A Posy A Day with Wunderplant – The Beach Best

by Jenny Butler
Wednesday 15th February 2012

With this sudden burst of hot weather, it makes perfect sense that Amy has created a beach inspired posy today. Amy’s website has a great collection of her Wunderplant work as well as floral inspiration- it’s a delightful place to visit! -Jenny x

The Wunderplant Studio prides itself of creating arrangements that are a little left of centre! Who wants to be the same as everyone else??!!

So my eyes are always peeled for interesting specimens, of colour and shapes that could work in an impromptu ‘posy in waiting’. Having recently relocated the studio to Elwood, the beachscape is new and exciting palette of colours and textures…

Up at the crack of dawn this morning to visit the flower markets, I took the extra hours I’d gained while Elwood sleeps to skippity skip down to my backyard beach to fossick for treasures. With the sun coming up, the seaside grasses whistle their tune in the golden light and gentle breeze….

Juicy jelly filled plants, petrified wind beaten shrubs and grasses make a delicious morning posy. And the perfect beach inspired vessel! And I couldn’t resist throwing in a few ‘pick up sticks’ and teaming it with magenta cyclamen punch

Amy x

by Jenny Butler
Wednesday 15th February 2012

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