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by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 24th January 2012

Leif – a new Australian-made skincare range from Sydney design studio Container

You gotta respect a company who know their niche and stick to it.  Sydney based design studio Container have established a stellar reputation for one thing and one thing only – picture perfect packaging.  This boutique studio designs and manufactures the most elegant containers for some of Australia’s best boutique skincare, haircare and cosmetics labels – brands such as Kevin Murphy and O&M.  It is such truly beautiful, innovative, yet understated work –  and perfectly exemplifies why bespoke packaging is so important in the beauty industry.

Late last year Container launched a very special personal project.  After years consulting to high profile beauty brands, the Container crew were inspired to create their very own product range.  ‘Leif‘ originally began as a design study – but eventually grew into a fully fledged skincare range, which finally launched in November last year.  One of Leif’s founders, Jonnie Vigar, says their goal with this range was to create a simple, natural product with a distinctly Australian flavour.  Drawing upon botanical extracts including Lemon Myrtle, Wild Rosella, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus, the range is free from artificial colours, parabens, synthetic fragrances and all those other nasties.  The packaging is 100% recyclable.

As is often the case with Australian tall poppies, it seems *Wallpaper magazine has outed Leif before us locals have even caught on!  Doh – why does that always happen!?   The Leif range was recently shortlisted for ‘Best New Grooming Product’ in the *Wallpaper’s Design Awards 2011.  Very impressive and well deserved.  I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more of these guys…!

For now you can buy Leif products only in Sydney!  Outrageous.  I challenge Melbourne retailers to get cracking and snap up this product before someone else does!  On your marks, get set – EMAIL!

Packaging design by Container

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 24th January 2012


  • Barbara Fisher 4 years ago

    Gorgeous looking products! Although the link to their website does not appear to work…..

  • Vanessa 4 years ago

    Where can you buy the range in Sydney? None of the Leif or Container links appear to work. Help?

  • Lucy 4 years ago

    Thanks for your comments ladies…! It appears the Leif website is down! Agh that’s not good – it was working perfectly yesterday. You can purchase Leif from Sydney stockists Koskela, Planet, Becky Minty, Shelf Life (I think from memory having spent a fair bit of time on their site when preparing this post!). Do check back later in the day when hopefully the technical glitches will have subsided!

  • Becker Minty 4 years ago

    Hi Lucy,
    Wonderful to see more acknowledgement of the amazing folk at Container. We have their beautiful Leif products in store and also on the webstore.

  • Jojo 4 years ago

    how cruel leif are- using wild rosellas in their products!!! and ewww!

  • chrissie 4 years ago

    Hi there. Just to confirm, Wild Rosella is actually a plant. Its an introduced species and its botanical name is Hibiscus Sabdariffa. It has a lovely tart fragrant taste – and can be added to champagne to make a delicious Australian ‘Kir’. I imagine it also works really well in the Lief products. No flying rosellas were harmed in the production of this product range.

  • Jojo 4 years ago

    oh, i’m joking.

  • Lucy 4 years ago

    Hilarious! Thanks for the laughs guys… Wild Rosellas, too funny! X

  • Jenny 4 years ago

    We started stocking it TODAY online at State of Green in MELBOURNE! – And let me just say, the scents are DIVINE!!!

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