by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 30th January 2012

Stunning homewares for bed and bath by new Sydney-based online store Dunlin

You might have noticed if you visited The Design Files Open House in December (thankyou thankyou thankyou!) that my dream home is filled with COLOUR.  And yet, there is a little part of me, (perhaps the most ‘grown-up’ part) that wishes I could restrain myself to a elegant beige-on-beige colour scheme.  It would be so very posh to have a home filled with white and neutral tones – linens, ceramics, antique lighting and rustic timber furniture – don’t you think!?  How do people have this kind of discipline!? Perhaps that’s why posh people have holiday houses.

ANYWAY.  If you are GROWN UP enough to have a restrained beige-on-beige interior colour scheme, then DUNLIN is your new best friend.  I, for one, am smitten.

Dunlin is a new online store based in Sydney.  They have the most excellent and extensive range of homewares, lighting, furniture, linen and accessories sourced from across the globe, in particular New York. That’s because Dunlin is the pet project of Australian architect Alexandra Bond, who has spent the last six years with her partner Nicholas Barber working in New York, and living between New York and Sydney.

Dunlin forms a retail extension to Alexandra’s architectural interiors practice, which has allowed her to bring in a great variety of her favourite US brands previously unavailable in Australia, including stunning Matteo linens, Original BTC and Davey Lighting and West Third candles.  It’s a seriously stunning edit of classic pieces you just won’t find anywhere else in Australia!

I want EVERYTHING.  For my imaginary holiday house.

Kitchen / dining goodness from Dunlin

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 30th January 2012


  • Linda from OEKE 4 years ago

    Think I might have to advance myself to growup status and go take a peek (-:

  • eat my shorts 4 years ago

    Those golden light fittings are insanely awesome.

  • captain kk 4 years ago

    naturally, this is right up my alley, because, well, you know, i am posh :)

  • Lucy 4 years ago

    YES you are super posh Captain KK!. Beige = Posh, dontcha know. :)

  • Jaclyn 4 years ago

    I agree, captain kk is a pretty posh lady but then again who wouldn’t love such a bright, clean interior? someday…

  • Lucy 4 years ago

    OMG Jaclyn I think I just realise who you are (ie blog and real world connection) DING *lightbulb moment* ! Thanks for reading ! xxx AND PS. hope to cross paths soon, I am coming to Sydney for LiS!

  • gluten free gift 4 years ago

    That linen apron… is actually quite SEXY!! Beautiful stuff… and I think you can have it both ways… all posh basics with lots of red and pink accessories.

  • trinawilson2011 4 years ago

    Very organic. I think these images just came right out of every person’s dream holiday-cum-farm home. Absolutely love it, especially the candles. Gotta go check out their website now.

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