New Guest Blog – in the Garden with The Little Veggie Patch Company! (+ Giveaway!)

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 27th February 2012

This week Matt and Fabian from The Little Veggie Patch Co. join us on the Guest Blog!

This week Jenny and I are super excited to welcome two very clever gentlemen to the Guest Blog – say hello to Matt and Fabian from The Little Veggie Patch Co!

The Little Veggie Patch Company is a Melbourne-based business that specialises in the design, installation and maintenance of domestic vegetable gardens.  For Matt and Fabian, this isn’t just a business, it is a passion… and it seems their enthusiasm is catching on!  Since launching their little business in 2008 the company has won many fans – so many, in fact, that they released a book last year – and it’s a bestseller!  ‘How to Grow Food in Small Spaces’ is published by Macmillan and available in all good bookshops or online here!

This week on the Guest Blog we’ll learn a few of Matt and Fabian’s top vegetable growing tips – from creating a ‘no dig’ apple crate garden, to growing and harvesting beans and capsicums (they are planting now-ish), to making a scarecrow with your kids!

We also have 10 copies of the The Little Vegie Patch Co. book to giveaway, thanks to Macmillan! To be in the running, simply leave a comment on any of the Guest Blog posts betwee now and 10.00pm this Thursday!  10 winners will be selected at random and announced on Friday.

ALSO, we love this cute little video about the boys, made for the release of the book.  Awwww.  Can I be your friend fellas?  You seem super fun.  And handy!

The Little Vegie Patch boys talk about their great new book! (If you can’t see this video pop over to view it on YouTube here)

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 27th February 2012


  • Joe 5 years ago

    Well done fellas! Great idea and well executed.

  • Meg 5 years ago

    The Little Veggie Patch book deserves a spot on everyone’s bookshelf.

  • PJ 5 years ago

    love these guys

  • dustjacket 5 years ago

    They are great…loved the clip.

  • Amanda 5 years ago

    Fantastic! Need their help desperately xx

  • This looks fantastic!

  • Ale Duschatzky 5 years ago

    I’ve been experimenting with a veggie garden this summer… A lot went wrong. I’m very excited about learning something from you guys and would be awesome to bring the book home

  • Jo 5 years ago

    Green thumbs unite, the Little Veggie Patch rocks. Finally someone is thinking of the courtyard and small spaces dwellings!

  • Spencer 5 years ago

    Yes. I love my little urban garden patch. Growing snowpeas and Cucumbers at the moment. Would love to get a copy of the book to learn a bit more about gardening in small spaces. :)

  • Tegan @ Style Chic 5 years ago

    Perfect idea – bet they will do really well

  • handmaderomance 5 years ago

    so inspiring! love the vid. really looking forward to all of this weeks guest post.

  • bthearle 5 years ago

    I was just planning a veggie garden for our new place on the weekend…will definately be watching the guest blog this week!

  • Laura 5 years ago

    My vegie patch needs some help!!

  • minnie 5 years ago

    any business getting people to grow their own should be applauded.

  • Cara @ Gourmet Chick 5 years ago

    Ooh I would love a copy of this book. Great to hear it has been such a success.

  • Emmii 5 years ago

    Really inspired me to actually get started on my veggie patch. Very excited !

  • lauren millar 5 years ago

    Dreaming of starting my little vegie patch as soon in what is currently a bare brick courtyard.
    Bring on the green!

  • Mrs Bok 5 years ago

    Woo hoo! I love these guys. They are so sweet. We have their crates!

  • Ross 5 years ago

    There’s nothing better than picking veggies from your own garden. It’s great they make it so accessible.

  • Laura 5 years ago

    Love the shop, would love to have this book!

  • Theresa N 5 years ago

    It’s the perfect time for this book.

  • Jessica B 5 years ago

    I can’t wait to start my own garden!

  • fay 5 years ago

    tTe cabbage moths ate my seedlings. My kids like to pick the carrots but wont plant the seeds. Love the book – and would love it more on my shelf. xx

  • Rachel Lewis 5 years ago

    OOohhh yay!! Love these guys!! Thinking about getting a little veggie patch from Little Veggie Patch Co for our new place soon! :)

  • Saia 5 years ago

    Oh wow, the book (and the guys, heh) looks so yummy and inspirational:) I’m planning for my own serie of little veggie patches for the coming summer, so the book and all the info will come in more than handy:) Congrats to Matt & Fabian, and greetings from Finland!:) x x x

  • trish 5 years ago

    Oooo I can’t wait to move house and get one of these boxes and grow my own vegies! yay! These guys are ace.

  • Stephanie in Georgia USA 5 years ago

    I feel like all we do on this earth comes back eventually to us whether its planting something and enjoying the harvest or being good to someone. Keep up the good work boys.

    Stephanie at The Enchanted Fig Tree on Etsy

  • Su 5 years ago

    Awesomeness, now I’m inspired to replant my planter boxes for the new season! Welcome Autumn, hope you bring more shining days than the summer!

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