Good Looking Things Next To Each Other with Luci Everett – Paper

by Jenny Butler
Monday 20th February 2012

A big hello to Luci Everett, our lovely Guest Blogger for this week! Luci is a very talented Melbourne based illustrator / designer and a long time favourite of TDF! This week Luci will be sharing a collection of “Good Looking Things Next To Each Other” with a different theme each day- thank you Luci for these beautiful collections! -Jenny x

The thing I do for a living means I can legitimately hoard as much paper as I like. I have a gigantic old suitcase underneath my desk, for which I sacrifice leg inhabiting space. When I receive a bank statement in the mail and spy a mildly interesting envelope lining pattern, I’ll determinedly hover it over the recycling bin, but ultimately it will end up in the suitcase. In the depths of the case I suspect there are papers from the beginnings of my collection in 1991; a fluoro rainbow notebook. The case remains permanently open, crinkly guts overflowing, and on windy days half of it will billow around the room like a miniature indoor tornado. Friends will notice the linear wounds on my arms and fingers, first in horror, then realisation. ‘Papercuts?’ they ask. I nod deeply.

- Luci x

by Jenny Butler
Monday 20th February 2012


  • tess 4 years ago

    Teehee… this is going to be a great week on TDFGB for super neat freaks and organised nerds like myself! :) Yay Luci.

  • Cat 4 years ago

    Ahh Luci – not only are you talented with paper but you write beautifully too. Looking forward to this week’s guest blog!

  • deb 4 years ago

    I love it! Im looking forward to more of your guest blog posts!

  • Millie 4 years ago

    Luci, do you know this book?
    Arranging Things – A Rhetoric of Object Placement
    ISBN 1-880656-82-5
    Think it might be your cup of tea.x

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