by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 7th February 2012

Stunning soft furnishings and accessories by Sydney textile designers Sixhands

How outrageously fabulous are these textile designs by Sydney based creative trio Sixhands!?  I am wondering how on earth I did not know about them earlier. Aghhh I HATE when I am not first off the mark!  Ha ha.  No, seriously, I really hate it.

ANYWAY.  Better late than never!

First launched in 2006 by designers Alecia Jensen, Anna Harves and Brianna Pike, Sixhands originally found their calling specialising in printed textiles for the fashion industry. Their stunning work was quickly picked up by many of Australia’s best known fashion brands – including Sportsgirl, Alannah Hill, Wayne Cooper and Bianca Spender.

In recent years this talented team have turned their attention to an incredible in-house range of  soft furnishings and home accessories – including cushions, lampshades, rugs and wallpapers.   It is SUCH a truly stunning collection, and incorporates an immense variety of layered visual elements – from soft painterly splashes to strong linework and graphic photo prints.  The range is available to buy through new Australian online store Inadesignerhome and also from Sixhands’ own website.  It could just be me, but I reckon they could do with a few more interstate retail stockists.  *hint hint*.

AMAZINGLY, all Sixhands textiles are designed and printed right here in Australia.  Mucho impressivo.

I’m gonna go out with an extravagant simile and say these prints really are just like the Australian version of Missoni!  Who’s with me!?

Textiles and rugs by Sixhands

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 7th February 2012

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