Craft Victoria – Craft TV

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 16th January 2012

Craft TV – Films about local creatives produced by Bandit Films for Craft Victoria.  Above – Nicholas Jones.

Ok so clearly I’ve been living under a rock.  I am still coming to grips with the fact that I am 6 MONTHS BEHIND with this news.  Anyway…

Sometime around mid last year Craft Victoria launched a great new section on their website – Craft TV!  Here you can view a collection of great short films about local makers, designers and Craft Victoria members. At present there are just a handful to view – featuring a few of our favourite local creatives including designer Emily Green, book sculptor (and possibly Melbourne’s most photographed man!?) Nicholas Jones and glass artist Phillip Stokes.

I think my fave is the Nicholas Jones film – it just feels so very ‘Melbourne’ as Nick walks through the city laneways and up to his studio in the Nicholas building.  The film beautifully captures Nick’s unique character, but also presents such a wonderful snapshot of the bustling creative hub around Flinders Lane in the CBD.  (Long live the Nicholas Building artists’ spaces – always under imminent threat of development!)

The videos featured currently were produced by Bandit Films for Craft Victoria, and can be viewed here on the Craft Victoria website or their Vimeo channel.

We  hope there is more Craft TV in the works for 2012!

Craft TV featuring colour-loving local creative Emily Green

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 16th January 2012


  • gluten free gift 3 years ago

    WHOA! We gave up our television just over a year ago… and there are days when I just CRAVE some entertaining video watching on the computer…. rarely finding anything that keeps my attention. Thanks so much for sharing this terrific new resource about my peeps!

  • Jen 3 years ago

    i just want to watch more! Loved seeing the way Nicholas wanders around his world outside the studio. Emily’s artworks are so damn good. She’s an artwork herself. So gorgeous!

  • Lauren 3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing – I didn’t know about this either! Can’t wait to watch!

  • Don’t worry, you are not the only one living under a rock. I have no idea about this either. What a great idea, and they have chosen such great people to focus on. Thanks for sharing!

  • Penny (Oh My Green) 3 years ago

    The videos are so great, aren’t they! I can’t wait to see what Craft Vic has planned for this year!

  • Bandit Films 3 years ago

    We have one more film in the series still to come..featuring Emma Greenwood, check Craft TV in Early Feb 2012…thanks for the review and comments, cheers..Tom @ Bandit Films

  • Greta 3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing! I’m getting addicted! And thanks for a lovely blog!

  • Phoenixfire Creative 3 years ago

    There is something so raw about this style or art that excites me!

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