomachiko.

18. Gorman skirt, fabric by Beci Orpin.

19. Paint swatches – these are never far from my side.

Kirra x

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 13th March 2012


  • Oh what a great idea! LOVE IT!
    Except now I can feel an extreme sense of jealousy creeping towards me as I want every single item in Kirra’s wardrobe.

  • Penny (Oh My Green) 5 years ago

    Love the fabric of the Gorman skirt! Gorgeous! And the umbrella too! Wardrobe envy :)

  • Patti Trostle 5 years ago

    I have to agree with Penny. I love the little Gorman skirt! Great blog btw! Glad I found it!

  • Sara 5 years ago

    What a beautifully styled image- totally keeping in the with TDF colorful and cheerful look. I’m going to have to go shopping now.

  • Zoe 5 years ago

    COOL! I already love this series.

  • Harriet 5 years ago

    Beautifu! (and kind of eerie seeing the Kirra objets without Kirra!)

  • Liz 5 years ago

    Love love love this new series! Awesome idea Design Files!! You never fail to inspire me!

  • margie 5 years ago

    Nice segue-way Lucy!

  • Jodi 5 years ago

    Absolutely love this idea for a series!

  • memtree 5 years ago

    awesome idea! loving the new series already! love your style kirra!

  • Teresa 5 years ago

    Kirra has such amazing taste. I love this post series!
    I also love that it’s unlikely anyone will be able to go and purchase these things. It makes it even more uniquely her style. :)

  • Jen 5 years ago

    So good so good so good……….. <3

  • Lucy 5 years ago

    Thanks so much for all your ace comments on this post guys! SO THRILLED you like it because we made quite a few holes in the wall pulling this off :)

    Kirra calls it ‘The week Lucy stole my entire wardrobe’. Haaaaa.

  • Liss 5 years ago

    AMAZING!! a perfect way to do a “Design Files” fashion week. and hence why I love your blog so much Lucy.

  • koko mo 5 years ago

    oh my i literally love all of this!! that lace dress is incredible, and the other dress is so cute, great color and the necklace i adore! and ohh that skirt it so stinkin coool! and that big canvas picture is amazing! wow i really just love all this stuff, i want it all! ohh and that umbrella and rainboots!! gosh, grat stuff seriously! can’t wait to check out the rest of your blog! :)

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