Oye Modern goes to Alt Summit – Closing Keynote, A Walking Photography Tour and Snow!

by Jenny Butler
Friday 3rd February 2012

What an amazing way to end this weeks Guest Blog with the closing Keynote from Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project and a walking tour though Salt Lake City with SNOW! A really big, heartfelt thank you to Petina Watkins for sharing her fantastic tip to Alt Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Thank you Petina for documenting your whole trip and taking the time to share it with us! Also, Petina is the marketing manager for Oye Modern, be sure to pop over and see the great work she is doing there too! -Jenny x

Closing Keynote with Gretchen Rubin – image by Brooke Ashley Dennis from alt summit flickr here and here

Final day of the summit and the Closing Keynote speech was presented by Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project.

Closing Keynote: Designing Your Life

Speaker: Gretchen Rubin author of The Happiness Project

I had just purchased ‘The Happiness Project’ at the airport bookstore on the way to the summit. So I was one chapter into the book and keen to hear what Gretchen had to say. Her speech was inspiring and was about how to design your life for greater happiness. The most important message I took from her speech was that even the simplest changes in habits can enhance your life greatly. Whether it’s getting a few more hours of sleep at night, minimising clutter or exercising more often.

Favourite Quotes:

“If you get rid of the clutter, you don’t have to organize it.”

“One of the best ways to be happy in life is to make other people happy.”

“If you cram your life with the things you love, there’s no room for the things you don’t.”

Walking Photography TourImage from oye modern.

Next up, we had a choice of several different activities – Skiing at Solitude Ski resort, a Sundance Film Festival Tour, Thrift store shopping, design classes or a foodie tour were just some of the choices. Being a very inexperienced photographer who only takes pictures on automatic, I decided on the Walking Photography Tour with Tracey Clark.

The best surprise for the last day was that it started snowing! I haven’t seen that much snow before so I was extremely excited taking way too many photos.

I love snow! images from oye modern

My time at Alt Summit was amazing and a really rewarding experience. When you write a blog it can seem lonely at times so it was great to meet so many other design bloggers, share stories, network face-to-face and learn from one another.  The classes, panels and talks were all inspiring. I had a lot of fun sharing the information I learned with you and and I think a lot of aussie design bloggers would gain a lot from attending Alt Summit in 2013.

Petina x

image by Justin Hackworth from alt summit flickr

by Jenny Butler
Friday 3rd February 2012


  • Margie 3 years ago

    and so many spunky people in the one room! Wowsers! I’m saving up NOW!

  • Diane 3 years ago

    I’ve loved your posts Petina, and enjoyed living vicariously through you this week!

  • Margo Carlon 3 years ago

    Enjoyed the quotes

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